Monday, June 16th 2014

Thermolab-Designed, Cooltek-Branded LP53 and ITX30 CPU Coolers Selling in Europe

Teaming up with German company PC Cooling GmbH, South Korea-based Thermolab has launched in Europe two of its low-profile CPU coolers, the LP53 and ITX30. Found under the 'Cooltek' brand (Cooltek - powered by Thermolab to be exact), the two cooling solutions support Intel LGA 1155/1156/1150 processors with a TDP of up to 100 W.

The LP53 measures 100 x 94 x 53 mm, it weighs 410 grams and has two 6 mm copper heatpipes, and a 92 mm fan working at 1000 - 2100 RPM (maximum sound output is 27.1 dBA). The ITX30 is sized 100 x 94 x 30 mm, it weighs just 300 grams and also has two 6 mm heatpipes but features an 80 mm fan going at 1400 to 2500 RPM. The LP53 costs €36.99 while the ITX30 is selling for €34.99.
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