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HP Unveils Business Notebooks Designed with Precision Engineering

HP today revamped its corporate and enterprise (C&E) and small and medium business (SMB) notebook PC lineup with new technology aimed at boosting performance and productivity, while offering an enriched and sophisticated industrial design that improves notebook quality and reliability.

The company's new FORGE design framework ensures HP business notebooks embody a timeless construction, with precision-engineered durability features that are designed for maximum reliability and with the environment in mind. Precision aluminum-alloy hinges, cast titanium-alloy display latches and the HP DisplaySafe frame are a few of the design highlights behind the FORGE approach.

Thermaltake Power Express 450W and 650W VGA Power Supply

Thermaltake has unveiled its new Power Express lineup of VGA power supply units which is simply a power supply dedicated for powering your graphics cards. The new Power Express will come in both a 450W version along with a more powerful 650W version which should be more than enough to power even four graphics cards. Both power supplies will have a maximum load of 30 amps on each of the two 12 volt rails and are designed to fit into one or two empty 5.25" slots.

Source: NordicHardware
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