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Password Security The Windows 8 Way

Windows 8 implements a radical new user interface called Metro for desktop PC's, which has so far received a mixed reception. However, there's many other changes under the hood and one of those is how password security is handled, which we look at here. It's a fact of life, that in today's modern world, we have to remember a plethora of passwords and PIN's, which can be daunting. This leads to security issues as users end up writing down passwords and/or create very insecure ones which can be easily guessed. Windows 8 aims to uphold strong password security, while at the same time, easing the burden on the user. Also, passwords can be obtained in various ways by miscreants, such as phishing, keylogging, guessing, and cracking. Windows addresses each of these problems in three main ways:

Another Sony Rootkit Worms its Way to the Surface

There have been many accounts of Sony using rootkits in their products back since 2005. However, a new story claims Sony's biometric Micro Vault USM-F thumb drive includes a rootkit which can allow hackers to compromise your PC. The rootkit was first discovered and confirmed by McAfee researchers Aditya Kapoor and Seth Purdy who posted the founding on their blog.Source: Ars Technica
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