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New FSP Group PSU First to Score 80 Plus Platinum Certification

FSP Group, a frontline consumer brand run by industrial and OEM power supply maker Fortron has become the first with a consumer ATX PSU that's 80 Plus Platinum certified. 80 Plus Platinum is a higher efficiency rating than the original three (Bronze, Silver, Gold) ratings. The FSP450-60PTM from FSP Group maintains an efficiency of 90.79% at 20% load, 93.13% at 50% load, and 91.89% at 100% load, crossing the 80 Plus Platinum certification requirements of ≥90% @ 20% load, ≥92% @ 50% load, and ≥89% @ 100% load. The FSP Group FSP450-60PTM is a 450W non-modular PSU.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

EVGA Releases Classified SR-2 Power Supply to the Market

EVGA, in its pursuit to deliver only the best quality and performance, is at it again with the EVGA Classified SR-2 Power Supply. Delivering 1200 watts of continuous power while maintaining an 80 Plus Silver certification is only the beginning. 6 +12v rails capable of delivering 38A, and fine-tuning knobs allow you to adjust the +12v rail and fanspeed to the optimal performance.

This power supply is designed around the record shattering EVGA Classified SR-2 motherboard, but is perfectly suited to meet and exceed the needs of any motherboard and graphics card combination.

Gigabyte Intros Power Rock Series Value PSUs

Gigabyte unveiled a series of value power supply units under the Power Rock brand, which it showed off at this year's Computex event. These are available in 300W, 350W, 400W, and 500W variants. Being ATX +12V v2.2 compliant, these have two +12V rails and are actively cooled. The units measure 150 x 140 x 86 mm. Of these, only the 400W and 500W variants feature active PFC and 80 Plus certification. Gigabyte did not give out a pricing scheme though one can expect them to be very cheap.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Enermax Readies New Modu87+ 800W and 900W PSU Models

Enermax is expanding its Modu87+ power supply (PSU) series with new 800W and 900W models. As the name suggests, Modu87+ PSUs feature modular cabling, and have over 87% efficiency at any given load. The 800W model will be released first, followed by the 900W model at a slightly later date. Both models boast of DHT (Dynamic Hybrid Transformer) technology, an array of solid-state (conductive-polymer) capacitors paired with Japanese electrolytic capacitors, dubbed "Hybrid Capacitor Array", which contribute to rated efficiency up to 92%, which stays over 87% at any load, earning it the coveted 80 Plus Gold rating.

Both models use four independent +12V rails, and are cooled by a 140 mm twister-bearing fan that keeps up with the "gold" theme. Cable modularity covers the 6 PCI-Express power cables, and a number of SATA power, 4-pin Molex, and 4-pin Floppy connectors, with the 24-pin ATX and CPU-power connector being sleeved and fixed. The Enermax Modu87+ 800W PSU will be priced at 174€, and backed by a 5-year warranty. The pricing of the 900W model will be known later.

Source: Softpedia

Chieftec Intros Nitro Series PSUs

Chieftec introduced Nitro series of 80 Plus Bronze and Silver compliant power supply units (PSUs), available in a wide range of price points. The series starts with 350W, 400W, 450W, and 500W models that have fixed, sleeved cables, are 80 Plus Bronze compliant, and are suitable for entry level gaming PCs. These offer basic power connectors which includes single 6-pin PCI-E, four SATA, three Molex, one floppy, and 24 + 4-pin CPU. These units are cooled by a 120 mm fan.

Moving further into the series are 550W, 650W, 750W, 850W, and 950W models that offer modular cabling, and also sport 80 Plus Bronze compliance, and are aimed for mainstream-thru-performance segments of gaming PCs, with more connectors, including two PCI-E 6+2 pin connectors (for 550W, 650W models), or four 6+2 pin (for 750W, 850W, 950W models); six~eight SATA, four Molex, and 24 + two 8-pin CPU power. These are cooled by 140 mm fans. At the very top is the 1200W model, which boasts of even higher efficiency with is 80 Plus Silver compliance, and modular cabling. Connectors include 6x PCI-E 6+2 pin, 10x SATA, 8x Molex, and 24 + 2x 8 pin CPU power.

Cooler Master Launches Silent Pro Gold Power Supply Series

High-end computers are getting more and more demanding when it comes to power requirements and these days it’s not good enough to have any old power supply if you’re a demanding gamer or overclocker. The latest top of the range graphics cards from both ATI and Nvidia are demanding more power than ever before and the latest flagship motherboards are equally demanding once you start pushing the limits of your system by overclocking it.

The new Silent Pro Gold series from Cooler Master addresses all of these problems while maintaining – or even exceeding – an extraordinary 90 percent power efficiency under load which gains it an 80 Plus Gold certification.

Corsair Launches 1200W, 850W and 750W Professional Series Gold PSUs

Corsair, a worldwide designer and supplier of high-performance components to the PC gaming hardware market, today announced the new Professional Series Gold AX1200, AX850 and AX750 fully-modular power supply units, with 80 PLUS GOLD certification.

The Professional Series Gold range of power supplies have been designed from the ground-up by Corsair’s engineers to be the highest-performing and most technologically-advanced PSUs on the market. Built utilizing server-grade power train architectures designed for mission-critical levels of voltage stability and reliability, Professional Series Gold power supplies deliver previously unheard-of levels of performance.

A-Data Enters PSU Market with Horus Series PSUs

A-DATA Technology Co., Ltd., well known for its high-performance DRAM modules and flash application products, today announced its entry into the power supply unit market with Horus Series. The Horus Series power supply unit is designed for gaming enthusiast, PC enthusiast, and overclocker to achieve their goals under the critical environment without compromise.

The ADATA Horus Series power supply unit provide 550W, 650W, 750W, 850W, and 1200W multitude choice with true continuous power, featuring Eye of Horus – Intelligent LED fan (dual ball-bearing) with 3 colors to display output power, 80 Plus Bronze, NVIDIA SLI-ready certified, and modularized cable management to delivers superior performance, high reliability and protection on all levels of application.

OCZ Technology Announces PC Power & Cooling Silencer Mk II Series PSUs

OCZ Technology Group, Inc., a worldwide leading provider of high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs), memory modules, and power supplies for computing devices and systems, has unveiled the Silencer Mk II Power Supply Unit (PSU), the latest PC Power & Cooling solution.

"I am thrilled see the new Silencer Mk II brought to market and provide the premier power management solution to power users of all kinds, from enthusiasts to industrial OEMs," commented Ryan Edwards, Director of Product Management at OCZ Technology. "The Mk II is a perfect blend of proven, long-term technology and the newest cutting-edge design. With 25 years of high-performance power supply experience, PC Power & Cooling has always been at the forefront of the computing industry, and the Silencer Mk II represents an exciting new chapter in a long history of providing uncompromising quality and lasting value to its customers."

SilverStone Rolls Out SFX Form Factor 450W PSU

SilverStone rolled out its newest power supply for small form factor (SFF) cases, the ST45SF SFX Form Factor PSU. This PSU in its limited form measuring 125 mm (W) × 63.5 mm(H) × 100 mm(D), can give out 450W of continuous power. It has a single +12V rail design, with a single 36A rail. It boasts of 80 Plus Bronze certification, it has an efficiency of 82% to 85%. It offers most standard power connectors, including 24-pin ATX, 8-pin EPS (CPU power), one 6+2 pin PCI-Express, one 6-pin PCI-Express, three SATA power, two Molex and one Floppy power. It packs active PFC, over/under-voltage/current protection. The unit is cooled by an 80 mm fan, that has a minimum noise output rated at 18 dBA. The PSU supports SFX form-factor cases out of the box, but also includes an SFX to ATX bracket that lets you use it in ATX/M-ATX cases. It is priced around 60 EUR.
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