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Huntkey Announces 80 Plus Gold Certified X7 1200W and 300W PSUs

Huntkey Enterprise Group held its Huntkey 80PLUS GOLD Certified Power Supplies launch conference successfully at 2:00 PM on November 23 at Dinghao's meeting hall. With a theme of "Surmounting", this conference released a series of 80PLUS Gold certified power-supplies with rated power of 300W and 1200W. It attracted many famous national IT media and overclockers.

Huntkey Vice President, Mr. Liu, global marketing manager, Mr. Tang, and global product manager, Mr. Villa, shared their opinions with audience. "Today's launch of 80PLUS Gold certified power supplies is dedicated to both overclockers and mainstream users alike. We hope to bring energy-saving, safe, high quality but cost-effective products to more users," Mr. Liu said. "300W and 1200W 80PLUS Gold certified power supplies stand for Huntkey's pursuit of two extremes, one for high-end quality, and the other for entry level users. The surmounting theme shows Huntkey's commitment for innovation." said another Huntkey representative in charge of the conference.

Zalman Announces 80 Plus Silver Certified ZM1000-HP PLUS and ZM850HP PLUS PSUs

Zalman is pleased to inform that the new revolutionary 80 Plus Silver certified High End Power supply is now available. From its predecessor, the power efficiency has been increased up to 87% for the excellent performance (80 Plus SILVER certified) without any additional price increase.

The newly designed heatpipe block enhances cooling efficiency and minimize noise level by utilizing Zalman’s unique noise prevention technologies. Furthermore all new PCB Layout provides users with highly effective energy usage with least energy loss. So, enjoy all benefits provided by Zalman with maximized performance in minimized noise.

A-Data Announces HM Series High Efficiency PSUs

ADATA Technology Co., Ltd., a worldwide leader in high performance memory and flash products, has announced the launch of the HM Series power supply for personal computers. The HM Series has a PF (Power Factor) of 0.9 up and energy efficiency up to 82%, and is designed for the gamer, high-performance, and overclocker markets.

Available in a range of wattages (550, 650, 750, 850 and 1,200 watts), the HM Series delivers reliability and protection for all types of hardware configurations. In particular, the units are equipped with an intelligent dual ball bearing LED fan with a tri-color output power display. The power consumption status is indicated by the color of the display (green for low load; blue for normal load; red for full load). The HM Series is constructed with all Japan-made capacitors for voltage regulation, filtering, and buffering functions, resulting in long-term power output stability, with MTBF (Mean time between failures) of over 100,000 hours. The high ratio of output to input power has earned the HM Series the 80 Plus Bronze certification for energy efficiency.

Be Quiet! Introduces New Straight Power and Dark Power Series PSUs

Be Quiet! (brand name) announced a major expansion of its power supply lineup, with two new product lines: the 80 Plus Silver certified Straight Power E8 series, and 80 Plus Gold certified Dark Power Pro P9 series. The Straight Power E8 series includes 400W, 450W, 500W, 550W, 600W, and 700W models that have completely fixed cabling, and 480W, 580W and 680W models with modular cabling. The Dark Power Pro P9 series, on the other hand, includes 550W, 650W, 750W, 850W, 1000W and 1200W models, all of which have modular cabling.

The Straight Power E8 series models are ATX V2.3 and EPS 12V V2.92 compliant, use a more compact chassis, and are cooled by a 120 mm Silent Wings fan, and use four 12V rail design (with the exception of the 400W model that has a three rail design), prices for this series start at €69.90, and go all the way up to €149.90. The Dark Power Pro P9 uses a slightly longer chassis, also cooled by a 120 mm fan, it uses highly durable capacitors, and a four 12V rail design. These are priced between €149.90 and €269.90.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Scythe Chouriki 2 650W PSU Models Sold Only as 80 PLUS Silver Certified

Scythe officially announced that the Chouriki 2 650 Watt Power Supply Units is being sold only as 80PLUS Silver, although it was announced as 80PLUS Gold rated. After verifying a dozen more of the production samples, the efficiency rate was not sufficient enough for Scythe standards which lead to repealing of the earlier statement and offering it as 80PLUS Silver like the other models of the Chouriki 2 PSU Series.

Effective immediately, all Chouriki 2 650 Watt PSU are sold as 80PLUS Silver Models. Although the official 80PLUS website is listing the 650W model as Gold certified, Scythe is kindly asking to consider the PSU being a Silver certified model due to scattering in production. The official report can be found here (PDF).

Club 3D Rolls Out its First PSU Lineup

Club 3D, known more for its graphics cards, rolled out its first lineup of PSUs, ranged from a 400W entry level non-modular model to a 1000W high-end modular one, with 600W non-modular, 700W and 850W modular models along the way. The 1000W CSP-X1000CB, to begin with, uses a 4-rail +12V circuit with 38A per rail, it boasts of 80 Plus Bronze efficiency rating. Connectors include (apart from the 24-pin ATX and 4+4-pin EPS(CPU)): two fixed + four modular PCI-E 6+2 pin; one modular 4+4-pin EPS(CPU); three fixed + six modular SATA power; two fixed + five modular Molex; one fixed + one modular Floppy. This PSU has a blue colored 120 mm temperature-controlled fan. Next is the 850W CSP-D850CB, this 80 Plus Bronze certified PSU also uses a four-rail +12V design, but with 34A rails. Connectors are the same the 1000W model, except for: two fixed + two modular PCI-E 6+2 pin. This one, along with the 750W model has a green-colored fan.

Speaking of the 750W CSP-D700CB, this 80 Plus Bronze certified model uses a four-rail +12V circuit with 32A rails. Its connector configuration is different from the 850W model: apart from the 24-pin ATX and 4+4-pin EPS(CPU), only three SATA connectors are fixed. Rest are modular, which include: six SATA power; two PCI-E 6+2 pin; two PCI-E 6 pin; five Molex; one 4+4 pin EPS(CPU); and a Floppy power. Next up, are the totally non-modular value models. The 600W CSP-S600 sports two PCI-E 6+2 pin; six SATA; five Molex; and one Floppy; while the cheapest 400W CSP-S400 gives you just one PCI-E 6+2 pin; four SATA; 3 Molex. The 600W and 400W models are just 80 Plus rated, and feature a yellow-colored fan. Club 3D did not give out any pricing details.

PowerColor Expands its Product Lineup into Power Supply Units

TUL Corporation, a manufacturer under the leading graphics card brand PowerColor, today introduces a completely new product lineup for computer enthusiasts: the PowerColor Power Supply Unit (PSU) series. The series includes Extreme 1000W, 850W and Gaming 600W, 500W power supplies, targeting high-end to upper mid-range segments.

The PowerColor Extreme and Gaming series features 80 Plus Bronze and 80 Plus rated separately, offering more than 85% power efficiency in Extreme series and 80% in Gaming series, decreasing wasted power while increasing power transmission.

Scythe Chouriki 2 and Chouriki 2 Plug-in PSUs get 80 Plus Certifications

Scythe Group hereby officially announces the updated information of the Chouriki 2 650 Watt Power Supply. In contrary to the 750, 850 and 1,000 watt models, which are specified with the efficiency standard 80 PLUS Silver certificate, 650 W model has lifted up to a higher level and was certified with even higher efficiency of 80 PLUS GOLD. This upgrade automatically complies to the plug-in version with cable management for more comfort as well as standard version with soldered cable strands. Hence, this implies that the already supplied 650 Watt Versions of Chouriki 2 PSU comply with this high efficiency standard of 80 PLUS GOLD.

As usual for Scythe, all components meet Japanese standards and are designed for long life. The attractive brushed steel surface makes a fine impression which makes this PSU to be visually attractive and blend into your PC case without any disturbance. Scythe grants owner of the Chouriki 2 Power Supply Units manufacturer warranty period of 5 years.

Corsair Announces Retail Availability of Professional Series Gold Power Supplies

Corsair, a worldwide designer and supplier of high-performance components to the PC gaming hardware market, today announced the general retail availability of the Professional Series Gold AX1200, AX850, and AX750 power supply units. These PSUs, which feature 80 PLUS GOLD certification, were announced and shown at Computex in Taipei, and have won numerous accolades since then.

"The response of early users and reviewers to the Professional Series Gold PSUs has been phenomenal," stated Ruben Mookerjee, VP and General Manager of Components at Corsair. "We have been working overtime to meet the demand for this ultra-efficient, fully modular PSU, and are thrilled to announce that these highly anticipated products are now widely available from Corsair’s retailers."

Enermax Intros Revolution85+ 920W SLI and 1020W SLI PSUs

Enermax expanded its Revolution85+ power supply series lineup with new 920W SLI and 1020W SLI variants. These PSUs feature modular cabling, and bear the 80 Plus Silver efficiency rating along with NVIDIA SLI-Ready certification. What sets the 1020W SLI apart from the older 1050W SLI or the 1050W CrossFireX is the redesigned 12V DC circuitry. The 1020W SLI uses four 35A rails compared to five 30A rails on the 1050W SLI/CrossFireX variants, which increases efficiency, and power-delivery per rail to cope with multiple high-end NVIDIA GeForce GTX 400 series graphics cards in SLI.

Cables included besides the ATX 24-pin, and 8-pin CPU are: another 4+4-pin CPU power connector (ideal for dual-socket motherboards), two fixed 6+2-pin PCIe power along with four detachable 6+2 pin PCIe power cables, 12 SATA power, 6 Molex, and 1 FDD. Also featured are Active PFC, "SafeGuard" (an umbrella term for OCP, OVP, AC UVP, DC UVP, OPP, OTP, SCP, and SIP power conditioning features), HeatGuard (that cools down the PSU even after shutdown), guaranteed 24/7 @ 50 degrees Celsius uptime, and Silent Ready (temperature-based fan acoustic management). The PSUs are cooled by a 139 mm twister-bearing (long-life) fan. The new Revolution85+ 920W SLI is expected to be priced around the 200 EUR mark, with the 1020W SLI going for around 235 EUR.
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