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Arctic Cooling Announces Accelero Twin Turbo Pro VGA Cooler

The Swiss low noise cooling solution provider ARCTIC COOLING today announced the launch of the Accelero TWIN TURBO PRO. This dual-fan cooler is designed for fitting ATI and NVIDIA graphic cards, offering a truly cool and quiet solution for most enthusiasts.

This superior cooler is the upgraded version of the reputable Accelero TWIN TURBO. Instead of using 80mm fans, the Accelero TWIN TURBO PRO features two 92mm PWM fans for more advanced heat dissipation. The unconventional 4-heatpipe architecture together with 35 fins achieve up to 120 watts cooling capacity. Also with a layer of the ARCTIC MX-2 thermal compound on the base, the Accelero TWIN TURBO PRO guarantees instant and efficient cooling at all time.

Sapphire Preps Custom HD 4770 Accelerator, Too

Following the likes of PowerColor and HIS, Sapphire, one of AMD's largest AIB partners, is preparing a custom-design Radeon HD 4770 accelerator. Highlights of this card are strictly confined to its design and cooling, not that it has a brighter specs sheet compared to the reference design. It uses a blue colored PCB with a heat-spreader over the card's VRM area, and the GPU is cooled by an Accelero L2 variant originally made by Arctic Cooling. Display outputs include DVI-D, D-Sub, and HDMI. Specifications-wise, the accelerator sticks to AMD reference clock speeds of 750/800 MHz (core/memory), and sports 512 MB of GDDR5 memory across a 128-bit interface. Again, expect standard pricing on this one.


Arctic Cooling Announces Accelero L6 Exclusively for Manli

Swiss cooling solution provider ARCTIC COOLING has developed a new OEM project Accelero L6 with the leading NVIDIA card manufacturer, Manli Technology Group.

Exclusively for Manli, the Accelero L6 is a multi-compatible VGA cooler designed by ARCTIC COOLING. The 92mm PWM fan produces high airflow at lower fan speed. Together with an optimised heatsink and pre-applied thermal compound MX-2, heat can be easily dissipated out from the core, resulting in a low GPU temperature.

Zotac Uses High-End PCB Design for new GeForce GTX 260 Accelerator

Having tried its hand in several PCB designs for the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 200 series, Zotac created itself enough room to come up with new SKUs at will. The company is using a recently-designed 10-layer PCB it used for a high-end GeForce GTX 285 accelerator featuring Arctic Cooling Accelero Extreme cooler, to design a new GeForce GTX 260 model (GTX260-896D3) with essentially the same design, except for a change: While the GTX 285 card featured 0.77 ns GDDR3 memory chips made by Hynix, this one uses 1.0 ns chips by Samsung.

The card retains the 6+3 phase power circuitry, the Accelero Extreme cooler, and standard features for the GeForce GTX 260: 216 shader processors, 896 MB of GDDR3 memory across a 448-bit interface, support for 3-way SLI, CUDA and PhysX. It will use reference NVIDIA clock speeds of 574/999 MHz (core/memory). Backed by a 3-year warranty, this card will hit stores in China at a price of 1299 RMB (US $190).

Source: Expreview

ZOTAC AC Accelero EXTREME GeForce GTX 275 Spotted

It seems that ZOTAC has also borrowed Arctic Cooling Accelero EXTREME VGA cooling for some of its high-end graphics cards. Soon enough ZOTAC will make an announcement for its third GeForce GTX 275 card, the Accelero equipped ZOTAC GTX275-896D3 with 896 MB. The upcoming card is based on the P897 PCB with a 6+1 phase power design, a 448-bit memory interface, DirectX 10 and 3-way SLI support. In contrast to the GALAXY GeForce GTX 275 with AC, the ZOTAC card will come with stock frequencies - 633 MHz core, 1404 MHz shaders and 2268 MHz for the memory. Zotac's Accelero-powered GTX 275 is expected sometime this month, price is yet unknown.

Source: Expreview

Zotac Expands its GTX 285 Lineup, Uses Accelero Xtreme Cooler

Zotac has yet another GeForce GTX 285 SKU in the making. This time, it plans to use its own-designed GTX 285 PCB with an Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme GPU cooler. Zotac isn't using the entire kit, as the NVIO2 and VRM heatsinks aren't compatible with this PCB design. Other manufacturers using this cooler for similar graphics cards include Galaxy, which uses it for its GTX 285 2 GB, and Inno3D, which uses the entire kit for its GTX 280 accelerator.

With the new PCB design, Zotac rearranged the card's VRM area. The design differs from another PCB design for the GTX 285 Zotac designed earlier (read here). The card uses 6 vGPU + 3 vMem power phases. Ferrite-core chokes are made use of, and an extra vGPU phase has been added for redundancy and stability (angled chokes next to the power connectors, pictured below). 1 GB memory across a 512-bit interface is present, with the company making use of Hynix N3C 0.77 ns GDDR3 chips. The clock speeds on this card adhere to NVIDIA's specifications: 648/1476/1242 MHz (core/shader/memory). The SKU is almost ready to be announced.

Source: Expreview

Arctic Cooling Readies Twin Turbo PRO VGA Cooler

Spotted as part of the package for a custom-design upcoming graphics card SKU by Inno3D (most likely its iChill GTS 250), Arctic Cooling has come up with a new graphics card cooler: the Accelero Twin Turbo PRO. The new cooler comes with updated dissipation mechanism and fans, that either make it more silent than its predecessor for the same levels of cooling performance, or better than its predecessor at the same fan-speeds. To do so, the cooler uses two PWM-controlled 90 mm fans as opposed to two 80 mm fans on its predecessor.

Adding to the cooling efficiency is the aluminum fin count: 35 as opposed to 30 on its predecessor, upping the dissipation surface-area from 2,700 cm² on the Twin Turbo to 3,675 cm². That's an increment of 35%. The copper-made GPU contact block gives out four copper heatpipes that convey heat to the fins. The retention module supports most of today's single-GPU cards using two sets of mounting holes: 43 mm and 53 mm, except unfortunately, the GeForce GTX 200 series. A buckle-design for the retention module holds the PCB firmly. Arctic Cooling is yet to announce this cooler in its own channel brand, though as seen with its recent history, some of its best coolers such as the Accelero Xtreme GTX 280 are being given away to OEM customers, leaving the retail channels rather dry.

Source: Expreview

Galaxy Innovates GeForce GTX 285 High Performance Design

Pushing up the ante with innovation, Galaxy has come up with a new GeForce GTX 285 variant. No, it's not another cost-saving design, but rather the other way round: a mix of high-grade components. There are a few features which makes Galaxy's new card stand out:
  • A 4+2 phase digital PWM power design as opposed to the 6-phase analog design on reference NVIDIA PCB. The VRM controller supports the necessary interface for software voltage control
  • Redundant BIOS, two EEPROM chips on the PCB, possible BIOS profile switching feature
  • Arctic Cooling Accelero XTREME GTX cooling
The listed features put this card a few notches above even the reference design. Galaxy may announce this card in the weeks to come.

Source: VR-Zone

Inno3D Make the i-Chill GTX 260 with Accelero XXX Official

Inno3D today announced the launch of their i-Chill GTX 260 with Accelero XXX, a factory overclocked NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260, featuring Arctic Cooling's Accelero XTREME GTX 280. Dubbed by Inno3D as the Accelero XXX for, Xtreme Performance (30°C lower), Xtreme Architecture (3 x 90 mm fans + 5 heatpipes over 110 fins) and Xtreme Silence (PWM support with <30dB noise). The card clocks in at 620 MHz on the core, and 2100 Mhz on the memory. Inno3D have stated that this will be a limited edition card.

Galaxy Releases GeForce GTX 260+ Non-Reference Card, Changes Cooling Specifications

Galaxy finally pushed its self-designed GeForce GTX 260+ graphics card to retail. The card surfaced earlier this month, in a pre-release appearance with a completely different GPU cooler (read here). The pre-release iteration featured PC-Cooler HP4-1226. As we found out during the course of the discussion, the said cooler was too large to be sold with the card, as it would probably span across four or more expansion slots.

Galaxy made the release-grade card a bit more retail-friendly by using a slightly modified Accelero Twin-Turbo cooler made by Arctic Cooling. The new cooler keeps the footprint of this card within three expansion slots. The Galaxy GeForce GTX 260+ features factory-overclocked parameters, of 625/1350/1050 MHz (core/shader/memory), a 7% overclock over the reference speeds. It uses the 55 nm G200b core, with 216 stream processors and 896 MB of GDDR3 memory. Interestingly, the card bundles Galaxy's Xtreme Tuner overclocking software, as against the Magic Panel software the pre-release iteration was spotted with, by Chinese media.

Source: VR-Zone

Arctic-Cooling Accelero XTREME Now Compatible with Most GeForce GTX 200 Video Cards

Swiss Arctic-Cooling just said its Accelero XTREME cooling for graphics cards is now compatible with NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 260, GTX 280 and GTX 285 boards (not compatible with the latest GeForce GTX 295 though). The Accelero XTREME GTX 280 is equipped with three fluid bearing 92mm PWM fans that run from 1,000 to 2,000 rpm. Together with five heatpipes and a total weight of 680g, the Accelero XTREME GTX 280 is said to cool up to 250 watt. The Accelero XTREME GTX 280 is offered with a 6-year limited warranty. It will be available in March 2009. The MSRP is US $54.95 or 42.95€ (excl. VAT). Please click here for more information.

Source: Arctic-Cooling
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