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Aerocool announcing new Templarius family with two PC chassis Ferrum and Telum

Taiwan based manufacturer Aerocool is hereby announcing the availability of the two new PC chassis Ferrum and Telum. Both chassis belong to the recently formed Templarius family . Templarius aims especially at gamers, who are looking for excellent gaming peripherals coming in one unique look. This new brand will feature products such as mice, keyboards, headsets and power supply units alongside PC chassis which will all come in a unified design. Templarius brand logo is designed in the style of medieval knights of Templar. Interested users are invited to join the Facebook fan page of Templarius Gaming, to be part of the "Knight's Brotherhood!" community. New additions of the Templarius brand are the PC chassis Ferrum and Telum.

Ferrum's exterior design catches the attention easily thanks to the perfectly matched black and white colors in combination with the Templarius logo and the underlining black stripes. Chassis is made of 0,5 mm thick SGCC steel to provide a solid and firm armor. On the inside, enough space for high-end components such as latest ATX or µATX mainboards and VGA card with a total length of up to 400 mm is provided. Consequently gamers have enough space to assemble high-end systems using flagship VGA cards such as the GeForce GTX 690 or Radeon HD 7990. To further increase the usability, the mainboard tray is equipped with openings for easy access to the backplate of CPU coolers as well as special cable management holes.

AeroCool Introduces GT Power Supply Series to the European Market

Taiwan based manufacturer Aerocool is announcing the new addition to its product portfolio. Brand new GT series aims for ambitious gamers and enthusiasts, coming with total of eight different models starting with 500 Watts and ending with 1.050 Watts. The acronym "GT" is coming from the Italian words „Gran Turismo", which stand for high-performance luxurious racing cars, built for long distance racing. Aerocool engineers too the challenge seriously both for designing the exterior as well as the interior.

New GT Series is split in two different model-ranges where one is certified with 80PLUS Bronze and the other with 80 PLUS Gold! Hence assures an efficiency of at least 85% respectively 90%. Aerocool achieved this by using two VRM modules, which are using one choke contrary to commonly used designs. This allows the two 12 Volts rails to have a maximum voltage deviation of only 3%, which is lower compared to the required 5% by Intel's specifications. Aerocool aims to deliver high efficiency and stability especially during long load sessions with its new GT PSU Series.

AeroCool Fall-Winter Collection Available Through Retailers

Over the past month, AeroCool unveiled six new products featured in its mainline and Strike-X brands, including the Strike-X XPredator Devil Red and White Editions, Strike-X Air, and Mechatron Black Edition cases; Silent Master 200 mm fans, and Strike-X X-1000 fan-controller. AeroCool made an addition to the lineup, the Touch-2000 fan controller, and made all products available through retail channels in the US.

The Touch-2000 is a 2-bay fan-controller. It is characterized by a brushed aluminum bezel, and a large LED display, with feather-touch buttons. The Touch-2000 supports a maximum of five channels with 25W maximum output per channel. In addition to five fan speed channels, the controller supports temperature monitoring from five thermal probes that can be stuck to key components such as heatsinks, hard drives, etc., for real-time monitoring. The color scheme of the LED display can be changed among 7 options. Overheating alarms can be set. The Touch-2000 also doubles up as a 2-port USB 3.0 (standard header) and audio (HDA header) front-panel, to help with cases that lack the ports.

AeroCool Announces SilentMaster 200 mm LED Fan

AeroCool unveiled the SilentMaster 200 mm LED case fan series. Available in red and blue, the fan measures 200 x 200 x 20 mm, with a 154 mm distance between adjacent bolts. With a voltage range of 9-12V, the fan draws up to 3W of power. It spins at 800 ± 200 RPM, pushing up to 76 CFM of air, with up to 18 dBA noise output. The impeller uses 11 shark-fin inspired transparent blades, with LEDs fixed on the frame. According to the company, the SilentMaster 200 mm LED fans will be available in mid-October.

AeroCool Strike-X X-1000 Fan Controller Detailed

After unveiling four new cases for this fall, AeroCool shifted its focus to accessories such as fan controllers. The company has two new products planned for this fall, one of which is its Strike-X X-1000. A combination of a five-channel fan controller, USB 3.0 front-panel ports (standard front-panel header), and audio jacks (HDA header), the X-1000 is a front-panel replacement. Each of the five fan channels has its own analog speed control, and can deliver a maximum power output of 25W. The controller also includes five thermal probes that can be stuck onto key components such as CPU cooler, graphics cards, memory, etc. AeroCool plans to release the X-1000 to the market by early-October.

AeroCool Readies Mechatron Black Edition Chassis

AeroCool's fourth addition to its PC case lineup this fall is the Mechatron Black Edition, following the XPreadator X3 Devil Red and White Edition, and Strike-X Air. Part of the PGS B (performance gaming series black) line of cases, the Mechatron Black Edition is an ATX mid-tower with all-black interiors and mostly-black transformer-esque exteriors. 0.6 mm-thick SECC steel makes up its frame and most of its panels. Internally, the case is spacious enough for CPU coolers 175 mm tall, and video cards 330 mm long.

The Mechatron Black Edition is one of the very few cases with 2.5-inch drive bays that are not adopted from 3.5-inch ones. The case features three 2.5-inch internal bays, four 3.5-inch bays, and three 5.25-inch bays. The motherboard tray features valved cutouts for cabling, and a large cutout around the CPU and memory areas. The bottom-mounted PSU tray is designed for extra-long PSUs, with dust filters.

AeroCool Strike-X Air Open Chassis Pictured

Alongside the XPreadator X3 Devil Red and White Editions, the new Strike-X Air is among four new cases the company has planned for launch in Fall, 2012. Featuring the distinct black+red styling characteristic of the Strike-X family of cases, PSUs, and notebook coolers from AeroCool, the new Strike-X Air is an open case designed for enthusiasts that need quick access to components, but like to keep components organized (not laid out on a table). Unlike several cases in its category, the Strike-X Air features an armature design that lets you completely open up the top, on which a 200 mm fan is suspended, giving you complete access to components installed on the motherboard.

The Strike-X Air supports XL-ATX motherboards, with up to 10 expansion slots, and room for graphics cards as long as 33 cm. The case features three each of 5.25-inch and 3.5/2.5-inch drive bays, with hot-swap back planes. There is room for unconventionally long PSUs. The side compartment that holds the drive and PSU bays is ventilated by a 120 mm fan. Front panel connectivity includes a USB 2.0/1.1 and three USB 3.0 ports (standard headers); and front-panel HD audio jacks. AeroCool plans to make the Strike-X Air available some time in early-October.
A promotional video follows.

AeroCool Readies XPreadator X3 Devil Red and White Editions

AeroCool is working on as many as four new gaming PC cases for launch in fall-2012, two of which are part of its premier XPreadator X3 line, the Devil Red Edition, and White Edition. The Devil Red scheme is an even combination of black with blood-red, which could go well with a ton of hardware (such as motherboards, graphics cards, sound cards, SSDs, and PSUs that are using this scheme. The White Edition scheme, on the other hand is mostly white with a dash of black.

Built with 0.7 mm-thick sheets of SPCC steel, the new XPreadator X3 cases are bound to be sturdy (and heavy). The ATX full-tower cases will measure 533 mm (D) x 223 mm (W) x 527 mm (H), and be spacious enough for CPU coolers as tall as 186 mm, will feature eight expansion slots (to support double-slot graphics cards using the bottommost expansion slot on the motherboard), graphics cards as long as 31 cm, and eight 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch drive bays. The cases will support as many as nine fans to ventilate it from various points. The XPreadator X3 Devil Red and White Editions from AeroCool will be generally available by the end of September, 2012.

Aerocool Releases the Strike-X X1 Notebook Cooler

Aerocool Advanced Technologies has now announced the retail and e-tail arrival of the gamer-oriented Strike-X X1 notebook cooler. The X1 measures 360 x 405 x 55 mm, it can be used with up to 19" laptops, and features a metal mesh on top, an ABS plastic structure, a rubber stand providing a better grip, and a built-in 200 mm fan (600 RPM) boasting red LEDs.

Aerocool's cooler can be found on sale @ 17.72 Euro.

Aerocool Debuts the Vs-3 and Vs-3 Advance Mid-Tower Cases

Aerocool has just added a couple of new PC cases to its PGS-V (V for Value) Series, the Vs-3 and Vs-3 Advance mid-towers featuring a 0.5 mm steel structure, a black coating inside and out, and support for ATX and micro ATX motherboards, and for graphics cards up to 400 mm long.

The cases measure 440 (H) x 180 (W) x 475 (D) mm and have three exposed 5.25-inch bays with tool-free mounting, six 3.5-inch internal bays, seven PCI slots, two pre-drilled holes at the rear for watercooling tubing, and a 120 mm (1200 RPM) fan at the back (the Vs-3 Advance also includes a front 120 mm fan with blue LEDs).

The Vs-3 costs 34.99 Euro and comes with a front I/O panel boasting two USB 2.0 ports (and two audio connectors) while the Vs-3 Advance is priced at 39.99 Euro and has two USB 3.0 front ports.

Aerocool Launches the Strike-X One & Strike-X One Advance PC cases

Taiwan-based Aerocool Advanced Technologies has just announced the European release of two new Strike-X Series mid-tower PC cases, the Strike-X One and Strike-X One Advance. Both models feature a steel structure, are painted black both inside and out, and have support for ATX and micro ATX motherboards, four 5.25-inch drive bays (with tool-free mounting systems), six 3.5-inch internal bays, a PSU dust filter, and pre-drilled holes for watercooling tubes and cables.

The Strike-X One has an I/O panel with two USB 2.0 ports, and is equipped with one 120 mm rear fan, while the Strike-X One Advance comes with two USB 3.0 ports, a 120 mm rear fan, and a front 120 mm fan with red LEDs. The Strike-X One and Strike-X One Advance cost 34.99 Euro and 39.99 Euro, respectively.

Aerocool XPredator Evil Green Edition Full-Tower Case Coming in January

Following the release of the Black, Evil Black and White versions, Aerocool is now preparing the arrival of the Evil Green edition of its flagship full-tower PC chassis, the XPredator. This latest XPredator model still has a black coating on the outside but the motherboard tray and various other elements inside and out are colored green.

The green-themed XPredator measures 600 (H) x 234 (W) x 555 (D) mm, and features a 0.8/1.0 mm SECC steel construction, a top-placed storage compartment, an I/O panel with USB 3.0 (x 1), USB 2.0 (x 3), eSATA, mic and headphone ports, a 6-channel fan controller, and a side window which can be pretty much covered up with four 120/140 mm fans.

Aerocool Intros Strike-X Series Modular PSUs

Aerocool released its Strike-X high-end PSU series. It spans across a wide price range, starting with an 80 Plus Bronze-compliant 500W and 600W models, 80 Plus Silver-compliant 800W model, and the top of the line 1100W 80 Plus Gold one. All four feature modular cabling, and a racy red+black casing that's designed for gaming PCs. Compliant with ATX 12V 2.3 and EPS 12V 2.92, Strike-X PSUs feature active PFC, single 12V rail design, OCP, OVP, OPP, OTP, and SCP. The 500W, 600W, 800W, and 1100W models are priced at €44, €52, €120, and €150, respectively.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

AeroCool Intros Vs-4 ATX Mid-Tower Case Targeting Bang-for-Buck Price-Point

AeroCool released a new ATX mid-tower case for gamers on a shoestring budget, the Vs-4 looks the offer most high-end features for an attractive price of just €38. Measuring 433 (H) x 185 (W) x 495 (D) mm, the Vs-4 makes clever use of 0.5 mm thick SECC steel, acrylic, and ABS plastic to keep the price down. It sports a matte black exterior overall, with a black interior. There are four exposed 5.25" bays, one of which can transform into 3.5" by changing the bay cover. There are six internal 3.5" bays spread across two cages of 2 bays and four bays, which are detachable to make room for long graphics cards or long PSUs.

The motherboard tray has holes at the right spots for cable and CPU cooler management. There are seven perforated expansion slot covers, holes for water-cooling tubing, and ample ventilation options. This includes room for a 140 mm fan at the front, one bundled 120 mm rear exhaust, one 120 mm bottom intake next to the PSU tray, and room for two 120 mm spinners on the side panel window. Front panel includes basic connectivity, USB 2.0 and audio.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

AeroCool Intros RS-4 Mid-Tower ATX Case for LAN Party Animals

AeroCool introduced the new RS-4 mid-tower ATX case. Targeting gaming PC builds, the RS-4 is designed to accommodate components in a way that's optimal for carrying around, to LAN parties. Measuring 475 (H) x 200 (W) x 475 (D) mm, it sports a red+black color scheme with predominantly red interiors. A door protects the front drive bays, and doubles up as a front air-intake grille. The front-panel is located on the top, next to a handle.

Front utility panel includes 2 x USB 2.0, eSATA, mic and headphone connectors; a fan controller, a 58-in-1 card reader, and four 5.25" drive bays. Internally, 3.5" bays are split into two cages, one of which is detachable to accommodate very long graphics cards. Ventilation is care of a 140 mm fan in front, one on the top, and two side red-illuminated 120 mm fans. Drive installation is tool-free. The motherboard tray has a hole that gives easy access to CPU coolers with backplates. A pair of holes lets you pass water tubing through. AeroCool's RS-4 is priced at €79.90.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

AeroCool Intros XPredator ATX Full-Tower Case

AeroCool announced its latest PC case, the PGS B series XPredator. This ATX full-tower makes sure you never run out of room for extra large motherboards such as the EVGA X58 Classified 4-way SLI or the Gigabyte X58A-UD9, multiple water cooling loops, and a heap of hard drives. The case measures all of 600 (H) x 234 (W) x 555 (D) mm, mostly making use of steel. The case is mostly open, with a perforated front, and almost completely perforated side-panel, a gill-like vent on top (Alienware-inspired). Its front-panel lets you control fan speeds, apart from providing three USB 1.1/2.0, one USB 3.0, one eSATA, and audio.

Interiors are decked up in black and orange, drive and expansion card installation is tool-free. The motherboard tray has a hole giving you easy access to coolers with back-plates, abundant holes to help cable management. Ventilation includes one included 140 mm front intake fan, provision for one bottom 120 mm intake, four orange-illuminated intake fans on the side panel to maintain a positive air pressure, one top 200 mm exhaust, and space for one 120/140 mm fan. There are four water-cooling tubing holes. The AeroCool XPredator is priced at €139.90

Source: TechConnect Magazine

AeroCool Intros Strike-X Multichannel Touchscreen Fan-Controller

Close to month after releasing the Strike-X ATX mid-tower case, AeroCool released a new touchscreen multichannel fan-controller under the same banner. The Strike-X fan-controller occupies two 5.25" drive bays on your case (designed to look best with the Strike-X case), and has a fuzzy-looking LED display that looks like one of the touchscreen computers from the retro generation of the USS Enterprise (in which William Shatner plays Capt. Kirk). The controller supports five independent fan channels, with fan-speed and thermal-zone monitoring. The unit also doubles up as a 2-port USB 2.0 and front-panel audio hub (by relaying the same from the motherboard). It is available with red+black and all-black bezel options. Available soon, the Strike-X fan-controller from AeroCool will sell for €54.90.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

AeroCool Intros Strike-X Gaming Mid-Tower Case

AeroCool introduced the Strike-X gaming PC chassis. This ATX mid-tower sports a space-age design with distinct x-shaped grills panels and structures. It is built for rough and touch use for the LAN party-animals, and comes in total-black, or with a dash of red. Drive bays included are 9 5.25" (with internal 3.5" cages detachable). The ventilation system includes 120 mm fans on the side and rear, and one 140 mm fan on top. The chassis is mostly tool-free, as far as installing drives and addon cards goes. The rear panel holds two handles that make opening the side panels easy, and holes for water-cooling tubing. The front-panel includes audio and USB ports. AeroCool's new case is expected to be priced at 60 EUR.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

AeroCool Introduces Shark Series 15-blade Fans

Late last week, AeroCool released the Shark series 15-blade fans for use in PC cases, coolers and radiators. These fans make use of no less than 15 fan blades which have its design inspired from shark fins. These fans are available in 120 mm and 140 mm sizes, and in opaque black, and illuminated blue, Devil Red (red), and Evil Black (rust) colors.

The 15 blade design ensures high air flow at moderate speeds. The design is also enhanced by the fluid dynamic bearing which increases life-span. Rotating at speeds of up to 1500 rpm, the fans push 82.6 CFM (120mm) or 96.5 CFM (140mm) of air, with maximum noise outputs of 26.5 and 29.6 dBA, respectively. Two speed modes, a "power mode" (12 V) and a "silence mode" can be selected using the bundled voltage reduction cables. Each fan also bundles four steel and rubber screws. Said to reach stores in September, AeroCool's new fans go for 12.90 Euros for the 120 mm size, and 15.90 Euros for the 140 mm size.
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