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Akasa Unveils Venom Voodoo CPU Cooler

Akasa displayed the second generation of its iconic Venom tower-type CPU cooler, the Venom Voodoo. The Voodoo comes with a few apparent changes over the original. Firstly, two Viper 120 mm fans come standard, the original would give you just one, with the provision to add a second pull fan. Second, a plastic cap is added on top of the heatsink. Third, the heatsink design itself has undergone a change. It now uses six 6 mm thick copper heat pipes to convey heat to the aluminum fins, the original had four. The Venom Vooodoo retains the toxic color scheme that gave the original its product feel.

Akasa Rolls Out AK-968 X4 CPU Cooler

Cooling solutions OEM Akasa's newest offering is the AK-968 X4 CPU cooler. This value offering is designed to oust your stock CPU cooler for better performance at a low price. Measuring 135 (H) x 109 (W) x 90 (D) mm, and weighing 458 g, the AK-968 X4 resembles similar coolers in its category such as the Arctic Freezer 7 Pro. Its design involves a copper base plate from which three u-shaped copper heatpipes pass, conveying heat to an aluminum fin array, which is actively cooled by a 92 mm PWM-controlled fan that spins at speeds between 600 ~ 2500 rpm pushing up to 47.7 CFM of air, with a noise output of 17.0 ~ 29.5 dBA. It supports all current desktop CPU sockets, including Intel LGA-1366, LGA-1156, LGA-775, AMD s939, and AM3/AM2/AM2+. It is currently listed for £20 at a popular British etailer.

Akasa Announces DuoDock Desktop HDD Dock

Akasa expanded its portfolio of hard drive enclosures with the DuoDock. This highly portable desktop dock measuring 140 x 108 x 71 mm, uses a top-loader to mount 3.5 inch and 2.5 inch HDDs or SSDs using the standard SATA II interface. The loader allows you to insert and eject the drives like SNES cartridges. The device draws power from an external DC power plugin, and connects the drive to the system using eSATA or USB 2.0 interface. With an AHCI-aware operating system, the dock provides hot-plug capability it is available in matte-black and piano-white colours. It will be priced around US $40.

Akasa Intros Apache 120 mm Fan

Cooling and power specialist, Akasa announced a new fan for its consumer lineup. The Apache 120 mm (model number: AK-FN057) banks mostly on its unique fan-blade design, and its appearance to sell it. It uses what Akasa calls an "S-Flow" blade design, which delivers 30% higher air-flow against traditional blade designs, keeping speed constant.

Apache 120 mm uses a copper-ish red colour for its frame, and military green for the fan. The frame is of standard 25 mm thickness. The fan is PWM controlled, and spins in speeds of 600~1300 rpm. Its maximum air-flow is 57.5 CFM, and noise levels between 6.9 and 16.05 dBA, depending on the speed. It has started selling in the UK, priced at about ₤13.80.

Akasa Readies Freedom Force Universal VGA Cooler

Akasa is readying a new graphics card cooler for the consumer segment, this time touting support for almost all current single-GPU graphics cards. The Akasa Freedom Force was first pictured at the CeBIT event. It measures 190(L) x 107.5(W) x 55(H), and weighs in at 440 g. Its design consists of a GPU contact block that doubles up as a heatsink, from which four aluminum heatpipes convey heat to two aluminum fin blocks on either side of the GPU block. Each block is subject to air-flow by its own white LED-lit fan that spins at 2200 rpm. The GPU block has mount holes for 43.2 mm, 53.2 mm, and 61.5 mm cooler mounts. Also bundled are nine memory chip heatsinks. The cooler supports one of the broadest range of GPUs, including NVIDIA GeForce GTX 200 (GTX 260, 275, 280, 285), ATI Radeon HD 4000/3000/2000, GeForce 9/8/7 series, etc. A word of caution however, would be that the cooler doesn't pack VRM heatsinks, or heatsinks for NVIO display processors featured on G200(b) and G80 based graphics cards. It will reach retail in about a month's time, and is expected to be priced at 30 EUR (US $40.5).


CeBIT 2009: Akasa

We managed to drop by the Akasa booth as well and they also have several new products. Firstly there is an active notebook cooler, with an adjustable angle. It can be had either with a black metal mesh or silver one. The side holds the power switch, a single USB port and a dial to adjust the fan speed, while the rear has another four port USB 2.0 hub.

Akasa is also presenting their newest series of fans, with very unique fan blades, which supposedly push around 30% more air than straight ones. They are rated at a mere 13 db(A) and are currently only available as 120 mm variants. Their "Freedom" series is also being expanded with a CPU cooler and a GPU cooler. The latter is intended for the GT200 series of GPUs and Akasa is actually showing one off in a demo system cooling an EVGA GTX 280.Source: Akasa

Akasa Announces infinity and infinity ZOR Cases

Akasa announced today they are shipping the new Infiniti and infiniti Zor – professional and gaming PC case designed for pro-gaming systems and high performance work stations. infiniti’s distinctive 11 bay design was created by Akasa’s Hong Kong based industrial design team. Akasa is targeting the ZOR at the gaming market and infiniti at those who want top performance with thermal efficiency and require low noise levels from the chassis. The infiniti case has a totally ventilated aluminium and mesh front panel with two 12cm fans, a top panel mesh window providing a watercooling facility for bay fitting radiators and fixings for 2 x 12cm fans.

Akasa Introduces Power Extreme 1200W PSU

Akasa Introduces Power Xtreme 1200W PSU

Akasa adds its entry to the range of heavy-duty power-supplies with its PowerXtreme 1200W (model: AK-P120FG-BK). This 150x160x86 mm PSU features six independent +12V rails and a rated efficiency of 80 per cent. Apart from the usual plethora of connectors PSUs of this range are expected to have, it features two 8-pin auxiliary power connectors for multi-CPU socket desktop and workstation boards. It features a total of nine 6-pin PCI-E power connectors with six of them capable of doing 8-pin with a side 2-pin expansion that's detachable. Akasa provides a cable-management kit in the package, no modularity was advertised. The power distribution diagram is provided below. The PSU is priced at £189.95 or €240 (excl. VAT).

Source: Akasa

Akasa Thinks Big, Announces 22cm Case Fan

Some say "Size does matter", and this seems to be the right definition for Akasa's latest 220 x 220 x 30 mm blue LED sleeve bearing fan. The "Big Boy" operates at 600rpm, speed at which its noise output reaches 23.48 dB and its performance tops 95.63 CFM. The cooler will have a price tag of 13.95 Euro. I hope you have the right tools for proper case modifications.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

AKASA Announces the Revo Thermodynamic CPU Cooler

AKASA has unveiled its newest CPU cooler, named Revo. Powered by thermodynamic "bubble-pump" technology the Revo promises noiseless cooling and high thermal performance.
It’s quieter than heatpipe coolers, cooler than conventional heatsinks, and easier to fit—and safer—than watercoolers. This technology could revolutionize CPU cooling
, says Adrian Young, Marketing Director of AKASA. With Revo's system heat is transported rapidly by dual-component fluid along a hermetically sealed circuit to an aluminum radiator. The radiator is cooled by conventional 92mm fan operating at 600 to 2200 RPM. The Revo weights only 330g, and can be easily fitted on Intel LGA775, AMD socket 939, 940, 754 and AM2. Retail availability is yet to be announced.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Akasa Enters The VGA Coolers Market With Vortexx

Akasa announced today they are shipping the new Vortexx performance VGA cooler. Vortexx was designed by the Hong Kong based Akasa industrial design team, its brief was to improve on existing VGA coolers focusing on cooling performance whilst maintaining low acoustic levels in order to service the large market for retro-fitting VGA coolers.

Akasa is targeting the first of this new range of VGA coolers not just at the gaming market but also at those who want to ensure top performance from their VGA card.

Akasa Announces New PowerMax 850W & 1000W Power Supplies

Akasa announced today they are shipping a 1000W and 850W PSU. Appropriately named PowerMax, Akasa are targeting this new range of high-end power supplies directly at the gaming market.

PowerMax has two 12V rails with 35A each rail; two PCIe 2.0 8-pin (6+2) connectors for turbo mode power, one on each rail and load balanced between rails; two PCIe 6-pin connectors for legacy VGA cards.

Importantly, both PowerMax 1000 and PowerMax 850 have extended main cables for use in the new extra tall cases. PowerMax is over 80% efficient all of the time, and has a low noise 135mm smart fan. PowerMax can deliver a continuous 1000W or 850W supply of power.

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