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Angelbird Announces its SSD WRK Line of Entry-level SSDs

Angelbird, Austria's premium SSD manufacturer, presents its new SSD wrk, a robust and highly efficient entry level Solid State Drive (SSD). It is ideal for upgrading your computer or laptop to faster SSD technology.

Angelbird does not compromise in terms of quality in its new SSD wrk, using an ultra-fast SATA 3.1 6Gb/s interface, which is fully compatible with older computer set-ups and operating systems. The SSD wrk uses the SMI 2246EN controller and the case is made of high quality, matt black anodized aluminum, housing custom packed Multi-Level-Cell NANDs from Micron. Durability is guaranteed by the MTBF of at least 2 million hours. High reliability is also provided by the integrated EDC and ECC error correction capabilities. With a thickness of only 7 Millimeter, the SSD wrk fits even into the tightest notebook or desktop case.

Noctua Products Help Achieve PCMark05 World Record

Austrian tweaking specialists today set a new world record in the renowned performance test PCMark05. Throughout the entire project, Noctua fans, CPU coolers and thermal compound played a key role.

During last Friday's live event hosted by the Austrian SSD manufacturer Angelbird, already managed to break the previous world record in Futuremark's popular benchmarking suite PCMark05, but since their best CPU and motherboard fell victim to the extreme tweaking, the Austrian overclocking specialists failed to pass the
60.000 point mark. Today, set out to make another attempt, but US overclockers had topped their previous record overnight and pushed the bar to a breathtaking 62.759 points – more than the Austrian's had hoped to achieve. Taking up the challenge nonetheless, squeezed the absolute maximum out of their system.

Orange Systems Announces Wings Modular PCIe SSD

Japanese company Orange Systems announced a new modular PCI Express SSD, the "Wings" series, which is a collection of products: the PCIe SSD card, its SSD subunits that have to be purchased separately, and those subunits in hard cases that turn them into 2.5-inch simple SSDs. To begin with, Angelbird has three PCIe SSD main card variants: "Lite", 16 GB, and 32 GB. These cards are basically PCI Express x4 SATA 3 Gb/s RAID cards that have SATA power+data interfaces on the card. The 16 GB and 32 GB cards have a localized SSD subunit on the board, while the "lite" variant has no localized subunit, and relies entirely on attached subunits.

These subunits are basically 2.5-inch SSD PCBs stripped of their cases, which Orange Systems refers to as Wings Expansion Cartridges, which are basically SandForce SF-1220 driven SSDs with MLC NAND flash, available in capacities of 60 GB, 115 GB, and 240 GB. When attached in pairs to the Wings PCIe SSD card, the card's main controller runs them in a RAID 0 configuration that is abstract to the host, delivering increased performance. Lastly, these "Expansion Cartridges" are available with their outer shells, branded as "Crest SSDs".
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