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Apacer Rolls Out SAFD 25A SSD

As cloud computing becomes a mainstream, it is essential for enterprise servers to improve capacities and data transmission speeds. Apacer is taking cloud computing as one of its core areas of development, and has created the Apacer SAFD 25A - a SATA 3.0 SSD that boasts both capacity and performance gains to address the needs of this industry. This is a high-end SSD targeted for cloud-based computing, featuring outstanding efficiency, based on high IOPs, and a large storage capacity of 512GB. It aims to optimize data storage variables in cloud computing centers by providing speed within a stable and power-saving operating environment.

By using the exceptional features of SSDs such as anti-shock, anti-vibration, low-power consumption, and high-speed data transmission, Apacer expects to help enterprise servers to improve their data access constraints and, in doing so, take the place of traditional hard drives. This can all be accomplished in tandem with cutting a large amount of the cooling cost, providing ground-breaking efficiency to create an increasingly reliable operating environment.

Apacer Rolls Out MLC Wide-Temperature SSD with CF & SD Interfaces

Despite the increase in adoption of SSDs in the industrial computer sector, price remains a major concern. Apacer seeks to address this issue with a quality SSD product. Apacer, one of the world's top ten PC SSD suppliers, has introduced a large-capacity MLC wide-temp SSD with CF and SD interfaces designed for industrial computer systems and automatic applications. Favorably priced, the product employs the vendor guaranteed flash chip, which means it can run stably under industry-level extended-temperature (-40°C ~ 85°C) environments. It stays reliable even at very high or very low temperatures, which makes the SSD a great storage solution suitable for the military, aviation, automobile, oil-well drilling and other industries.

Apacer’s next-gen MLC wide-temp SSD includes an CF card compliant form-factor with CFA 4.1 specifications and an SD card supporting the SDHC Class 10 standard. The CF card adopts the standard 50-pin connector; the data transfer mode is up to PIO-6, Multi-Word DMA-4 and Ultra DMA-5, available in capacities from 8GB to 32GB. It features sequential read/write speed of up to 55/20 MB/Sec, which is about 3 times faster than that of its predecessor. The industrial SD card version supports the ver. 2.0 standard as defined by the SD Association, available in capacities from 4GB to 32GB. It also effectively enhances file transmission speeds thanks to sequential read/write speeds of up to 19/14 MB/sec.

Apacer Intros 16 GB DDR3-1600 ECC RDIMM for Emerging Cloud Computing Market

As cloud computing becomes a more mature sector of the IT industry, most enterprises have already regarded this technology as a key point in the building of future information architectures to meet the needs of massive data processing. To better address the high demands for cloud computing, Apacer, a leading memory module manufacturer, has announced an industry-leading and enterprise-level 16GB bulk storage DDR3-1600 high-speed server memory module.

It uses both internal and external voltage reference (Vref.) circuits, allowing the storage system to directly use external Vref. with high efficiency while eliminating signal noise. It helps to facilitate continuous massive data processing and helps to optimize the cloud computing and storage performance in those environments, giving a more stable server storage experience.

Apacer Rolls Out Compact High-Speed mSATA Industrial SSD for Ultrabooks

SSDs, with their advantages of high performance, compactness and low power consumption, are the perfect adaptation of storage products to the emergence of tablet PCs and Ultrabooks. Indeed, SSDs have become the defacto storage solution for ultra-thin notebooks. Apacer, a leading manufacturer of industrial SSDs, understands the demands for even more compactness and has produced a new mSATA A1 modular SSD that features a SATA 3.0 high-speed transmission interface and complies with JEDEC MO-300 standard codes. Currently, this model supports Intel Rapid Start and Intel Smart Response technologies, enabling users to enjoy an almost immediate start-up within seconds and enjoy a continuous high performance of the computer.

Apacer Showing Latest Overclocking Memory at Computex 2012

Apacer is presenting their entire product line of state-of-the-art storage solutions for consumer and industrial usages at Computex Taipei 2012, June 5 to 9, at booth T202A on the 2nd floor of Taipei International Convention Center. Apart from their very comprehensive USB 3.0 line-up including SuperSpeed flash drives, external hard drives as well as card readers, this year Apacer will also be showing their leading overclocking memory modules in live demonstrations.

Apacer Rolls Out New DDR3-1600 16GB ECC RDIMM

As cloud computing becomes mature, most enterprises have already regarded this innovative management technology as the key point to building future information architecture so as to meet the needs for the massive data processing. To fully meet the stringent demands for cloud computing, Apacer, the leading memory module manufacturer, rolls out industry-leading enterprise-level 16GB bulk storage DDR3-1600 high-speed server memory module.

It uses both internal and external voltage reference(Vref.) circuits, allowing the storage system to directly use external Vref. with high efficiency while eliminating signal noise. It provides powerful computing to process on-going massive data, optimizes cloud computing and storage performance and realizes the most stable server storage environment.

Apacer Intros New DDR3-1600 MHz SO-DIMM Modules

As the leading memory module maker, Apacer Technology Inc. has long been devoted to the industrial computer field, particularly the embedded systems. Apacer takes the lead by introducing today a memory module featuring high speed, high capacity and low power consumption as well as full compatibility with the 22-nm Ivy Bridge microprocessor platform released lately by Intel. Compared with the mainstream 8-GB DDR3-1333 memory module, Apacer’s high-speed DDR3-1600 memory module dedicated to embedded systems requires a working voltage of only 1.35V, which can be applied into the module either to the fanless design or to the embedded system. Thanks to its 20% higher performance and 11% less power consumption, the module can save considerable power expenditure for enterprise users.

Apacer launches next-gen SDM4 Middle Profile wide-temp modular SSDs

With many years of experience in the industrial SSD sector, Apacer has been a customized product manufacturer trusted by industrial computer and server corporations in the U.S. and Japan for a long time. To provide customers with a more diverse product range, Apacer has revealed three models of the new-generation of modular SATA SSDs; the SDM4 MP (SATA Disk Module, Middle Profile), with 7-pin SATA connectors available in three orientations of 90°, 180° and 270°, along with a patented built-in power supply design. These are designed to meet user-specific needs for various form factors and industrial designs.

Compared to that of its predecessor, the reading speed of these next-generation SSDs has been boosted to 85MB/sec. In terms of the chip, in addition to SLC storage solutions, MLC chip product lines can also support operating at industry-level extended-temperatures (-40°C ~ 85°C), and are especially suitable for stable operation under rigorous industrial environments.

Apacer Working on PCIe Cache-SSD

Apacer is working on a hard drive cache-SSD of its own, which is similar in principle to OCZ's Revodrive Hybrid. Called PHFD, the cache-SSD is a full-height PCI-Express 2.0 x1 add-on card, which seats a Marvell 88SE9130 (or similar) 2-port SATA 6 Gb/s controller, with one port wired to an onboard 32 GB SSD subunit, and the other port given out as a standard SATA port (to which you plug your system HDD). Marvell 88SE9130 includes a feature called HyperDuo, which is similar to Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST), it handles the SSD-caching on PFHD. Apacer's solution could end up being a cost-effective solution to systems without Intel RST.

Source: VR-Zone

Apacer Brings New Embedded SSD Designs to ESC West 2012

Apacer will display our newest embedded offerings along with live booth demonstrations emphasizing Apacer’s strengths in managing abrupt power failure in all of our products, please join us at booth #848 during the ESC DESIGN West 2012 exhibition in the San Jose McEnery Convention Center.

With an established background in providing reliable embedded memory solutions, Apacer looks forward in presenting our latest products including high capacity 2.5” SSDs with both SATA and PATA availability, high speed mSATA 6Gb/s and embedded flash cards.

Apacer Rolls Out the World's Tiniest USB 3.0 Flash Drive: AH152

Apacer has broken the technological limits and leads the world by rolling out the Super-Mini USB 3.0 Flash Drive, AH152. By using COB integrated technology, it establishes two invincible legends: the fastest mini flash drive, and the smallest USB 3.0 flash drive. Smaller than a coin, AH152 has a transmission speed of up to 80 MB/s and enhanced water-proof, dust-proof, and shock-proof functions. It's quite simply unsurpassable.

Apacer Unveils World's Fastest High-Capacity 64GB microSDXC Card

Today, Apacer took the lead by launching the world’s fastest high-capacity Ultra High Speed microSDXC 64GB memory card with the latest UHS-1 interface and SDA 3.0 memory card standard. It provides up to 30MB/s UHS ultra-high transmission speed for high-end mobile devices, such as advanced smartphones, tablet PCs, event data recorders, etc. You may easily store 1080p Full HD videos, 3D games, digital music/photos, apps and other multimedia files. This feature offers the next-gen mobile experience, guiding you through the ultimate audio-visual journey. Apacer’s new Ultra High Speed microSDXC 64GB memory card perfectly meets the demands of HD audio-visual transmission with its lightning-fast speed and super-large capacity.

Apacer Unveils The Next-Gen Industrial Modular PATA SSD

Apacer Technology Inc., the global leader in memory module, demonstrates its outstanding customizability by rolling out the next-generation industrial modular PATA SSD for embedded/Thin Client devices: ADM 4 (ATA Disk Module). ADM4 boasts the slimmest profile among Apacer’s PATA SSDs. It adopts a 44-pin connector and can be used either in parallel (at 180°) or perpendicularly (at 90° or 270°) for various mechanisms. The just-launched next-generation modular SSD breaks through the speed barriers by reaching the read/write speed of as fast as 80/50 MB/sec, which is several times higher than its predecessors. Widely recognized by Thin Client device users for its extreme reliability, the ADM series has made Apacer one of the main SSD suppliers for Thin Client systems around the world.

Apacer Debuts World’s Lightest USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Apacer, a global leader in digital storage, unveiled today another masterpiece --AH350 USB 3.0 flash drive. Only a sleek and super speed gadget can keep you on board the trend bandwagon, and AH350 typified such a device with its top performance plus a streamlined design. AH350 adopts the single-chip controller, and is the lightest USB3.0 flash drive to hit the market.

“Flash drive is a widely-used functional storage product; users would look forward to a more compact, faster and better quality flash drive that features a larger storage capacity, more stable performance and a more customer friendly price,” said Grace Lo, Associated Vice President of Apacer Commodity Business Unit. “Thanks to its competitive edge in storage technology, Apacer takes the lead in making USB 3.0 products more compact and prevalent by launching AH350. As a one-stop solution that meets every consumer need, AH350 is most lightweight USB 3.0 flash drive with the highest cost performance available in the market.”

Apacer Announces New Industrial Embedded SD Cards

Apacer, the global leader in memory module, is making aggressive moves into the sector of value-added products by debuting today a new industrial SD card designed for embedded systems in harsh storage environments. Features include high reliability, high storage and resistance to extended temperatures. These advantages enable the new card to be widely applied to industrial, military, communication, surveillance, medical devices and car navigation, thereby satisfying the storage need of demanding industrial enterprises.

Compliant with Ver. 2.0 standard and SDHC Class 10 high-speed transmission standard as defined by the SD Association, the new SD card from Apacer also supports SD and SPI modes. By using the superbly reliable SLC chip, it not only delivers the features of anti-shock, anti-vibration and low power consumption, but also boasts resistance to extended temperatures (-40ºC to 85ºC). Available in capacities from 256 MB to 8 GB, the new SD card can substantially accelerate data transfer, due to its sequential read/write speed reaching up to 20/13 MB per second. It is also worth noting that the card’s automatic standby and sleep modes help save power more effectively.

Apacer Announces ARES DDR3-2133 MHz Dual Channel Memory Kits for Overclocking

Apacer, one of the world’s leading brands of memory modules, today announced an expansion of its ARES overclocking memory series with high capacity and clock rate: DDR3-2133 8GB (4GBx2) dual channel memory kit,which is engineered for the latest Intel P67 and Z68 Sandy Bridge platforms. With a combination of high clock rate, huge capacity and low latency of CL9, ARES series is a perfect solution for extreme PC enthusiasts and gamers who want to optimize performance on the new platforms.

The newly-unveiled ARES DDR3-2133 8GB dual channel memory kit provides the highspeed and capacityon the Intel P67 and Z68 Sandy Bridge platforms and is backwards compatible with existing the P55 platform. It runs at CL9-11-9-27 with 1.65 voltage, using advancedprocess 256Mb x 8chips, which are screened and tested withthe advanced test fixture and programs under diversified parameters of voltage and time sequences.

Apacer Announces AC230 USB 3.0 External HDD

Apacer is proud to announce the launch of the new AC230 USB 3.0 external HDD (hard disk drive). With read and write speed up to 92 MB and 85 MB per second, the newly unveiled AC230 is three times faster than USB 2.0 equivalent models, giving you a boost in performance while backing up all quantities of data and media files, without the hassle of waiting.

With the increasing popularity of high-resolution videos and digital photography, storage requirements for backing up, storing and sharing data can amount to hundreds of GBs. The same can be said about the outrageous expected wait times for handling such important tasks. The Apacer AC230 External HDD, however, exhibits a top data transfer rate of up to 92 MB/s for reading and 85 MB/s for writing, taking only 4 minutes to transfer a 20 GB high-resolution video.

Apacer Introduces SandForce-Driven Turbo II AS602 SSD Series

Apacer Technology, a global innovator in memory module, takes advantage of its technical superiority again to step up the SSD read and write speed as well as its durability. The memory giant debuts today the Turbo II AS602 SSD series, which features top-of-the-line and high-speed SandForce SF-1222 controller that helps optimize sequential read/write performance to a blazing fast of 285/275MB and delivers more IOPS (30,000 input/ 13,000 output per second). Apacer also improves SSD’s capability to transfer data involving small files and increases overall transfer rate. Plus, the built-in Duraclass technology delivers best-in-class reliability tantamount to enterprise-level SLC drives and edges over previous generations

"With its technical superiority in consumer and enterprise SSD as well as the use of SandForce SF-1222 controller, Apacer has managed to create the nearly impeccable AS602 SSD,” said Apacer. “Compared with its SSD counterparts, Apacer’s AS602 SSD has not only the fastest sequential transfer speed but fastest random read and write speed as well. It features incredible reliability and makes up all the SSD shortcomings so as to address the speed needs for users,” Apacer added.

Apacer Introduces ARES DDR3-2400 MHz Overclocking Memory Modules

Apacer, one of the world’s leading brands of memory modules, announced today its ARES DDR3 Overclocking Memory Module. The newly-unveiled memory module is named after the god of war “ARES.” Features include advanced memory chips, zero noise heat pipe cooling system with a large red aluminum heat dissipation fin. It is able to operate at a blazing-fast clock rate of 2400MHz, allowing not only overclockers to create overclocking miracles but hardcore gamers to achieve their optimum performance during the games.

ARES, the god of war, clad in armor dashing in the ferocious battlefield, is thought to have been invincible in Greek mythology. After the previous launch of second-to-none Aeolus equivalent, Apacer again named its DDR3 memory module from the mythology. Just as its name suggested, ARES DDR3 Overclocking Memory Module promises to deliver amazing and stable overclocking performances that feed the needs of the overclocking experts.

Apacer Intros AC430 Series External HDDs with USB 3.0 Interface

Apacer rolled out its latest storage device, the AC430 compact external HDD. Available in 500 GB and 640 GB capacities, these drives feature USB 3.0 to eliminate interface bottlenecks, providing speeds of 92 MB/s read and 85 MB/s write. Packed inside its sleek brushed metal enclosures is a 2.5" SATA hard drive. Apacer did not give out pricing information.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Apacer Also Announces Giant II DDR3 Overclocking Memory Modules for Overclocking

Apacer, one of the world's leading brands of memory modules, has announced its brand-new “Giant II DDR3 Overclocking Memory Module series” in response to the global trend of gaming economics, helping fervent gaming players build their ultra-speed gaming PC. Apacer's “Giant II DDR3 Overclocking Memory Module series” inherit the huge heatspreader design of the Giant Series and further adopt the unique “air-fall” vents for quick heat dissipation even at overclocking high temperature, maintaining great operation stability while the player can enjoy the sensational gaming experience.

Apacer's “Giant II DDR3 Overclocking Memory Module Series” selects the best-performing Elpida's 1Gbit, 128x8 particles suited for overclocking, which are screened in the triple channel test environment using the advanced test fixture and programs under diversified parameters of voltage and time sequences. Stricter than other brands' screening standards, the particles are further tested in the high temperature and high pressure environment for 72 hours to wash out unstable ones and ensure best overclocking performance and stability. The much-tested “Giant II DDR3 Overclocking Memory Module Series” has four models: DDR3-1600MHz, 1866MHz, 2000MHz, and DDR3-2133, the most stable and performing model in the market, with two capacity choices: 3GB (1GBx3) and 6GB(2GBx3), to meet the different requirements of professional players who demand ultra game performance.

Apacer Announces DDR3 Golden and Aeolus Overclocking Memory Modules

In response to Intel's recent official release of its latest quad-core processors Core i7-800 series and Core i5-700 series, Apacer Technology Inc., the leading memory module manufacturer, unveils two DDR3 dual-channel overclocking memory modules—Golden and Aeolus series. They target desktop and overclocking users to by delivering extreme performance and fully support Core i7 and Core i5 processors that use Intel's Nehalem microarchitecture for optimum platform compatibility for mainstream desktop computers. Excellent overclocking performance thus comes realized.

To support P55 chipset-based Intel Core i7 and Core i5 platforms, Apacer's new DDR3 overclocking memory modules can be powered by 1.65V low voltage supply. When running under the dual-channel mode, Golden series can achieve bandwidth up to 1800 MHz. Aeolus series featuring unique Dual-layer Heat Spreader can reduce the temperature by as much as 20°C and also support maximum frequency of 2200 MHz. Exclusively designed for hardcore gamers and overclocking users, the overclocking memory modules allow users to experience the extreme overclocking performance.

Apacer Prepares A7 Turbo High Performance SSD

Flash memory specialist Apacer is expanding its footprint with the A7 Turbo high performance solid-state drive (SSD). This 2.5-inch form-factor SSD comes in capacities of 128 GB and 256 GB. It uses cached transfer with a 128 MB cache memory. The A7 Turbo offers read/write speeds of 230/200 MB/s, with an average power consumption of a mere 0.26 W. The drive comes with SSD+ Optimizer that works in the background to minimize file fragmentation. The drive will be available soon.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Apacer Launches Aeolus DDR3-1600 and DDR3-1800MHz Dual Channel Kits

Apacer Technology has announced the launch of its Aeolus series of DDR3-1800MHz/1600MHz overclocking memory modules. These modules use DDR3 / 1Gbit / 128Mx8 die manufactured using Micron Technology's most advanced production process technology. The dual-channel architecture provides maximum bandwidth of 28.8GB (1800MHz) / 25.6GB (1600MHz) with low-latency CL7-7-7-20 timing, giving the Apacer Aeolus DDR3 memory modules outstanding performance in the 1800MHz / 1600MHz product category.

Apacer Launches 8GB DDR2-667MHz ECC Registered Server Memory

Apacer Technology has become the first memory module vendor to introduce a high-capacity 8GB DDR2-667 ECC Registered DIMM memory module for high-end servers and workstations. Apacer, which has already launched a 4GB DDR2-667 ECC Registered DIMM module, will be using this new ultra-high-capacity memory to meet the needs of the latest AMD Opteron based servers. Apacer's 8GB DDR2-667 ECC Registered DIMM is manufactured using advanced 70nm production process technology and carefully selected server-grade DDR SDRAM components, ensuring lower power consumption, high stability and superior electrical characteristics.

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