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Aqua Computer Announces Radeon R9 295X2 Full Cover Block

The German-based liquid cooling specialist Aqua Computer has added the full cover water block kryographics Vesuvius for R9 295X2 cards to its portfolio. The block is entirely made in Germany and milled from 2.72kg high-purity electrolytic copper raw material. It covers the GPUs, all RAM chips, the voltage regulators and the PCIe bridge chip. All areas are covered by the flow path of the cooling liquid to provide an excellent cooling performance.

Both GPUs are covered by a micro structure with a 0.5 mm grid. The water flows through both structures in parallel which allows an even temperature for both GPUs. To achieve this effect the cooling structures use a different depth which makes sure that the same amount of water flows through both of them.

Aqua Computer Adds Radeon R9 290X Full Cover Block to Product Line

Aqua Computers latest addition to their full cover water blocks is the kryographics Hawaii for R9 290X cards. The block is entirely made in Germany and milled from 1kg high-purity electrolytic copper raw material. It covers the GPU, all RAM chips and the voltage regulators. All areas are covered by the flow path of the cooling liquid to provide an excellent cooling performance. The GPU is covered by a micro structure with a 0.5mm grid. To efficiently cool down the voltage regulators this block also features the 3D flow technique which uses a lateral flow path to transport water through the Plexiglas directly to this array.

The contact surface of the base is high gloss polished. To gain the last bit of cooling performance the kryographics Hawaii for 290X allows using thermal grease instead of thermal pads for the RAM chips. Like the base the Plexiglas cover is also milled from a solid block. To avoid the risk of cracks Aqua Computer uses casted Plexiglas and does not drill any threads inside the cover. The cover is held in place by a stainless steel frame which allows for an evenly distributed pressure.

Aqua Computer Intros Kryographics Full-Coverage Water Block for GeForce GTX Titan

To efficiently cool down the GeForce GTX TITAN graphics card, Aqua Computer offers the new Kryographics series full cover blocks. Other than the old aquagrafx series the new blocks feature wider openings at the side of the copper base and a revised connection terminal to optimize the flow rate.

The 10 mm thick copper base covers the GPU, RAM and voltage regulators. All surfaces with contact to the card are highly polised to 1/1000mm. The top is made of stainless steel and comes with a laser engraved logo. Above the GPU the block uses a 0.25mm micro structure which results in a delta of 10°C between the GPU and water in our internal tests with Furmark. Due to the precise CNC production process the RAM chips can be used with thermal grease which offers a much better heat transfer over thermal pads.

Aqua Computer Announces AquaGraFX GTX 680 Water Block

German PC liquid-cooling experts Aqua Computer launched the AquaGraFX GTX 680, the industry's first full-coverage water block for NVIDIA's newly-launched high-end graphics card. Its primary material is exposed-copper. The coolant channel not only passes through the central portion covering the GPU and memory, but also the tail portion, where heat is drawn from the VRM area of the graphics card.

At the portion that's right about the GPU, the coolant channel is densely ridged, to increase surface area of dissipation to the coolant. To top if off, Aqua Computer used a brushed metal cover. It has a modular inlet/outlet design that suits both standalone and SLI systems, including 3-way and 4-way ones. The side making contact with the card's sensitive components are polished to a mirror-finish. Aqua Computer did not give out pricing/availability information, it shouldn't be far away.

Aqua Computer Unveils First Water Block for Radeon HD 7970

Aqua Computer is the first in the industry with a water block designed for AMD Radeon HD 7970 graphics card. Called the AquagrATIx 7900, the block provides full-coverage for the obverse side of the AMD Radeon HD 7970 PCB, which is where all the heat-producing components are. Its primary material is copper, with a stainless steel top. Its channel bears a nearly symmetric shape, the portion over the GPU is ridged to increase sub-surface area for improved heat dissipation to the coolant. While the AquagrATIx 7900 doesn't include fittings, it features two standard G1/4" threads (the inlet and outlet). The block is also said to be compatible with Radeon HD 7950. Aqua Computer is accepting orders for this, with estimated delivery time of 21 days. It is priced at €89.90.

Point of View and TGT Release GeForce GTX 590 BEAST Graphics Card

Point of View and its trusty enthusiast brand partner TGT group, are ready with their fastest graphics card to date, the PoV-TGT GeForce GTX 590 BEAST. The BEAST Edition features factory overclocked speeds, and is ready for (requires) water-cooling. The dual-GPU graphics card features out of the box clock speeds of 691 MHz core, and 1382 MHz CUDA cores; against reference speeds of 607/1215 MHz, respectively. The memory is clocked at 927.5 MHz (3710 MHz effective) against 853.5/3414 MHz reference.

The next big part of the card is its full-coverage water block made by Aqua Computer. The block cools all heat-producing components on the obverse side of the PCB, including the two GPUs, memory, bridge chip, and the notoriously feisty VRM. The block uses exposed copper as its primary material, with brushed metal top. Already seeing listings in Europe, the card is priced between €777.97, and €849.08.

Source: Fudzilla

Point of View and TGT Announce GTX 580 Beast 2 Graphics Card, Claim Top Spot

Point of View and its associate TGT overclocking team announced what they claim to be the highest clocked NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 graphics card, the GTX 580 Beast 2. The team had, in December, announced the GTX 580 Beast, with clock speeds of 855/1710/4104 MHz (core/CUDA cores/memory effective). The new Beast 2 model features "unprecedented" clock speeds of 873 MHz core, 1746 MHz CUDA cores, and 4104 MHz memory. This, is claimed by its makers to be the highest-clocked GeForce GTX 580 graphics card. The card is kept cool by a full-coverage copper water-block made by Aqua Computer. Said to be already shipping, the Point of View TGT GeForce GTX 580 Beast 2 graphics card is priced at €799.

Aqua Computer Intros AquagraFX GeForce GTX 480 Water-Block

Germany-based Aqua Computer is ready with its water-block for the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 graphics accelerator, the AquagraFX GTX480. The block is full-coverage and monolithic in design, and cools all vital heat-producing parts of the card. Its main unit is cut from a block of copper. The block weighs 850 g (1.87 lbs). It has a stainless steel top with laser-etched lettering on it. Aqua Computer used distance pieces for all threads. They are pre-assembled so users won't have to fumble around with them. All surfaces which have contact to the GPU/RAM/VRM are high gloss polished (mirror-finish). The block also comes with a small backplate that cools voltage regulators on the reverse-side of the PCB. The company will start shipping these from next week, at a price of 89.90 EUR or around US $101 excl. VAT.

Aqua Computer Announces Waterblocks for the GTX295 and GT200b

Today we present to you the aquafrax GTX295 watercooler just in time with the release of the GTX 295 graphics card. The cooler is built in a sandwich style to cool both of the cards. The intermediate level is made of Delrin, the cooling blocks are 99.9% electrolyte copper. As a special feature, one will be able to choose if water runs parallel or in series through the blocks. So you can choose between high flow and low restriction or better cooling with high flow velocity. In parallel mode you need an additional T-Connector.

GPU´s are cooled with high efficiency microstructure. Focus was also on low restriction. The threads are G 1/4 and the cooler will be available as of next week. Materials are copper and delrin.

Aqua-computer Releases Cuplex hd CPU Water Block

Germany's top quality water cooling manufacturer aqua-computer has recently released a new processor water block. Named aqua-computer cuplex hd it has the following characteristics:
  • low resistance high flow / double impact design
  • 99.99% pure electrolyte copper base plate
  • G1/4" in and out diameter
  • Compatible with Intel Socket 478 and LGA775 processors only
The aqua-computer cuplex hd is available now for EUR 49.90.

Source: aqua-computer

Aqua Computer Launches Aquagrafx G200 for GeForce GTX 280 and 260 Video Cards

With NVIDIA's next generation video cards just around the corner, German water cooling expert Aqua Computer has decided to launch a video card water block that will fit on reference NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 graphics cards. Supposedly, the water block will suit on GeForce GTX 260 cards too, but this information is not confirmed. Just like every other Aqua creation, the Aquagrafx G200 is a full-cover all copper block with G1/4" connectors and channels optimized for very low flow resistance. Now we only have to wait for the cards to come, until then this GPU block is not applicable. No word on pricing and availability yet.

Source: Aqua Computer

Aqua Computer Readies GeForce 9800 GTX Aquagrafx Full Cover GPU Water Block

Aqua computer today released the aquagrafx 9800GTX full cover GPU water block for all reference NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX 512MB (G92) video cards. The cooler is completely made of electrolyte copper (99,99%) and nevertheless weights only 600 grams and takes only one slot thanks to its 6 mm thickness. The GPU, RAM chips and all voltage regulators are cooled. Тhe aquagrafx 9800GTX works with G1/4" barbs and offers very low flow restriction because all channels on the inside are 18mm wide. Aquagrafx for GeForce 9800 GTX can be purchased right now here for EUR 79.90.

Source: aqua-computer

Aqua Computer's aquagrafx 9800 GX2 GPU Block Ready Next Week

As of next week water cooling experts Aqua Computer will start offering the aquagrafx 9800 GX2 for all GeForce 9800 GX2 video cards. Made out of 2 pure copper water blocks (99.9%) connected via a terminal made of Delrin, the aquagrafx 9800 GX2 is said to be extremely thin and therefore pretty light, with total weight under 800g. The aquagrafx cools both GPUs, all mosfets, the GDDR3 RAM chips and the bridge chip. The fittings of the aquagrafx are G 1/4". Pricing for the cooler will be 129.90 Euro. Aqua Computer also offers to sell you a GeForce 9800 GX2 card with the block preinstalled and covered by their warranty for 619.90 Euro.

Source: aqua-computer

Aqua Computer aquagratiX R600 GPU Water-block

On schedule to the release of the Radeon 2900 XT Aqua Computer also launched separate watercooling GPU block called aquagratiX R600. This composite cooler unites the functions of GPU and memory cooler in an elegant and very flat lightweight water cooler. In addition the voltage regulators are also cooled effectively. The cooler as well as the core are manufactured from aluminum and were anodized in black (cooler) and silver (core). The aquagratiX R600 is designed to fit only reference design Radeon 2900 graphics cards.

Source: Aqua Computer
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