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Asetek Intros First Liquid Cooling For ATI HD 4000 Series

Asetek’s industry-leading, LCLC liquid cooling solution is now available for AMD’s latest ATI Radeon HD 4870 family of graphics cards. The unique, single-slot liquid cooling approach provides OEMs with an extremely high overclocking capability enabling them to design and produce outstanding gaming and entertainment products with virtually no noise.

To meet the demands of advanced gaming or graphics-intensive applications, Asetek’s highly integrated solution lowers the GPU temperatures found on the 4870 by as much as 26 degrees, enabling it to run significantly cooler in extreme performance modes of operation. And, since the Asetek solution is totally liquid cooled, the graphics card can run completely silent, except for the system heat exchanger fan that typically runs at a quiet 30 dB(A).

Source: Asetek

Asetek OEM Water Cooling Solution for GeForce 9800 GX2

Asetek, the firm that created the mighty Vapochill phase-change cooling system and recently became entirely OEM cooling manufacturer has announced the availability of its latest creation - a full-cover liquid cooling block for GeForce 9800 GX2. The block is using a hybrid cooling technology whereby the GPU is cooled by a liquid cold plate while the memory and power sub-systems are cooled by a fan. This enables the cooling system to reduce the GPUs' temperatures by over 25°C compared to the standard all-air solution and do so while maintaining noise levels of just 22dBA. Asetek's GeForce 9800 GX2 cooling system is said to be ready for OEMs but its price tag has not been revealed. From what I know this type of cooling might pop-up in the form of the next gen exotic ASUS and Leadtek graphics cards, where the water block price will be included in the overall price.

Source: TechConnect Magazine, Asetek

Gary Baum Joins Asetek Board of Directors

Asetek, the market leader of thermal management solutions for semiconductors, has named Gary Baum as a member of their board of directors. In this position, Baum will assist executive management with strategy and product direction. Baum is a veteran executive in the semiconductor industry who has spent the last 25 years in various senior sales and marketing jobs at Intel, S3, Chip and Technologies and Advanced Micro Devices. Some of Gary’s industry successes include being credited with creating AMD’s mobile processor business and driving revenues from $0 to $350M annually.
Asetek is at the beginning of the market migration to liquid cooled computing, and we are excited to tap Gary’s vast base of experience as we lead in this change
said André Sloth Eriksen, CEO and founder, Asetek.Source: Asetek

Asetek signs research agreement with Professor Massoud Kaviany

Broenderslev, Denmark, June 21 2007 – Asetek, the market leader of thermal management solutions for semiconductors, announced today that they have signed a research agreement with Professor, Ph.D. Massoud Kaviany from University of Michigan.

CPU and GPU capabilities improve by continuously growing the number of transistors in the core, by increasing the clock frequency, and by implementing more CPU cores into multicore processors. This results in higher power consumption which makes thermal management much more challenging. However, there is another factor which is becoming more critical than power consumption; hotspots. Hotspots can generate a very high heatflux and therefore impose tremendous demands on the effectiveness of the CPU and GPU cooler.

To meet this challenge Asetek will work in cooperation with Professor Massoud Kaviany to develop advanced single and two phase cooling solutions. These solutions will have the ability to handle the highly localized and extreme heatfluxes in the future CPU and GPU systems.

“It is an exciting time at Asetek, and we are really pleased to have partnered with Professor Massoud Kaviany on the development of these new cooling solutions,” says Christian Christiansen, VP of Engineering at Asetek. Christian Terp, Thermodynamics Specialist at Asetek, goes on to say, “Professor Kaviany’s knowledge and expertise in two phase cooling and porous media technologies is extremely impressive and we are looking forward to the product innovation that will come from his contributions.”

Computex 2007: Asetek Liquid Cooling Solution Supports DTX Platform

Asetek, the market leader of thermal management solutions for semiconductors will show their Low Cost Liquid Cooling (LCLC) solution inside the new DTX small form factor platform at Computex this week. DTX is an open industry standard specification initiated by AMD to enable the broad adoption of small form factor PCs.
While the small form factor is forecasted to be the highest growth category of desktop form factors, a key success factor will be the level of performance and functionality that manufacturers are able to deliver. Asetek’s Low Cost Liquid Cooling solution enables DTX partners to design products unconstrained by performance, thermals, or noise level,
says TaShana Jett, VP Marketing at Asetek.
We are looking forward to partnering with the DTX ecosystem and demonstrating our solution at Computex.
Source: Asetek

Asetek Signs Manufacturing Contract with Asia Vital Components

Asetek, the market leader of thermal management solutions for semiconductors, announced today that they have signed a three year manufacturing contract with one of the most respected thermal cooling suppliers in the computer market; Asia Vital Components (AVC). Asetek will handover its manufacturing process to AVC for mass production, and thus extend its lead with liquid cooling products on the market. “This is a great partnership and collaboration between Asetek and AVC. Asetek has the strength in Marketing Research and Engineering Design. AVC has the strength in transferring Engineering Design into Mass Production Manufacturing. With the partnership and collaboration of two companies, we will achieve a production of liquid cooling products with high quality and reliability.” Says Kirk Chi, VP of Quality and Six Sigma of AVC.Source: Asetek

Asetek's new GPU watercooler pictured

Asetek which got quite famous with their phase change (aka 'vapor compression') coolers shows off their latest GPU cooler for water cooled setups at the CeBIT. As usual one of The Inquirers was a tad faster and so we got hold of the picture. Basically this cooler is aimed for the OEM market and there will be a G80 model (which got pictured) and a R600 one. Because of it's being partly air- (PCB and RAM) and partly water-cooled (GPU) it consumes a lot of room, the card together with the cooler will end up covering 2 slots.Source: TheInquirer
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