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Be Quiet! Announces System Power S7 Series PSUs

Be quiet!, market leader for power supplies in Germany for six years in a row, announced today the release of its new power supply line for system builders. The new System Power S7 series consists of seven models ranging from 300 Watts up to 700 Watts and is therefore perfectly suited for the needs of all professional PC system integrators (SIs) whether it's a high-end workstation or a low price entry level system. The S7 series now offers both improved power efficiency with the 80 PLUS Silver certification on most models and more stable voltages thanks to new Active Clamp topology.

In today's aggressive PC computing environment SIs need to have a competitive advantage . Their customers demand the best price-performance-ratio available along with a list of important features. be quiet! has designed this new line to meet that demand and offers a wide variety of power levels and features to help the system builder tailor a system to every customer's needs. be quiet! also leads the way in delivering the newest technology to this market by bringing the 80PLUS Silver certification and Active Clamp topology down to a practical price range.

Be Quiet! Releases Dark Power Pro 10 - its Quietest Active-Cooled PSU

Be quiet!, market leader for power supplies in Germany for six years in a row*, announced today the release of its new high end line of PC power supply units (PSUs) called Dark Power Pro 10. The flagship series now uses state-of-the-art power conversion and cooling technologies along with other design enhancements to be the quietest and most energy efficient models in the company’s 12 year history. The range features six models all with a modular cable management system and power outputs from 550 to 1200 Watts.

Be Quiet! introduces New CPU Cooler Generation Dark Rock 2

be quiet!, market leader for PC power supplies in Germany for six straight years, announced today their brand new CPU cooler series Dark Rock 2. Consisting of two new products, this new generation now offers better cooling performance thanks to the use of new 135 mm SilentWings fans.

After be quiet!'s entry into the cooling market in 2010 which, based on the quick acceptance into the market and positive reviews, was a success for consumers and the press, be quiet! now introduces the newest offerings within the Dark Rock family: Dark Rock 2 and Dark Rock Pro 2.

Be Quiet! Announces Lower Prices for Straight Power E9

be quiet!, market leader for PC power supplies in Germany for six straight years, announced today a price drop on their most popular power supply line Straight Power E9. The predecessor has reached its end of life allowing the company to completely focus on the new E9 generation and therefore reduce the price. Meanwhile, since its release four months ago Straight Power E9 has also become a media darling with numerous awards and compliments.

"Below the threshold of our anechoic chamber"

Straight Power E9 is on a good way to become be quiet!'s most successful power supply series ever. It offers consumers a unique level of performance in a power supply at popular price points and the press agrees. Straight Power E9 already received an impressive amount of over thirty awards and recommendations. "Up to half load the E9-400W was below the threshold of our anechoic chamber. But even at full load it was almost inaudible [...] (they) improved the efficiency of the E9 model in all possible scenarios.", is just one example from Germany's most renowned technology print magazine, called C't.

be quiet! Introduces the SilentWings 2 Fan Series

be quiet!, market leader for PC power supplies in Germany for six straight years, is introducing their innovative new fan series SilentWings 2. With advanced new features such as exchangeable mounting possibilities, be quiet! takes a simple product like the fan to the next level. And with its improved bearing technology, the new SilentWings 2 is going to follow in the steps of and even exceed its hugely successful predecessor in terms of silence.

"It's difficult to improve excellent things"

When be quiet! introduced the original SilentWings PC case fan series almost three years ago, it flew to the top of the 'recommended list' for serious users intent on achieving the ideal balance between silence, cooling performance and fan life. Its performance was so superior that several print and online magazines quickly named it their reference case fan. Of course, it's difficult to improve excellent things, so the pressure was really on the R&D team when it started to work on SilentWings 2. In the end, though, the pressure and hard work paid off, for they have achieved the goal of producing a clearly superior product.

Be Quiet Announces Free LGA2011 Compatibility Upgrade for its CPU Coolers

German PC cooling and power manufacturer Be Quiet announced a free compatibility upgrade for all its customers. The upgrade gives users support for Intel's latest LGA2011 socket platform, and is particularly well timed, since some of the company's best CPU coolers were released only recently, such as its famed Dark Rock series, which are more than capable of handling 130W TDP processors, which LGA2011 Core i7 processors, are. The LGA2011 mounting kit can be availed for free (including shipping charges), by filling up a request form, and supplying Be Quiet with product serial numbers, or any proof of ownership of an LGA2011 motherboard. The request form can be filled here.

Be Quiet! Upgrades Straight Power Series with New E9 Power Supplies

Be quiet!, market leader in Germany for five years in a row*, announced today the release of its all new Straight Power E9 line. be quiet!'s best selling line of power supply units (PSUs) has been upgraded in every power range including a new 135 mm cooling system and 80 PLUS Gold certification. Furthermore, for the first time the Straight Power line boasts a five year warranty on all models in the new E9 series.

The previous generation Straight Power E8 became the best sellers for be quiet! receiving over 29 Awards from test sites and journalists internationally. Now, be quiet! is introducing the next step in the Straight Power series. The German based company and design team was focused on improving the earlier product in every critical performance parameter.

Be Quiet! Releases New Pure Power L8 and L7 PSUs

Be quiet!, market leader for PC power supplies in Germany since 2008 according to GfK market data, announced today the release of its all new Pure Power line. The new L8 generation of power supplies brings many features from their prior premium models, including Silent Wings fan technology and cable management, to this new line targeted to achieve fresh levels of silence and performance at popular prices. At the same time they have released new 630 Watt and 730 Watt versions of their L7 series.

Be Quiet! Displays Dark Rock Pro 850W Modular PSU

Leading the pack of Be Quiet! PSUs at Computex is the Dark Power Pro 850W, an almost completely modular 80 Plus Platinum-compliant PSU. The Dark Power Pro has a classy product-like feel to it, not coming across as a "component". Internally, the Dark Power Pro 850W uses a quad 12V rail design. The 24-pin ATX is the only fixed connector, leaving eight PCI-E power connectors in four sets, five sets of drive cabled (SATA/Molex), 8-pin EPS and 4-pin ATX, and four 2-pin voltage-controlled fan power outputs. The unit is cooled by a 140 mm fan, covered by a cool-looking grille with just parallel metal rods.

Be Quiet! Releases Duo of Dark Rock Series of CPU Coolers to European Markets

When it comes to power supplies be quiet! already realised the brand's name. So, why not even take it further and try to silence and improve other parts of a computer? Among the power supply the CPU-cooler is the part, which fabricates most of the noise in a PC. So be quiet! Took the challenge to develop a cooler which offers excellent cooling and a near silent operation. As the company stands for maximum performance, they put a lot of effort into the development process. It took them over one year, to work out the perfect combination between performance and noise. Until the finished product there were over 40 prototypes produced and numerous scenarios were simulated.

Be Quiet! Intros Dark Rock Pro CPU Cooler

Be Quiet! (brand name) announced its latest offering to PC enthusiasts, a humongous CPU air cooler named Dark Rock Pro. The cooler uses a branched dual metal-fin array design, similar to the Noctua NH-D14. It measures 133 x 150 x 166 mm, and weighs a staggering 1.55 kg (3.417 lbs). The design consists of seven heat-pipes which pass through two individual aluminum fin arrays. The heat-pipes make use of an oxygen-free copper layer.

Ventilation is care of two Silent Wings 120 mm PWM fans, one draws fresh air onto the first aluminum fin block, and the other that is sandwiched between the two fin blocks relays air to the second block. The fans spin at a top speed of 1700 rpm, and have 300,000 hours bearing life. All current CPU socket types are supported, including LGA1366, LGA1155/LGA1156, LGA775, AM3/AM2+/AM2. The Dark Rock Pro comes with a tube of Shin-Etsu TIM bundled; the package is priced at 79 EUR.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Be Quiet! Introduces New Straight Power and Dark Power Series PSUs

Be Quiet! (brand name) announced a major expansion of its power supply lineup, with two new product lines: the 80 Plus Silver certified Straight Power E8 series, and 80 Plus Gold certified Dark Power Pro P9 series. The Straight Power E8 series includes 400W, 450W, 500W, 550W, 600W, and 700W models that have completely fixed cabling, and 480W, 580W and 680W models with modular cabling. The Dark Power Pro P9 series, on the other hand, includes 550W, 650W, 750W, 850W, 1000W and 1200W models, all of which have modular cabling.

The Straight Power E8 series models are ATX V2.3 and EPS 12V V2.92 compliant, use a more compact chassis, and are cooled by a 120 mm Silent Wings fan, and use four 12V rail design (with the exception of the 400W model that has a three rail design), prices for this series start at €69.90, and go all the way up to €149.90. The Dark Power Pro P9 uses a slightly longer chassis, also cooled by a 120 mm fan, it uses highly durable capacitors, and a four 12V rail design. These are priced between €149.90 and €269.90.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Be Quiet! Intros SilentWings PWM Series Fans

Be Quiet! is out with the SilentWings PWM series of case fans. Available in sizes of 80 mm, 92 mm, and 120 mm, the fans feature blades with ridged surfaces. The PWM controlled motor allows user cotnrol over the fan speed. The copper-core fluid dynamic bearing ensures longer service life of 300,000 hours. The fan frame comes with a screw-less mounting system.

The 80 mm model comes with a rotational speed range of 500 ~ 2,000 rpm, 16.5 dBA of noise output, and up to 44.3 m³/h of airflow. The 92 mm model on the other hand, has a rotational speed ranged between 470 ~ 1,800 rpm, 17.5 dBA noise output, and 55.4 m³/h airflow. And lastly, the 120 mm one spins between 500 ~ 1,500 rpm, with a noise output of 18.5 dBA, and 85.5 m³/h of airflow. The three are priced between 11 to 14 EUR.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Be Quiet! Readies 1kW Dark Power Pro PSU

Power supply specialist be quiet! is launching the new Dark Power Pro 1000W to Computex 2007 in Taipei. This model will be designed specially for 4x4 AMD CPU architecture and for server use. The most powerful variant of the Dark Power Pro model from be quiet! will have a total of six 20A each +12V circuits. Five PCIe connectors (2x PCI-E 2.0 6+2-pin & 3x PCI-E 1.0 6-pin) will ensure the optimum power supply of tomorrow's high-end SLI or CrossFire systems. Another striking feature of the Dark Power Pro 1kW model will be its 3-minute fan follow-up control after computer shut-down. All the power supply units in the Dark Power Pro range are manufactured in accordance with ATX12V Version 2.2 and EPS12V Version 2.91 including 8-pin 12V connection specification. The Dark Power Pro 1000W will become available in June 2007 backed with 3-year warranty and free technical support.

Source: be quiet!
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