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Universal Studios to Begin Putting Titles on Blu-ray

The HD-DVD camp put up the white flag just a few days ago. Now what? Universal Studios has an answer to that question: everyone goes Blu-ray. They're very happy to begin that movement. As of now, everything coming out of Universal Studios' doors will be in Blu-ray, if it's in high-def.
While Universal values the close partnership we have shared with Toshiba, it is time to turn our focus to releasing new and catalog titles on Blu-ray. The path for widespread adoption of the next-generation platform has finally become clear. Universal will continue its aggressive efforts to broaden awareness for high-def’s unparalleled offerings in interactivity and connectivity, at an increasingly affordable price. The emergence of a single, high-definition format is cause for consumers, as well as the entire entertainment industry, to celebrate
Source: Home Media Magazine

Samsung Electronics Focusing More on Blu-ray Format

Samsung Electronics will concentrate its ongoing efforts to strengthen Blu-ray products since Toshiba virtually pulled the plug on its HD DVD products.
Samsung is expected to show more interests in Blu-ray products than rival HD DVDs
the company said on Sunday. Samsung officials have declined to further comment. The Korean electronics firm has currently been developing dual-format Blu-ray and HD DVD movie players such as the UP5000, but according to experts it will now focus on Blu-ray only with no plans to phase out any combo players.
Samsung, which has been adopting a dual-strategy for both Blu-ray and HD DVD products, is likely to cut the HD DVD portion because of aggressive marketing and closer industry connections over the technology
a market expert said.Source: The Korea Times

Toshiba to Give Up on HD DVD

Following closely on the heels of news that both Netflix and Wal-Mart plan to drop HD DVD support, it looks like Toshiba, one of the key firms behind the format, is planning to do the same. A company source is being reported as saying:
We have entered the final stage of planning to make our exit from the next generation DVD business.
An official announcement is expected to come within the next few days, and it is estimated that the move could see Toshiba suffer losses of hundreds of millions of dollars. This is likely to put an end to the HD format war, with Blu-ray, backed largely by Sony, looking almost certain to overcome HD DVD, which had powerful names including Toshiba and Microsoft supporting it.

Update: Toshiba denies the reports:
"The media reported that Toshiba will discontinue its HD DVD business. Toshiba has not made any announcement concerning this. Although Toshiba is currently assessing its business strategies, no decision has been made at this moment."Source: Reuters

Wal-Mart to Exclusively Support Blu-ray

Online giant Wal-Mart is taking the steps of many other big players, by confirming that in the beginning of June the world's largest retailer will only stock Blu-ray players and movies. Over the next few months, Wal-Mart will phase out all HD-DVD products and reorganize their stores to focus exclusively on Blu-ray. Gary Severson, senior vice president, Home Entertainment, Wal-Mart, U.S. commented, "We've listened to our customers, who are showing a clear preference toward Blu-ray products and movies with their purchases. With the customers best interest in all we do, we wanted to share our decision and timeline with them as soon as possible, knowing it will help simplify their purchase decision, increase selection, and increase adoption long term. We anticipate enhancing our selection with continued great values in hi-definition Blu-ray products, so our customers can further enhance their entertainment experience at home." The win of Blu-ray over HD-DVD becomes a step closer to undeniable, with Netflix and retailer Best Buy already commited to Blu-Ray. Now Wal-Mart and soon Toshiba if all reports become true.Source:

European Blu-ray Movie Sales Reach 2.37 Million Discs

This is an extraordinary week for the Blu-ray disk format. Aside from exclusive treatment from business giants Best Buy and Netflix, this week also witnessed Blu-ray sales topping two and a quarter million sales. This translates into an impressive 79% market share for Blu-ray in Europe. This epic landmark was reached two months after the previous landmark of 1 million units, which is an impressive feat, to say the least. Odd enough, HD-DVD is also trying to claim some victory. Apparently, 60% of all stand-alone players are HD-DVD.Source: Reg Hardware

Sharp Develops New Laser Capable of Recording Blu-ray Discs at 6x

Sharp has developed new 250 mW blue-violet laser diodes which promise to bring a substantial speed boost to Blu-ray writers – up from 72Mb/s today to a maximum of 216Mb/s, equal to 6x recording speed. The new laser will be produced in two models – one 3.3mm package for laptop Blu-ray writers and a 5.6mm version for desktop drives. Samples of the new diodes are available at this time, but aren’t exactly cheap: Sharp charges 50,000 Yen or about $462 per unit. The company will start mass production of both products from April 2008.

Source: TG Daily

Best Buy to Promote Blu-Ray

While just earlier today we told you that Netflix is going Blu-ray exclusive, it seems like the folks over at the HD-DVD are taking another blow. Best Buy is happy to announce a new policy: Best Buy "will give preferential treatment to Blu-ray movies and hardware when it comes to floor space and positioning in its stores." Best Buy CFO and President Brian Dunn has this to say over why they chose Blu-ray:
Consumers have told us that they want us to help lead the way. We’ve listened to our customers, and we are responding. Best Buy will recommend Blu-ray as the preferred format. Our decision to shine a spotlight on Blu-ray Disc players and other Blu-ray products is a strong signal to our customers that we believe Blu-ray is the right format choice for them.
Best Buy believes that their decision will help make customers "feel confident in their high-def content choices". Best Buy mentioned that they will not cease selling HD-DVD products.Source: DailyTech

New Blu-ray 2.0 Spec Makes PS3 the Most Future-proof Player

With an unexpected announcement from Warner stating that the company would issue its movies on Blu-ray, the high-definition format war is over for many.

A new definition of Blu-ray is coming up, namely "Blu-ray 2.0". The 2.0 profile brings picture-in-picture and online functionality to Blu-ray discs; these movies will have "BD-Live" stickers on the case so you know certain features will require 2.0-compliant players.

Currently, the Playstation 3 is the only Blu-ray 2.0-compatible player available.

Blu-ray to Feature PSP Transfer

It looks like Sony has truly admitted defeat with UMD movies following plans to allow the PS3 to transfer Blu-ray movies onto PSP memory sticks. Rather than re-encoding the HD content for the PSP’s resolution, Sony plans to have Blu-ray disks which feature a PSP-specific version of the movie on the same disk as the main feature, allowing the PSP to simply copy it from the disk directly to the memory stick. The one downside of this would be that Blu-ray films which have already been sold will probably not be compatible with this feature. President of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, David Bishop, said:
This way, you can have a portable copy you can take with you. There was always the promise of greater interactivity. You'll see that coming in the new year.
Source: DailyTech

Xbox 360 Could Back Blu-ray

According to Albert Penello, group marketing manager for Xbox hardware, the Xbox 360 console could be equipped with a Blu-ray add-on in the future if HD DVD fails to take off. Penello said:
It should be consumer choice, and if that's the way they vote, that's something we'll have to consider. I fundamentally don't think this has a significant impact on Xbox 360 versus PS3. You can't say it's not a bummer, not a setback, but I've seen this battle declared over so many times. I want consumers to have a voice in this and I think there are a lot of consumers who bought HD DVD who are going to have a say in how this shakes out.
Source: Reg Hardware
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