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Buffalo Readies USB 3.0 Add-on Cards

Buffalo is working on two new 2-port USB 3.0 add-on cards for desktops and notebooks. Slated for launch in late-January, these products are the IFC-PCIE2U3S2, a low-profile desktop PCIe x1 add-on card; and IFC-EC2U3/UC2, an ExpressCard-34 add-on card for notebooks. While USB 3.0 add-on card products may not be new to Buffalo, these cards are probably based on newer ASMedia-made USB 3.0 controllers. The IFC-PCIE2U3S2 includes a low-profile bracket, it draws power from a 4-pin floppy power connector. Both cards will be priced at 3,255 JPY (about US $42), in the Japanese market.

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

Buffalo Unveils New 8 GB Memory Modules

Buffalo Japan unveiled new 8 GB memory modules in the 204-pin SO-DIMM and standard 240-pin DIMM form-factors. These modules pack 8 GB capacity, and stick to JEDEC DDR3-1333 MHz standards. Featured in the D3N1333 series, these modules 1024M x 64bit DIMM configuration. They achieve 1333 MHz speeds with CAS latency of 9T and DRAM voltage of 1.5V. The Buffalo Tools software comes bundled with these modules. The two are priced at 26,670 JPY, around US $341.6.

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

Buffalo Unveils New, 1 TB External Hard Drive

Buffalo Japan has this week announced a new addition to its MiniStation family, an all-white external drive codenamed HD-PCT1TU2-BWJ which offers 1 TB worth of storage space, and features a USB 2.0 interface, a glossy finish, and a power saving mode that can cut consumption by up to 20%.

Buffalo's drive measures 77 x 17 x 114 mm, it weights 210 grams, it comes with a one-year warranty, and is set to become available early next month (Japan gets it first, other markets will probably have to wait a bit longer). Its recommended price tag is 16,800 yen which is about US $215.

Buffalo Intros Legacy DLNA TV-friendly Hard Drive

Buffalo introduced a unique new external hard drive that provides 3 TB of storage while retaining compatibility with certain kinds of DLNA-capable TVs that don't support mass storage volumes greater than 1 TB or 2 TB in size. The HD-ALCTU2/V, as it's known, features a selector switch on its front-panel, which "adjusts" capacities of its first volume (volume0) between its default 3 TB, to 2 TB, and even 1 TB. The remaining size gets logically partitioned off into different volumes. This allows not only compatibility with older TVs, but also the organization that comes with partitioning a large drive. Measuring 121 x 40 x 201 mm, the drive features an all-black body. Its front panel features status LEDs besides the selector switch. On its rear side is its DC power input, a Kensington lock slot, and a USB 2.0 connector. Pricing and availability are not announced.

Source: IXBT

Buffalo Unveils MiniStation 750 GB USB 2.0 Hard Drive

Backing up the launch of MiniStation 3.0 1.5 TB, Buffalo Technology also released the MiniStation 750 GB (HD-PCT750U2). This one, however, uses the USB 2.0 HiSpeed interface. It uses essentially the same chassis as the MiniStation 3.0, measuring 77 x 14 x 114 mm, and weighining in at 165 g. It comes in Piano Black or Pearl White glossy finishes. Software for data backup, encryption, and power savings (ECO Manager) come bundled with the drive. Slated for a little later this month, the Buffalo MiniStation 750 GB is backed by a one-year warranty, and is expected to be priced at the equivalent of US $138 in Japan.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Buffalo Intros 1.5 TB Variant of MiniStation 3.0 Portable Hard Drive

Buffalo Technology added a new variant to the MiniStation 3.0 series of portable hard drives, which offers a huge 1.5 TB of storage in a device as big as 77 (W) x 114 (D) x 20 (H) mm, weighing a little over 250 g. The MiniStation 3.0 is so called because it uses the new USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface, eliminating any interface bottlenecks that exist. A suite of related software is bundled with the MiniStation 3.0 1.5 TB, that cover data backup, data encryption, and drive power savings (by spinning down the drive when idling). The drive is available in piano black and pearl-white options. Backed by a one-year warranty, the Buffalo MiniStation 3.0 1.5 TB portable hard drive is priced at the equivalent of US $273 when it releases in Japan mid-September.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Buffalo Intros New High-Capacity USB 3.0 Desktop Hard Drives

Buffalo Technology rolled out two new high-capacity desktop hard drives, HD-LXU3 and HD-LXVU3. The former comes in 1 TB and 2 TB capacities, while the latter in 3 TB. The drives use Buffalo's workhorse chassis that makes up most of its desktop hard drives, measuring 39 x 123 x 189 mm. Both drives use USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface to connect to the host over a bandwidth of 5 Gb/s, they do, however, rely on DC power adaptors.

The bundled ecoManager software parks and spins down the drive when it's idling, reducing power consumption by 70 percent. Backup and encryption software is bundled, too. In USB 3.0 mode, the 5 Gb/s bandwidth can't bottleneck the drive, but when connected to USB 2.0, the bundled Turbo PC EX can help make the most out of the available 480 Mb/s interface bandwidth. The drives are fitted with noise-dampening materials that reduce noise and vibration. A tiny fan ventilates the unit, which can be secured using the Kensington lock slot. The 1 TB and 2 TB HD-LXU3 are priced at around $175 and $230, respectively. The 3 TB HD-LXVU3 goes for around $320 in Japan.

Buffalo Also Intros New 3 TB External Hard Drive

Apart from the LinkStation WSX2.0TL/R1, Buffalo Technology also launched the HD-LBFVU2 external hard drive. The drive connects to the host over USB 2.0 interface, and provides 3 TB of storage. Measuring 189 x 123 x 39 mm, with about 1 kg of weight, the drive makes use of internal silicone cushioning to reduce operating noise, and protect the drive inside. Like the new LinkStation NAS, this drive is also set for market release in mid-August, priced at around $285.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Buffalo Unveils LinkStation Dual 2.5-inch Drive NAS

Buffalo announced the LinkStation WSX2.0TL/R1, a compact NAS server that makes use of two 1 TB 2.5-inch SATA hard drives in RAID 0 to offer 2 TB of storage space in a fast volume. You can reconfigure the drives to different RAID modes, or make them work as standalone volumes, as well. Measuring 40 x 82 x 135 mm, the LinkStation WSX2.0TL/R1 uses common 1 Gb/s Ethernet to connect to the network, and USB 2.0 to take in additional storage devices that follow the USB Mass Storage code. It is fully DLNA compliant, making it compatible with a variety of networked devices apart from computers. It can act as an iTunes server, as well as a Bittorrent download box. Data backup software is included. It is available in piano black and pearl white options. Slated for a mid-August launch in Japan, it is priced at US $450.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Buffalo Intros LinkStation LS-XL Network Hard Drive

Buffalo Technology released LinkStation LS-XL single-drive NAS, or "network hard drive," as Buffalo refers to it. With DLNA standards compliance and support for a suite of protocols, the drive can serve as storage to many kinds of networked devices, including TVs, NMPs, PCs, Macs, game consoles, smartphones, and tablets. Measuring 45 x 175 x 150 mm and weighing a little over 1 kg, the LinkStation LS-XL packs a single 3.5-inch SATA hard drive, and comes in capacities of 1 TB, priced at US $195; 2 TB, priced at $260; and 3 TB, at $327. The devices is passively cooled, making it almost silent.

The LinkStation LS-XL draws power from an external power brick, its sole network connection is a single 1 gigabit Ethernet link that can either directly connect to the web, or to a LAN. It features on and off timers that allows you to tuck it away in a corner of the house, and forget to turn it off. The Kensington lock slot allows you to lock it to a desk. Backed by a 1 year warranty, the Buffalo LinkStation LS-XL will reach Japanese stores by mid-July.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Buffalo Intros 1 TB MiniStation Portable Hard Drive

Buffalo Technology announced a new portable hard drive with 1 TB capacity, the MiniStation HD-PCT1TU2. The drive connects to the system over a USB 2.0 connection, drawing power from it. It measures 77 x 14 x 114 mm, weighing in at just 165 g. The bundled eCo Manager software can help reduce its power consumption by spinning down the drive when idling; there's also software included for data backup and data encryption. The drive is available in piano black (glossy) and pearl white (also glossy). Backed by a 1 year warranty, the Buffalo MiniStation 1 TB HD-PCT1TU2 is priced at US $169.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Buffalo Readies New Line of SATA 6 Gb/s SSDs

Buffalo Technology released a new line of SSDs in the 2.5-inch SATA form-factor, supporting the SATA 6 Gb/s interface. One of its first models is the 250 GB SSD-N256S/MC400. Making use of the bandwidth at its disposal, the drive manages read speeds of 405 MB/s, and write speeds of 223 MB/s. Its controller makes use of 256 MB cache. It supports market-standard features such as the TRIM garbage-collection feature, and NCQ. The Buffalo SSD-N256S/MC400 will reach markets in Japan for 72,200 JPY, about US $880.

Source: AkihabaraNews

Buffalo Reveals Sleek Design for Powerful Portable DVD Drive

Buffalo Technology, a global leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of storage and wireless networking solutions, is today announcing a stylish and convenient design for its optical storage range.

The compact and sleek portable DVD device will allow users to watch DVDs and burn data to CDs/DVDs at their convenience, anytime anywhere. The drive is powered by integrated USB cables which snap to the chassis for easy mobility, contributing to the compact design. The lightweight and slim drive fits comfortably into any travel bag, making it an ideal product for laptop and netbook users on-the-go.

Buffalo Intros New MiniStation HDDs with Better Shock Protection

Buffalo rolled out the new MiniStation HD-PNTU2 series portable USB 2.0 hard drives. Available in 500 GB and 1 TB variants, the drives are available in red, black, and silver color options. A highlight here is a new shock-absorbing system that uses springs along the sides, and eight cushions to minimize the impact of mechanical shock. The 500 GB variant measures 118 x 82 x 16 mm, weighing 190 g, while the 1 TB variant measures 118 x 82 x 19 mm, weighing 220 g. The drives come with various software utilities that help with data transfer, backup, and encryption. The bundled EcoManager software powers down the drive when idling to conserve power. Backed by 1 year warranty, the 500 GB and 1 TB Buffalo MiniStation HD-PNTU2 hard drives are priced at US $129 and $177, respectively.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Buffalo Ships the Revolutionary CloudStor Device

Buffalo Technology, a global leader in the design, development and manufacturing of wired and wireless networking and network and direct attached storage solutions, today announced the highly anticipated, revolutionary Buffalo CloudStor personal storage solution is now shipping. First revealed at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, CloudStor goes beyond simple storage, creating a portal to freely access and share photos, videos, music and much more with anyone, anywhere through the cloud. Unlike online storage services, CloudStor has no capacity or service fees. Just plug it in, turn it on and create your free account at CloudStor comes with everything you need to get started. You just have to be free to share.

"Digital content consumption has moved beyond traditional channels along with how it is stored and accessed," said Ralph Spagnola, vice president of sales at Buffalo Technology. "Bringing CloudStor to market delivers on Buffalo's promise of simplifying data mobility, allowing you to access and share your content freely, with anyone, anywhere."

Buffalo Intros Portable BDXL Writer

Buffalo launched the new BRXL-PC6U2-BK, a portable Blu-ray XL (BDXL) disc writer. Measuring 145x153x19 mm and weighing a little under 350 g, the drive can burn 100 GB and 128 GB BDXL-R discs at 4X speeds. It relies entirely on the host for power, and uses two USB 2.0 cables to connect to the host. The second cable is for the extra power. The drive is priced at 23,205 JPY (US $287) in Japan, where it will be initially released.

Source: AkihabaraNews

Buffalo Unveils Sleek Piano-Black MiniStation and DriveStation

Buffalo Technology, a global leader in the design, development and manufacturing of storage and wireless networking solutions, has announced a stylish design for its external storage range. Available now, the glossy, piano-black MiniStation portable device and the DriveStation desktop hard drive, will allow users to add additional external storage to any computer or laptop simply using a USB port.

The smooth, lightweight and portable MiniStation is USB powered, meaning there is no additional power supply needed. Available in 500GB and 1.0TB, the MiniStation offers a compact, stylish solution that enables users to store, back up and transport digital images, music and other files without taking up additional storage space from your PC’s hard drive.

Buffalo Intros TV-Buff Hard Drives, Can Record from, Playback to USB-ready HDTVs

Buffalo's hard drives finished their long walk from the desktop to the living room, with a new series of drives carrying the capability to connect to most new HDTVs over USB, and acting as both a video recorder, and a media library, with up to 2 TB of voluminous storage. The HD-LBU2/V drives from Buffalo use USB 2.0 to connect to various kinds of USB-ready HDTVs such as Regza from Toshiba, Viera from Panasonic, Sony's Bravia , Sharp's Aquos, as well as LG's Infinia. Measuring 39 x 123 x 189 mm, and weighing about 1 kg, Buffalo's drives are available in 1 TB and 2 TB capacities. Buffalo will initially launch the drives in the Japanese market, and thereafter US and Europe.

Source: Softpedia

Buffalo Intros Slim Portable DVD Writer with Dual Power Input Options

Buffalo introduced a new slim external DVD writer, the DVSM-PC58U2V, which is available in black, white, and silver. It gives you two ways to power it - using a AC adapter if you don't mind carrying it around, or using USB, if you have two ports to spare. In USB power input mode, the drive dedicates a USB connection to drawing power, while another provides data connectivity as well as drawing power. The drive uses USB 2.0 to transfer data. Measuring 145 x 19 x 153 mm, it weights 340 g. The drive can burn discs at 8x for DVD-R/+R and DVD+RW, 6x for DVD-R/+R DL and DVD-RW, 5x for DVD-RAM, and 24x for CD-R/RW. CyberLink Power2Go 7 and InstantBurn 5 software come bundled. Available some time this month, it will be priced at US $77.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Buffalo Intros Portable HDD with Antivirus and Encryption

Buffalo Technology rolled out the HDS-PXVU2 line of portable hard drives. Available in 320 GB, 500 GB, and 1 TB capacities, the HDS-PXVU2 offers built-in Trend Micro antivirus protection that keeps viruses and malware off its file-system. It also features a data-encryption software to protect confidential data. To protect the drive itself, a 16-point shock-absorbing mechanism is in place. The drive measures 90 x 20 x 134 mm, weighing 300g. It connects to the PC over USB 2.0, the cable is wound around the drive. An automatic data sync/backup software, along with the ecoManager power-saving software is also bundled. The 320 GB, 500 GB, and 1 TB variants are priced at ¥15,700 (US $192); ¥20,000 ($245); and ¥28,500 ($349), respectively.

Buffalo Intros MiniStation 3 Series USB 3.0 Hard Drives

Buffalo Technology released its latest portable hard drive, the MiniStation 3 series. Available in 500 GB and 1 TB capacities, the MiniStation 3 measures 77 x 14/17 x 114 mm, weighing 165 g (500 GB) or 220 g (1 TB). The drives use USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface for data and power. The drives are available in two color options: piano-black and pearl-white. Software for data backup and encryption comes bundled. The Eco Manager software powers the drive down when idling to save power. The 500 GB and 1 TB models are priced at US $141 and $206, respectively, and come with 1 year product warranties.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Buffalo Intros New 3 TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive

Buffalo Technology released a new 3 terabyte external hard drive that uses the USB 3.0 interface. The HD-LBV3.0TU3 from Buffalo uses the traditional chassis shared by several hard drives from the company, but makes use of a single capacious 3 TB HDD. It connects to the system over USB 3.0 and draws power over an external DC power supply. Measuring 39 x 123 x 189 mm, it weighs about 1 kg. Silicone padding inside allows some amount of mechanical shock protection to the drive. The drive normally draws 18W of power, but can reduce that to just 1.6W, using the bundled ecoManager software, which spins down the drive when idling. Slated for market release a little later this month, the Buffalo HD-LBV3.0TU3 will be priced at ¥26,400 (about US $320).

Buffalo Intros Trio of Security-Enhanced USB Drives

Buffalo Technology released a trio of USB 2.0 flash drives that are an evolution of the RUF2-JVS series released last year. The series starts with RUF2-HSCLT, which gives you 256-bit AES data encryption. Next up, is the RUF2-HSCLTV, which gives you 256-bit AES data encryption, plus Trend Micro antivirus protection (update subscription) for one year. Lastly, there's the RUF2-HSCLTV3, which gives you encryption, plus Trend Micro with three years subscription. All three drives are available in capacities of 2, 4, 8, 16, and 32 gigabytes, and depending on the model, the price ranges between US $76.6 and $360.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Buffalo Readies New Compact USB 3.0 Flash Drives

Buffalo Japan introduced a new line of compact flash drives with USB 3.0 interface, under the RUF3-SS series. The drives are available in capacities of 8 GB (RUF3-S8GS-BK), 16 GB (RUF3-S16GS-BK), 32 GB (RUF3-S32GS-BK), and 64 GB (RUF3-S64GS-BK). Measuring 76 x 9 x 19 mm, the drives weigh 12 g. The drive offers transfer speeds of up to 71 MB/s when plugged into USB 3.0, and up to 44 MB/s when plugged into USB 2.0. The 8, 16, 32, and 64 gigabyte models are priced at ¥2,780 ($34), ¥4,980 ($60), ¥9,480 ($113), and ¥17,800 ($213) in Japan, respectively.

Buffalo Intros New DriveStation USB 3.0 External Hard Drives

Buffalo Japan announced the new DriveStation HD-LB2.0TU3 line of external hard drives sporting the USB 3.0, eliminating the interface bottleneck. The new drives are available in capacities of 1 TB, 1.5 TB, and 2 TB. Measuring 39 x 123 x 189 mm, Buffalo's drives weigh about 1 kg, and feature silicone-based anti-vibration drive holders. With the Eco-mode enabled the drive consumes less than 0.15W of power when idling. Set to be available in early December, Buffalo's new 1 TB, 1.5 TB, and 2 TB drives are priced at $163, $201 and $251, respectively.

Source: TechConnect Magazine
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