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Thermaltake Input Devices, New Power Supplies and Cases

We also got a chance to drop by the Thermaltake suite at CES. They have quite a few new items on display. Let us start with the input devices. The Challenger and Challenger Pro gaming keyboards come with onboard memory, one or two USB 2.0 ports respectively and a small cooling fan, which clips onto the top edge of the part. They will also offer a gaming mouse called "Black" with up to 4,000 DPI in combination with a weight system and a pair of headsets (not pictured).

Pinetrail Meets Discrete Graphics at Zotac

Zotac is trying out a new nettop design which makes use of discrete NVIDIA GT218 graphics processor with the second generation Atom platform (codenamed Pinetrail). By design, the Intel NM10 chipset which drives the new processor does not give out a PCI-Express x16 link, which leaves a lot to be learned about how Zotac goes about putting its ideas in motion. The company has displayed a non-functional prototype at this year's CES. The discrete graphics will give the nettop sufficient power to display 1080p graphics (which the platform can't, without an external HD video decoder). Zotac may place this as a successor to its MAG series nettops.

Source: The Tech Report

Verbatim MyMedia Server shown at CES

We posted their press release here, but have now managed to get a few more infos for you. The unit will only ship in silver, comes with a 3.5" SATA hard drive and sports multiple USB connectors in the back along with a network jack. It has the same foot print as an AppleTV, but is slightly taller, while the casing seems to be made of aluminum. Besides that, we snapped an image of an external hard drive with an LCD screen. While this may not be anything out of the ordinary, the technology used in the display allows it to function just like eInk. It does not require any power to change the state of the screen, so that you will always know how much free space is available, even when it is not connected.

MSI Demos Three New Industry-First Concept PCs at CES

MSI, a leading manufacturer of computer components and systems, has unveiled three new concept products at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that the company believes will redefine the way consumers will interact with digital information in their homes.:

1. 3D All-in-One PC - Continuing to lead the industry in All-in-One product features, MSI has developed the world’s first 3D All-in-One PC. Wearing comfortable wireless 3D glasses, users can have the ultimate life-like gaming experience and 3D HD movie experience from the comfort of home with system's stunning 24-inch display.

EVGA Dual LGA-1366 Motherboard Pictured with Chipset Cooling

EVGA showed of its almost-ready dual LGA-1366 high-end workstation motherboard at the ongoing CES event. The motherboard pictured sports a component cooling covering all its vital areas except for one of the CPUs' VRM areas, it gives a fair idea about what the final product could look like. The board itself was detailed earlier.

The chipset cooler design borrows heavily from single-slot graphics cards. A monolithic baseplate covers the northbridge Intel 5500(?), ICH10-class southbridge, and the two NVIDIA BR-03 bridge chips. The heatsink becomes taller over one of the CPU sockets' VRM area. Air is drawn in from the round intake, and pushed out near the expansion slots. the gaps between the expansion slots will do their part in directing the hot air away.

Source: PC Games Hardware

MSI Shows off R5870 Lightning and R5850 Cyclone

MSI is ready with two new custom-design graphics cards based on the ATI Radeon HD 5800 graphics processors: the R5870 Lightning and R5850 Cyclone. The R5870 Lightning, as expected features a Twin-Frozr II dual-fan VGA cooler designed by MSI on a custom-designed PCB which makes some high-grade components, specifically in the card's VRM area (12-phase PWM, dual 8-pin PCI-E power input), to make it fare better at overclocking. Other notable features include v-check points and 1 GB of GDDR5 memory across the GPU's 256-bit wide memory interface. Connectivity cluster resembles that of the AMD reference design, retaining Eyefinity technology support. The R5850 Cyclone, on the other hand, uses the familiar Cyclone GPU cooler MSI used in the past on some Radeon HD 4800 series graphics cards. MSI designed its own PCB here too, but with a few smart cost-cuttings, although the quality of the components used isn't affected. The two will be out in this quarter.

Source: XCPUs

ASUS Rampage III Extreme Smiles for the Camera

One of ASUS' premier offers for this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) event is a new high-end socket LGA-1366 motherboard, the Republic of Gamers (ROG) Rampage III Extreme. The board succeeds the Rampage II Extreme which launched over an year ago along with Intel's then new Core i7 series processors. The new model based on the Intel X58 Express + ICH10R chipset, comes with four well spaced out PCI-Express 2.0 x16 slots, a new set of overclocking enhancements such as the ROG connect which lets you control the motherboard's overclocking from any Bluetooth and Java enabled mobile phone, SATA 6 Gb/s and USB 3.0 connectivity using ASUS' innovative PCI-Express 2.0 bridge implementation, and a more powerful CPU VRM to keep the board stable with bleeding-edge settings.

The board features an enhanced CPU VRM which is now powered by two 8-pin ATX connectors apart from two 4-pin Molex connectors. Some of these could be redundant and needed only for electrical stability. The CPU and memory power circuitry makes use of super-ML capacitors for cleaner power delivery. Voltage readouts are located next to the DIMM slots for accessibility. The motherboard makes use of slimmer component heatsinks that look to be made of the ceramic composite which the TUF Sabertooth P55 motherboard uses.

Samsung Launches New Slim External DVD Writer for Laptop and Netbook Market

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a worldwide leader in digital consumer electronics and information technology, announced today it will display a prototype of its new slim external DVD writer, the SE-S084D optical disk drive (ODD) at the Treasure Island Hotel in a private product display room during CES 2010. Featuring a more compact footprint and lighter weight than competitive offerings, the new DVD writer also delivers high-performance with a USB power source to eliminate electrical outlet requirements.

“Because netbooks are designed for ultra mobility, they aren’t typically equipped with optical disc drives, which can potentially make booting from a CD or playing a DVD movie a problem,” said John Suh, director of OMS sales and marketing, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. “But with the lightweight, portable SE-S084D Optical Disc Drive, you have the perfect on-the-go, stand-alone. And thanks to its USB BUS power source, you can write at maximum speed with no outlet in sight.”

MSI Introduces Notebooks Based on Newest Members of Intel Core Family Processors

MSI G-Series and C-Series of laptop computers have reached a new apex in their evolution. The first NBs equipped with Intel’s new generation Calpella platform to be shown at CES 2010, both series come with Intel’s most advanced family of New Core processors and Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system. They also come with cinema-class screens coupled with top-end Surround Sound for maximum audiovisual enjoyment.

CoolIT Announces Four New Innovations with Advanced Liquid Cooling

CoolIT Systems, leaders in advanced liquid cooling technology announced today 4 new products set to revolutionize the computer cooling industry yet again. Following the huge success of the CoolIT Domino that hit the market by storm in 2009, CoolIT have wowed visitors at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, Nevada with even more innovative, affordable and leading-performance advanced liquid cooling products.

"Liquid cooling is the future" remarked Geoff Lyon, CEO, CoolIT Systems. "The advantages of CoolIT's liquid solutions far outweigh any air-based or competitive liquid cooling product, and at CES this year, we're here to prove that".

First up is the CoolIT ECO A.L.C CPU cooler which breaks a world record for the ultimate price/performance cooling benchmark.
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