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Kaz Hirai replaces Ken Kutaragi as president and CEO of Sony

There has been a recent shuffling of people in the corporate level of Sony. Among the most notable changes is Ken Kutaragi's status. He is stepping down as president and CEO, becoming chairman and CEO of Sony. Kaz Hirai has taken the position of president and CEO of Sony, and took "an international designation as president and COO of Sony Computer Entertainment International (SCEI)". The move comes days after hints of Kutaragi being the source of PS3 delays and production problems. However, according to a press release, Kutaragi will continue to oversee all of Sony, and will use his executive powers to help accelerate the development of the PS3 business.

Source: Toms Hardware

Intel Board Elects William Holt Senior Vice President

Intel Corporation today announced that its board of directors has promoted William M. Holt to serve as senior vice president, and also elected Sohail U. Ahmed, Stacy J. Smith and Richard G.A. Taylor as corporate officers.

“These four individuals who’ve been elected by the board of directors are key to Intel’s success,” said Paul S. Otellini, Intel president and CEO. “They have demonstrated consistent excellence in their areas of expertise and will be instrumental to continuing Intel’s leadership well into the future.”
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