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Sharkoon Announces New VS3 Case Series

Sharkoon introduces a new series of Midi-ATX cases. The models of the VS3 series are aimed at price-conscious budget customers who do not accept compromises in quality and features. The Standard models of the VS3 ATX case series offers three drive bays for optical drives and an externally accessible 3.5" drive bay. This can, as an example, be used for a card reader, fan controller or USB hub.

Behind the LED fan illuminating the mesh front sits the option for either two 3.5" hard drives and a 2.5" hard drive/SSD or alternatively a 3.5" hard drive and two 2.5" hard drives/SSDs. The components can either be mounted vertically or horizontally within the compact case, in order to incorporate graphic cards with a maximum length of up to 35 cm. The maximum height of the CPU cooler is 15.5 cm.

Cooler Master Announces CM Force 500 Case

The CM Force 500 is the first of the all new Cooler Master case series: CM Force. These black, classy and affordable cases will be hitting Europe soon and the CM Force 500 will be the first. Even though the price lies at a very decent €39.99 this case offers a lot of the latest features.

Every modern PC needs decent cooling to handle the components that keep getting hotter and hotter. The CM Force 500 will have you covered for this demand with a possibility to install up to 6 fans, of which 2x 120mm can be installed in the front. Even more impressive is the fact that this case gives a lot of freedom to add water cooling. It support one 240mm and one 120mm radiator or you have the option to install 3 120mm radiators. This case is ready for everything you throw at it.

Fractal Design Announces Core 3000 USB 3.0 Case

Fractal Design brings you the Core 3000 USB 3.0! The Core 3000 USB 3.0 has plenty of cooling options with space to install up to 7 fans of various sizes. The front panel is easily removable and pre-fitted with fan filters to ensure a dust free interior. The sleek black interior is matched and contrasted with white expansion slots and HDD trays. Similar to the Define Series, all the HDD trays are fitted with anti-vibration silicon grommets. The upper HDD cage is removable and rotatable, which allows for installation of even the longest graphic cards.

COUGAR Introduces SPIKE - Mini Gaming Tower PC Case

COUGAR, leading German PC case and power supply brand, has introduced a new high-end mini gaming tower PC case, the COUGAR SPIKE. The SPIKE delivers expansion capability in a micro-ATX space-saving design. The COUGAR SPIKE case is a mini tower but is designed to accept longer high-end gaming graphics cards thanks to the 330mm of clearance. Indeed, the list of functionality of micro ATX motherboards is growing and becoming more complete. Many system builders feel that ATX motherboards can be replaced by micro ATX motherboards nowadays. As such, COUGAR thinks that the mini gaming tower is a future trend for space-saving PC gaming stations.

The SPIKE mini tower sports a gaming themed style with interior black paint to give it a professional and sleek look. Drive installation is quick and easy with the SPIKE due to COUGAR's screwless design technology for convenient on-the-fly data access of 3.5" and 2.5" HDDs/SSDs. The case also supports the installing of 2.5" HDD/SSD at the bottom cover.

Enermax Announces Ostrog GT Case

The budget Ostrog case is one of the best-selling midi towers from Enermax ever. The flexible, spacious construction with its highly expandable cooling system has found a lot of followers. Hardware experts from all around the globe highlight the outstanding price-performance ratio and excellent quality of the Ostrog tower. Reasons enough to present an upgrade version for performance gaming systems. The new Ostrog GT appears much more aggressive than the entry-level version. Two 14cm LED fans in the front and a tinted acrylic side window emphasize the eye-catching design of the new Enermax chassis.

Like the basic Ostrog version, the Ostrog GT is predestined for a strong cooling system. The tower is delivered with three fans (one rear and two front fans) and can accommodate up to 10 fans. Special feature: Each of the two HDD cages provides two 12cm fan slots. That way, the case allows for a very effective cooling of hard disk drives. Apart from that, Enermax has taken into account the requirements of high-performance air CPU coolers and liquid coolers. The punched out side panel creates space for more powerful tower coolers with higher heat sinks (up to 184.3mm heights) and the elevated case top supports the integration of 240/280 mm radiators.

Cooler Master Unveils the CM Storm Scout 2 Advanced PC Case

Cooler Master, an industry leading chassis, thermal solution, peripheral, and accessory manufacturer announces the latest addition to the CM Storm case lineup: The CM Storm Scout 2 Advanced.

More cooling
The CM Storm Scout 2 was a feast for every power user that has dozens of fans already at home and thus did not want to pay too much for a case which has fans he or she does not need. Now Cooler Master also offers a solution for the users that do not have an unlimited supply of fans, but do want to enjoy a full features case with steel reinforced handles, removable HDD cages, slide out dust filter in the bottom and a sliding cover to protect the 2 USB 3.0 ports on the IO panel. The CM Storm Scout 2 Advanced features a total of three 120 mm fans of which the two front fans are enriched by red LED lights.

Cooltek Announces CoolCube Mini-ITX Case

Cooltek adds with the "Coolcube" a particularly compact aluminum HTPC cases to its product range. The minimalistic cube is completely made of 1.5 mm thick, black anodized aluminum. The Coolcube offers a classical, timeless design that blends in perfectly with any environment. The case is designed for Mini-ITX systems and can be equipped with a standard ATX power supply.

You can mount either a 3.5 inch and a 2.5 inch hard disk or two 2.5 inch HDD/SSD inside the case. Two PCI expansion slots are available for the installation of graphics cards with a maximum length of about 180 mm. If you use a standard ATX power supply, you can mount HTPC coolers with a maximum height of about 80 mm.

Raidmax Announces the Vampire ATX Full Tower Case

RAIDMAX today announces the VAMPIRE, a full tower case with all the features a PC building enthusiast could want: tool-free design, convenient top I/O panel, zero-clutter cable management, water cooling support, and SSD hot swap functionality. Supporting motherboard form factors up to XL-ATX, the VAMPIRE is an ideal chassis for those looking for a spacious no hassle-case.

To minimize installation, upgrade and maintenance stress the VAMPIRE has several tool-less features. This case holds up to five 5.25" drives and seven 2.5" SSD/3.5" HDDs that are easily set into place with a tool-less mounting mechanism. The side panels and PCI slot covers use thumbscrews. Also, the fan filter on the bottom of the PSU can be easily pulled out for cleaning. For overclockers who wish to add top case fans or radiators, the metal mesh can be removed without tools.

Cooler Master Launches Centurion 6 Case

Cooler Master launched the Centurion 6 ATX mid-tower case. Available in all-black "Midnight Black" (RC-610-KKN1) and with a dash of silver (RC-610-SKN1), the Centurion 6 is slightly narrower, yet taller and longer than its predecessor, the Centurion 5, measuring 200 x 464.5 x 481 mm (WxHxD). Made mostly of SECC steel, ABS plastic, with a dash of aluminum (its front-panel mesh), it weighs about 5.9 kg.

The storage area of the Centurion 6 includes three 5.25" bays, and seven 3.5" bays, from which two can be converted into 2.5" ones. The seven 3.5" bays are split into two cages, with four and three bays. The smaller, upper 3-bay cage is detachable, making room for graphics cards as long as 405 mm. Its front panel includes two USB 3.0 ports (standard header), in addition to two USB 2.0/1.1 ports and HD audio jacks.

Abee Intros Acubic C10R Line of Mini-ITX Cases

Japanese premium PC case maker Abee introduced the Acubic C10R line of cubical mini-ITX cases. Available in five metallic color options - black (piano), white (glossy), silver, blue, and red; the cases measure 239 x 229 x 229 mm (LxWxH). Its interiors pack enough room for add-on cards as long as 190 mm (a compact GeForce GTX 660 Ti should make it), and CPU coolers as tall as 55 mm (most C-type coolers should make it). It features one each of 5.25-inch, 3.5-inch, and 2.5-inch drive bays. Ventilation includes a 120 mm front intake fan, and provision for two 60 mm rear exhaust fans. Made with aluminum panels and an opaque acrylic front, the cases weigh about 3.2 kg. They're priced at 27,980¥ (US $320).

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

Thermaltake Debuts the Versa G1/G2 Gaming PC Cases

Thermaltake, an industry leader in computer chassis, thermal solutions and peripherals, introduced a new entry-level mid-tower case: Versa G1 and Versa G2. It is ideal for home-computer builders and gamers, with enough space for high-end hardware and expansion. The ample ventilation options, cleanable air filter, and a perforated front bezel help to keep the entire system cool and dust-free. Versa G1/G2 also features black-finished steel construction to unify the look and advanced cable management to grant a better air flow in the chassis.

Cooler Master Intros Elite 344 Silver Entry-Level Case

Cooler Master rolled out the Elite 344 Silver entry-level micro-ATX case. Made entirely of SECC steel and glossy plastic, the case measures 183 x 436 x 356.8 mm, weighing about 4 kg. Its storage area includes two 5.25-inch drive bays, one exposed and four discrete 3.5-inch bays, which are split into two cages. The bottom one is detachable, and creates room for graphics cards as long as 36 cm. Ventilation includes one 120 mm front intake fan, and a rear 80/90 mm spinner, in addition to fan mounts on the side panel. Its front-panel includes a USB 3.0 port (cable), two USB 2.0/1.1, and HD audio front-panel jacks. It is expected to be priced around $60.

Thermaltake Announces the Versa G2 Gaming PC Case

Thermaltake announced the Versa G2 ATX mid-tower gaming PC case (model: VO700A1W3N). Its design is characterized by a perforated front, a side-intake, and a small acrylic window to peep into it. Measuring 429 x 196 x 481 mm (WxDxH), and weighing about 4.5 kg, the case is made of SECC steel and ABS plastic. It features three 5.25-inch drive bays, one exposed and five discrete 3.5/2.5-inch drive bays, in what is a completely tool-free drive cage. Its cooling system consists of a 120 mm front intake fan, a 120 mm LED-lit rear exhaust, and provisions for two 120 mm top exhausts and one each on the side-panel and bottom. The case features all-black interiors, with most common cable and cooler management features.

Scythe Monobox ATX Case Pictured

Japanese PC component maker Scythe unveiled the Monobox ATX, a mid-tower case designed for silent PC builds. Made of 0.5 mm-thick steel sheets and ABS plastic, the case includes noise-absorption sheets on most of its inner surfaces. The case features three 5.25-inch, and four each of 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch drive bays. Two long graphics card stabilizers are provided, which work to counter PCB bending. Ventilation includes two 120 mm front intakes, and one rear 120 mm exhaust, with the idea of maintaining a positive air pressure within the case. Its front-panel features USB 3.0, USB 2.0/1.1, and HD audio jacks. Slated for December 5, it is expected to be priced around US $100.

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

Nanoxia Announces the Deep Silence 2 PC Case

Following the success of our first PC case, the award-winning Nanoxia Deep Silence 1, we now present to you the next model, the Deep Silence 2: The Nanoxia Deep Silence 2 is a particularly spacious mid-tower which, due to its extraordinary depth, offers a huge amount of internal space for demanding hardware configurations. Of course, the Deep Silence 2 is fully soundproofed and prepared for water cooling systems.

A specially designed Mounting Bracket on the HDD cage can be used to mount 240 or 120 mm radiators, which can be equipped with up to four 120 mm fans. Thanks to a depth of 588 mm, collisions with motherboard components or power supply are virtually eliminated.

NOX Releases the NX-3 Mid-Tower PC Case

NOX XTREME PRODUCTS has updated its PC chassis offering with the release of a new mid-tower model, the NX-3. This all-black case measures 190 (W) x 470 (H) x 433 (D) mm and has one USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports, three 5.25-inch bays, one 2.5-inch and four 3.5-inch internal drive bays, and a front 120 mm fan equipped with red LEDs.

The NX-3 can be found priced at €37.67.

Rasurbo Introduces the Matr-X PC Cases

German firm PNL-tec has recently unveiled a couple of new PC cases bearing the Rasurbo brand, the Matr-X A and Matr-X M. These midi towers measure 485 x 197 x 493 mm and feature four exposed 5.25-inch bays, six internal (2.5/3-5-inch) drive bays, a top I/O panel with USB 3.0 (x 1) and USB 2.0 (x 2) ports, a docking station, four pre-drilled holes (all on the back panel) for water-cooling tubing, and three pre-installed fans - 120 mm in front and at the back and one 140 mm on top.

The Matr-X A comes with a side window and costs €58.10 while the window-less Matr-X M can be found @ €55.30 (both are pre-order prices).

Sharkoon Also Readies the REX3 Value and REX3 Economy Cases

In addition to releasing the REX8 models Sharkoon is also preparing the introduction of two more midi tower PC cases, the REX3 Value and REX3 Economy. These entry-level chassis' are as big as the REX8 models (485 x 185 x 420 mm), they weight 6.5 kg and have three 5.25-inch and four 3.5-inch drive bays, a mesh front panel, six USB ports (6 x USB 2.0 for the Economy, 2 x USB 3.0 and 4 x USB 2.0 for the Value), seven PCI slots, and three holes for watercooling tubes on the back panel. Both cases support graphics cards up to 29 cm long and CPU coolers up to 16 cm tall. The REX3 Value also comes with two 120 mm LED fans, one in front and one at the rear.

The REX3 Economy will be available in black and the REX3 Value will come in black and white (and with a side window).

Sharkoon Rolls Out the REX8 Midi Tower PC Cases

Sharkoon has this week released a couple of new cases, the REX8 Value and REX8 Economy midi towers. Both models measure 485 (L) x 185 (W) x 420 (H) mm and feature six USB ports (2 x USB 3.0 plus 4 x USB 2.0 on the Value, 6 x USB 2.0 on the Economy), four 5.25-inch and four 3.5/2.5-inch drive bays, a mesh front panel, seven PCI slots, and three pre-drilled holes on the back panel for watercooling tubing.

The REX8 Economy comes only in black and costs about €39, while the REX8 Value, with its two pre-installed 120 mm fans (both equipped with LEDs) and side window, is available in both black (~ €46) and white (~ €48).

Silverstone SST-PS08B Micro-ATX Case Detailed

Silverstone released an entry-level micro-ATX case, the Precision Series PS08B. Built primarily of SECC-steel and ABS plastic, the case measures 168mm (W) x 355mm (H) x 400mm (D), weighing about 3.5 kg. The PS08B includes a handy innovation - the 3.5-inch drive cage is shifted towards the left-hand side facing front, which allows graphics cards to pass right through. As a result, cards as long as 14.1-inch (35.8 cm) can be installed, provided they're less than 5.7-inch (14.47 cm) tall. The case features a total of two 5.25-inch, four 3.5-inch, and two 2.5-inch drive bays.

The motherboard tray of the PS08B supports micro-ATX and mini-ITX form-factors. A large cutout decks the CPU socket area, for easy access to CPU coolers with back-plates. Ventilation includes one 120 mm front intake, and one 80 mm rear exhaust. The utility panel includes USB 3.0 (standard header) and audio jack (HD audio header). Slated for market release in late-October, the PS08B is priced at 3,980¥ (US $50).

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

In Win Announces BX141 Series Gaming Cases

In Win announced the BX141 series ATX full-tower gaming PC cases. Designed to support EATX, ATX, and uATX motherboards, the BX141 is available in two variants, the BX141G (gray), and BX141W (white). Measuring 245 x 562 x 593 mm (WxDxH), and weighing about 10.9 kg, the cases are made of 0.8 mm-thick SECC steel panels and ABS plastic. The design is characterized by a largely perforated front that serves as 5.25-inch drive bays or front-fan intakes; and a large blue acrylic window on its side panel.

Drive storage includes three 5.25-inch drive bays, and eight 3.5-inch/2.5-inch drive trays, split between two detachable cages of five and three trays, respectively. The drive cages can be detached to make room for extremely long graphics cards, or additional water-cooling components (such as pumps, reservoirs, etc.). Ventilation includes two red LED-lit 140 mm front intake fans, one 140 mm drive cage conveyer fan, a 140 mm rear exhaust, a top 120 mm exhaust fan, and space for two at the bottom, both which can be removed to make room for a 240 mm wide radiator.

NZXT Announces the Crafted Series Phantom 820 ATX Full-Tower Case

NZXT announced the next-generation of its Crafted Series Phantom line of premium gaming PC cases. The first model in the lineup is the Phantom 820. This ATX full-tower features a stylish new design that builds on the "edgy" design scheme of the original series. Measuring 210mm x 473mm x 490mm (W x H x D), the ATX full-tower case is designed for XL-ATX, E-ATX, ATX, mATX, and uITX motherboards. The case is designed with enough room for multiple 35 cm-long graphics cards, and water-cooling equipment, for which additional room can be made by removing portions of the drive cages.

The case includes room for four 5.25-inch drive bays, and six 3.5-inch (convertible to 2.5-inch) drive trays spread across two detachable cages. There are a total of nine expansion slots. The motherboard tray is surrounded by rubberized ducts that help with cable and coolant tubing management. Ventilation includes 200 mm front-intake, 200 mm side intake (below an acrylic window), 140 mm rear and top exhausts. Ample front-panel connectivity is included, with a number of USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, in addition to audio. Made primarily of SECC, the Phantom 820 uses high-grade gunmetal ABS exteriors. Backed by a 2-year warranty, the Phantom 820 is priced around US $250. Find reviews at the sources.

Sources: High Tech Legion, Hardware Canucks

Xigmatek Readies the Asgard 382 PC Chassis

Xigmatek is now preparing the release of a new Asgard Series PC Case, a mid-tower called Asgard 382 which will be available in no less than six versions (three with a side window, three without). Seen below, this upcoming gaming chassis measures 505 (L) x 445 (H) x 195 (W) mm, has support for ATX, micro ATX and mini ITX motherboards, and features two top-placed USB 3.0 ports, three 5.25-inch bays, four 3.5-inch and four 2.5-inch drive bays, plus one pre-installed 120 mm fan (found at the back).

The Asgard 382 has yet to be priced.

Thermaltake Launches the New Soprano PC Case

The contemporary black-and-white theme is one of the modern representations to carry out a sleek, elegant and organized sensation in a design. Thermaltake, being the industry pioneer brand in PC chassis, power supply and thermal solution, presents the new Soprano by complying with contemporary design essences. Unlike any other recent PC chassis Thermaltake has introduced, the new Soprano is a simple and elegant mid-tower that seeks to blend into designers' lavish furnishing with the aid on surpassing the intriguing modern lifestyle.

Plain Yet Sophisticate
Thermaltake the new Soprano is a conventional PC chassis with a contemporary flair, it materialized in two forms, a stark contrast of white exterior against black interior or a full black exterior and interior, both in the company of a 28 mm thick aluminum front panel with elegant streamline design to convey a crisp and clean appearance. Its minimal furnishings, lightings and brushed metal accents enhance the visual amenity for a sleek and professional office or home environment.

Lian-Li Debuts Two New Full Tower Cases - PC-A75X and PC-A76X

Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd, today announces two new brushed aluminum full tower chassis – PC-A75X & PC-A76X. These two new HPTX supporting chassis while having the same internal design offer two different aesthetic styles to fit your personal preference. Whether you prefer a front panel with visible ventilation or a more monolithic design, these two new 585 mm (23”) tall and 220 mm (8.6”) wide chassis will fit your style while holding the hardware you desire.

The PC-A75X's vented front panel allows cool air to be easily pulled into the chassis, and the two 5.25” bays are easily accessible from the front. The front panel of the PC-A75X is also tool-lessly removable. For those who prefer a more monolithic design, the PC-A76X has a lockable solid aluminum front bezel door covering the fans and 5.25” bays. Vents on the side of the door and bottom of the chassis ensure that cool air is pulled into the case, while still keeping its elegant design.
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