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CoolIT Systems Liquid Cooling for HD3870 X2

Right on the heals of AMD announcing the availability of the ATI Radeon HD 3870 earlier this month, CoolIT Systems debuts the third installment in the Reference Series line of liquid cooling systems designed to quietly and effectively cool Advanced Micro Devices’ highly anticipated performance graphic cards, the ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2. In recent testing, the liquid cooled cards were stably clocked up to over 900MHz core clock speed and the memory pushed to 1GHz with no thermal issues.

CoolIT Debutes New Line of Liquid Cooling Solutions at CES

CoolIT Systems, known for their high performance MTEC liquid cooling systems, is now readying a new lineup of liquid cooling innovations for release at CES. I'll start with the Freezone Elite ($449.99), both liquid and TEC cooler bundled with the firm's MTEC Control Center. CoolIT will also showcase dual TEC video card cooling solution, named Dual Drive Bay VGA Cooler ($299.99). The cooler is currently only compatible with a few cards from ATI and NVIDIA. Moving on, we've got the universally compatible PURE, which consists of "pre-plumbed, factory sealed, closed loop radiator and pump module" to keep CPUs cool for just $134.99. Finally, the Boreas MTEC Chassis combines powerful liquid cooling device with the Silverstone TJ-07 full-size aluminum tower case, taking the notable $949 price tag.

Source: CoolIT Systems, Engadget

CoolIT Systems Selects Enthusiast System Architecture Platform

CoolIT Systems, known for their high performance MTEC liquid cooling systems, is the next big hardware brand to select the new Enthusiast System Architecture (ESA), an industry-wide initiative that enables PC components to communicate thermal, electrical, acoustical, and operating characteristics in real-time.
We at CoolIT applaud NVIDIA and all of the ESA development partners for putting ESA into motion and are proud to be helping bring the enthusiast closer to their system. Now that ESA has enabled software interaction with hardware and cooling components, new levels of functionality can be enabled. It’s now easy to imagine hardware profiles fully interacting with the application or game conditions to provide even more immersive and high performance experiences. CoolIT has long believed in this direction as the next step in hardware evolution and is looking forward to promoting and supporting ESA's continued development,
said Geoff Lyon, CEO of CoolIT Systems Inc.Source: CoolIT

CoolIT Systems Extends its Liquid Cooling Technology to the Workstation/Server Market

CoolIT Systems announced the new Workstation Cooler, a CPU liquid cooling device utilizing CoolIT’s patented, award-winning MTEC technology. With this device, small/medium businesses, video production/pro audio studios, game developers, government offices, and churches can maximize the performance from their workstation PC. Because workstations and servers typically require power-intensive software applications, the CPU and other internal computing hardware are placed under a heavy load which can in some cases, cause the entire system to overheat or fail.

CoolIT Systems MTEC™ Control Center Featuring Predictive Cooling™ Technology

Calgary, Alberta – July 6th, 2007 – CoolIT Systems, known for its high-performance MTEC™ liquid cooling systems, introduces the MTEC Control Center giving PC enthusiasts complete control over their CPU and GPU coolers for the first time, ever. The Control Center module consists of a USB connected control board that allows full software interaction to control the cooling power and fan speeds of multiple MTEC Coolers including the award-winning Freezone and Eliminator. The MTEC Control Center will also be compatible with CoolIT’s future liquid cooling devices.

CoolIT Systems Announces Reference Series Liquid Cooling for AMD Radeon HD 2900 XT

CoolIT Systems announced the first product in the new Reference Series liquid cooling systems to quietly and effectively cool a Crossfire configuration of AMD’s new high performance graphic card, the ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT. This factory sealed, maintenance free single slot system will be on display by appointment for the first time at Computex in Taipei June 5th – 9th.
Using this microchannel technology in a closed loop liquid cooling design, CoolIT are enabling users to exploit the full potential of AMD's latest GPU's such as the ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT and ATI processors to come.
said Dr. Gamal Refai-Ahmed, AMD Fellow and lead thermal architect, AMD Graphics Product Group.

Source: CoolIT Systems
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