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Be Quiet Pure Rock CPU Cooler Pictured

Here are the first pictures of Be Quiet's Pure Rock entry-level tower-type CPU cooler, designed to give you a great bang for buck, under $50. The Pure Rock is a tower-type fan-heatsink, which begins with a nickel-plated copper base, from which four 8 mm thick copper heat pipes emerge, passing through a thick "double-H" shaped aluminium fin stack, topped off by a solid brushed aluminium fin. A Pure Wings 2 120 mm spinner comes included, which spins at 1,000 RPM, pushing up to 62 CFM of air. The cooler is compatible with most modern CPU socket types, including LGA2011, LGA115x, AM3+, and FM2+.

SilverStone Shows off Tundra TD04 "Pump-less" Liquid CPU Cooler

Among the swarm of all-in-one liquid CPU cooling solutions SilverStone, the one that stood out is its Tundra TD04. It's what the company claims is a "pump-less" liquid CPU cooler. It features a high-performance CPU water block that looks more like the DIY blocks you'd find in expensive liquid cooling setups; plumbed directly to the 240 x 120 mm radiator+reservoir assembly. We're not quite sure how circulation happens, or whether it's convectional of some sort. SilverStone claims the cooler can handle thermal loads of up to 200W.

SilverStone Tundra TD03 Slim and TD02 Slim CPU Coolers Pictured

SilverStone unveiled its Tundra TD03 Slim and TD02 Slim, an all-in-one liquid CPU coolers. The cooler takes advantage of higher air-flow and air-flow to noise ratio of the included fans, to slim down the radiator. Both coolers are based on a common base-block design that's innovated by SilverStone; featuring a silvery tubing. The TD03 Slim features a 120 mm x 120 mm radiator; while the TD02 Slim features a 240 mm x 120 mm radiator. We also spied an unnamed cooler with a super-slim 140 mm x 140 mm radiator.

CRYORIG Previews New H5 Coolers and RIMS Fan Concept at Computex

CRYORIG, innovator of PC thermal peripherals is releasing a whole new line of single tower coolers as well as an innovative case fan concept. The CRYORIG H Series will for the first time feature CRYORIG's proprietary Hive Fin technology, which allows the reduction of the airflow turbulence. An even faster exhaust of hot air is achieved thanks to the new Jet Fin Acceleration technology. Beginning with the 160 mm tall H5 and later the 145 mm tall H7 cooler, the H series will fit into the mainstream range of CRYORIG's product lineup.

CRYORIG furthermore presented an exciting new concept of soon to be released case fans. The RIMS series allows users to replace the whole fan bearing on their own. Replacement fan bearing units, such as the FDB and Ball Bearing version, will be available on the market separately. Users will also be able to detach the fan blade unit of the RIMS fans for cleaning purposes.

Raijintek Rolls out Core Edition Variants of its Popular CPU Coolers

Raijintek unveiled "Core Edition" variants of its Nemesis, Ereboss, and Pallas CPU coolers. The three feature black aluminium fins, heat pipes, and base. The best part? The three don't feature anodized powder coat that could affect cooling performance, and rely on the metal's natural dark chrome color. The three should be available some time in December, 2014. The rest of their specifications remain consistent with their original counterparts.

Cooler Master Also Announces Hyper D92 CPU Cooler

In addition to the Hyper 612S V2, Cooler Master launched the Hyper D92 CPU cooler. This tower-type heatsink features crossover air-flow between its two push-pull fans, and introduces what Cooler Master calls Quad DC (direct contact) heat pipes, in which four heat pipes pass over the central portion of the base. Measuring 146.4 x 128.9 x
96.6 mm, the Hyper D92 weighs about 636 g. It features four 6 mm-thick copper heat pipes that pass through its aluminium fin stack. It's ventilated by a pair of 92 mm spinners that are PWM-controllable, and spin between 800 and 2,800 RPM, each pushing between 15.7 and 54.8 CFM of air. The cooler has a noise output ranging between 18 and 33 dBA. Among the CPU socket types supported, are LGA2011, LGA115x, FM2+, and AM3+.

Cooler Master Announces Hyper 612S V2 CPU Cooler

Cooler Master launched the Hyper 612S V2 CPU cooler. This tower-type mainstream CPU heatsink measures 139 x 102 x 160.4 mm, featuring a cubical aluminium fin stack, to which heat drawn directly from the CPU base, is conveyed by six 6 mm-thick copper heat pipes; and ventilated by a 120 mm PWM fan. The fan can spin at speeds ranging between 800 and 1,300 RPM, with a noise output ranging between 11.7 and 21.9 dBA. Among the CPU socket types supported, are LGA2011, LGA115x, AM3+, and FM2+.

Cooler Master Shows Off New Nepton & Hybrid Capacitive Keyboard

Cooler Master, a leading provider of desktop components, peripherals, and mobile accessories, shows off the renewed line-up of the low-noise Nepton liquid cooling series and the ultra high-end keyboard Novatouch TKL with hybrid capacitive switches. Both will be available in July, but will be on display during COMPUTEX 2014 at the Nangang Exhibition Hall, M0320 from June 3rd - 7th.

Cooler Master's Nepton liquid cooling series has been renewed with a low-noise design across the entire line-up which now includes 120mm, 140mm, 240mm and 280mm radiators to improve case compatibility. The Advanced Silent Driver in the Nepton pump features extremely low vibration levels and provides a high 120 L/hr flow rate with minimal noise at 11dBA. A Cooler Master-designed water block is manufactured using a special manufacturing process to produce a large microchannel surface area and a high-efficiency jet impingement system to optimize hotspot cooling performance. The exclusive manufacturing process eliminates microchannel imperfections in the waterblock to prevent blockage and allows for an increased surface area over 4 times greater than the competition, resulting in an extremely high performance waterblock. The Nepton series now uses the all-new Silencio Fan that offers 11dBA noise levels and high air pressure rated at 1.2 mm H2O.

GELID Launches Slim Silence Line of CPU Coolers

GELID launched its Slim Silence line of low-profile CPU coolers. Some of these are slimmer than even Intel's stock fan-heatsink for LGA1150 processors, and feature a design in which the fan is embedded into a spirally-projecting aluminium fin stack. Models launched are the Slim Silence 20, designed for TDP of up to 45W, Slim Silence 26, designed for TDP of up to 65W, and Slim Silence 30, which can deal with thermal loads as high as 95W. The three are designed exclusively for Intel LGA115x sockets, and feature PWM-controllable (4-pin) fans.

The company also displayed the Slim Silence i-Plus, a tower-type cooler, in which the aluminium fin stack, and its companion fan are arranged in a way that they don't intrude into space meant for memory slots, VRM heatsinks, or the northbridge heatsink. Like the other three, this one is LGA115x-exclusive, too, and relies on a 90 mm PWM controllable fan to ventilate its aluminium fin stack.

DeepCool Unveils GamerStorm Liquid CPU Cooler

DeepCool signed off Computex with its first liquid CPU cooling solution. The unnamed cooler is branded with the company's GamerStorm badge, and features a base+pump assembly, which is connected to a 120 x 240 mm radiator, which is ventilated by a pair of GS120 fans. It's OEM is Asetek, no surprises here. DeepCool could launch the cooler later this year, with support for LGA115x, AM3+, FM2+, and LGA2011-2 (Haswell-E HEDT).

Noctua U-type Compact CPU Cooler Gets an Update

Noctua gave its U-type compact CPU cooler prototype a second showing at Computex. The cooler was displayed with a pair of 65 mm fans. The design goal of the cooler is to provide tower-type ventilation (in which hot air is pushed out of the case through the rear fan vent), in a package the size of a compact top-flow one. A dense aluminium fin heatsink, to which heat drawn from a nickel-plated base, is fed by four 6 mm thick heat pipes, is ventilated side-ways, by a pair of 65 mm fans in partial push-pull configuration. The cooler, by the looks of it, should be able to handle most mainstream CPUs, even with some overclocks thrown in. There's still no word on when Noctua plans to launch it.

Scythe Also Unveils the Mugen MAX CPU Cooler

Scythe made an addition to its iconic Mugen line of tower-type CPU coolers, with the Mugen MAX (model: SCMGD-1000). The new cooler is bigger, and relies on 140 mm fans to ventilate. The Mugen MAX features a classic tower-type design, consisting of a nickel-plated copper base, from which six 6 mm-thick heat pipes of the same material, convey heat to an aluminium fin stack. The fins feature jagged edges and non-planar shapes, to create turbulence, and dissipate heat better. The fan included is a Scythe Falcon 140 mm PWM, with rotation speeds ranging between 500 and 1,300 RPM, pushing between 37.37 and 97.18 CFM of air, with noise outputs between 13 and 30.70 dBA. Measuring 145 mm x 110 mm x 161 mm (WxDxH), it weighs in at 870 g. The Mugen MAX supports nearly all modern CPU socket types, including LGA2011, LGA115x, LGA1366, AM3+, and FM2+. It's expected to be available around mid-June, 2014.

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

Scythe Unveils Kodati Ultra Low-Profile CPU Cooler

Scythe unveiled the Kodati ultra low-profile CPU cooler (model: SCKDT-1000), which could give Intel's stock heatsink a run for the money in compactness. Its biggest selling point is its height of just 3.4 cm (including fan). Kodati is a C-type aluminium fin-stack heatsink, in which heat drawn from a nickel-plated copper base is conveyed to a dense aluminium fin-stack, which propagates along the plane of the motherboard, by a pair of 6 mm-thick nickel-plated copper heat pipes. The fin stack is ventilated from below (blowing upwards through the stack), by a 10 mm-thick 80 mm fan, which features 4-pin PWM connector. The fan can push between 6 and 24.8 CFM of air, spinning at speeds between 800 and 3,300 RPM, with noise outputs ranging between 8.2 and 32.5 dBA. In all, the cooler measures 82.5 mm x 95 mm x 34 mm (WxDxH), weighing 180 g. Among the CPU socket types supported, are LGA115x, LGA775, AM3(+), and FM2(+). Its availability is slated for mid-June, 2014.

SilentiumPC To Release the Grandis XE1236 CPU Cooler

Warsaw-based SilentiumPC is just about ready to roll outs its latest and greatest CPU cooler, the Grandis XE1236. Seen below, this twin-tower high-end cooler measures 130 x 105 x 158 mm, it weighs 1.16 kg and features a copper base, six 6 mm copper heatpipes, and two GF12025 120 mm fans that work at 500 to 1500 RPM and have a maximum sound output of 21 dBA.

The Grandis XE1236 supports AMD AM2(+)/AM3 (+)/FM1/FM2 and Intel LGA 775/1366/2011/1150/1155/1156 processors, it comes bundled with a little Pactum PT-1 thermal compound and is set to cost about $49/35 Euro.

Green House Releases the GH-PCFA12 Notebook Cooler

Japan's own Green House Inc. has now made available a new notebook cooling solution, the GH-PCFA12. This latest stand/cooler combo measures 140 x 140 x 18 mm, it weighs 710 grams, it can be used with 12- to 17-inch laptops and has a metal plate for better heat dissipation, one 140 mm fan working at 800 to 1350 RPM, a dual-port USB 2.0 hub, and two-step retractable feet.

The GH-PCFA12 costs 3,974 yen (~ 39 USD).

Alphacool Announces its GPU Cooler Customization Service

Alphacool International GmbH, Germany announces the launch of the custom GPU service. For many years Alphacool has noticed a gap in the market for watercooling solutions for lower end or nonreference designed graphics cards. Until recently the high cost of developing specialised full cover watercooling blocks has forced manufacturers to focus only on producing blocks for the higher end cards. With new patented technology Alphacool have the ability to fill this gap in the market by producing full cover waterblocks for any non-reference or lower end graphics card.

The cooler comprises of three parts shown in the image below. Firstly the waterblock is designed around the 'core only' concept but is used in conjunction with the custom made base plate that is made specifically for each type of GPU ensuring the perfect fit. A custom made back plate is also included in the package at no extra cost.

SilentiumPC Introduces the Fortis 2 XE1226 CPU Cooler

The newest Fortis 2 XE1226 is a medium-sized CPU Cooler blending together stunning cooling performance, silent operation and unmatched price-performance ratio and it's especially intended for gaming PCs and overclocking and high-TDP systems.

The cooler uses XE technology, a pure copper base which transfers heat from the CPU more efficiently to all six Φ6 mm U-shaped heat-pipes unleashing their full potential. For best silence-performance ratio the heat sink is paired with the DF12025 120 mm PWM fan generating whisper-quiet 22dBA at full load. Optional 120 mm fan can be added for more cooling potential using extra pair of mounting clips included in the package. Also included is our special Pactum PT-1 thermal compound which gives additional small temperature drop over generic compounds.

Raijintek Unveils Morpheus VGA Cooler

Raijintek unveiled the Morpheus universal VGA cooler. Featuring a large aluminium fin stack that's arranged along the length of the PCB, in a way that directs hot to the top of the card, it features a total of 129 aluminium fins, and six nickel-plated copper heat pipes of 6 mm thickness. The heat pipes draw heat from a nickel-plated copper base, from which their ends pass through two sections of the fin-stack. The stack is so big, that it can be ventilated using a pair of 120 mm fans. If the fans are 25 mm thick, like most 120 mm fans in the market, then a card cooled by the Morpheus could need three or more slots in your system. In addition to the meaty heatsink, you get 24 little heatsinks for memory chips and MOSFETs.

Among the single-GPU cards Raijintek Morpheus supports, are Radeon R9 290 series, R9 280 series, R9 270 series, HD 7900 series, HD 7800 series; GeForce GTX TITAN and TITAN Black, GTX 780 and 780 Ti, GK104-based cards such as GTX 770, GTX 760, GTX 680, GTX 670, GTX 660 Ti, and more. Measuring 254 mm x 98 mm x 44 mm (WxDxH), the main heatsink weighs 515 g.

CRYORIG Announces the C1 Compact High-End CPU Cooler

CRYORIG, newcomer in the professional PC cooling solutions market, announces hereby, that the C1 CPU cooler for ITX systems has completed rigorous testing and is now in production. The C1 is CRYORIG's first product for the growing ITX PC ecosystem with a total height of only 7,4 centimeters.

"With the increase of APUs and enthusiasts level ITX mainboards and components, ITX systems are no longer limited to under powered components like they used to be.", mentions CRYORIG Co-Founder and Chief Manufacturing Engineer Alex Wang. "ITX systems now are housing high performance, high TDP CPUs and GPUs. Cooling these crucial components is an even greater challenge in these tight spaces. What I think we achieved with the C1 is a solution that has outstanding performance for its size, and provides a great user experience thanks to its hassle free easy installation and robust accessories. Everything you need is in the box."

ZALMAN Upgrades Distinct Design with Reserator 3 MAX Dual Liquid CPU Cooler

ZALMAN a leading manufacturer of high performance silent oriented computer hardware components and peripherals, today announced the Reserator 3 MAX Dual liquid CPU cooler. Improving upon the Reserator 3 MAX released last year, the Reserator 3 MAX Dual bolsters performance drastically by utilizing a large 240mm Radiator compared to the smaller 120mm radiator size of its smaller brother. The Reserator 3 MAX Dual features the classic ZALMAN Omega heatsink structure, reborn and updated in its current form for the most effective radiator use in closed loop liquid cooling solutions. Enhanced with 240mm radiator capacity, the Reserator 3 MAX Dual will feature unparalleled performance with whisper quiet acoustics.

Cyberpower Makes New V3 Voltair CPU Cooler Available in Custom-Built PCs

Cyberpower Inc., a global manufacturer of custom gaming PCs, gaming laptops, and performance workstations, has entered into an agreement with V3 Components to be the exclusive distributor of V3 Components products in North America. V3 Components, based in Lomita, California is a new manufacturer of enthusiast level computer components. The company recently announced its first product, the V3 Voltair High Performance Thermoelectric CPU Cooler.

"We are very happy to have Cyberpower Inc. as the exclusive distributor of our products in North America. Cyberpower Inc. offers the logistics capacity and market reach to help make our products available to a much wider audience than we would be able to on our own," said Chuck Morris, Product Manager at V3 Components. "Cyberpower Inc. has successful partnerships among both etailers and the retail channel that it will use to offer V3 Components products to customers.

Scythe Unveils Tatsumi 1000B CPU Cooler

Scythe unveiled the Tatsumi 1000B entry-level CPU cooler. Measuring 102 mm x 83 mm x 146 mm (WxDxH), and weighing in at 450 g, Tatsumi features a tower-type heatsink with three 6 mm thick copper heat pipes conveying heat drawn from a nickel-plated copper base, to an aluminium fin stack; and ventilated by a 92 mm PWM controllable fan. The fan spins at speeds ranging between 200 and 2,500 RPM, pushing between 6.7 and 55.55 CFM of air, with noise output ranging between 7.2 and 31.07 dBA. Among the CPU socket types supported are LGA2011, LGA115x, LGA1366, AM3(+), and FM2(+). Scythe is expected to begin shipping the Tatsumi in early-May.

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

LEPA Introduces the LEPAD S17 Notebook Cooler

The new LEPAD S17 notebook cooler accomplishes two tasks at once: Its 14 cm fan supports the cooling system of overloaded and overheated mobile computers, and the two integrated speakers improve the sound output quality. For best possible air circulation and an effective elimination of hot spots, LEPA applies a wide steel mesh surface. The cooling performance can be adjusted according to the particular system requirements thanks to a seamless fan speed control. It ranges from 800 to 1,300 RPM.

Notebook sound systems will not always fulfill the expectations of audiophiles. The speakers distort the sound and the volume is too low. With two full-surround satellite speakers and an integrated amplifier, the LEPAD S17 provides a well-balanced, clear and strong audio output.

AMD Selects Asetek to Liquid Cool The World's Fastest Graphics Card

Asetek, the world's leading supplier of computer liquid cooling solutions, today announced that its liquid cooling technology will be used to cool AMD's latest flagship graphics card. The new AMD Radeon R9 295X2 is the world's fastest graphics card. Boasting 8 gigabytes of memory and over 11 teraflops of computing power, the AMD Radeon R9 295X2 graphics card is the undisputed graphics performance champion.

"Today's high-end graphic cards pack insane amounts of power into a very small area and removing that heat is no small task. Utilizing our liquid cooling for graphics cards unlocks new opportunities for performance and low noise," said André Sloth Eriksen, Founder and CEO of Asetek. "The fact that AMD has chosen Asetek liquid cooling for their reference cooling design is a testament to the reliability and performance of our technology."

Noctua Presents the NH-D15 Dual Tower CPU Cooler

Noctua today introduced its new flagship-model NH-D15. Built on the basis of the legendary NH-D14 and carrying on its quest for ultimate quiet cooling performance, the NH-D15 is an elite-class dual tower cooler for the highest demands.

"Having convinced tens of thousands of quiet cooling enthusiasts around the globe, our NH-D14 has become a reference for top-tier dual tower heatsinks", explains Mag. Roland Mossig, Noctua CEO. "In the end, it took us more than three years of continuous development, countless thermal simulations and over hundred samples to come up with a substantial improvement in efficiency. Staying true to our policy of not releasing anything we're not 100% satisfied with, we had to accept some delays in order to squeeze out the last few percent of performance, but now we're proud to finally release the NH-D15 as a worthy successor to the venerable D14."
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