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Koolance Launches the EXC-800 Portable 800W Recirculating Liquid Chiller

The new portable liquid chiller from Koolance, dubbed EXC-800, is rated at 800W or 2730 BTU/hr (@25°C liquid & ambient) and it makes use of Koolance's well known PMP-500 pump, with a maximum coolant output from the unit of 11L/min (2.9 gal/min) and 7.5m (24.6ft) of static head. The chiller control is based on one of four configurable temperature methods, including the option to lock liquid to ambient for avoiding condensation, or to an external K-type thermocouple sensor (not included). Along with the local temperatures and user set-point, EXC-800 can report internal coolant flow rate, pump RPM, and condenser fan RPM on a customizable 2-line OLED display. An adjustable relay trigger output on the rear of the unit is available based on temperature. The EXC-800 can be ordered from Koolance's web shop where it is listed at $1400.

ID-Cooling Introduces their Processor Cooling Lineup for Europe

ID-Cooling is a new Brand in Europe founded by Shenzhen Wan Jing Hua Technology co., Ltd. Located in Shenzhen China. The Company has a long History in the OEM Business for Cooling Products. In the 10 Years of Company History create the Company behind the Brand ID-Cooling a lot technologies for Cooling.

ID-Cooling had their first International release on the Computex 2013 in Taiwan. The Fair was very successful for the Brand a lot of contacts was created and the Distribution Channel in Europe is Interested in ID-Cooling Products.

On the Clock with Parvum Systems

The modding and custom water cooling scene has never been a particularly stable or reliable medium to build a business in and around of, with its intrinsically superfluous character making it a particularly risky bet for a start-up of any sort, and indeed a losing bet for very many of those who did bite the bullet, invested the money and delivered the goods, but failed to capitalize on what can best be described as a frivolous demand. A multitude of brands with a wide variety of products have come and gone, while some of those still on the scene are slowly fading into irrelevance, all of whom failed to correctly grasp the nature of that demand.

Thankfully, all is not gloom, this is a vibrant scene I'm talking about, with many household names that have been around for many many years, and some quite new ones also, doing very well and in some instances thriving. All of whom brought and bring to market products that not only meet existing demand, but primarily come to generate it. While generally a low volume market, the sheer variety of products is quite overwhelming, from completely over the top contraptions such as the Aqua Computer GIGANT radiators or the obscenely expensive, functional artwork boasting the Murderbox branding, to grotesquely designed and executed kitsch that will remain unnamed, in-between you'll find anything meeting every taste or budget. And from this busy, vibrant and idiosyncratic scene a new player by the name or Parvum Systems is looking to carve a piece for itself.

Thermaltake Announces the Urban S21 Chassis

Thermaltake, an industry leader in computer chassis, thermal solution, and power supply unit recently reveals Urban S21 mainstream mid-tower, one of the members of Thermaltake newest chassis series – Urban Series. The entire series has a simple and elegant aesthetic look; designed for users who looks for powerful performance and high expandability but a flamboyantly appearance or more simple and sophisticated look.

Urban S21 built with metal brushed front door panel to mask the extrusive drive devices ( 3 ODD and 6 HDD drive bays), not only unify the appearance, but also provide a simple yet elegant aesthetic; the sophisticated look can also be part of decoration at home to enhance living quality. The Front-top panel has implemented two of latest data transfer SuperSpeed USB 3.0, a HD microphone and headset jacks, to grand direct access when needed, and a side window opening panel to take an instant glance of the interior.

Thermaltake Announces Bigwater 760 Pro Liquid Cooling System

Thermaltake announced the Bigwater 760 Pro CPU liquid cooler. It consists of a CPU liquid block, tubing, and a head unit that occupies two 5.25-inch drive bays. Unlike other closed-loop liquid coolers, Thermaltake's solution uses a conventional CPU block with no other function than heat dissipation. Coolant pump, reservoir, and a radiator ventilated by a 120 mm fan, are located in the heat unit.

Its front-panel keeps you up to speed on the coolant level, and control over its coolant pressure. Its reservoir features a port with which you can inject additional coolant (propylene glycol solution in distilled water). The CPU block features a nickel-plated copper base with mirror finish. The block supports all modern CPU socket types, including LGA2011, LGA115x, LGA1366, LGA775, AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2, FM2/FM1. The Bigwater 760 Pro is expected to be priced around US $150.

Asetek Introduces ISAC - Chiller-less, CRAC-less Data Center Cooling Technology

Asetek Inc., the world's leading supplier of liquid cooling solutions for computers announced today that it will showcase its patented ISAC (Inside Server Air Conditioning) reference design at SC12 in Salt Lake City, Utah - November 12-15. This is the first time it will be displayed to the public. Formal presentations and live demonstrations will be available at Asetek's booth #4045.

ISAC is revolutionary, completely eliminating the need for CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioning) in the data center. All air inside the server stays inside the server and recirculates rather than exiting and heating up the data center which also significantly relaxes the air dust quality spec inside the data center.

Cooler Master Announces the Notepal A200 Laptop Cooling Stand

Cooler Master, an industry leading chassis, thermal solution, peripheral, and accessory manufacturer today introduced the A200 cooling stand for laptops up to 16".

Dual Fans and Aluminum Surface Eliminates Laptop Heat
The A200 has two 140 mm fans for optimized airflow (92 cfm) and a perforated aluminum cooling surface that helps siphon heat from your laptop. A built-in controller lets you choose the perfect balance between fan speed (700~1200 RPM) and noise level (20-28 dBA).

Makes Your Laptop More Comfortable To Use - Instantly
The A200 has ergonomic height adjustment (8 degrees) that allows you to type and look at your laptop comfortably. Two extra USB hubs let you power more of your devices. It's lightweight (692g) and thin (367 x 262 x 24.5~60 mm/14 x 10 x 0.9~2.4 in.) making it easy to store or carry.

CoolIT Systems Combines with Ciara to Deliver Liquid Cooled HPC Rack

CoolIT Systems Inc, the leading supplier of liquid cooling solutions for high-performance desktops, enterprise servers, and high-performance clusters has teamed up with Montreal's Ciara Technologies Inc. in the Demand Liquid Alliance to use Rack Direct Contact Liquid Cooling to enable unparalleled performance at the CPU and GPU level. this joint solution will be showcased in CoolIT System's booth at SC12 in Salt Lake City (Booth #4629).

Experienced with CoolIT's technology, Ciara is once again looking to harness liquid cooling to push the boundaries of computing productivity. "We are overclocking our CPUs in a 1u chassis allowing for densities never seen before. Our customers are demanding unprecedented compute productivity and CoolIT's Rack DCLC allows us to deliver", said Darcy Letemplier, VP of Engineering, Ciara Technologies. Rack DCLC is allowing Ciara to build and test server architecture in a 1u form factor that was previously only available in a 3u chassis.

Corsair Announces the Hydro H100i and H80i Liquid CPU Coolers

Corsair, the leading supplier of high-performance liquid CPU coolers for PC enthusiasts, today announced the Hydro Series H100i and H80i liquid CPU coolers, a ground-up re-design of the world's most popular, proven, and award-winning liquid CPU coolers, the H100 and H80. The new H100i and H80i models have been enhanced to deliver improved cooling, quieter operation, simpler installation, and Corsair Link digital control.

Better Cooling, Lower Noise

To improve cooling performance over previous generations, the Hydro Series H100i and H80i coolers use new, more efficient copper cold plates, improved manifolds, optimized fan designs, and larger diameter tubing for increased coolant flow. Corsair's new flagship liquid CPU cooler, the Hydro Series H100i, utilizes a 240 mm radiator for increased surface area and cooling capacity. The Hydro Series H80i uses a double-thick 120 mm radiator and two fans in a 'push-pull' arrangement and is compatible with most enthusiast cases with a 120 mm rear exhaust fan.

Cooler Master Announces the NotePal I300 Laptop Cooling Pad

Cooler Master, an innovative creator of laptop coolers, Apple accessories, and other mobile products, today reveals a new thin, lightweight, and effective laptop cooling pad, the NotePal I300.

Slim. Slender. Smooth.

Coming in at a slim 36 mm (1.4") thickness at its smallest point with a lightweight metal mesh, plastic, and rubber build, NotePal I300 is amongst the thinnest and lightest weight laptop cooling pads that support up to 17" laptops. It offers two height adjustment settings to provide options for ergonomic viewing and typing angles.

Enermax Announces New CPU Liquid Coolers

Enermax proves again its technical leadership in cooling segment: After the successful market introduction of the CPU cooler series ETS-T40 and ETD-T60 last year, the premium manufacturer now reveals the first models of the ELC liquid cooler series. They are based on a completely new cold plate design and ensure a much quicker and more efficient elimination of hot spots. The applied Twister fans with the innovative Tri-Cooling function provide a durable and silent operation. Three models, ELC120-TB, ELC120-TA and ELC240, will be available for sale from next week on.

iBUYPOWER Introduces Large "Triple" Radiator Liquid Cooling

iBUYPOWER is excited to announce the availability of a new 120 x 360 mm "triple" radiator liquid cooling system. With up to three times the heat dissipation of standard 120 mm radiators, the new cooling unit allows for significantly improved cooling performance.

The Erebus GT introduces fully enclosed "triple" radiator liquid cooling with improved cooling characteristics over "single" and "double" 120 mm radiator alternatives, while maintaining the no-maintenance advantage over custom cooling options.

Scythe Expands GlideStream Serie by 140 mm Models

Japanese Cooling expert Scythe expands the recently announced GlideStream fan series by new 140 mm models. Similar to 120 mm models, Glide Stream 140 mm fans stand for further development of the award winning Scythe Slip Stream 140 fans. With a smaller center hub and bigger fan blades optimum airflow at low operation noise are accomplished. In addition new grooved blade design has been used to further improve the aerodynamics to reduce air resistance.

To further reduce the noise level new anti-vibration feature has been implemented which is one of the key-feature of the Scythe GlideStream series. All four mounting holes of the GlideStream 140 mm fans are equipped with a rubber pad-inlay. Transfer of vibrations from the operating fan to the PC Chassis or CPU Cooler can be significantly reduced thanks to the new rubber pad-inlays.

Cooler Master Introduces the NotePal ERGO 360 Laptop Cooling Stand

Cooler Master, an industry leading chassis, thermal solution, peripheral, and accessory manufacturer today introduced a flexible new ergonomic stand that truly revolves around your mobile life, the NotePal ERGO 360 laptop cooling stand and tablet stand.

All Encompassing
NotePal ERGO 360 focuses on that single overriding need to have one powerful accessory that works with the products that keep you mobile. It incorporates the design and efficiency of our ergonomic laptop cooling stands with the versatility of a tablet stand into one easy to use product.

EK Debuts Water Blocks for EVGA Classified SR-X and MSI R7970 Lightning

EK Water Blocks, premium water cooling gear provider, has released two new water blocks - the EK-FB KIT SR-X for EVGA Classified SR-X motherboard and the EK-FC7970 Lightning for MSI's premium R7970 Lightning graphics card.

EK-FB KIT SR-X full-board water block kit is a complete liquid cooling solution for EVGA Classified SR-X (270-SE-W888) motherboard. The water blocks directly cools Intel C606 southbridge (PCH), PLX PEX8784 PCIe lane splitter controller and power regulation (VRM / MOSFETs) module of both CPUs. Please note this water block cools exactly as much heat generating components as EVGA factory cooling solution. It is medium-high to high flow water block that can be easily used with systems using weaker water pumps. It is available in two variants - Nickel and Acetal+Nickel.

ENERMAX Makes its Debut in Liquid Cooling Solution at Computex 2012

The 2012 Computex is coming up. This year, ENERMAX will present its new product sector - liquid-cooling. We will showcase our new all-in-one liquid cooling system, together with new patented liquid cooling design. So please wait for the exciting moment and behold!

As a leader in the power supply industry, ENERMAX will unveil the new PLATIMAX models - the higher wattage of 1350W and 1700W! In addition, more new industrial power series will be debuted, including the refreshing 2500W LED Power.

Sanwa Supply Sells Large Cooling Pad for 17" Notebooks

Japanese distributor Sanwa Supply introduced a new laptop cooling pad designed for large notebooks, the 400-CLN020. Almost the entire top area of the pad has a perforated metal surface, it encloses a large 200 mm low-RPM fan that provides sufficient air flow over a large surface area, without needing several smaller fans to do the job. The fan spins at 700 RPM ±10%, and is quiet enough to not spoil video-chats, according to its makers. Measuring 390 x 280 x 60 mm (WxDxH), the 400-CLN020 weighs about 600 g. It draws power from a single USB port. It supports notebooks of all shapes and sizes, up to 17-inch. On sale now, the 400-CLN020 is priced at 2,980 JPY (US $37).

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

GIGABYTE GTX 680 SuperOverclock WindForce 5X Pictured Some More

Unveiled earlier this month, GIGABYTE's GeForce GTX 680 SuperOverclock has been an attention magnet thanks to its WindForce 5X cooling solution, which you'll either love or hate. got to spend some time with this card, more importantly, to dissemble it. The cooler is found to occupy 3 expansion slots in your system, which isn't exactly new, no thanks to ASUS and its DirectCu II solution. The entire volume of card's cooling area is occupied by a gigantic heatsink.

At the base of WindForce 5X cooling solution is a vapor-chamber plate, which draws heat from the GPU and memory chips. This plate makes contact with five 8 mm-thick copper heat-pipes. These pipes pass through the gargantuan heatsink in a closed loop. There are five 40 mm fans arranged on top of the card to ventilate the heatsink. These fans occupy extra space on the top-side of the card, since as we mentioned, almost the entire volume of the cooler's space is occupied by the heatsink. The back side of the card was also shown, fitted with a back-plate, with as many as four NEC Tokin proadlizers peeking out of a cutout. Other components on the back side are hard to make out.

Source: Coolaler

ORICO Unveils Colorful NCP-Series Laptop Cooling Pads

ORICO unveiled its latest NCP-series laptop cooling pads for laptops as big as 14-inch. The NCP-1522 pad uses active air cooling, handled by a single, silent 140 mm fan. The entire top of the pad is made of perforated plastic, which comes in seven color options. The pad is powered by a USB connection, which is reused to give out two downstream USB 2.0 ports, apart from powering the fan. The fan speed can be adjusted by a rheostat. ORICO is yet to unveil pricing and availability information for the NCP-1522 cooling pad.

Source: Expreview

ORICO Readies NCA Series Passive Laptop Cooling Pads

ORICO is working on a new line of passive notebook cooling pads that are made of thick sheets of perforated aluminum with rubber feet and grips. Designed for 15.6-inch and 14-inch notebooks, these coolers raise notebooks at a fixed angle, from where passive air cooling takes over. CGI drawings reveal that the aluminum sheets that make up most of the pad dissipate heat from the notebook to the air. The perforations on its surfaced are designed in a way that allows users to strap PC fans on to it, of almost any shape and size, and at almost any specific region of the pad. There is no word on availability.

Source: Expreview

GIGABYTE WindForce 5X Cooling Solution on GTX 680 SOC Pictured - 5 Fan Mayhem

Here are the first pictures of GIGABYTE's new WindForce 5X graphics card cooling solution, which will likely feature on its upcoming GeForce GTX 680 SuperOverclock graphics card. It turns out that the "5X" in its name indeed denotes the presence of five fans. It's the arrangement of the fans that is its defining feature. While most graphics cards have their fan(s) arranged along the plane of the PCB, on the obverse side of the card, the WindForce 5X cooler has five 40 mm fans (the ones usually featured in rack servers) arranged perpendicular to the plane of the PCB, on the top side of the card.

This unique arrangement of fans ensures that hot air from the heatsinks are ventilated in a single direction and not all over the card (like with WindForce 3X), heating other components on the motherboard. The front-side of the card has just a swanky-looking molded brushed aluminum shroud. On the flip-side, the card spans across three expansion slots, and appears to be both taller and longer than reference design. GIGABYTE's GeForce GTX 680, featuring this cooling solution, and aggressive clock speeds, will be launched very soon.

Reeven RECC-01 Extreme Cooling Cup Launched

First unveiled this January, Reeven's extreme-cooling pot (model: RECC-01) launched in various markets. In Japan, it is being marketed by Scythe. Measuring 70 x 70 x 160 mm (WxDxH), and weighing 900 g, the RECC-01 is a liquid nitrogen or dry-ice evaporator. Aluminum makes up most of its body, while nickel-plated copper makes up its base. Its base dissipation surface has 18 circular pits. An AEROFLEX polymer insulation sleeve is included. Also included are a retention module supporting Intel sockets LGA2011, LGA1155/LGA1156, LGA1366 and LGA775; and AMD sockets FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2; and a thermal probe port. It is priced at 19,980 JPY (US $242).

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

Green House Intros GH-PCF4AK Quad-Fan Laptop Cooling Pad

Green House Japan launched the GH-PCF4AK laptop cooling pad, with a unique quad-fan design that allows people to re-position fans a little, to target the right spots of the laptop's base, ensuring the best cooling. Pictured below, the GH-PCF4AK is designed for 12-inch notebooks (or smaller). The top surface has a pitted brushed aluminum sheet. One corner of the top surface has a detachable rubber bar, which can be used to elevate the laptop. The pad itself has two feet below, which can further step up the inclination.

Beneath it is a "+" shaped vent, with a 60 mm fan on each of its arms. The fans are suspended on rails, and can be slid along the length of the arms. The 60 mm fans spin at speeds as high as 2,000 RPM; even with four of these, pushing about 32 CFM of air, the rated noise-level is relatively low, at 21 dBA. The GH-PCF4AK draws power from just one USB port, its cable can be folded into a cavity on the back of the pad. Measuring 390 x 290 x 24 mm (WxDxH), the GH-PCF4AK weighs about 720 g. It is priced at 2,980 JPY (about US $36).

Asetek Demonstrates Liquid Cooling For Laptop And All-In-One PCs

Asetek Inc., the world leading supplier of liquid cooling for the computer industry announced today a new and groundbreaking slim form factor liquid cooling technology for extreme performance and workstation grade laptops and All-In-One PCs. Slim form factor liquid cooling enables laptop and AIO PC manufacturers to deliver mobility and sleek industrial designs without sacrificing performance.

"We see a growing need for higher performance personal computers, driven by ever more powerful modeling software for engineering, scientific and financial work, and for content creation and gaming," said André S. Eriksen, Founder and CEO of Asetek. "We also see high performance hardware expanding to more portable, sleeker devices like the highly successful M-series of notebooks from Alienware."

CeBIT 2012 Preview: Thermaltake, Tt eSPORTS and LUXA2

Visitors to the Thermaltake stand (Hall 17, E60) at the CeBIT 2012 from 6 to 10 March 2012 in Hannover Germany will witness the first heartbeat of a new compact generation of the gaming mouse - Level 10 M Mouse, which is the collaboration between Thermaltake Group and BMW Group subsidiary DesignworksUSA continues from the previous success LEVEL 10 chassis in 2009.

Being the industry pioneer brand in PC DIY solutions, professional gaming products and unique and functional Apple accessories, Thermaltake Group with its three subsidiary brands - Thermaltake, Tt eSPORTS and LUXA2 will be presenting a visionary outlook on future technical developments and the latest and most exciting products for the year 2012 at the one of the biggest and the most international event in the digital industry!

Further information about Thermaltake Technology at CeBIT 2012 is available here.

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