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Corsair Launches Advanced Cooling Options for Dominator and Dominator GT Memory

Corsair, the worldwide leader in high performance computer and flash memory products, today announced the new Corsair Cooling range of advanced cooling solutions for Dominator and Dominator GT modules, including the world’s first sub-ambient cooler for PC memory.

The new cooling solutions include the Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H30 water-block and Ice Series T30 thermo-electric cooler, which is capable of cooling memory to below room temperature for enhanced overclocking performance and reliability.

Powercolor Announces Partnership with Arctic Cooling for Mainstream Graphics Cards

TUL Corporation, a leading manufacturer of AMD graphics cards, is proud to announce the collaboration with award-winning cooling solution provider, ARCTIC COOLING. The partnership brings a premium cooling solution, typically only found in performance and enthusiast cards to the mainstream market.

With its 92 mm cooling fan, this soon to be part of the Professional Cool Solution (PCS) product line, increases air flow at a lower fan speed that easily dissipates heat from an optimized heat sink which fully covers the PWM and memory. The special fan design avoids direct contact with high temperatures emanating from the heat sink, extending the life cycle of the cooling fan. Keeping fan noise at a minimum with PowerColor’s unique fan control technology, the fan speed automatically adjusts while it’s under idle, in 2D or 3D mode—helping to deliver the perfect heat dissipation, allowing a better user experience.

Arctic Cooling Releases Arctic F Pro PWM Ultra Quiet High Performance Case Fans

The Swiss low noise cooling solution provider ARCTIC COOLING today announced the launch of the ARCTIC F Pro PWM case fans. They are in 3 sizes – 80mm, 92mm and 120mm. With the patented PWM Sharing Technology (PST), these new fans are surely the best choice for quiet enthusiasts.

CPU and VGA cards nowadays generate increasing amount of heat which leads to high case ambient temperature. Some users will use more case fans to cool down the case. However, this will produce more noise, and energy will be wasted as all fans run at full speed even after the case temperature is lowered.

ASUS Marine Cool Motherboard Concept Becomes Official

Following the first news we heard of ASUS' new concept motherboard, they have now released an official press release, including some close-up imagery of the new cooling solution. The odd "backplate" to the rear of the board is in fact a built in UPS (uninterruptible power supply) through the use of a polymer battery. The board also features built in memory to guarantee a successfull boot in the event of installing faulty or incompatible RAM. Then of course is the new cooling solution utilizing a combination of ceramincs and metals which ASUS say doubles the cooling efficiency. The official press release follows.

Gigabyte Readies Passive-Cooled GeForce 9600 GT Green Edition Accelerator

NVIDIA sought to give the GeForce 9600 GT a refresh with a new SKU, the 9600 GT Green Edition, that makes use of the reduced thermal footprints of the 55 nm G94 graphics core, and slightly reduced clock speeds, to result in energy-efficient graphics cards. Some of these do not require the 6-pin PCI-E power input. Gigabyte has its first accelerator based on this core, the GV-N96TSL-1GI. The company goes a step ahead in exploiting the thermal characteristics of the core, to come up with a silent-cooler design.

The cooler which Gigabyte refers to as "Silent Cell", consists of a central GPU contact block from which heatpipes emerge, conveying heat to an aluminum fin array that spans across the full length of the card. A part of it even protrudes out of the back-plate. The cooler relies on convectional currents of the air inside the case to draw heat from the fins, and leave the case through the backplate. Cooling aside, Gigabyte got generous with the amount of memory: 1 GB of GDDR3 across a 256-bit wide bus. Perhaps it compensates for the slightly reduced clock speeds, the extant to which, isn't known as of now. The card will hit shelves shortly, by when we could tell its price.

Source: Donanim Haber

Thermaltake Xpressar Portable Phase-Change Cooling Systems at Cebit 2009

Thermaltake unveiled today that during the upcoming Cebit 2009 show, it will officially launch its brand new Xpressar series of portable phase-change cooling systems. Although this method of cooling was used long time ago by names like Asetek, Prometeia and recently even OCZ Technology, it was still too expensive, risky for 24/7 operation, and adopted only by extreme overclockers and people that don't mind to spend $1000 for a cooling experiment. Thermaltake's Xpressar micro vapor-compression refrigeration systems, are said to be widely availabe, much more portable, easy to use, not that expensive and still a lot more efficient than current top water coolers. At Cebit Thermaltake will introduce one final product, the RCS100 for internal use in computer cases, and one prototype - the next generation RCB400 series with a micro compressor that fits in two 5.25-inch slots and offers an LCD screen for the system's vital readings (temp, fan speed etc.). The second system will also have the ability to cool video cards when released. Expect much more information after the start of Cebit 2009 - March 3-8, 2009.

Source: Thermaltake

BFG Quietly Slips in a Passively Cooled 9800GT

First reported to Fudzilla, US online retailers, and, have listed a passively cooled 9800GT based graphics card from BFG. Although there has been no official announcement, it has now also appeared on the companies own website named as the 9800 GT 512MB PCIe 2.0 with ThermoIntelligence Passive Cooling Solution. With a part number of BFGE98512GTHE, the card sports a quad heatpipe cooler mounted on the back of the card, as is usually found with most passive cooling solutions, though BFG seems to have done away with any memory and voltage regulator cooling. The card has no factory overclock so runs at the reference clocks of 600 MHz on the core, 1500 MHz on the shaders and a memory clock of 1800 MHz. Despite the card being sold as passively cooled, it is interesting to note that BFG has stated in the card's system requirements, "System chassis intake airflow greater than or equal to 25 CFM being directed towards the graphics card." Current pricing puts the card in at around $160 (US) with what would appear to be immediate availability.

Source: BFG Tech , Fudzilla ,

Thermaltake Introduces ProWater880i - Maximized Power Liquid Cooling

Although liquid Cooling has excellent cooling performance, gamers still worry about it will take too much space in the chassis. Now, this problem can be solved by Thermaltake new liquid cooling system, ProWater880i.

ProWater880i is developed to solve the dilemma of good performance and space saving. With the special designed mounting kit, gamer can easily install ProWater880i in the back of the chassis. It brings two benefits. One is that the radiator can be cooled by the cold air outside and generate better cooling performance. The other benefit is the space allocation within the chassis can be optimized.

Thermaltake Provides Phase Change Cooling for AMD Graphics Cards

Thermaltake today announced an initiative with AMD to redesign the revolutionary Xpressar micro refrigeration cooling system for use with ATI Radeon HD 4000 series graphics cards. First introduced in a specialized case designed to achieve CPU temperatures much lower than standard liquid cooling systems, the Xpressar technology will be modified for use as a graphics cooling solution. When commercially available, the Xpressar graphics solution could reduce graphics processor temperatures by as much as 20°C when compared to common liquid cooling products.

The Thermaltake Xpressar micro refrigeration cooling system utilizes a miniature version of the compressor cooling module commonly used in refrigerators and air conditioners. To streamline installation, the graphics cooling module will utilize a compact design, occupying only the drive bay area in the computer.

Lian-Li Launches EX-P3A/B HDD Bracket Cooling Kit and CR-26A/B Card Reader Kit

Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd is launching the EX-P3A (silver) and EX-P3B (Black) HDD bracket cooling kit. The bracket is made of aluminum and sits flush against the bottom plate of the hard drive, protecting the HDD from physical damage, as well as drawing unwanted heat out of the HDD. In addition the connector face protects the HDD SATA connectors from wear and tear while extending the SATA connectors. The HDD Bracket takes up the equivalent of 1x 5.25 bay internally and will be an excellent addition to systems that run hot and need the extra protection that Lian Li provides in this compact unit.

GlacialTech Announces UFO V51 Cooling Solution

GlacialTech, the diversified provider of cooling, power supply, PC enclosure solutions for consumer and industrial applications, today announced the launch of UFO V51 range of CPU coolers for the and high-end AMD CPUs, designed for gaming and other high I/O applications.

Sporting a UFO like design, the UFO V51 coolers are made up of two 92mm ultra silent fans, four heat-pipes with 6mm and 8mm diameter, aluminum fins, long-life sleeve bearings and a stylish plastic encase. Available in 2 versions, UFO 51 Silent and UFO 51 PWM, the latest Glacialtech CPU coolers come with an Intel LGA 775 or AMD (754/939/940/AM2/F) socket and is compatible with Intel Core i7, Intel Core 2 Extreme, Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Duo, Pentium Extreme, Pentium Dual-Core, Pentium D, Pentium 4, Celeron Dual-Core, Celeron D and Celeron; as well as AMD Phenom, Athlon 64 FX, Athlon 64 X2 Dual –Core, Opteron and Sempron.

GeiL Launches the EVO Cyclone Memory Cooling System

GeIL Memory has just released the new EVO Cyclone memory cooler. At first sight this cooler is like most other similar solutions on the market, but it has one unique feature. The single fan that cools the memory has a LED display and embedded thermal sensor, that displays the surrounding temperature and real-time fan speed. Apart from this, the 50mm cooler spins at 3400rpm and produces only 21dBa noise. The EVO Cyclone also comes with a height-adjustable clip designed that fits even memory modules with large heatsinks. GeIL is expected to ship the EVO Cyclone in the weeks to come. To learn more about the product, please go to this page.

Source: GeIL

ASUS Launches Limited Edition Gold-Aureate Axe Square CPU Cooler

ASUS, producer of top-notch thermal products, has today released the latest flagship model in the ASUS AMAzing series—the Axe Square. Decorated with a dazzling gold-aureate color that complements the uniquely axe-shaped design, this high performance cooler exudes the ultimate in aesthetic appeal; and comes in a limited edition luxury packaging. Furthermore, the Axe Square is also able to deliver enhanced cooling that support exceptional overclocking performances of up to 180W—all the while still retaining extremely low acoustic levels through the automatic PWM function.

Intel Shows a New Jet Engine Style Notebook Cooling Technology

What with the likes of the Apple MacBook Air and similar ultrathin laptops in production, Intel is recognising that there will be an increasing problem with heat, especially with its new chips around the corner. Mooly Eden, general manager of Intel's Mobile Platforms Group was speaking at a keynote at the Intel Developer Forum in Taipei.
When you design a very thin system, cooling the skin is a very big challenge... If you put [a laptop] on your lap, it can feel very uncomfortable. Very hot.
Eden went on to say that if this problem is not addressed there will be a limit as to how thin a laptop can me made. They used the example of a jet engine explaining that the high temperatures inside the engine (up to 1000 degrees centigrade) must not be transfered to the plane's wing, as that is where the fuel is stored. The technology used on aircraft to accomplish this is called laminar airflow cooling, which is what Intel plans license to manufacturers for use in cooling its products, it is a system in which a fluid flows in layers.
Fortunately this is not the only trick up Intel's sleeve, Eden also explained that laptop platform for Intel's Nehalem architecture will have the memory controller, IGP and CPU all on one die and that the native power saving features will allow processor cores to turn on and off without the use of software.
[It is done] automatically on the fly. It is transparent to the operating system

Source: CNET

AMD and Celsia Technologies Collaborate on a New GPU Cooling Solution

AMD and Celsia Technologies announced today a strategic partnership in which Celsia may become the cooling system manufacturer for ATI's next generation video cards. For now both companies are working on a vapor chamber based cooling solution for high end graphics cards and that's all we have. The cooling module includes Celsia's patented NanoSpreader that "significantly outperforms competing heat pipe based solutions." A NanoSpreader is a patented copper encased two-phase vapor chamber into which pure water is vacuum sealed. The liquid is absorbed by a copper-mesh wick and passed as vapor through a micro-perforated copper sheet where it cools and returns as liquid to the wick. NanoSpreaders are half the weight of solid copper, and yet they perform 14% better than heat pipes.
"Working with AMD, we were able to meet all of the design criteria for a new GPU cooler. Namely, it had to be lighter, perform better and be lower cost than the current heat pipe based design," said Joe Formichelli, Celsia's CEO. "Unlike thermal modules using heat pipes, our two-phase NanoSpreader comes in direct contact with the heat source whereby removing costly, heavy base plates."
As part of AMD's technology development project, Celsia has been invited to present at the 2008 AMD Technical Forum and Exposition tomorrow in Taiwan. Additionally, a short video explaining Celsia's NanoSpreader vapor chamber technology will be shown as part of the conference's opening presentation.

Source: Celsia Technologies

ASUS Introduces Dark Knight series Graphics Cards

In order to cater to users who require excellent graphical performance boosts and exceptional cooling from their graphic cards, ASUS, world-leading producer of top quality graphic solutions, has today introduced a range of self-designed version graphics cards comprising the latest EAH4870 DK and EN9800GTX+ DK Series. These ASUS designed graphics cards will come equipped with the Dark Knight Fansink that delivers extreme cooling and low noise-levels—greatly enhancing gaming enjoyment. The inclusion of the EMI Shield, DIP Spring Chokes, LF PAK MOS, and Japan-made Solid Capacitors will allow users extreme performance and peace of mind at the same time; and furthermore, users will enjoy up to 9% performance improvements for gaming experiences with the ASUS EAH4870 DK TOP and EN9800GTX+ DK TOP.

Common LGA-1366 Cooling Myths Busted

With the entry of the Core i7 Bloomfield series processors this September thru October, the computing world will witness the entry of a new motherboard processor socket, the 1366-pin Land Grid Array (LGA-1366). FrostyTech demystified the new socket in respect to the way coolers are to be designed to be compatible with it, which will have implications on a vast segment of DIY consumers since LGA-1366 is meant to be a high-performance flagship computing platform. There are two key factors at play:
  • The layout and cooler-retention mechanism of the socket
  • The area of contact between the cooler and the processor's integrated heatspreader (IHS).

CoolIT Systems Unveils Liquid Cooling Solution for ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2

CoolIT Systems, the leading innovator in liquid cooling technology, announces the Dual Drive Bay VGA Cooler designed to aggressively cool AMD’s new ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 Graphics card. The unique form factor enables extreme computing performance for PC Enthusiasts and Gamers. In recent testing, the liquid cooled cards were stably clocked up to 880MHz (13.5% Increase) core clock speed and the GDDR5 memory pushed to 1GHz (11% increase).

PowerColor Radeon HD 4870 PCS OC Emerges

PowerColor is preparing an overclocked Radeon HD4870, the PCS (Professional Cooling System) model. This model uses 1 GB of GDDR5 memory and uses overclocked parameters, such as 800 MHz core. This card comes with a cooler made by Zerotherm comprising of heatpipes conducting to aluminum fins on either sides of a fan. According to TG Daily, this card could be based on the SuperRV770 concept, where high-performing parts are used along with 1 GB of GDDR5 memory. According to PowerColor, this cooler could keep the temperatures down by up to 20° C versus reference ATI cooler even at the overclocked 800 MHz core setting.

Sources: PCGH, TG Daily

CoolIT Systems Develops Liquid Cooling for Intel’s Skull Trail Motherboard

CoolIT Systems announces its new “ST” line of liquid cooling solutions designed specifically to work with Intel’s D5400XS motherboard (formerly codenamed Skull Trail). The lineup consists of the Boreas MTEC Chassis ST and PURE ST both of which provide maintenance-free, aggressive cooling power to both CPUs and Chipset, reduce noise, and enhance system reliability. The PURE ST easily fits into any chassis with a 120mm fan mount and efficiently cools both CPUs and the chipset with near silent operation. The Boreas MTEC Chassis ST combines CoolIT’s most powerful MTEC technology in the Boreas with the well renowned Silverstone TJ07 chassis to create the ideal barebones kit for the most avid PC enthusiast to the experienced professional content creator. Both the Boreas MTEC Chassis ST and PURE ST are available from multiple distributors and online etailers, with street prices expected to be $899 and $269 respectively. “CoolIT’s new ST lineup will enable PC Enthusiasts to fully maximize the performance of Intel’s new Skull Trail platform technology” said Geoff Lyon, CEO of CoolIT Systems. ” We’ve worked closelywith Intel to develop this customized Skull Trail liquid cooling solution and the end result will excite PC Enthusiasts and Gamers world-wide .”

ASUS Introduces Triton 85 CPU Cooler

Riding on the successful design of the Hassle-Free DIY CPU cooler series, the Triton 70 and Triton 75, ASUS brings worldwide enthusiasts to a brand new dimension of cooling with its new member of Triton family – the Triton 85. This exquisitely designed CPU Cooler takes the innovative features of Triton Series – the high-density fins, dynamic fan speed control and pure copper heat pipes, and improves on them to bring about the quietest and most powerful performance. Compared to box coolers, the Triton 85 exhibits only a mere 16 dBA during operations, and is still able to enhance 35% cooling performance! Additionally, it is also aesthetically pleasing with a painted shining silver coating – bringing about a brand new style that fulfills gamers' requirements.

ASUS Launches Passively Cooled 9600 GT

ASUS today released the ASUS EN9600GT SILENT/HTDI/512M graphics card. Incorporating our latest thermal solution – the V-Cool Heatsink, which features the V-Engine concept and Intercooler technology, the EN9600GT SILENT is the perfect solution for users who want a quiet system that doesn’t compromise performance. This exclusive innovation guarantees an absolutely quiet operating environment, and an efficient means of heat dissipation, resulting in extraordinarily stable performance. The unique design of the V-Cool Heatsink will lower GPU temperatures by 10ºC in comparison to reference designed boards; while the integrated SmartDoctor feature provides users with the option to overclock the Shader Clock for even better graphical performance.

XIGMATEK Launches Achilles Cooler

XIGMATEK has launched a new direct-touch heatpipe cooler branded Achilles, which is compatible with Intel Socket 775 processors and AMD Socket 754 and newer processors. The direct-touch heatpipes allow for superior heat transfer and improved cooling capabilities, with the cooler boasting a 120mm fan with a noise level of 20.64 dBA. The heatsink comes equipped with four U-type heatpipes, whilst the fan features anti-vibration rubber clips to help minimise noise and four white LEDs.

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