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CoolTek Announces the GT-04 ATX Mid-tower Case

With the GT-04 we add a spacious mid-tower chassis to our "Gaming Tower" series. The case offers a variety of versatile features, for example an external docking station for 2.5 and 3.5 inch drives, an integrated card reader as well as modular HDD-cages. The GT-04 combines exceptional functionality, a stylish design and outstanding quality - at an attractive price-performance ratio.

The futuristic shaped front offers two external 5.25 inch bays for optical drives, as well as a 3.5 inch bay for corresponding components. The case is held completely in black; only the orange highlights in the front and the top draw attention to themselves. The window side panel of the GT-04 allows the perfect view of the installed hardware.

Cooltek Announces the GT-05 Mini-Tower Chassis

With the GT-05 we expand our successful „Gaming Tower" series with a compact mini-tower with an exceptional design. Versatile features, such as the incredibly simple hardware installation, an integrated card reader or the ability to customize the color scheme of the case, distinguish the case. The GT-05 fulfills our requirements to offer exceptional functionality, a stylish design and outstanding quality at an attractive price.

Cover and front of the GT-05 are kept in black piano lacquer finish. One 3.5 inch and one 5.25 inch external bay are available for the installation of drives. A flip-down cover closes optical drive bay and ensures a uniform color scheme. Only the plastic elements that run through front and top, as well as the power and reset buttons are held in matte black. Without any effort, these elements can be swapped with different colored pieces (which are included) and allow an almost unique individualization of our PC-case.

Cooltek Unveils UMX1 Plus Mini-ITX Chassis

Cooltek launched the UMX1 Plus premium mini-ITX chassis. Available in a standard and windowed (UMX1 Plus-Window) variant, the case comes in black and silver color options, with brushed aluminium panels decking it. The windowed variant features a tinted acrylic sheet entirely making up the side panel. The aluminium panels of this case are a healthy 2 mm thick, while its SGCC steel frame is 0.8 to 1 mm thick.

Internally, the case has a typical tower-type arrangement, but with a standard ATX PSU bay towards its front side. The case has room for a mini-ITX motherboard, a dual-slot graphics card up to 270 mm long, a CPU cooler up to 130 mm tall, and a PSU up to 160 mm long. Drive bays include one 3.5-inch, and two 2.5-inch. Ventilation is care of a 120 mm top exhaust, and an 80 mm rear exhaust, with passive intake vents at the bottom. Measuring 160 mm x 300 mm x 345 mm (WxDxH), the case dry-weighs about 3.2 kg. Cooltek didn't reveal pricing or availability information.

Cooltek Intros GT-03 ATX Mid-tower Case

Cooltek rolled out the GT-03, an ATX mid-tower case that looks heavily inspired by some of the recent works of SilverStone, such as the Raven RV-05. Where it falters is the use of SECC steel and matte ABS plastic, instead of aluminium. Measuring 510 mm x 200 mm x 460 mm (DxWxH), the case dry-weighs 5.2 kg. Its front panel features a 'shield'-shaped cover over its three 5.25-inch drive bays, of which two are usable, with the third being an exposed 3.5-inch bay with a clip-lock protrusion of the door. Other front-panel features include a SATA drive dock, two each of USB 3.0 and USB 2.0/1.1 ports, and standard HD audio jacks.

Internally, the GT-03 has room for CPU coolers as tall as 152 mm, and graphics cards as long as 300 mm. Internal storage areas include three 2.5-inch, and four 3.5-inch drive bays. The motherboard tray has cutouts at all the right places. Installation, for the most part, appears tool-free. Ventilation includes two 120 mm front intakes, a 120 mm rear exhaust, and two 120 mm top exhausts. The case is now selling for 44.99€.

Thermolab-Designed, Cooltek-Branded LP53 and ITX30 CPU Coolers Selling in Europe

Teaming up with German company PC Cooling GmbH, South Korea-based Thermolab has launched in Europe two of its low-profile CPU coolers, the LP53 and ITX30. Found under the 'Cooltek' brand (Cooltek - powered by Thermolab to be exact), the two cooling solutions support Intel LGA 1155/1156/1150 processors with a TDP of up to 100 W.

The LP53 measures 100 x 94 x 53 mm, it weighs 410 grams and has two 6 mm copper heatpipes, and a 92 mm fan working at 1000 - 2100 RPM (maximum sound output is 27.1 dBA). The ITX30 is sized 100 x 94 x 30 mm, it weighs just 300 grams and also has two 6 mm heatpipes but features an 80 mm fan going at 1400 to 2500 RPM. The LP53 costs €36.99 while the ITX30 is selling for €34.99.

Cooltek Unveils the C2 Aluminum HTPC Chassis

Cooltek has this week announced the C2, a new, all-aluminum PC case that offers support for micro-ATX and mini-ITX motherboards. Seen below, this media server/HTPC chassis measures 270 (H) x 200 (W) x 224 (D) mm, it weighs just 1.2 kg, and features a side I/O panel with two USB 3.0 ports, one 3.5-inch and one 2.5-inch bay, three PCI slots and support for one 120/140 mm fan on the bottom panel.

The C2 can house CPU coolers up to 80 mm tall and graphics cards up to 220 mm long, and is expected to become available in the coming weeks.

Cooltek Introduces the UMX2 Midi-Tower PC Case

PC-Cooling-owned brand Cooltek is today releasing a new PC chassis, a midi-tower model called UMX2. Pictured below, this steel/aluminum-constructed case measures 445 x 200 x 421 mm and features four front-facing USB ports (two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0), one slim 5.25-inch optical drive slot, three 3.5-inch and two 2.5-inch drive bays, and three pre-installed 120 mm fans (one on top and two on the bottom).

Cooltek's creation has seven PCI slots and supports ATX, micro ATX and mini ITX motherboards, as well as graphics cards up to 280 mm long. The UMX2 is priced at 169.90 Euro.

Cooltek Readies the W1 Mini-ITX PC Case

Sometime next month German company PC-Cooling is set to introduce a new Cooltek-branded PC chassis, the W1. Pictured below, the upcoming HTPC-ready case measures 356 x 242 x 362 mm and features a steel structure with aluminum panels, a I/O panel with dual USB 3.0 ports, Mini-ITX motherboard support, one slim 5.25-inch drive slot, plus four 3.5-inch and two 2.5-inch bays.

The W1 can house graphics cards up to 320 mm long, it has pre-drilled holes on the back panel (for water-cooling tubing), and includes two pre-installed 140 mm fans (front and back). The case will come in two versions - W1 and W1 Window, the latter packing a side window.

Cooltek Announces CoolCube Mini-ITX Case

Cooltek adds with the "Coolcube" a particularly compact aluminum HTPC cases to its product range. The minimalistic cube is completely made of 1.5 mm thick, black anodized aluminum. The Coolcube offers a classical, timeless design that blends in perfectly with any environment. The case is designed for Mini-ITX systems and can be equipped with a standard ATX power supply.

You can mount either a 3.5 inch and a 2.5 inch hard disk or two 2.5 inch HDD/SSD inside the case. Two PCI expansion slots are available for the installation of graphics cards with a maximum length of about 180 mm. If you use a standard ATX power supply, you can mount HTPC coolers with a maximum height of about 80 mm.

Cooltek K4 Mid-Tower Case Released

The newest case under the Cooltek brand was announced by PC-Cooling. The Cooltek K4 is a mid-range, mid-tower, which provides the essentials of casing in its 430 (H) x 190 (W) x 480 (D) mm form, weighing 5.2 kg. The case offers three externernal 5.25" drive bays, one external, and six internal 3.5" bays, with tool-free retention mechanism for the drives. The case, along with its interiors, seems to be fabricated entirely with SECC-steel. While it does not include any fans, the case does provide room for front and rear fans, along with two on the side-panel. The Cooltek K4 is priced under 45 EUR.

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