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ThinkPad Laptop USB 3.0 Dock Boosts Connectivity and Expansion in a Small Package

DisplayLink, the leading provider of technology for virtual graphics and USB-connected computing, announces availability of the Lenovo ThinkPad USB 3.0 Dock, powered by the DL-3900 Dual Head Graphics chip with integrated Gigabit Ethernet and Audio.

"Lenovo's latest ThinkPad USB 3.0 Dock takes full advantage of the bandwidth offered under SuperSpeed USB to achieve exceptional graphics and video performance in an unprecedented form-factor," said John Cummins, VP of sales and marketing for DisplayLink. "Lenovo has completely redesigned the product and packaging around the new ASIC to offer smart connection and expansion for Ultrabooks and computers over a single USB 3.0 cable connection."

ORICO Readies Dock for Ultrabook and MacBook Air

ORICO is working on a new line of slimline docks for Intel Ultrabook and Apple MacBook Air, which expand USB connectivity and provide an additional display output. Available in carbon black and white, the docks include a USB 3.0 hub with as many as five downstream USB 3.0 ports, a DisplayLink video adapter with DVI and HDMI output, and a gigabit Ethernet interface. The dock probably includes NAS functionality with mass storage devices attached to its USB ports. On top of all these, the dock includes fans to let it perform its primary function of cooling the Ultrabook or MacBook Air.

Source: Expreview

ORICO Rolls Out USB 3.0/eSATA Quad-Bay SATA Drive Dock

ORICO has taken the HDD dock to another level by releasing a model that not only supports up to four drives but also includes two speedy connectivity options - USB 3.0 (5.0 Gbps) and eSATA (3.0 Gbps). This quad-bay dock measures 142 x 217 x 80 mm, it weights 964 grams, has hot swap capabilities, and offers support for 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch SATA drives with capacities of up to 3 TB.

ORICO's Quadruple SATA HDD Dock is available here for $119.

Source: The Red Ferret Journal

Cooler Master Announces the Arc Dock

Cooler Master, an industry leading chassis, thermal solution, peripheral, and accessory manufacturer today announces a visually alluring new piece of functional art, the ARC MacBook Pro and iPad stand. Draw attention to your beautiful pieces of technology with this new multipurpose stand.

Century Intros mini2 KD25/35MS2 Triple-SATA Mini-Dock with Copy/Erase Functions

Century unveiled the mini2 KD25/35MS2 triple-SATA mini-dock. It is a box measuring 136 x 84 x 26 mm, weighing 430 g, which has three SATA 6 Gb/s (power and data) interfaces on three of its sides, which attach three HDDs/SSDs. The device can perform disk cloning, copying of specific partitions (logical drives), specific files, and secure DoD-grade erase functions, without the need of a host PC. Slated for early May, the KD25/35MS2 is priced at 29,800 JPY (US $371).

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

Century Intros New USB 3.0 SATA Drive Cloning Dock

Century Tech of Japan introduced a new SATA HDD/SSD cloning dock with a snap-on design (model: CRAS2U3CP). The dock allows you to quickly clone a SATA HDD/SSD without needing a host machine, as well as connect any two SATA drives to a host machine over USB 3.0 interface, as USB Mass Storage devices, with transfer rates of up to 200 MB/s. The top of the unit has a row of LEDs that displays the progress of disk cloning. When not connected to a host over USB, the device requires power drawn from an AC adapter. Measuring 70 x 16 x 65 mm (WxDxH), it weighs about 55 g, and can be carried around in a small pouch. Slated for next week, the CRAS2U3CP from Century is priced at 4,980 JPY (US $61).

Source: Hermitage Akihabara

Aleratec Announces Portable, Powerful Hard Disk Drive Duplicator and Dock

Aleratec today announced an essential and portable tool for building and upgrading computer systems. The 1:3 HDD Copy Dock Duplicator is a powerful and versatile hard disk drive duplicator and HDD docking station that features PC connectivity via USB 3.0 or eSATA.

With this HDD duplicator and hard drive dock, users can copy from a single source hard drive to up to three target hard drives at one time, making hard disk duplication more efficient.

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