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AMD Piledriver to Boost Performance by 10%, Feature New Instruction Set

"Piledriver" is the codename of AMD's processor micro-architecture that succeeds "Bulldozer", which AMD is referring to in a company presentation slide as "2nd Generation Bulldozer". This, even before the first Bulldozer processors in the AMD FX Processor series begin shipping. Piledriver isn't an evolution over Bulldozer as such, and is more of a incremental update to the architecture.

Piledriver features an improved core design to bring about performance improvements of 10% over Bulldozer. It features two new instruction sets: FMA3 (Fast Memory Access 3) and Converged BMI (Branch if MInus). It will feature an improved IOMMU (memory mapping unit), referred to as IOMMU v2. Apart from these, Piledriver will fit into the existing ecosystem of AMD FX Processors, consisting of socket AM3+ and AMD 9-series chipsets. AMD is currently referring to the platform Piledriver-based processors will form around themselves as "FX Next". There is no reason for you to skip Bulldozer for this, our sources told us that Piledriver CPUs can be expected only by mid-thru-late 2012. AMD FX Bulldozer processors are on course for a mid-October launch.

Source: DonanimHaber

Vishera and Trinity to Take Over AMD Processor Lineup in 3Q 2012

The latest AMD 2012 market outlook slides disclosed by DonanimHaber reveal that AMD will have a brand new lineup of processors and APUs by the third quarter of 2012. In the second quarter, AMD will begin with new accelerated processing units (APUs) that succeed the current A-Series "Llano" APUs, codenamed "Trinity". Trinity APUs will make use of next-generation "Piledriver" architecture x86-64 cores, as well, as next-generation Radeon HD 7000 series graphics.

Then in the third quarter, AMD will release its next-generation "Vishera" processors that succeed "Zambezi" AMD FX processors. Vishera will make use of next-generation "Piledriver" modules, and increase IPC (instructions per clock) beyond its predecessor "Bulldozer" architecture. In the interim, AMD will update its A-Series and AMD FX processor lines with new models. These include a new high-end processor, the AMD FX-8170, and two new A-Series APUs, the A8-3870K, and A6-3670K, both of which are unlocked for overclocking.
Source: DonanimHaber 1, 2

Intel to Reorganize its LGA1155 Core i7 Unlocked Processor Market Placement

In a possible bid to counter the upcoming AMD FX eight-core processors, Intel is reportedly reorganizing its Unlocked Core i7 processor series in the LGA1155 package. Currently there's only one Unlocked Core i7 LGA1155 processor model, the Core i7-2600K, and that is holding on to a US $320 price-point. It will be joined by the Core i7-2700K in the near future.

According to sources, this won't quite be a case of i7-2700K displacing the i7-2600K from its $320 price point, but that the new chip will occupy a slightly higher price point than the $320 the i7-2600K commands. According to the sources VR-Zone spoke with, the new i7-2700K could "end up somewhere close to US$340-350." It would then give Intel the flexibility to play with the price of the i7-2600K as the situation demands (letting the i7-2600K keep its $310~$320 price, or send it down below $300). Intel's Core i7-2700K is expected to launch on October 24, close to two weeks after AMD launches its first AMD FX processors.Source: VR-Zone

Gigabyte Unveils 990FXA-UD3 1.2 Motherboard

Gigabyte unveiled a new socket AM3+ motherboard targeting a price-point sweetspot, the 990FXA-UD3 1.2. The board is based on the AMD 990FX + SB950 chipset, and supports the upcoming AMD FX processors apart from socket AM3 processors in the Phenom II and Athlon II series. As a new revision, the board supports AMD FX processors out of the box. The AM3+ socket is powered by an 8+2 phase VRM. The board is constructed according to the UltraDurable 3 Classic specifications, with 2 oz copper-layer PCB, 50,000+ hours capacitor durability, and DualBIOS. The socket is wired to four DDR3 DIMM slots supporting dual-channel DDR3-2000 MHz memory with overclocking.

There are four PCI-Express x16 slots on this board, however, only two of them are wired to the AMD 990FX northbridge, both run at full PCI-Express 2.0 x16 bandwidth at all times. The other two are electrical PCI-Express x4, wired to the SB950 southbridge. The board supports both NVIDIA SLI and AMD CrossFireX, though it's likely that it will ship with just the 2-way SLI bridge cable.

AMD FX Processor Prices Lower Than Expected

Sources among retailers told DonanimHaber that retail prices of AMD's next generation performance desktop processor series, the AMD FX, are a lot lower than expected. On October 12, AMD will launch three new parts worldwide, the eight-core FX-8150, FX-8120, and six-core FX-6120, priced at US $245, $205, and $175, respectively.

Source: DonanimHaber

AMD Set to Deliver Next Generation x86 Platforms for Windows 8

AMD announced today that it has created drivers to enable support for the upcoming Windows 8 operating system on AMD-based tablets, netbooks, PCs and servers. Continuing a long history of collaboration, AMD is working closely with Microsoft to empower a new generation of innovative PCs and small form factor computing devices.

Currently available Windows 7-based PCs powered by AMD VISION technology deliver multi-core processing for amazing performance, discrete-level graphics for brilliant HD experiences, and AMD AllDay Power for entertainment on the go. Furthermore, AMD VISION Engine Software is uniquely tailored to unlock visual computing with AMD Radeon Cores and video accelerators that enable vivid HD, AMD Steady Video software and accelerated applications like blazing fast Internet browsing.

AMD FX Sets Guinness Record for Clock Speed

Weeks ahead of its market launch, AMD pulled off a nice PR feat by setting making its trusty squad of overclockers, Sami Mäkinen, Brian Mclachlan, Pete Hardman, and Aaron Schradin set a new clock speed world record (as in Guinness World Record). With just one of its four modules enabled, the eight-core FX-8150 engineering sample was overclocked to a stunning 8429.38 MHz. The chip was able to tolerate a brutal core voltage of 2.016V. Even for a one-in-a-million cherry-picked chip, those are staggering numbers.

8429.38 MHz was achieved using a base clock of 271.92 MHz, with 31.0X multiplier. The memory used was a Corsair Dominator GT single module, which apparently tolerated 3:10 DRAM ratio and timings of 2-16-2-22. That's right, 2-16-2-22. ASUS Crosshair V Formula seated the platform. Cooling was care of a custom liquid-nitrogen evaporator setup. The team used liquid nitrogen as its cooling medium, and switched to liquid helium halfway, which has a lower boiling point. The team cherry-picked chips from the best lots on-site.
A video of the feat follows.

AMD FX Series Processors Up For Pre-Order

At last, AMD's highly-anticipated performance desktop processors, branded under the FX-Series, are up for pre-order, letting buyers book their chips so they could have it up and running on release date. American retailer Bottom-line Telecommunications (BLT) has the FX-8150 and FX-8120 eight-core chips; and FX-6100 six-core chip up for pre-order. Its price for the FX-8150 is US $266.28, the FX-8120 is priced at US $221.73, while the FX-6100 is priced at $188.32. BLT ships over ground for free to the 48 contiguous American states.

The new FX-Series processors are based on AMD's brand new "Bulldozer" micro-architecture, and come in the AM3+ package. The FX-8150 will lead the first wave with its eight cores clocked at 3.60 GHz, 16 MB of total cache (4x 2 MB L2 + 1x 8 MB L3); followed by the FX-8120 at 3.10 GHz, also with 16 MB cache. The FX-6100 six-core processor is clocked at 3.30 GHz, with 14 MB cache (3x 2 MB L2 + 1x 8 MB L3). Market release is expected in October. You can be ready for the new chips by purchasing socket AM3+ motherboards, ideally those based on the AMD 9-series chipset, as they are already available in the market.

Source: CPU World

AMD Delays FX Series Launch to October, Expands First Wave

Even as there are rumors that the launch of Opteron processors based on the Bulldozer architecture is imminent, there is news that AMD has rescheduled the launch of its FX series performance desktop processors to October 2011, sources told X-bit Labs. The reasons for the delay are known, but when the processors do come out, AMD wants to make sure that they target as many performance price-points as possible, and so the first wave of FX processors will include 7 models, that's four 8-core FX-8000 series chips, one 6-core FX-6000 series chip, and two 4-core FX-4000 series chips.

The first wave is going to include the 3.60 GHz FX-8150, the 3.10 GHz FX-8120 that will be available in 95W and 125W variants, and 2.80 GHz FX-8100 eight-core models; 3.30 GHz FX-6100 six-core model; 4.20 GHz FX-4170 and 3.60 GHz FX-4100 quad-core chips. As you can see, AMD does seem to have tweaked the clock speeds of some of the models compared to older clock speed tables by other sources. The next wave of FX series processors is slated for Q1 2012, which includes faster models across the three lines. According to data compiled by X-bit Labs, the FX series can now be tabulated as shown below.

Source: X-bit Labs

Creative Announces a Game Changer with Sound Blaster Recon3D for PC/Mac, Xbox360, PS3

Creative Technology Ltd today announced the Sound Blaster Recon3D, the USB audio device that provides unprecedented cross-platform audio immersion and realism and voice clarity for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Mac.

The Sound Blaster Recon3D comes in a compact size similar to a gaming mouse and easily connects to an Xbox 360, PS3, PC or Mac via USB. It dramatically improves the audio playback quality and experience with THX TruStudio Pro, a suite of audio enhancements developed by the collaborative expertise of Creative and THX audio engineers. The Sound Blaster Recon3D features Dolby Digital enabled via the optical input to provide full 5.1 surround decoding, which combines with THX TruStudio Pro Surround to deliver stunning accuracy and positional audio playback over a gaming headset and an amazing virtual multi-speaker movie listening experience over headphones. In addition, for voice communications, the Sound Blaster Recon3D improves voice quality with CrystalVoice processing, which implements innovative technologies that are specially designed to deliver crystal clear vocal fidelity in multiplayer games, online chats and video conferencing.

Gigabyte Website Lists out FX Series Processors in Support Lists

The CPU support list in the product page of Gigabyte's top of the line socket AM3+ motherboard, the GA-990FXA-UD7, spilled out details of upcoming AMD FX series processors, days ahead of actual product launches. Tables listing out specs of FX processors aren't new, but in older occasions, they were posted by the media citing sources. This table comes from a leading motherboard manufacturer. In this case, the 990FXA-UD7 will support FX series processors from BIOS version F4.

The table lists out FX 8000 series 8-core processors, and one each of FX 6000 and FX 4000 series 6-core and 4-core chips. A new detail emerging with this table is the system interface speed, which has been bumped all the way up to 5200 MT/s, up from 4000 MT/s of the previous generation. The faster 8-core chips have TDP rated at 125W, while every other FX series chip is rated at 95W. FX 8000 series chips include the 3.60 GHz FX-8150, the 3.10 GHZ FX-8120, 2.80 GHz FX-8100; FX 6000 series includes the 3.30 GHz FX-6100; while the quad-core FX 4000 series includes the 3.60 GHz FX-4100. The FX series is expected to launch in this month.

Source: VR-Zone

AMD Contemplates Bundled Water-Cooling for Some FX-Series Processors

The certified fan-heatsink that comes with the CPU is perhaps the first thing enthusiasts get rid of, from their machines. The bundled heatsinks are almost never built in a way that allows you to squeeze the most out of your CPU. It looks like AMD is deciding whether to change this notion with some of its top-tier 8-core "Bulldozer" FX-series processors. The company reportedly plans to bundle self-contained liquid-based coolers with their processors.

Over the last couple of years, consumers have taken a liking for $100 self-contained CPU water coolers, kits that include the block with a motor, pre-fitted tubing to the radiator, which latches onto the common 120 mm rear fan hole of most cases. Bundling water coolers indicate two things: firstly, that the top-end FX-series chips will be hot, secondly, AMD is trying to woo enthusiasts. AMD could have asked its cooler OEMs to come up with a heavy tower-type fan-heatsink, but it chose water-cooling instead. So the move to pack water-cooling could either work for AMD's image (wooing enthusiasts), or against it (to convey that FX chips are so hot that nothing short of water-cooling is fit for them). Pictured below is a popular self-contained water-cooler by Corsair.

Source: X-bit Labs

19 September Launch Day for FX Series Processors

AMD's first wave of FX series high performance desktop processors will hit stores on 19 September, 2011, according to industry sources. On that day, AMD will launch two 8-core models: FX-8100 and FX-8150; a 6-core model, the FX-6100; and a 4-core part: FX-4100. The much yapped about "FX-8130P" that has been a CPU-Z screenshot favourite, is not a part of AMD's finalized lineup. Earlier it was rumored that models with the "P" brand extender were unlocked parts, but now it's emerging that all parts in the FX series are unlocked. Detailed specifications are tabled below.

In the first quarter of 2012, AMD plans its second round of product launches, which consist of faster models that display existing ones from their price-points. The FX-8170 will displace the FX-8150, the FX-8120 displaces FX-8100; FX-6120 displaces FX-6100; and FX-4120 displaces FX-4100. In the meantime, AMD is working with motherboard vendors to ensure adequate propagation of socket AM3+ motherboards, and more importantly, for DDR3-1866 MHz memory to become more affordable, since FX processors yield the most optimal performance with that memory speed.

Source: MyDrivers

FX-Series Processors Clock Speeds 'Revealed'

On several earlier articles like this one, we were versed with the model numbers and even possible prices of AMD's next-generation FX series desktop processors, but the clock speeds stayed under the wraps, that's until a table listing them out was leaked. AMD's FX-series consists of eight-core FX-81xx parts, six-core FX-61xx, and quad-core FX-41xx parts, probably harvested out of the Zambezi silicon by disabling modules (groups of two cores closely interconnected with some shared resources). Most, if not all, FX series chips have unlocked multipliers, making it a breeze to overclock them. All chips come in the AM3+ package, feature 8 MB of L3 cache, and 2 MB L2 cache per module.

Leading the pack is FX-8150, with a clock speed of 3.6 GHz, and TurboCore speed of 4.2 GHz, a 500 MHz boost. The next chip, FX-8120, has a boost of close to a GHz, it has a clock speed of 3.1 GHz, that goes all the way up to 4 GHz with TurboCore. This will be available in 125W and 95W TDP variants. Next up is the FX-8100, with 2.8 GHz clock speed, that goes up to 3.7 GHz, another 900 MHz boost. The scene shifts to 6-core chips, with FX-6120, no clock speed numbers were given out for this one. FX-6100, on the other hand, is clocked at 3.3 GHz, with 3.9 GHz Turbo. The FX-4100 is the only quad-core part with clock speeds given out by this source: 3.6 GHz, with a tiny 200 MHz boost to 3.8 GHz. You can see that there is no pattern in the turbo speed amounts specific to models, and hence we ask you to take these with a pinch of salt.

Source: DonanimHaber

AMD FX-8130P Processor Benchmarks Surface

Here is a tasty scoop of benchmark results purported to be those of the AMD FX-8130P, the next high-end processor from the green team. The FX-8130P was paired with Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5 motherboard and 4 GB of dual-channel Kingston HyperX DDR3-2000 MHz memory running at DDR3-1866 MHz. A GeForce GTX 580 handled the graphics department. The chip was clocked at 3.20 GHz (16 x 200 MHz). Testing began with benchmarks that aren't very multi-core intensive, such as Super Pi 1M, where the chip clocked in at 19.5 seconds; AIDA64 Cache and Memory benchmark, where L1 cache seems to be extremely fast, while L2, L3, and memory performance is a slight improvement over the last generation of Phenom II processors.

ASRock Unveils New Motherboards Based on AMD 9-Series Chipset

AMD’s latest AM3+ processors are a shot in the arm for PCs, delivering start of the art processing at unmatched performance. ASRock superior AMD 9 series motherboards have been designed to support the new-gen AM3+ processors, while still retaining backward compatible with AM3 processors and unprecedentedly implementing support for SLI technology. To bring the best kit to users, ASRock has thrown everything you could want from the new-gen AMD 9 series motherboards. The innovative features include the ASRock signature XFast USB, On/Off Play Technology, Graphical UEFI, All-in-one AXTU program, and so on.

AMD FX 8 Core and 4 Core Processor Systems Seen Running at E3

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2011, AMD made its revival of the FX brand identifier official. The company steered clear of actually launching anything, but reran the audience through the AMD Bulldozer architecture, something AMD first did way back in August 2010 (yeah, it's been that long!). Knowing the audience needed a lot more than just that, AMD ran live demos of gaming PCs running the new FX series processors, again, without giving away any performance figures.

AMD first showed the final box art design. The box of the eight-core FX Black Edition processor is a classy metal canister, while the quad-core FX chip is housed in a more common-looking paperboard box, the design of which matches the one revealed in a box-art exposé back in March. The gaming rigs shown run the eight-core FX processor on an ASUS Crosshair V Formula motherboard, with Radeon HD 6900 series graphics, with an Eyefinity display setup.

AMD Reintroduces FX Brand for High-End Processors and Platforms at E3

AMD today reintroduced the FX brand for PC processors and platforms at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). FX-branded products will be geared toward enthusiast PCs and HD entertainment aficionados. AMD also announced new members for its "Gaming Evolved" program, driving the PC gaming experience forward with native HD3D support in Eidos Montreal's "Deus Ex: Human Revolution," and new collaborations with Bioware, Creative Assembly and Codemasters.

The FX brand is associated with AMD's fastest processors and most powerful platforms -- those designed for unrestrained PC performance for the ultimate gaming and HD entertainment experiences. In addition, these processors and platforms drive rich visuals for graphics-intensive applications and high-resolution AMD Eyefinity multi-monitor configurations. The first platform to earn the FX title, the "Scorpius" platform, will feature the now-available AMD 9-series chipset motherboards and AMD Radeon HD 6000 Series graphics cards, plus the upcoming "Zambezi" unlocked, native eight-core processor.

Cooler Master Shows AMD Scorpius Platform-Themed CM Storm Enforcer Case

Cooler Master is all ready with a case specially themed for AMD's upcoming Scorpius high-end desktop platform, which will combine AMD FX-series "Bulldozer" architecture processors with AMD 9-series chipset motherboard, and AMD Radeon HD 6000 series GPU-based graphics cards. Cooler Master used the recently-released CM Storm Enforcer case, modified its side-panel window to bear the AMD logo and a graphic showing a scorpion, and red LED lighting to keep up with the AMD Vision/Radeon red color scheme. The case is otherwise identical to the original CM Storm Enforcer.

ECS Black Extreme A990FXM-A Motherboard Unveils Next Extreme Gaming Generation

Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), the world’s leading motherboard, graphics card, barebone system, and notebook manufacturer is pleased to announce the latest AMD AM3+ support motherboard – ECS Black Extreme A990FXM-A. Coming with unbelievable gaming power, ECS Black Extreme A990FXM-A is going to bring about the storm of next gaming generation.

ECS Black Extreme A990FXM-A motherboard support 8-Core AMD CPU with AM3+ socket enables users to experience the most-core CPU of next generation. ECS Black Extreme A990FXM-A also supports 3-way AMD ATI CrossFireX and even 3-way NVIDIA SLI technology to support NVIDIA graphic cards to empower graphics ability firing up your gaming accelerating speed. Moreover, ECS A990FXM-A supports DDR3 2133(OC) with two sets of dual channel architecture up to 32GB.

TSeries TA990FXE Leads AM3+ Charge for Biostar

Biostar is keeping a low profile with high-end motherboards, these days. It's been a long while since the company released its last TPower-branded motherboard, but has been pushing its 'value' TSeries motherboards into every segment. One such offering for the AMD socket AM3+ platform is the Biostar TSeries TA990FXE. Based on the AMD 990FX + SB950 chipset, this board packs a lot of high-end styling with its heatsinks and components load-out. It packs a 4+1 phase VRM to power the AM3+ socket, and dual-channel DDR3 memory. Current generation Phenom II, and future FX Series processors are supported.

Expansion slots include four PCI-Express 2.0 x16 (x16/x4/x16/x4), and two PCI. There are five internal SATA 6 Gb/s ports, with the sixth one being assigned as eSATA. Most other connectivity is fairly standard for this category, you've got 8-channel HD audio, four USB 3.0 ports (two by header), and gigabit Ethernet. The board features standard AMIBIOS, and some overclocker-accessible features such as power/reset switches and diagnostic LED.

G.Skill showcases its latest SATA 3 SSD, Phoenix II Pro, DDR3 Memory Kits

G.Skill International Co. Ltd., manufacturer of extreme performance memory and high performance solid-state storage, has released its latest SATA 3 6gbps SSD, Phoenix II Pro, based on the latest SandForce SF-2200 controller with the whopping random write speed up to 60K IOPS, and numerous ultra high performance memory series designed for the latest released platforms at Computex 2011.

Sapphire Pure Black 990FX-N is Purely for CrossFire

Backed by one of the biggest OEMs in the industry, PC Partner, Sapphire does have some engineering potential to speak of. The AMD Radeon graphics card manufacturer has, on and off, tried to make inroads into the the motherboard market. With the 990FX-N, Sapphire is continuing its high-end Pure Black series. While NVIDIA SLI support isn't denied anymore for the AMD chipset platform, for political reasons (such as NVIDIA restricting AMD platform SLI licences to only those motherboard vendors who already had them for the Intel platform, cutting out Sapphire), this board doesn't support SLI. It shouldn't bother you if you own AMD Radeon, this board has sufficient PCI-Express connectivity to even allow 4-way CrossFireX.

The Sapphire Pure Black 990FX-N starts with a 10-phase VRM to power the AM3+ socket supporting AMD's new FX series processors, it is wired to four DDR3 DIMM slot supporting dual-channel DDR3 memory with speeds of over 1866 MHz. Expansion is an all PCI-Express affair, with five PCI-Express 2.0 x16 (of which one is x4), and two open-ended PCI-E x4. Storage connectivity includes eight SATA 6 Gb/s internal ports, and eSATA. Apart from that, the board features 8-channel HD audio with optical and coaxial SPDIF output, dual gigabit Ethernet, two USB 3.0 ports, and Bluetooth.

ASUS ROG Launches Bigfoot Networks Killer E2100 Networking With New AMD Motherboard

Bigfoot Networks, the technology company behind the Killer line of high-performance networking products, today at Computex announced that ASUS has expanded its line of Killer E2100-based motherboards with their new ROG Crosshair V Formula/ThunderBolt Motherboard.

The new ASUS ROG Crosshair V Formula/ThunderBolt Motherboard supports AMD FX Series CPUs with up to 8-cores, DDR3 Memory with overclocking speeds up to 2133 MHz, multi-GPU technology for CrossFireX and NVIDIA SLI, 8-ch HD, SupremeFX X-Fi 2 audio from Creative Labs and more. Powered by Bigfoot Networks' Killer E2100 networking platform and a host of other gaming-centric features, this AMD FX-based motherboard combines innovative design and technical intelligence to make the PC gaming experience more rewarding and accessible. This is the second motherboard offering from ASUS to incorporate Killer E2100 gaming network capabilities, preceded by the ROG Rampage III Black Edition.

MSI 990FXA-GD65 Value AM3+ Motherboard Detailed

MSI is approaching the socket AM3+ performance platform with two motherboards based on the AMD 990FX chipset, at the very top is the 990FXA-GD80 detailed earlier. Next to it, is the 990FXA-GD65, which is designed to occupy a sub-$200 price point. The GD65 depends entirely on the chipset for its features, with very little 3rd-party features. It uses a full-fledged 10-phase VRM to power the CPU. To add electrical stability, a 6-pin PCI-E power connector is in place, if discrete graphics cards that rely on slot power, are used. The 990FX northbridge gives out two PCI-Express 2.0 x16 ports, which are wired to two PCI-Express 2.0 x16 slots that run at full-bandwidth all the time. Other expansion slots include four PCI-E x1 and a legacy PCI.

All six SATA 6 Gb/s ports from the SB950 southbridge are assigned as internal ports, while there are no eSATA ports on the rear panel, MSI might bundle an eSATA bracket that extends two of the six internal ports as eSATA. This way, MSI saved the cost of using an additional third-party SATA controller. Other connectivity includes 8-channel HD audio driven by Realtek ALC892 CODEC that supports optical and coaxial SPDIF output; and two USB 3.0 ports on the rear panel driven by an NEC/Renesas-made controller. There's little more to this board than that, for overclockers. There is a rear-panel CMOS reset button, and "Military-grade" components. Instead of using UEFI firmware with its GUI-driven setup program ClickBIOS, MSI used conventional BIOS with a hack that allows it to boot from volumes greater than 2.2 TB in size. MSI also includes BIOS Code Unlocked Technology, which lets users unlock disabled cores on certain CPUs.

Source: TechConnect Magazine
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