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HP Advances the Touch Experience for Consumers and Businesses

Introducing a more personal, intuitive and entertaining computing experience for consumers, HP today unveiled the sleekly appealing HP TouchSmart310 PC, which features the most advanced version of the company’s exclusive TouchSmart software to date. The company also announced the HP TouchSmart Apps Center for one-touch access to free and subscription-based applications, as well as the HP Omni100, which offers the performance users demand from a tower and monitor in an all-in- one design.

HP also is helping businesses make touch an integral part of the customer experience through relationships with American Airlines, ESPN and the National Football League’s San Francisco 49ers. "Each generation of TouchSmart is a reflection of what HP has learned from its customers, complemented by the latest technologies," said James Mouton, senior vice president, Desktop Organization, Personal Systems Group, HP. "The TouchSmart PC's unique interface lets users do more than just basic computing – it acts as the anchor of one's digital lifestyle, encouraging creativity, organization and a truly immersive experience."

iBUYPOWER Redesigns Liquid Cooled Paladin XLC Line with NZXT Phantom Chassis

iBUYPOWER, a leading innovator in gaming PCs, is excited to announce the new super-cooled Paladin XLC, featuring an all-new exclusive Red Phantom chassis. The newest edition to XLC (Extreme Liquid Cooling) line features an Intel Core i7 Processor cooled by Asetek’s maintenance free 240 mm large radiator liquid cooling system. This combination allows the Paladin XLC to run cool and stable even when it's overclocked to its limits.

"Our XLC line systems are designed to be pushed to their edge and demand advanced cooling solutions like the Asetek dual radiator and sophisticated cases like the Phantom, with its extensive cooling options," said Darren Su, Executive Vice President of iBUYPOWER. "We put each XLC system through extensive stability testing prior to shipping to ensure the highest performance possible."

Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 14 and Thinkpad Edge 15 Ship This Week

Lenovo today announced it is sharpening its focus on small to medium businesses (SMB) from top to bottom, beginning with the introduction of new products like the ThinkPad Edge 14 and 15 inch laptops. Designed for style and sophistication, select models offer an elegant backlit keyboard. The ThinkPad Edge laptops are already powering innovative SMBs like the Cupcake Stop in New York City. Lenovo also announced today the debut of new attention-grabbing worldwide ads showcasing the imagination, engineering and proven ability of Think-branded PC products.

"We're creating a full SMB program, starting with products like the ThinkPad Edge 14 and 15 inch laptops," said Jerry Paradise, director, Worldwide ThinkPad Product Marketing, Lenovo. "We have seen strong demand already for the ThinkPad Edge 13 inch, and we'll continue to expand the ThinkPad Edge lineup going forward, extending the same leadership in innovation, quality and reliability in SMB that we're known for with large enterprise customers."

Lenovo Skylight Lights Up The Web with Industry's First ARM-Based, Qualcomm Smartbook

Lenovo today announced the Lenovo Skylight, the first ARM-based smartbook based on Qualcomm's Snapdragon chipset platform. Skylight harnesses the best of smartphones and netbooks to create a new mobile consumer device. With a stunningly sleek and slim design, all day battery life, robust wireless connectivity and custom interface with live web gadgets, Skylight is designed to transform the mobile Internet experience. The Skylight smartbook connects with AT&T 3G mobile broadband service in the U.S.

"The web has become the window to the world for more and more people, helping them connect with friends and family across town or thousands of miles away," said Peter Gaucher, executive director, Mobile Internet Product Management, Lenovo. "Skylight combines the long battery life and connectivity of a smartphone with the full web browsing and multimedia experience of a netbook to create one of the first devices in this developing smartbook category. Consumers want choices. They can now choose from a full portfolio of Lenovo mobile consumer devices including netbooks, smartbooks and laptops."

Intel Announces Community-Driven Computer Animation Project

Intel Corporation announced a collaborative animation project to produce a computer-generated animated short film for theatrical release. The Mass Animation Project, presented by Intel, will be open to established and aspiring animators.

Intel is sponsoring the development and promotion of a Facebook Page where animators will be able access a collaboration application built on the Facebook Platform, and will work together to create the animated short film. Starting this fall, artists around the world will be able to contribute by animating small pieces of a 5-minute, professional-quality animated short film. The start date will be announced soon.

"This is a great opportunity to bring together computer graphics with the creativity of both Hollywood and the Facebook community," said Michael Hoefflinger, general manager of Intel's Partner Marketing Group. "The power of Intel high-performance processor technology makes it possible for content creators to design, animate and innovate. Intel processor performance and Facebook communication and sharing tools enable large numbers of people around the globe to collaborate on a single creative endeavor."

Facebook Gives Users Commission to Become Salespeople; Spam Friends.

While a fair amount of Facebook users called it quits when they became sick of getting 10 emails every day begging said user to become a vampire or whatnot, it seems that Facebook users face a new issue. A new Facebook application, "affiliate window", allows users to earn a 1-5% commission whenever they sell various goods to their friends using the application. Any money made by Facebook entrepreneurs is placed directly in the Paypal account of the entrepreneur earning the commission. While the application author believes that he has created a side income for teenagers while getting sales for larger companies around the world, he may have just given users another reason to abandon their Facebook accounts.Source: The Inquirer

Facebook Losing Popularity in England

Social networking giant Facebook has suffered it's first drop in members since the site was conceived, probably due to the fact that users now have a way to delete their accounts. Since January, Facebook has lost a whopping 5% of all user accounts. Why, exactly, Facebook popularity is going down the tube is a matter of speculation, at the moment. It could be that some inconsiderate Facebook application developers force users to spam their friends before they can make the application do anything. Users could simply have become tired of getting an E-mail every time they're bitten by a vampire. Perhaps Facebook was just a passing fad, and people have come to accept that it's time to move on from the social networking site.Source: The Inquirer

Facebook Allows Users to Delete Accounts

Yes, for quite some time, once you had a Facebook account, it wasn't going anywhere. Now, fortunately for college students and people with no attention span everywhere, Facebook now allows said people to delete their Facebook accounts. This was in direct response to user complaints about not being able to delete their accounts, if desired. Even if users were able to delete their own accounts, there were no obvious directions on how to do that. Another reason that Facebook decided to allow users to delete their accounts was a reason that could have gotten Facebook sued if they did not address it: privacy. The "I didn't actually make a Facebook" E-mails were really racking up in Facebook's inbox, and Facebook sometimes made it all too easy for people to research intimate/private/personal details of users' lives. At this point, deleting your account is just a help-page away. Facebook admins are considering adding a "delete account" button.Source: The Inquirer

Facebook Staff Caught Spying on Members

While Facebook prides itself in being one of the few social networking sites to respect the privacy of all members, some staff members recently decided to abuse that trust. Said employees were caught analyzing profiles they had no right to look at, reading private messages, and otherwise spying on/invading the privacy of unsuspecting members. Facebook caught on to this violation of trust when members began writing in complaining about unknown people viewing their profiles. Facebook administrators are currently investigating the situation, and will fire those that consider spying on members to be "a perk".Source: The Inquirer

Microsoft Buys Facebook Stake for $240M

Rapidly rising Internet star Facebook Inc. has sold a 1.6 percent stake to Microsoft Corp. for $240 million, spurning a competing offer from online search leader Google Inc. Under the expanded strategic alliance, Microsoft will be the exclusive third-party advertising platform partner for Facebook, and will begin to sell advertising for Facebook internationally in addition to the United States.

Facebook Founder Sued For Concept Theft

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the Facebook social networking site, will this week defend himself against charges that he stole the concept from classmates at Harvard University. First begun in 2004, the lawsuit filed by Cameron Winklevoss, brother Tyler and Divya Narendra accuses Zuckerberg of having registered on January 11th of 2004, three days after promising to help his peers with their own social networking site which they finally name ConnectU. Facebook and ConnectU are so identical that users can convert their profile directly from one to the other. If Narendra and the Winklevosses win the suit, they hope to claim control of Facebook and its assets, with extra money coming in the form of damage payments. Zuckerberg meanwhile denies having done anything wrong, and says he will ask for the case to be dismissed. A Facebook representative said:
Only one of the students had an idea significant enough to build a great company. That one person was Mark Zuckerberg.
Source: CTV
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