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BitFenix Announces the Spectre Xtreme and Spectre Xtreme LED Fans

With the introduction of dual frame design of the BitFenix Spectre Pro series we raised the standards of system fans to a new level. The new BitFenix Spectre Xtreme fans offer many features redefining the standards of cooling fans. Spectre Xtreme gives you the best performance and aesthetics using the latest in cooling fan technology and innovative designs.

Cooling fans used in liquid cooling systems not only need to have a high airflow but also they need to be optimised for static pressure. The newly designed blades of the Spectre Xtreme not only look good but also improve the airflow of the fan to 66CFM while maintaining optimum static pressure. This makes the Spectre Xtreme fans an ideal choice for liquid cooling solutions.

Enermax Announces the DF Fan Series

Enermax is pleased to announce, for the first time at the 2016 CES, that ENERMAX is making a giant leap forward for the future fan product specification, the patented DFR (Dust Free Rotation) design. The concept of DFR design is to greatly reduce the dust of the internal PC system or the fan blade. The revolutionary DFR function allows the fan to spin in reverse action at the highest RPM set by the user for 10 seconds upon startup before it resume to the normal operation. In conjunction with ENERMAX's patented DFR and Twister Bearing Technology for easy blade removal, the new D.F. Fan series offers a total solution for self-cleaning: prolong the product lifetime and extend the intervals for fan and system cleaning maintenance.

Based on our successful TwisterPressure series with incredible static pressure of 3.845mm-H2O; the new DFR embedded D.F.PRESSSURE not maintain this industry-leading performance, but with brand new APS (Adjustable Peak Speed) PWM side control configuration for maximum user safety and usability. This is truly an ultimate DIY fan choice for all types of PC chassis, CPU coolers and other indoor applications.

AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition Incorrect Fan Speed Issue Being Fixed

AMD's ambitious Radeon Sofware Crimson Edition drivers are seeing its first user experience issue in the form of a fan-speed bug. The driver, in some cases, spins graphics card fans up to 100%, and in others, the fan-speed is locked at 30% regardless of load. Over the past weekend, AMD acknowledged the issue and is tasked with a hotfix driver scheduled for release later today.

Be Quiet! Announces Pure Wings 2 PWM Series Fans

Be quiet!, the market leader in PC power supplies in Germany for nine consecutive years, introduces the latest version of the Pure Wings 2 fans with PWM functionality. This allows for an even easier control of this proven entry-level fan and makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. The all-new Pure Wings 2 PWM offers the highest reliability and an extremely low noise level at an excellent price-performance ratio, just like the 3-pin version.

Be quiet! adds PWM functionality to the rock solid Pure Wings 2. This low-cost entry-level fan can easily be controlled over a 4-pin connector via Pulse Width Modulation, either automatically by the motherboard or manually through the BIOS or with the appropriate software. The flexible rotational speed of the new Pure Wings 2 is ideally suited for a wide range of applications and represents the ideal choice for air and water cooling setups. The fan can be mounted on the radiator, radiator body or in the case to support an optimum airflow.

Nidec Gentle Typhoon PWM 120 mm Fan Now Available

The legendary Nidec-Servo Gentle Typhoon fans, which DIY liquid cooling enthusiasts swear by, in its new 4-pin PWM version, is now on sale at ModMyMods. Priced at $19.99 a piece, and shipped worldwide, these 120 mm fans offer up to 58.5 CFM of air-flow, with speeds ranging between 550-1,850 RPM, with noise levels no higher than 26 dBA. Among its top features are a unique impeller design that puts out noise of the frequency that blends with typical ambient noise (and is less noticeable), and double vibration-reduction structures that minimize vibration transmitted noise. Grab them from this page.

EK Brings EK-XLC Predator 360 to Life

EK Water Blocks, premium PC liquid cooling gear manufacturer from Slovenia, is proud to launch a premium liquid cooling solution - EK-XLC Predator 360, complete all-in-one (AIO) with Quick Disconnects. EK has taken top performing, market proven components from its existing Enthusiast product line and assembled them together into one compact pre-filled solution. Absolutely no compromises were made when designing the Predator. Enthusiasts and PC builders alike will truly get the best of what the market can offer in a compact, expandable, out-of-the-box liquid cooling solution.

EK-XLC Predator 360 is next-generation, premium grade pre-filled and pre-assembled all-in-one (AIO) CPU liquid cooling unit. It provides extreme cooling performance and exceptional build quality unseen in the AIO (all-in-one) segment so far. The unit utilizes top-tier EK-Vardar high-static pressure fans and market-proven Laing DDC liquid cooling pump. All-around PWM control provides minimal noise profile and performance on demand.

Spire Announces the ClearStar 140 mm Fan

Computer thermal specialist Spire is introducing the new line and size of 140mm DC cooling fans, code named: CLEARSTAR series. With the new CLEARSTAR fan series Spire is extending its already impressive lineup of DC cooling fans for the personal, gaming and networked computer systems. CLEARSTAR fans are designed for the PC enthusiast that demand additional cooling, better system airflow and silent solutions.

By implementing the proprietary Nano-Tech bearing this fan is already more silent than traditional sleeve- or ball-bearing fans. Furthermore the size have increased which enables the fan to spin at a lower speed. Lastly, the impellor blades have been shaped and balanced in a way that it moves more air, creates better air pressure and is more quiet. Presently there are two transparent models available. One of these, model# SP14025NTL3-B-LED is equipped with 4 bright blue LED's which create a cool glow in the PC system.

Shuttle Announces the XS35V5 and XS36V5 Small Form Factor Computers

Shuttle Computer Group, Inc., one of the world's leading designers of small form factor (SFF) computers, announced its XS35V5 and XS36V5 with improved graphics performance. A host of features make them perfect for commercial applications including digital signage, kiosks, menu boards, and more.

"The latest 4K monitors need higher performance graphics, and our XS35V5 and XS36V5 make images and text pop out loud," said Marty Lash, director sales and marketing, Shuttle Computer Group. "They're easy to configure, have great connectivity, and provide cool-running, non-stop operation. They have everything an integrator needs for any display application."

Phanteks Announces the MP and SP Series Black Edition Fans

Phanteks today announced the immediate availability of the PH-F120/140/200 SP Series and PH-F120/140 MP Series Black Edition fans. The fans are available in 120mm, 140mm, 200mm sizes with the all new black blades and black frame.

The MP Series premium fans are designed to overcome the airflow restriction caused by high fin denisty. The MP Series fans produces high static air pressure allowing for a direct and focused airflow making them ideal for the densely packed fins of a radiator. The new seven blade high pressure MVB II blades are precisely angled to generate a silent and controlled airflow.

Arctic Announces the F Silent Fan Series

Arctic announced the F Silent series fans. In its class the F Silent offers the largest airflow by margin and yet is quieter than any other fan in the roundup - the top choice for silent fans. There is no need to compromise case ventilation, even if noise is not an option. The secret to this success? An innovative design done through computational fluidic dynamics with a motor developed in Germany. At low fan speed, the motor and bearing noise is key. A new alloy/lubricant combination reduces friction, which not only lead to increased service life but most of all keeps the operating noise to a minimum.

NZXT Announces GRID+ V2 Digital Fan Controller

NZXT makes digital fan control easy with the new GRID+ V2. Welcome to the future of digital fan control. The new GRID+ combines a modern interface and a streamlined installation to ensure a simple, unintrusive solution for fan control. Now with improved software and support for individual fan control, GRID+ V2 offers complete control at a click of the mouse.

The GRID+ V2 is a software-controlled fan controller with 6 individually controlled channels and up to 30 watts total output, allowing users to control each fan channel independently. With the option to name each channel, users will be able to immediately identify faulty fans via the included free CAM software's smart notifications.

Thermaltake Introduces the Riing 12 and 14 LED Radiator Fans

Thermaltake, an industry leader in computer chassis, thermal solutions, and power supply units, has launched the new Riing 12 and 14 LED Radiator Fan Full Series, 120 mm and 140 mm fans fitted to enhance static pressure, producing impressive cooling performance with an optimized fan blade. Hydraulic bearings for silent operation guarantee ultra-low noise. In addition, an anti-vibration mounting system strengthens the stability during operation. The patented LED Ring maintains color and brightness uniformity. The LED ring is available in yellow, orange, red, green, blue, and white, a palette of 6 colors to style up your chassis.

Wind Blocker Frame
The wind blocker frame is designed to work with the Concentrated Compression Blade's (CCB) pressure mechanism by directing airflow towards the middle section of the blade, thereby creating a compression effect and blocking any pressure from escaping. This reduces the blade's noise and vibration, creating a perfect balance between power and sound.

EK Releases New Extended Range Series EK-Vardar Fans

EK Water Blocks, Ljubljana based premium computer liquid cooling gear manufacturer, is proud to introduce the latest addition to the company's first fully in-house engineered computer cooling fan family, the EK-Vardar. These new fans are available in either All Black or All White design and feature Extended Range (ER) of operation.

Dubbed Vardar, this family of cooling fans carry the name of a type of the cold northwesterly wind blowing from the mountains down to the valleys of Macedonia. It is a type of ravine wind, enhanced by a channelling effect while blowing down through the Moravia-Vardar gap, bringing cold conditions from the north to the Thessaloniki area of Greece. Most frequent during winter, it is blowing in the rear of a depression when atmospheric pressure over eastern Europe is higher than over the Aegean Sea.

Antec Announces TrueQuiet 120 UFO Fan Series in Europe

Antec is presenting TrueQuiet 120 UFO, an extremely quiet fan for PC housings with a highly efficient level of air circulation. Nine specially shaped fan-blades prevent swirls and their unwanted noise. Due to rubberised contact points to the housing, vibrations are being dampened efficiently. Thanks to its transparent LED ring, the TrueQuiet 120 UFO can powerfully illuminate the housing in the colours blue, green, white or red. The included rubber pins furthermore enable a tool-free installation of the fan.

Finally the TrueQuiet 120 UFO is available in Europe, bringing state-of-the-art fan technology to PC systems. This new 120-mm housing fan has been developed with a strong focus on noise reduction and performs its work almost unheard. Two ventilating speeds are available via control system: 1,000 rounds per minute at 19.9 dBA or 600 rounds per minute at almost unnoticeable 8.9 dBA.

Noctua Unveils Two New Slim A-series Fans

Noctua unveiled two new super-slim A-series fans at Computex 2015. These include the all-white Slim 120 mm spinner, and the Slim 200 mm. The 120 mm Slim A-series is just 15 mm thick (compared to 25 mm standard); and features an all-white frame and impeller. It features an acoustic-optimized frame, with inner surface micro-structures that serve an anti-acoustic function; and vibration-dampening pads along its frame-mount, and included rubber bolts. An SS02 bearing gives the fan six-figure-hour MTBF. The 200 mm version features all those, plus a common Noctua-brown color scheme, and a 200 mm low-noise impeller.

Noctua Announces Project Chromax - DIY Colorful Fans

Sick and tired of the brown, but can't do without Noctua quality? The company announced Project Chromax, an initiative to design new products that will give users the freedom to choose their own colors on certain parts of the fan, such as frame-mounts, and rubber bolts. Currently shown off with the company's all-black IPC 120 mm spinners, Noctua unveiled silicone-based anti-vibration frame-mounts and bolts in four colors. The company didn't announce any product with these yet, but is expected to launch a few, with such accessories.

Noctua Makes Progress with ANC Fans

Noctua announced several major design breakthroughs in its effort to design the first fan with a fully integrated active noise-cancellation system (ANC). ANC works on the principle of destructive interference in wave mechanics. As the fan blades and motor produce noise, a microphone takes in that noise to a processor, which inverts the phase of the sound, and sends it to speakers, that give out sound that interferes destructively with the noise output of the fan, reducing its amplitude.

Noctua announced breakthroughs that include a logic board that can fit into the fan's motor-hub and needn't stay in an [ugly] plastic box hanging outside the fan; and a new standards-compliant 25 mm-thick 120 mm fan design, which will pass off as any 120 mm fan; and can be easily installed on existing systems. The company also improved the ANC system magnets that run along the bore of the frame, and is working on improving the impeller design, and the software driving the ANC system. The company successfully concluded mass-production feasibility study.

Reeven Shows off Three New Fans

In addition to three new fan controllers, Reeven unveiled three new fans - the Euros, the ColdWing 12, and the ColdWing 14, pictured in that order. The Euros is positioned as a premium high air-flow offering. This 120 mm spinner features S-FDB bearing, which translates to an MTBF of 120,000 hours, and comes in speeds of 800, 1200, 1600, and 2000 RPM in its 3-pin variants; and 500~1200, 500~1600, and 800~2000 RPM in its 4-pin (PWM) variants.

The ColdWing 12 and ColdWing 14 are value offerings. The 120 mm ColdWing 12 features conventional sleeved bearing, with 30,000 hours MTBF. Its 3-pin variant comes in 800 RPM and 2000 RPM versions; while its 4-pin (PWM) variant offers a speed range of 300~1500 RPM. The 140 mm ColdWing 14, on the other hand, comes in 800, 1200, and 1700 RPM variants for 3-pin; and 300~1700 RPM for its 4-pin (PWM) variant. Like the ColdWing 12, it features a 30,000-hour MTBF rated sleeved bearing.

Reeven Unveils Three New Fan Controllers

Reeven showed off three new fan controllers at Computex. These include the Four Eyes Touch (RFC-03), Six Eyes II (RFC-02), and Polariz (RFC-04), pictured below in that order. The Four Eyes Touch, as its name suggests, is a touchscreen-based controller, with four fan channels. The controller can put out up to 30W per channel, and can display fan speeds of up to 9,999 RPM. Its thermal probes can read temperatures of up to 99°C. The Six Eyes II combines a similar touchscreen interface, with physical buttons for switching channels. It can control six fan channels, with similar chops as the Four Eyes Touch. Lastly, there's the Polariz. This 3-channel controller has analog rotary knobs for each channel, with digital fan-speed and temperature readouts on tiny LED displays on each knob.

Scythe Releases Slip Stream 120 DB Fans with Dual Ball Bearing

Japanese cooling expert Scythe expands the 120 mm case fan portfolio with the announcement of the new Slip Stream 120 DB axial-fans. The new line up includes five regular models with fixed fan speed as well as one PWM-enabled model. Special highlight of the series is the Dual Ball Bearing, which has been developed in Japan. Thanks to the new bearing an intense life span increase to 350.000 hours (MTBF) has been accomplished.

The successful "small hub & large fan blades" concept was initially introduced with the first Slip Stream series and is handed down to the Slip Stream 120 DB. Increased flow area and airflow could be achieved at the same fan speed, thanks to this concept. Slip Stream 120 DB lineup includes six different models, including a PWM-enabled version, which offers a wide fan speed range starting at 300 RPM and going up to 1.300 RPM.

ASRock Readies the Fanless BeeBox Compact Desktop

One of ASRock's prime attractions at this year's Computex, apart from its socket LGA1151 motherboards, will be a fanless compact desktop, the BeeBox. Driven by 14 nm Intel "Braswell" Celeron N3000 series SoC, the BeeBox will pack in 2 GB or 4 GB of DDR3L-1600 memory (expandable to 8 GB using two SO-DIMM slots), 32 GB to 128 GB mSATA SSD storage, and connectivity that includes 802.11 ac WLAN, gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.0, four USB 3.0 ports (including one type-C port), and display outputs that include HDMI and DisplayPort. Measuring 110 mm x 46 mm x 118.5 mm, the BeeBox will be complete quiet, including its brick-type power supply.
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EK Water Blocks Introduces D Series Drop-in Liquid Cooling Kits

EK Water Blocks, Ljubljana based premium liquid cooling gear manufacturer, is excited to introduce two new kits of EK-KIT D series performance orientated liquid cooling starter kits. EK Water Blocks has prepared two different models: EK-KIT D240 (In Win D-Frame Mini drop-in) and EK-KIT D360-X2 (CaseLabs Mercury SM8 drop-in).

These new D-series EK-KITs are designed as a perfect drop-in for either CaseLabs Mercury S8 (EK-KIT D360-X2) and In Win D-Frame Mini chassis (EK-KIT D240) as they includes all the necassery components, required to build high-performance liquid cooling system.

Fractal Design Announces Venturi Series Fans

The Venturi Series of fans delivers high quality design and construction bringing forth a leading performance fan series with built-in rubber vibration dampening corners coupled with top quality electronics and materials. Venturi fans are ideal for high pressure or high airflow usage scenarios featuring detailed engineered elements that contribute to a low-noise yet a maximum performing solid fan.

The Venturi High Flow Series fans, HF-12 and HF-14, are optimized for low-restriction airflow environments, making them an excellent choice for computer case fans, or other low-restriction usage scenarios. Designed with a variety of performance-increasing and noise-reducing features, these fans can move an amazing amount of air compared to other fans at the same, minimal noise level.

Thermaltake Announces Riing 12 and 14 LED Radiator Fan Series

Thermaltake, an industry leader in computer chassis, thermal solutions, and power supply units, introduces the new Riing 12 and 14 LED Radiator Fan Series, patented LED ring radiator fan fitted to enhance static pressure that produces impressive cooling performance with an optimized fan blade design. Hydraulic bearings for silent operation guarantee ultra-low noise. In addition, an anti-vibration mounting system strengthens the stability during operation.

The patented LED Ring maintains color and brightness uniformity, available in four colors: blue, red, white, and green to add style to the chassis, allowing users to not only build up an aesthetically superior liquid cooling system but also incorporate externally-modular upgrades for their chassis. The new Thermaltake Riing 12 and 14 LED Radiator Fan Series will soon be available on Newegg around the end of February.

DeepCool Announces GF140 PWM 140 mm Fans

DeepCool rolled out the GF140, a 140 mm fan, with a design focus on low-noise. Featuring an octagonal frame, with silicone inserts on its edges, and included silicone bolts, the fan offers a fluid-dynamic bearing (FDB) motor, and a detachable impeller that lets you clean it better. With a 4-pin PWM input, the fan spins between 700 and 1,200 RPM, pushing up to 71.8 CFM of air, with noise output ranging between 17.6 and 26.7 dBA. DeepCool didn't announce pricing or availability.
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