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New Quantum Force Motherboard Breaks 3DMark06 Record in Early Testing

Early testing of the latest Quantum Force motherboard, due for release in 2008, has achieved staggering 3DMark06 scores for the mid-range Radeon HD3870 cards and produced stable overclocks of 6080MHz for the latest Intel processors. With a score of 28,313 the test has produced one of the highest 3DMark06 scores of all time, and a new world record using the mid-range HD3870 graphics cards. In separate tests, Foxconn engineers easily overclocked an Intel QX9770 Core 2 Extreme processor to 6GHz, running it stably using LN2 cooling. As a result of the latest tests, engineers are “extremely confident” about the overclocking headroom and stability the forthcoming motherboard will afford enthusiasts.

Source: Foxconn

Foxconn Prepares 790FX Motherboard With SB700 Southbridge

With the Phenom CPUs and AMD 7-series chipsets ready to go, it's motherboard manufacturers' turn to roll their new products. FOXCONN has a 790FX/SB700 powered board practically ready although it will not hit retail stores until early Q1 2008. Nicknamed A79A-S, the 790FX motherboard features HyperTransport 3.0, quad-core Phenom support, DDR2-1066 support, four PCI-Express 2.0 x16 slots, two Gigabit Ethernet ports and SB700 with support for up to 12x USB 2.0 ports.

Source: TechConnect Magazine,Expreview

FOXCONN Launch Quantum Force Scholarship Program

FOXCONN welcomes you to join the Quantum Force Scholarship Program, which offers cash and hardware sponsorship for budding overclockers. Applicants are invited to send in their CVs now, with the first intake of ‘Scholars’ announced before the end of the year - download the application form here. The lucky winners can expect free hardware and cash sponsorship for LN2 cooling. They will also have chance to do early testing on future Quantum Force products, provide their suggestions to Quantum Force R&D teams, and hopefully set some new overclocking records. Last but not least, winners will be cooperating with Shamino.

Source: Quantum Force

FOXCONN Launches Quantum-Force Website

FOXCONN today launched a new website dedicated to its Quantum Force product line. is without doubt the most comprehensive product and enthusiast website to be launched by a hardware manufacturer. The website includes a product registration function, access to exclusive downloads including BETA BIOS updates and special OC utilities, video content, competitions, OC tutorials and much more. Among the first exclusive downloads for members is the HD2900XT CrossFire OC Utility for extracting more graphics power from your CrossFire setup. Also available in the member’s Downloads section is the latest BETA BIOS updates for the MARS motherboard, based on the Intel P35 chipset.Source: Foxconn

FOXCONN Adds P35AP-S DDR3/DDR2 Combo motherboard to Digital Life Series

FOXCONN today released the P35AP-S motherboard – the latest product in Foxconn’s Digital Life segment, which aims to bring more connectivity and digital entertainment capability to high-end motherboards. The P35AP-S is based on the Intel P35 chipset, and offers support for both DDR3 up to 1333MHz and DDR2 up to 1066MHz. P35AP-S will be available in the channel from did November. Reference retail price is around US$185. Link to the full motherboard specs.

Source: Foxconn Channel

Foxconn Unleashes the Power with MARS

Foxconn today officially announced the launch of its first true overclocking motherboard; MARS will be the first in a new product line called Quantum Force, which will be dedicated to overclocking and gaming enthusiasts. Based on the Intel P35 chipset, MARS has been specially tuned for overclocking performance, and has undergone extensive testing and trials by some of the world’s leading overclockers before release to retail customers in September.

Foxconn Announces Release on the GeForce 8600 and 8500 Series Graphics Cards

Yan Tai, China, April 17th, 2007 – Foxconn, a global leading manufacturer of quality performance computing hardware, today announced the release of their NVIDIA® GeForce 8600GTS, 8600GT and 8500GT graphics cards. The Foxconn new GeForce 8600 graphics series feature NVIDIA® revolutionary new DX10 unified architecture which brings unparalleled levels graphics realism and performance to gamers, in addition to Foxconn’s unique cooling system, which is proven to increase overclocking capability by up to 15%. The Foxconn GeForce 8500GT, on the other hand, is the ideal graphics solution at a sub-$100 price point. It delivers unprecedented levels of graphics realism and gaming performance you have been long craving for, without emptying your wallet.

Go Extreme with Foxconn 8600GTS and 8600GT Overclocked Version
In addition to the standard GeForce 8600 and 8500 series, Foxconn is also launching a factory GeForce 8600GTS and 8600GT “Overclocked” graphics card at the same time. It is spec’d at a stunning 700 / 2200 and 560 /1560 MHz (Core / Memory clock) respectively.

FOXCONN introduces three mainboards with AMD A690 chipset

It appears that German journalists are a little bit faster then their English counterparts. Like the folks at MSI the guys at Global FOXCONN department are a bit slow in posting press news. But we still have the brave Germans at FOXCONN who post tidbits sometimes. So they did this time announcing three new mATX-sized motherboards for the Socket AM2. All of them feature the integrated ATI Radeon X1250 graphics solution and a single PCIe x16 slot just in case you want to upgrade. They will be available soon.

Source: FOXCONN Germany
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