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Creative Introduces Wireless Bluetooth Headphones SE2300

Creative, a worldwide leader in digital entertainment products, today announced the Creative Wireless Headphones SE2300. For added convenience, the Creative Wireless Headphones SE2300 features a cool lightweight design, user-friendly controls and advanced Bluetooth technology. The trendy Creative Wireless Headphones SE2300 is great for MP3 music on the go, as it is designed for maximum flexibility and portability. With a lightweight clip-on design, users are given a greater sense of style and comfort without the hassle of a headband.

LG launches widescreen 'TVPC'

The TVPC is basically a laptop chassis built into a widescreen television. The flat panel, measuring 72 x 47 x 10cm, uses a 1.73GHz Celeron M 430 processor from Intel, 1GB of DDR2, a 160GB hard drive, and an Intel 945M chipset which uses the GMA950 for onboard graphics. It also has wireless internet built in, as well as a 14-in-1 memory card reader. The product should be available in South Korea for KRW1,850,000 ($2,004/£1,027/€1,533).

Source: The Register

IXOS' new Disco Cube pulses to the beat

Whether you want a new iPod speaker system, to be the hit of the party, or just want some pretty lights, the Disco Cube has you covered. With a plug for the iPod dock, you can not only keep the iPod fully charged as you listen to music, but add more music to it. Exclusively from the Debenhams UK store chain, you can get the Disco Cube (model number XMI608) for £75.

Source: The Register

Terratec offers six-speakered USB headset with microphone

While most people assume a headset only has two speakers, the people at Terratec have decided to stick six speaker in a single headset. Putting three speakers on each side of the headset, and attaching a microphone, Terratec has made a very nice set of 5.1 surround sound headphones. The headset plugs into a spare USB port, has a small control panel allowing on-the-fly changes of volume and bass, is designed to be worn for long periods of time and costs £45.

Source: The Register offers USB pole dancer

When people queued to buy a Nintendo Wii for sport games, people asked them, "why not do the real thing?". The same question can be asked about the USB pole dancer, though there are many more reasons to get a fake pole dancer than a sports game. The eight inch tall doll will suggestively gyrate and dance when plugged in to a USB port. It will also do this to the beat of your music if you plug a headphone jack into it. You can get this Holiday novelty for a mere £30 from

Source: The Register

Ion Audio plans iPod projector

Well, as the iPod continues in its attempt to take over the world, the latest 3rd party hardware to enhance your iPod experience has been released. You can find something that will do almost anything you want with your iPod, and now Ion Audio has revealed that it intends to release a new projector with a built in iPod dock. With the creative name ‘iProjector’ (didn’t see that coming did you?), it will allow you to display pictures and watch your movies on a larger screen without the stress of plugging in one more cable. Full specs are not yet available, but hopefully January will yield prices and information for anybody interested.Source: SCI FI Tech

Cambridge Soundworks makes iPod compatible speakers

Cambridge Soundworks, which is a subsidiary of Creative Technology, announced their latest and greatest set of speakers. The $200 PlayDock Zen and PlayDock i run off of either onboard batteries or a power cord. The speakers use "wide spacial imaging" technology, and have a built-in subwoofer for bass response. Every set of speakers comes with a remote, is magnetically shielded so it can be placed near a television, has TV out ports, and an antenna to boost FM reception on the Zen. The PlayDock Zen works with the Zen Vision:M, V and V Plus players, and The PlayDock i works with the 4 GB and 5GB iPod, iPod Mini and iPod Nano.

Source: The Register

The latest use of the USB port: an ashtray

The Japanese manufacturer Greenhouse has invented a novelty that will make office smokers everywhere happy- the USB ashtray. The USB ashtray plugs into a USB port, and uses the power supplied by the USB port to provide a very effective ashtray. However, when this ashtray is opened, a fan activates that effectively cleans the air surrounding it, eliminating all traces that a smoker was smoking. You can shut a cigarette on the device, cleverly hiding it in what looks like a monopoly car. Each ashtray costs Each ashtray costs around ¥500 ($4.30/£2.20/€3.25).

Source: The Register

Cisco puts Santa on their payroll, who calls kids in hospitals using video phones

Cisco has started a large campaign to put video phones into hospitals. What is so special about these video phones though, is that they have a direct button that calls Santa Claus. This means that children who want to talk to Santa, but can't get out of the hospital to visit him, need not go much farther then their room to call Santa Claus and have a video chat with him. Cisco posted a video of it's technology in action here. Source: The Register

Flybook VM: a notebook with a twist

Here’s an example of what notebooks could be like in the future. Dialogue is releasing its Flybook VM on the 20th of this month – but it isn’t your standard laptop. The Flybook features an extendable screen stand allowing it to be raised up away from the main body of the computer, giving it an appearance that could be expected from an iMac, meaning it offers a superior screen position over normal notebooks.

Protect your computer with the emergency shutdown button

The Secret Base Emergency Button by Takaratomy is one of the most nonsensical USB devices. By pressing it, you effectively shut down your computer. But not before you get a very entertaining movie on the screen. Animated bars and blast doors "secure" your computer, and then shut it down. There's a very nice video (WMV format) here. The price for the silly gadget is ¥3,990 ($35/£18/€26).
Source: The Register

iPod shuffle USB adaptor released

One of the major advantages of the original iPod Shuffle that Apple chose to remove when it was redesigned was the ability to link directly to a USB port, allowing owners to utilise it as a memory stick. Until now, the new version has required the Shuffle to use the dock that is shipped with it to store songs and data. To bypass this problem and restore a little more functionality to the Shuffle, Incipio has developed an adaptor that lets you plug it straight into your PC without the need for a dock, retailing for under $6.

It can be purchased for $5.99 (plus P+P) here.Source: Reg Hardware

Belkin introduces wireless USB hub

(Compton, CA) - December 4, 2006 – The Belkin Cable-Free USB Hub, the industry's first USB Hub that does not require a cable to connect to the computer, will be available for purchase in mid-December. Utilizing Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology with the Wisair chipset, this Hub allows you to place your laptop anywhere in the room so you can print, play music, scan, download photos, and burn CDs from anywhere in the room.

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