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Gainward Launch Feature-rich Radeon HD 4670

Gainward has launched a custom design Radeon HD 4670 graphics card featuring the latest GPU from ATI. The card spans across two slots. While cooling might attribute to that, the other reason is that Gainward has provided every kind of display connector that's standard today. The card has a dual-link DVI, an analog D-Sub, a HDMI with 7.1 ch audio, and a DisplayPort connector.

It comes with the RV730 core clocked at 750 MHz, features 512 MB of GDDR3 memory clocked at 2000 MHz. Underneath the sporty grill hood of the card is a cooler consisting of a fan blowing air onto a heatsink with radially projecting fins. Such a cooler can be seen on some of Gainward's own mid-range GeForce Golden Sample series graphics cards, though this card didn't get that title.

Source: Fudzilla

Gainward Non-reference Radeon HD 4870 Fresh out

Gainward, a subsidiary of Palit Microsystems presented a set of pictures of its non-reference HD 4870. It will share this design with the Palit Radeon HD 4870 Sonic. Gainward sought aggressive cooling and overclocking for this card. The card will continue to feature 512 MB of GDDR5 memory. This card features dual-BIOS, a BIOS maintains 750 MHz / 950 MHz core and memory parameters, while a second high-performance BIOS ups these frequencies to 775 MHz / 1000MHz. Presumably this mechanism brings about redundancy with the BIOS, a boon for overclockers as accidental damage to the card due to tweaking the BIOS could be easily resolved.

Gainward Releases Radeon HD 4850 Golden Sample Graphics Card

Gainward, announced it’s own design graphics card of HD4850 chipset, the Gainward HD4850 graphics cards to the market. From performance point of view, the GAINWARD HD4850 Golden Sample brings a 700MHz core clock and 1100MHz memory clock, designed with higher efficiency heatpipe and special cover for better protection and air flow. Designed with 512MB, DDR3 memory and 256bit memory bandwidth, supports PCI-express 2.0 interface and 800 units of stream processors. Gainward HD4850 Golden Sample can completely run with the high resolution DX10.1 games in perfect smoothness and deliver the highest quality gaming experience, upscale the resolution to a 1920*1200 Full HD level and rest assured to still get smooth gaming experience on most of games.

For the mainstream segment, GAINWARD HD4850 normal version use 512MB DDR3 memory with 256bit memory bandwidth and supports PCI-express 2.0 with 625 MHz core clock, 1986MHz memory clock and 800 units of stream processors. Gainward HD4850 512MB comes with better performance fan sink design, it can deliver the most reliable & incredible gaming experience with lower temperature and noise.

Gainward Brings out the Dual-power Monster for Extreme HD Gaming

Gainward officially announced the highest segment products of ATI chipsets –Gainward HD 4870 X2 graphics card to the market.

Gainward HD 4870 X2 is the latest graphics solution equipped with two powerful RV770 GPUs which is designed to take advantage of the power that GDDR5 memory delivers. GDDR5 has twice the available memory bandwidth compared to GDDR3 and GDDR4; thanks to its quad data rate. The Gainward HD 4870 X2 comes with 2048MB of GDDR5 memory at an effective memory speed of 3,600MHz (900MHz quad data rate) connected to two RV770 graphics processors with each 256bits bus per GPU. The two graphics processors, which are clocked at a massive 750MHz, are combined to 800 stream processors for a big performance boost. It supports the latest ATI CrossFire X technology to smoothly fulfill HD gaming experience at highest details settings even with the most demanding games. The card supports a PCI Express 2.0 interface to ensure maximum bandwidth availability.

Intel Nehalem Turbo-charges Radeon HD4850 Benchmark

Intel Nehalem Posts Impressive CPU Scores with 3D Benchmarks

The rather lucky Taiwanese team of Tom's Hardware got their hands on an Intel Bloomfield engineering sample that has a clock-speed of 2.93 GHz, running on a Intel X58 chipset based motherboard made by Foxconn called Renaissance to evaluate a Gainward Radeon HD4850 sample. System details are provided below.

Gainward to Become a Neutral Board Partner

Traditionally a board partner with NVIDIA, Gainward, a subsidiary of Palit, decides to become a neutral board vendor selling graphics cards featuring GPUs from both NVIDIA and AMD/ATI.

They have slated versions of the Radeon HD4800 series for release soon. These cards will feature the usual Gainward-exclusive features such as the EXPERTool, to monitor the GPU temperature and fan speed of the GPU, In addition, possible changes fan speed, frequency kernel GPU, memory and Shader unit.

Would other NVIDIA board partners follow suit? Only time will tell.

Source: iXBT

Gainward Launches 512MB 8800 GTS

Gainward's Bliss 8800GTS 512MB version graphics card: Equipped with stunning 650MHz on the core clock and a super fast 970MHz on the memory clock, Gainward Bliss 8800GTS leads to an ultimate performance for enthusiasts, in addition, the amazing 512MB 256bit memory interface size can undoubtedly allow the graphics processors to achieve higher resolutions without running into memory capacity bottlenecks in games. Gainward’s Bliss 8800GTS is definitely the weapon you must have to lead the world of new generation games.

Gainward Working on Several New GeForce 8800GT Cooler Designs

While the NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT performs very well in games and applications, its stock single-slot cooler isn't as great as the other 8800 series coolers. At first, Gigabyte attempted on creating their own cooler for the 8800GT and now Gainward is also finishing up on its new 8800GT designs. As seen in the pictures below, Gainward has unveiled two designs and will most likely market both with overclocked boards.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Gainward Now Produces Motherboards

Gainward, the world leading producer of high-quality and high-end video cards, is now entering the motherboard market. Gainward's first motherboards to make debut is the Intel P35 powered Gainward P35A. The Gainward P35A supports all Intel Core 2 1333/1066/800MHz processors as well as the future 45nm Yorkfield and Wolfdales CPUs. The board supports DR2-800 memory and features two PCIe slots, four SATA 3.0 Gbps ports, Gigabit Ethernet and 7.1 channel audio.

Source: OCWorkbench
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