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Radeon HD 5830 Gets Price-Cuts, Takes Aim at GeForce GTX 460

Call it one of the immediate repercussions of NVIDIA's Monday launch of the GeForce GTX 460, AMD has responded covertly with noticeable price-cuts for the ATI Radeon HD 5830 graphics card, from across various AIB partners. Leading partners such as Sapphire, HIS, and Gigabyte positioned their models that have AMD-reference clock speeds at US $199.99, and factory-overclocked models starting at $229.99. Incidentally these are two price-points NVIDIA is targeting with the GeForce GTX 460, with the 768 MB variant positioned at $199.99, which NVIDIA refers to as the gamers' sweet-spot, and the 1 GB variant at $229.99.

Reviews from across the web show that while GeForce GTX 460 768MB gets close to the Radeon HD 5830 in terms of performance, it only takes the 1 GB variant to perform on par. With AMD positioning the HD 5830 at $199, and factory-overclocked HD 5830 starting at $229.99, things could get heated up in this market segment. Based on the 40 nm Cypress GPU, the Radeon HD 5830 is DirectX 11 compatible, packs 1120 stream processors, and 1 GB of GDDR5 memory.

PNY Releases XLR8 GeForce GTX 460 1GB Graphics Card

PNY Technologies, Inc. (“PNY”), a global leader in flash memory cards, USB flash drives, solid state drives, computer memory upgrade modules, as well as consumer and professional graphics cards, has launched the latest graphics card from NVIDIA: the XLR8 GeForce GTX 460 1024 MB GDDR5.

PNY’s new overclocked XLR8 GeForce GTX 460 graphics card takes gaming to the next level. Incredible DirectX 11 performance delivers futuristic and visually stunning graphics and packs incredible detail into your games.

Club3D Rolls Out its GeForce GTX 460 Graphics Cards

The Netherlands - July 12th, 2010 - Club 3D B.V. is pleased to announce the introduction of the next generation gaming video card. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 supports DirectX 11, CUDA , and NVIDIA PhysX technologies to provide the best experience on your favorite games.
With NVIDIA 3D Vision technology you can now use two Gefore GTX 460 cards in NVIDIA SLI configuration to project across three displays with NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround technology.

The new card features an impressive 675 MHz clock speed with 768 MB / 1024 MB GDDR5 memory and 192 bit / 256 bit memory interfaces.

NVIDIA Releases GTX 460-Supporting GeForce 258.96 Beta Drivers

In addition to launching the GeForce GTX 460 graphics processor, NVIDIA released version 258.96 of the GeForce software. This beta driver package provides support for GeForce GTX 460, all GeForce GPUs since GeForce 6 series, and ION chipsets. Apart from supporting the new GPU, the driver packs a series of game-specific performance increments for GeForce 400 series GPUs, updated PhysX system software (to ver. 9.10.0224), updated integrated HD audio device driver, and numerous bug fixes.

DOWNLOAD: NVIDIA GeForce 258.96 Beta

A detailed list of performance increments and feature updates follows.

Galaxy Ships New GeForce GTX 460 Graphics Series with Industry-First Detachable Fan

Galaxy Microsystems Ltd. a leading global manufacturer of graphics accelerators, today announced the immediate availability of the new Galaxy GTX 460 series of graphics cards featuring the industry’s first detachable fan cooling technology and DirectX 11 support for today’s hottest games.

“Our new Galaxy GTX 460 graphics cards offer out of this world realism and performance at a price that is simply amazing.” said Shane Vance, US Sales for Galaxy. “And the new detachable fan makes it even easier to keep your card in peak condition”.

Gigabyte Introduces Overclocked GeForce GTX 460 Series Graphics Cards

GIGABYTE Technology Co. LTD., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, is pleased to launch the latest overclocked GeForce GTX 460 series: GV-N460OC-1GI and GV-N460OC-768I. With extraordinary overclocking ability, GIGABYTE overclocked GTX 460 series deliver ultimate gaming experience. Featuring GIGABYTE Ultra Durable VGA quality components, GTX 460 further enhances overclocking capability and system stability. GV-N460OC-1GI and GV-N460OC-768I are equipped with GIGABYTE's latest in-house cooling design WINDFORCE 2X, which provides better cooling than reference fan sink by 11%. Also, GV-N460OC-1GI and GV-N460OC-768I feature a wide range of the latest graphics technologies, including DirectX 11, NVIDIA CUDA, 3D Vision Surround, and PhysX technologies.

ECS Announces Black GeForce GTX 460 Graphics Card

With innovative products that span multiple target markets, Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), the world's leading motherboard, graphics card, barebone system, and notebook manufacturer, launches the latest Black GTX 460 graphics card family with unbelievable overclocking capabilities and unmatched gaming performance to meet the requirements from critical gamers.

Targeting at the high-end segment, ECS Black GTX 460 graphics card delivers a stunning gaming effects with its genuine hardware and firmware design, which bring the critical gamers over 20% overclocking capability and boost the gaming power far more than reference designed graphics card.

Point of View Releases its GeForce GTX 460 Series Graphics Cards

Point of View known for its range of NVIDIA based 3D Graphics cards, Netbooks and other PC products, announces today the launch of the new Point of View GTX 460. Get ready for the graphics card with the ultimate price versus performance ratio! The GeForce 400 series has proven to be an excellent choice for gamers worldwide. Excellent gaming performance and rendering features and strong multimedia functionalities through its supported DX11 and CUDA technologies.

The GeForce GTX 460 Series takes performance a giant step further with one of the best GPUs ever made. Whilst the standard GPU core runs on a moderate 650 MHz, speeds exceeding 800 MHz have been recorded in our OC research labs. The secret can be found in a very successful GPU production batch; creating a GPU that runs extremely cool.

Palit Microsystems Launches GTX 460 Sonic Platinum Series Graphics Cards

Palit Microsystems Ltd, the leading graphics card manufacturer, announces a fresh class of Fermi architecture GeForce GTX 460 series: GTX 460 768MB, GTX 460 1GB Sonic and GTX 460 1GB Sonic Platinum. Palit GTX 460 series is ready in stores around the world in over 20 countries: Australia, Germany, Japan, Korea, Russia, UK, USA, Indonesia, Israel, Latvia, Macedonia, Romania, Singapore, Thailand and many more.

The first custom design Palit GeForce GTX 460 is base on identical Fermi architecture but with better DX11 performance. The new GTX 460 Fermi architecture is even suitable for the most popular DX10 games. Palit GTX 460 1GB Sonic provides up to 4.5x faster DX11 Tessellation performance but the crown goes to our Palit GTX 460 1GB Sonic Platinum which offers up to 5x faster DX11 Tessellation performance than our competition(HD series). And being the first to provide 1GB solution, Palit presents a new edition called “SONIC PLATINUM” with extremely outstanding benchmark performance which is more than your expectation. Palit GTX 460 1GB Sonic Platinum Edition is factory overclocked to 800 MHz core, 1GB of high speed GDDR5, memory clocked at 4GHz, and can boosts the performance 17.5% higher than non-OCed GTX460.With Palit GTX 460 1GB Sonic Platinum, you can enjoy the best gaming experience. In order to provide the highest quality, Palit use 2-Ball Bearing Fan which is more durable especially at higher temperatures but quieter at higher rotation speed, Palit 2-Ball Bearing Fan provides longer lifetime than the usual fan.

ASUS ENGTX460 Delivers the Latest Cool Powerhouse

ASUS ENGTX460 graphics cards enter service as the newest addition to NVIDIA’s GeForce 400 Series. ASUS is proud to deliver technology that goes further than base reference requirements with exclusives such as DirectCU thermal design, Voltage Tweak overvolting and endurance features GPU Guard, EMI Shield and Fuse Protection.

On top of cool overclocking capabilities, ASUS ENGTX460 graphics cards are optimized for native performance in Windows 7, delivering mind-blowing graphics to showcase DirectX11 done right, plus full 3D Vision Surround, PhysX and CUDA support.

MSI Announces N460GTX Cyclone Series Graphics Cards

Global renowned graphics card and mainboard manufacturer, MSI officially launched today the N460GTX Cyclone series graphics cards, including the N460GTX Cyclone 768D5 and N460GTX Cyclone 1GD5. Equipped with the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 GPU and top Military Class components, N460GTX Cyclone series releases the overclocking potential up to 30% through MSI Afterburner Over voltage function of GPU.

Moreover, adopting MSI exclusive Cyclone thermal design with 9cm PWM fan, dual heat pipes and nickel-plated copper base which effectively decrease temperature, MSI N460GTX Cyclone series generates 15.7% lower noise than reference cooler at full speed to create a quiet environment for users.

EVGA Announces GeForce GTX 460

Next-generation gaming has officially arrived with the introduction of the EVGA GeForce GTX 460. Built from the ground up for DirectX 11, this card delivers the ultimate next generation gaming experience. With up to 4x the DirectX tessellation performance of the competition, the EVGA GeForce GTX 460 packs incredible detail and blazing fast fames into your games. Now you can have it all, without blowing your budget.

In addition, full support for NVIDIA 3D Vision, Surround Gaming, PhysX and CUDA technologies make this card the ultimate value for the gaming enthusiast. And of course with EVGA's award winning support, utilities and community; the EVGA GeForce GTX 460 delivers the ultimate package.

Inno3D Announces its GeForce GTX 460 Series Graphics Cards

Inno3D is excited to announce the Inno3D GeForce GTX 460 that's built from the ground up for DirectX 11 and delivers the ultimate next generation gaming experience. The GPU runs at a core speed 675 MHz and the stream processors at 1350 MHz. The GeForce GTX 460 1MB and 768MB version has 3600 MHz memory on a 256-bit and 192-bit bus respectively.

With up to 4x the DirectX11 tessellation performance of the competition, the GTX 460 packs highly detailed visuals into your games without sacrificing high frame rates. And with NVIDIA 3D Vision, PhysX, and CUDA technologies, GeForce GTX 460 powers all the incredibly realistic effects that your games can throw its way.

Sparkle Announces GeForce GTX 460 Series Graphics Cards

SPARKLE Computer Co., Ltd., the professional VGA card manufacturer and supplier, today announced the SPARKLE GeForce GTX 460 series Graphics Cards, which includes the SPARKLE GeForce GTX 460 768MB Graphics Card, the SPARKLE GeForce GTX 460 1GB OC Graphics Card and the SPARKLE GeForce GTX 460 2GB Graphics Card.

As a deadly weapon of Fermi Family, SPARKLE GeForce GTX460 series graphics cards provide the best performance price ratio, being the the world's best $200 graphics card, it brings a new level of DirectX 11 performance to mainstream PC enthusiasts and gamers around the world.

ZOTAC Unleashes New GeForce GTX 460 Series

ZOTAC International, a leading innovator and the world’s largest channel manufacturer of graphics cards, mini-PCs and small form factor platforms, today unleashes two new affordable GeForce GTX 400 series graphics cards – the new ZOTAC GeForce GTX 460 1GB and GeForce GTX 460 Synergy Edition. The new ZOTAC GeForce GTX 460 series deliver class-leading features and technology to gamers, enthusiasts and all PC users looking for a thrilling visual experience.

Stunning visuals are made possible with the powerful NVIDIA Fermi architecture that delivers superior graphics processing power and Microsoft DirectX 11 technology that powers the ZOTAC GeForce GTX 460 series. Hardware tessellation takes 3D games to the next level of visual realism with the ZOTAC GeForce GTX 460 series by enabling increased visual details in every object and environment in the latest games DirectX 11 powered games for a cinematic gaming experience that rivals the latest CGI-animated Hollywood masterpieces.

NVIDIA Announces GeForce GTX 460, Monster Performance to the $199 Sweet Spot

NVIDIA today announced the latest addition to its Fermi-class of graphics processing units (GPUs), the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 -- which delivers a great DX11 gaming experience and is priced right at the market's $199 sweet spot.

Built from the ground up for DirectX 11 tessellation, GeForce GTX 460 GPUs deliver monster tessellation performance with up to 4x tessellation performance over competing GPUs. The GTX 460 brings the ultimate next-generation DX11 gaming experience to a new price segment, enabling more gamers than ever to experience incredibly detailed characters, terrain and game environments with blazing fast performance and awesome visuals.

MSI Readies GeForce GTX 460 Cyclone OC Graphics Card

MSI's GeForce GTX 460 lineup will include a non-reference design graphics card right from the start (when NVIDIA announces the GTX 460), with the company allowing partners to come up with their own product designs. The N460GTX Cyclone 768D5/OC from MSI, as the name suggests, is a GeForce GTX 460 768MB factory-overclocked graphics card, which makes use of MSI's iconic Cyclone GPU cooler. The cooler is made of an aluminum GPU base from which heat is conveyed by two 8 mm thick heatpipes (which MSI calls "Super Pipes"), to two arc-shaped aluminum fin arrays on either sides of an 80 mm fan. The fan also cools a spirally-projecting aluminum fin block right under it.

The N460GTX Cyclone 768D5/OC has clock speeds of 725/1450/900(3600) MHz (core/CUDA core/memory), and makes use of 768 MB of GDDR5 memory across a 192-bit wide memory interface. Based on the 40 nm GF104 GPU, the GeForce GTX 460 packs 336 CUDA cores, DirectX 11 compliance, and can work in tandem with one more of its kind (2-way SLI). Display connectivity includes two DVI and one mini-HDMI. Being an overclocked non-reference model, MSI's card is expected to be costlier than the reference model (which is expected to be priced at $199), and could be out of the 12th of July, when NVIDIA will have its new GPU out.

Source: XtremeSystems, Fudzilla

GeForce GTX 460 Pricing Surfaces, Gets Listed in EU

With its launch reportedly scheduled for 12th July, certain European etailers just can't resist listing it on their sites to pool in prospective buyers or pre-orders. Price aggregator compiled a list of stores that have already listed the ASUS GeForce GTX 460 768MB (part number 90-C3CHB0-P0UAY0KZ). Prices of this part range start at 204.51 EUR. Another source reports that NVIDIA is targeting the US $199 price point with the GeForce GTX 460 768MB variant, and $229 price point with the 1 GB variant. The 25% more higher memory amount isn't the only thing that warrants the $30 increase in price, the 1 GB variant also has 25% higher memory bandwidth.

The GeForce GTX 460 is NVIDIA's latest product in the making, it is based the new GF104 core, that packs 336 CUDA cores, 256-bit GDDR5 memory interface (192-bit on the 768 MB variant), and has all the features of the GeForce 400 series, including advanced tessellation, DirectX 11, CUDA, PhysX, and 3D Vision Surround.

Sources:, VR-Zone

GeForce GTX 460 to Come in Distinct Variants, Launch Date Surfaces

The much talked about upcoming GeForce GTX 460 GPU from NVIDIA was recently pictured and detailed. Out of its first, grainy pictures, it became clear that the GF104 core it's based on indeed supports a 256-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface, but that only six of its eight 32-bit wide channels were occupied (192-bit), yielding 768 MB of memory. Fresh reports suggest that NVIDIA indeed will release the GeForce GTX 460 in two variants, a 768 MB one, and a 1024 MB (1 GB). The 1 GB variant by design will be faster, even if an application doesn't need all its video memory, because it will have a wider 256-bit memory interface, that's 25% higher memory bandwidth. Both variants will have the same memory clock speed of 900 MHz (3600 MHz effective). The GF104 core will be clocked at 675 MHz on both models, with 336 CUDA cores. Built on the 40 nm process at TSMC, the GeForce GTX 460 768 MB will have a TDP of 150W, while the 1 GB model will have a TDP of 160W. New reports suggest that the 768 MB model will be priced at less than $200. NVIDIA will release the GeForce GTX 460 on the 12th of July.

Source: DonanimHaber

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 Reference Design Pictured

Here are the first pictures of NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 460 graphics card, an upper-mainstream model based on the company's new GF104 GPU which was pictured earlier. The pictures reveal the reference design card to be shorter than any of the GF100-based graphics cards (such as GTX 470, GTX 480), and compacted in many ways. The cooler is dual-slot, and instead of an air-channel that's draws air from the interior and blows it out from the rear, the cooler has a centrally-located fan right over the GPU. As expected from the older article, the GPU package indeed is rectangular in shape rather than square.

The PCB is black, though a green PCB cannot be written off given the product's positioning. There are traces for eight memory chips on the card (looking at the components on the reverse-side of the PCB), confirming a 256-bit wide memory interface, though six chips are occupied (indicating that for this SKU only, a 192-bit wide memory interface is used. There is only one SLI finger showing that it only supports 2-way SLI multi-GPU standard. Connectivity on the rear panel is consists of the usual 2x DVI-D and mini-HDMI. Power is drawn in by two 6-pin PCI-E power inputs. Other specifications include DirectX 11 compliance, 336 CUDA cores, 768 MB of 192-bit GDDR5 memory (or another SKU with 1 GB of 256-bit GDDR5 memory), and clock speeds of 675 MHz core, 1350 MHz shader (CUDA cores), and 900 MHz (or 3600 MHz effective) memory. The GTX 460 768 MB is expected to launch next month at a price of US $230.

Source: PCinLife

NVIDIA GF104 Package Pictured

One of the first pictures of NVIDIA's upcoming GF104 graphics processor has come to light, with a Chinese source picturing a GF104 qualification sample. The sample is based on the A1 silicon. The GPU package is similar to that of the GF100, it makes use of an integrated heat-spreader (IHS) to disperse heat from the die underneath it. The package is rectangular rather than square (probably a move to reduce board footprint, translating into more compact boards) The GPU is built on TSMC's 40 nm process, and is said to have significantly lower TDP compared to the GF100. One of the first SKUs built around it is the GeForce GTX 460.

Contrary to older reports, Expreview's report suggests that the GeForce GTX 460 will have 336 CUDA cores (instead of 256), and 768 MB of memory across a 192-bit GDDR5 memory interface. Its TDP is expected to be around the 150W mark, similar to that of a GeForce GTS 250. It will target price-point slightly above the $200 mark, while other SKUs carved out of this silicon will be lesser.

Sources: Expreview,

GeForce GTX 460 Details and Launch Date Emerge

NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 460 (not to be confused with the older speculative name of GTX 465), is expected to be the company's weapon of choice to take on the lower-end of ATI Radeon HD 5800 series, and Radeon HD 5770. Based on the new 40 nm GF104 GPU, the GTX 460 will step up competition in the DirectX 11 compliant performance GPU category.

The specifications so far known show that the GPU will make use of all the components available on the GF104, which include 240 CUDA cores, and will feature 768 MB of GDDR5 memory across a 192-bit wide memory interface. Apart from basic specs, the board's TDP too will be much lesser than that of the GeForce GTX 480, at 180W. It comes with the usual bunch of NVIDIA exclusive features including SLI (we expect 2-way), CUDA, PhysX, and 3D Vision Surround. It expected to launch in mid-July, just in time for summer.Source:

NVIDIA Designs GeForce GTX 460

NVIDIA is said to be working on another GF100-based SKU, which further cuts down from the GeForce GTX 470. The new SKU, GeForce GTX 460, is expected to rival ATI Radeon HD 5850 in the sub-$300 market segment. The GF100 will be configured to have a 256-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface, driving 1024 MB (1 GB) of memory. Clock speeds could be another thing NVIDIA uses as the determining factor. The GTX 460 will not have a reference design as such, and AIC partners will be allowed to release their own designs from day one. The new SKU is expected to release in June. Pictured below is the GTX 470 PCB.

Source: Expreview
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