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GeIL Launches Black Dragon Evo One DDR2 Memory Series

GeIL has just unveiled its new Black Dragon Evo One DDR2 memory series, which is available in both dual- and quad-channel kits and ships with impressive heatsinks which use Maximised Thermal & Conduction Dissipation (MTCD) technology. The modules are built using eight-layered PCBs featuring FBGA DDR2 IC chips, and are available in a selection of twelve kits – 2GB, 4GB and 8GB, running at either 800MHz or 1066MHz with timings of 4-4-4-12 and 5-5-5-15 respectively. All of the Black Dragon Evo One kits come with a lifetime warranty.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

GeIL to Introduce New Memory Cooling Solution

Golden Emperor International (GeIL) has begun to stealthy showcase its upcoming RAM modules that feature a new cooling solution. Developed by Taiwan-based CompTake, the new heatspreader is made out of aluminum and copper, using top located heat pipe to transfer the heat. The new cooling system is set to be introduced together with GeIL's upcoming high-end DDR3 modules.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

GeIL Prepares DDR3 Memory

Geil introduce the all new DDR3 line of products now being added to the performance memory lineup. DDR3 is the next generation memory for personal computing, servers and other computing applications. It is now the highest performing memory with official data transfer rates of 1.3GHz double the speed of DDR2 architecture with much lower power consumption (1.5V DDR3 - 1.8V DDR2 ).

Source: Geil

GeIL's new Esoteria Series

GeIL USA, Inc. announced the new “Esoteria Series”. Esoteria, or Esoteric, means specialized or advanced in nature, available only to a narrow circle of people that are highly knowledgeable.

Esoteria Series Specifications
  • Available in DDR2 PC2-6400 800MHz & DDR2 PC2-8500 1066MHz
  • Capacity of 2GB Dual Channel (2x1GB)
  • CAS 4-4-4-12
  • Optimized SPD for overclocking
  • Voltage 1.9V – 2.5V
  • GeIL OC Certified FBGA 64MB X 8
  • 240pin, Un-buffered DDR2 DIMM
  • Optimized SPD for Overclocking
  • Black or Silver true carbon-fiber with Heat-spreader
  • Black or Silver aluminum base heat-spreaders
  • GeIL Limited Lifetime Warranty
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