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HighPoint RocketRAID 2700 HBAs Get 50% Performance Boost with Latest Firmware, Driver

HighPoint Technologies, Inc., an industry leading HBA and storage solutions manufacturer, has announced a new milestone in 6Gb/s SSD storage performance. Recent driver and firmware updates for the best-selling RocketRAID 2700 series of 6Gb/s SAS HBA’s dramatically improve the performance of RAID and non-RAID SSD configurations.

As the cost-per-gigabyte ratio of Nand Flash Chips continues to improve, SSD’s have become the storage device of choice for many PC enthusiasts, gamers and media professionals. Multi-SSD configurations, once regulated to ultra-high-end workstations and enterprise servers, are now realistic propositions for the high-performance personal computing market. HighPoint SAS 6Gb/s HBA’s are the ideal storage companion for such configurations. The RocketRAID 2700 series has been performance tuned to support today’s fastest 6Gb/s SSD’s, boosting transfer rates by as much as 50%.

High Point Announces RocketU 1144AR USB 3.0 RAID HBA

HighPoint Technologies, Inc., an industry leading HBA and storage solutions manufacturer, launches the latest of its revolutionary USB 3.0 HBA’s, the RocketU 1144AR. Four dedicated 5Gb/s ports deliver an unprecedented 20Gb/s of throughput, and support single disk and RAID configurations including 0, 1, 5, 10 and JBOD.

Conventional USB 3.0 Card + RAID Enclosure packages restrict performance with a maximum transfer bandwidth of 5Gb/s. Such solutions effectively handicap today’s fastest external devices, including the latest generation of SSD’s, which now meet or exceed this 5Gb/s limitation.

HighPoint Ships RocketRAID 2711 Cost-Effective 4-port SAS 6 Gbps HBA

HighPoint Technologies, Inc., a leading HBA and storage solutions manufacturer, is now shipping its latest SAS 6Gb/s HBA, the RocketRAID 2711. Designed specifically for workstations and entry-level servers, the RocketRAID 2711 is an external 4-port, SAS 6Gb/s PCI-E 2.0 x8 RAID controller supports SAS/SATA devices in a variety of storage configurations including direct connectivity, SATA JBOD, and SAS expansion.

The RocketRAID 2711 delivers enterprise management and connectivity features at entry level costs. The Industry standard external Mini-SAS port (SFF-8088) simplifies installation procedures and is compatible with a wide range of storage devices available for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Mac platforms, including the recent release of MacOS X Lion. The low-profile design allows the card to be integrated into a variety of rack-mount and chassis designs.

HighPoint Launches Cost-Effective, Dual-Port USB 3.0 5Gb/s HBA

HighPoint Technologies, Inc., an industry leading HBA and storage solutions manufacturer, launches the first of its Dual-Port 5Gb/s USB 3.0 HBA’s, the RocketU 1022A. These low-cost, PCI-E 2.0 x1 USB 3.0 SuperSpeed HBA’s are ideal upgrades for any desktop PC, and are well-suited for a variety of external storage configurations.

The Introduction of the low-cost Dual Port RocketU USB 3.0 HBA's is in keeping with Highpoint's long standing reputation as the manufacturer of choice for cost-effective, cutting-edge storage HBA's. The RocketU 1022A is a PCI-E 2.0 x1 USB 3.0 SuperSpeed HBA and delivers 5Gb/s of transfer bandwidth. The two type-A ports have been designed to deliver optimal performance for USB 3.0 hard drives and SSD’s, and are suited for a wide-range of applications including portable/removable storage, storage expansion, personal media libraries, and backup solutions.

HighPoint Launches the Industry's First 4-Port 20Gb/s USB 3.0 SuperSpeed HBA

HighPoint Technologies, Inc., an industry leading HBA and storage solutions manufacturer, unveils the Industry’s first 4-Port PCI-E Gen 2 x4, 20Gb/s USB 3.0 SuperSpeed HBA, the RocketU 1144A. Designed for high-performance Desktop PCs, each of the RocketU 1144As four dedicated USB 3.0 ports provides 5Gb/s of throughput, and are optimized for today’s fastest USB 3.0 external storage devices. USB 3.0 HBAs that already exist in today’s marketplace impose a performance bottleneck on multi-drive configurations, limiting transfer rates to 5Gb/s. Such controllers limit the potential of today’s high-speed SSD’s and external RAID enclosures.

HighPoint has capitalized on recent advances in USB 3.0 connectivity, and has made 5Gb/s per-port performance a reality. No longer limited to the convenience of plug-and-play, USB 3.0 has emerged as a truly viable option for today’s high-speed SSD and hard drives. HighPoint’s RocketU 1144A employs the latest USB 3.0 technology to deliver an unbeatable 20 Gb/s transfer bandwidth for under US $100. This optimal balance of cost and performance makes it an ideal external storage solution for high-performance PCs.

HighPoint Now Shipping the RocketRAID 2782, 32-Port PCI-E Gen 2 x16 Host RAID HBA

HighPoint Technologies, Inc., the industry's price-leading manufacturer of host-to-target storage controllers, is now shipping the RocketRAID 2782 32-port PCI-Express Gen 2 RAID HBA. With an MSRP of $849 US, the RocketRAID 2782 reduces costs by as much as 50% over comparable RAID HBA’s.

No other manufacturer delivers high-density Host RAID storage solutions with 32-dedicated SAS 6Gb/s ports. Comparable HBA’s only offer up to 24 ports, and require sacrificing one or more internal Mini-SAS ports in order to utilize the external connectors. The RR2782’s defines no-compromise, high-connectivity – all 32 ports are available at all times, in any combination.

HighPoint Announces High Port-Count SAS 6Gb/s HBA's: High-Value, High-Density Storage

HighPoint Technologies, Inc., a leading HBA and storage solutions manufacturer, announces the arrival of new high port-count PCI-Express x16 SAS 6Gb/s HBA's. Available with up to 32 dedicated ports, RocketRAID high port count SAS HBA’s provide maximum port count for minimal investment while delivering a connectivity bandwidth up to 19200 MB/s; ideal for a wide-range of high-performance and high-density storage applications.

HighPoint Delivers SSD Caching HBAs to Desktop PCs

SSD Caching has become the “Hot” Storage topic of the PC industry. In the near future, motherboards based on the Intel SandyBridge (Z68) will bring SSD Caching to the desktop PC. SSD Caching boots system performance by using high-speed solid state disks to offset slower, but high-capacity hard disk drives. Once limited to enterprise server applications, SSD Caching is now within the reach of PC users. The mainstream consumer market has embraced SSD’s sub $100 models are now commonplace; ideal for caching applications.

Recently, HighPoint Technologies has launched a pair of 6Gb/s PCI-Express 2.0 HBA’s that deliver SSD Caching solutions to any PCI-Express Platform, sharing the high-performance benefits of this technology with PC users worldwide. HighPoint SSD Caching HBA’s combine any SSD and HDD of any capacity into a single storage drive. SSD Caching Drives can be used to boot the system, host applications or simply serve as libraries for file storage and Home Media Networks. HighPoint SSD Caching HBA’s provide two distinct modes of operation: Safe-Mode stores all permanent data safely on the HDD for security, while Capacity Mode uses the space provided by each device to optimize storage and performance.
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