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Inno3D Unleashes GeForce GTX 295 and GTX 285 Graphics Cards

Inno3D are excited to launch 2 unrivaled graphics cards, the Inno3D GeForce GTX 295 and Inno3D GeForce GTX 285 that are built with the 2nd Generation NVIDIA Unified Architecture and ready for all the advance features of Graphics Plus.

Take your DirectX 10 gaming beyond HD, with the power of Inno3D GeForce GTX 285. Place yourself in the center of the action and experience true gaming cinema in extreme HD (2560x1600) resolutions – all enabled by GeForce 200 series second generation unified architecture, NVIDIA SLI technology, and incredible out-of-the-box performance for the latest games including Far Cry 2, Mirror’s Edge, and Call of Duty: World at War. With over 50% more performance than prior generation GPUs, Inno3D GeForce GTX 285 tear through complex DirectX 10 environments and cinematic effects at blazing frame rates in beyond HD resolutions.

Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 280 Extreme Edition Pictured

Our colleagues over at Expreview published today information on a new Inno3D video card, part of the company's premium iChiLL series. The Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 280 Extreme Edition pictured below comes with the massive Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme VGA cooler that features five copper heatpipes and three ultra quiet 80mm PWM fans with low noise impeller. Although the huge cooler suggests that the card should be factory overclocked, it's not. It comes with stock clock speeds - 602MHz core, 1296Mhz shader and 2214MHz for the 1024MB of GDDR3 memory - but no one can stop you from overclocking it yourself. Remaining specs include DirectX 10 support, PhysX support with the latest GeForce drivers, CUDA support and triple-SLI support, plus the standard dual-DVI ports. The release date and pricing information for this product are yet to be determined.

Source: Expreview

55nm GeForce GTX260 by Inno3D Found on Sale in Japan

It seems that the first graphics card using NVIDIA's latest 55nm fabrication process has in fact reached retail earlier than the January 2009 release date we had previously anticipated. A Japanese technology website has photos of an Inno3D GeForce GTX260 Gold featuring a factory overclocked, 216 SP chip, made by the 55nm process. What is interesting is that Inno3D have clearly advertised this fact by displaying 55nm on the product and in the product description. The core clock is set at 620Mhz with a memory clock of 1050Mhz, there is no information as yet on the shader clock. It can also be seen that there are no memory chips on the rear of the PCB, this means that all the memory chips are cooled by the stock cooler and there is no longer a need for backplates, as seen on many 65nm GT200 based cards. The pricing however does seem a little steep, with today's exchange rate, this would set you back around $390 USD, with online stores selling the 65nm equivalent for over $100 less, one would hope that the price will drop before it reaches the rest of the world's shores.

Sources: Expreview watch.impress

Inno3D GeForce 9600 GSO+ Spotted

The entry of Radeon HD 4670 did disturb NVIDIA's position, in a segment touted to be one of the cash-cow segments for both NVIDIA and AMD. It is to counter the HD 4870 in its price-range (by easing production-costs), that NVIDIA released a refreshed GeForce 9600 GSO+. The die on the GPU reads "G94-201-B1", pointing that the GPU uses the 55nm silicon fab process (9600 GSO used G92). With the reduced transistor-count on the G94 core, manufacturing the chip becomes cheaper. The real change however, is that NVIDIA made some significant changes to its shader and memory domains, hence the use of G94 core.

The shader count has been reduced from 96 on the 9600 GSO, to 48. This, by disabling 16 shaders from the G94 core. The core is clocked at 650/1675 MHz (core/shader). The GPU is allowed to use the complete width of its memory bus: 256-bit GDDR3. The card features 512 MB of memory, clocked at 1800 MHz. The memory chips featured on the Inno3D card are made by Qimonda, and have a 1.2 ns latency. The card uses a simplistic circular cooler for the GPU. It is expected to be priced at US $87.

Source: Expreview

GeForce GTX 260 with 216 Stream Processors Pictured, Benchmarked

NVIDIA is dressing up a new version of the GeForce GTX 260 GPU as reported earlier, with a revision that carries 216 shader units (against 192 for the original GTX 260). Chinese website Bear Eyes has pictured the new GPU. Other than the increased shader count, that should provide a significant boost to the shader compute power, other GPU parameters such as clock speeds remain the same. The core features 72 texturing units and 28 ROPs. The core is technically called G200-103-A2 (the older core was G200-100-A2). The card reviewed by Bear Eyes was made by Inno3D, called GeForce GTX 260 Gold. This shows that the GTX 260 brand name is here to stay.

Inno3D Innovates GeForce 9800GT with Pre-fitted Arctic Cooling and ZeroTherm Coolers

Inno3D has come up with two models of the GeForce 9800 GT graphics cards with factory-fitted coolers made by Arctic Cooling and ZeroTherm. These products branded under the iChill banner use the ZeroTherm Hurricane and Arctic Cooling Accelero Twin Turbo coolers and are accordingly named Hurricane and Twin Turbo.

Both cards use identical specifications, a 700 MHz core clock with 1500 MHz shader and 2000 MHz memory clock speeds. Inno3D claims these coolers allow high-performance settings and can maintain silent operation of as low as 0.6 sone. The cards have pre-applied Arctic Cooling MX-2 thermal interface compound.

Source: Inno3D

Inno3D Gets Ready with GeForce 9800 GTX+ 512MB GDDR3

Inno3D recently unveiled it's first card based on the new 55nm G92 based core from NVIDIA. The announcement of Inno3D GeForce 9800 GTX+ comes earlier than the scheduled mid-July launch date, but benchmarks of the plus cards are already starting to appear everywhere, so it's not a big deal. The card features the usual specs: 512MB of GDDR3 memory, 256-bit memory bus, and 738MHz/2200MHz core/memory clock speeds respectively. Charts on the Inno3D web page suggest that the 9800 GTX+ is up to 15% faster than the regular GeForce 9800 GTX.

Source: Inno3D

Inno3D Launches i-Chill GeForce 9800 GTX Accelero Extreme

We've seen a lot of NVIDIA partner launch their impressive graphics cards, but Inno3D has always been among the best. Today with the release of the i-Chill GeForce 9800 GTX Accelero Extreme they prove my words once again. The i-Chill Extreme features Arctic Cooling's Accelero Xtreme 8800 triple fan cooling on a highly overclocked GeForce 9800 GTX card up to 720MHz/2300MHz core/memory. This cooler features 5 heatpipes, 107 fins and 3PWM controlled 80mm low-noice fans or in other words a GPU cooler that can efficiently dissipate up to 240W of heat. With pre-applied MX-2 paste, Inno3D claims the i-Chill GeForce 9800 GTX Accelero Extreme is at least 20'C cooler than other 9800 cards that use the stock cooling system. Furthermore the i-Chill 9800 GTX comes with gold-plated DVIs, solid capacitors and 3 year warranty.

Source: VR-Zone

Inno3D Launches i-Chill ZEROtherm Hurricane GeForce 9600GT

Inno3D introduced last week the new i-Chill ZEROtherm Hurricane equipped GeForce 9600GT. Boasting overclocking speeds up to 750MHz/1625MHz/1940MHz core/shader/memory this card utilizes the ZeroTherm HC92 Cu 8800 3-in-1 cooler. Ideal for both active or passive operation, it is made of a large copper heatsink with 4 heat-pipes and 92mm fan. The fan can be removed at any time, making the card virtually silent and 100% passive cooled. If you're not that kind of person, you can always put the supplied fan back on its place and enjoy low temperatures. Other than that the card comes with 3 years warranty, gold plated DVI and TV-out, top A1 solid capacitors, and a free game included in the bundle.

Source: Inno3D

Inno3D to Start Selling ATI Graphics Cards Using Force3D Brand?

Unfortunately there is very little to go on here as I can’t translate Chinese, but it looks like PCZILLA.NET is reporting that Inno3D, which currently specialises in producing NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards, could soon begin selling ATI cards using the brand Force3D. There are a couple of images below which support this story, but bear in mind that it could just be another one from the rumour mill.

Source: VR-Zone

Inno3D Expands its Motherboard Line-up

Following the official launch of NVIDIA's Integrated GeForce 7 GPUs for Intel motherboards, InnoVISION Multimedia Limited today released the Inno3D SL73UM-HDMI motherboard. Supporting Intel Celeron/Core 2 Duo/Core 2 Quad processors and DDR2-800 memory, this is one of the first NVIDIA GeForce 7150 + nForce 630i (MCP73U) motherboards with built in graphics solution to support analog VGA, HDMI and DVI display outputs. The SL73UM-HDMI also offers one x16 PCIe slot, DirectX 9 support, Realtek ALC883 HD audio codec and Marvell 88E8056 Gigabit ethernet.

Source: Inno3D

Inno3D Introduces New i-Chill GeForce 8 Video Cards with Xstriker3

Inno3D has introduced today new members to its i-Chill series of video cards. The Inno3D i-Chill series is built with top-notch quality, which includes faster core speeds; a gold plated DVI & TV out connector that allows better signal quality; top quality OS-CON capacitors; aluminum ramsinks to stabilize memory; a full game bundle and 3 years warranty. Four new models will be available from today: GF 8600GTS DDR3 (710/2100MHz), GF 8600GT DDR3 (620/1800MHz), GF 8500GT DDR3 (650/1600MHz) and GF 8500GT DDR2 (600/1000MHz). Each card will be assembled with the Xstriker3 active cooling, which is specially designed for the i-Chill extreme gaming series. The Xstricker3 features copper base, two high efficiency heatpipes and single low noise cooling fan. For more information please click here.

Source: Inno3D

Inno3D GeForce Announces the 8600GTS, GF 8600GT & 8500GT

Hong Kong 17th April, 2007 – InnoVISION Multimedia Limited are pleased to announce the mainstream 8 series that is equipped with high-end performance but priced at mainstream level with Inno3D® GeForce™ 8600GTS, GF 8600GT & 8500GT.

Inno3D® GeForce™ 8600GTS, GF 8600GT & 8500GT is built with the best price/performance GPUs for Microsoft® DirectX 10 and DirectX 9 gaming and ideal for Microsoft® Windows Vista™.
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