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Innodisk Announces New High IOPS Industrial SSDs

Innodisk, the service-driven flash provider, announces a new series of high performance industrial SSDs. Available in standard 2.5" SATA III as well as SATA Slim formats, the 3MG2-P series uses a custom new ID201 controller, synchronous NAND flash and 19 nm manufacturing process to produce high sequential speeds and random IOPS, while preserving industrial level reliability, power protection, and ruggedness.

High Performance
Industrial no longer means slow. Innodisks' 3MG2-P SSDs use a new generation of flash technology to combine reliable and rugged design with superior performance. The use of select synchronous NAND flash, with a custom ID201 flash controller and on-board- DRAM mean the 3MG2-P series achieves 530/460 Sequential Read/Write speeds and 80/76K random IOPS performance. The use of a smaller 19 nm process not only helps performance but also allows the 3MG2-P to be offered in a 1 TB capacity.

Innodisk Coats DRAM Modules to Safeguard Against Moisture, Dust and Contaminants

Innodisk, a designer and manufacturer of memory and storage products for industrial applications, offers a wide range of DRAM products with conformal coatings for greater reliability, superior service life, improved performance, and reduced total cost of ownership. Innodisk DRAM modules with conformal coatings applied are protected from moisture, dust and chemical contaminants. This allows for normal operation in extreme environments, where unprotected modules would become unreliable.

Some system integrators outsource DRAM conformal coating to save on equipment and human resources. However, Innodisk takes an extra step by integrating conformal coating into the production process, to ensure high levels of quality, and reduce repair and maintenance costs for the user.

Innodisk to Debut 1M+ IOPS FlexiRemap Technology at Supercomputing Conference

Innodisk, a designer and manufacturer of SSDs for industrial applications, is pleased to announce the debut of the FlexiArray SE108 at Supercomputing Conference 2013. This new storage appliance incorporates 8 SSDs to achieve great IOPS in a 1U rack-mount form factor. Join Innodisk at Supercomputing Conference 2013 in Denver, Colorado, USA, from November 18 to 21 to explore FlexiArray SE108, and see a live demonstration.

Innodisk's new FlexiArray product line, powered by Innodisk FlexiRemap technology, boosts IOPS (Input /Output Per Second) through Innodisk's advanced SSDs and an optimized OS - breaking the I/O storage bottleneck, without breaking the bank. FlexiRemap technology, Innodisk's innovation in system software and SSD firmware design, greatly improves performance of random write operations.

InnoDisk Announces New SSD Power-Failure Protection Technology

Innodisk, a designer and manufacturer of SSDs for industrial applications, is pleased to announce the development of a new patented technology, Power Secure. Power Secure is Innodisk's advanced hardware and firmware-based power failure protection system, which helps ensure SSD data integrity after sudden power outages. An informative Innodisk white paper, "Data Integrity In the Event of Abnormal Power Failure in SSDs", explains the technology behind Power Secure.

Solid-state drives (SSDs) are far more robust than traditional HDDs; they are faster, more durable, and have lower operating costs. However, all storage devices are vulnerable to potential data loss caused by a sudden shutdown due to external power failure. Now, Innodisk's Power Secure offers a combined hardware and firmware power-down recovery system that significantly reduces the probability of data loss or corruption. If a SSD read or write operation is interrupted due to an unexpected loss of power, there can be inconsistencies in the data; it may not load successfully, and an ECC (Error Correcting Code) failure can occur, leading to data loss. Power Secure's first line of defense against this issue is a low power detector on the SSD.

Innodisk Releases DDR4 RDIMM Samples to Server Market

Innodisk is proud to be among the first to supply (DDR4) registered DIMM product samples to key server companies for their next-generation systems. With this announcement, Innodisk, an industry leader in DRAM modules for industrial applications and embedded systems, will continue to offer the most advanced technology to its customers. The result of almost eight years of development, DDR4 (Double Data Rate 4) technology improves on the previous generation, DDR3, in every way. These new memory products provide users with greater performance, but can still cut costs by saving power and space, and reducing waste heat.

DDR4 offers a giant leap in peak performance over DDR3 technology, with a 3.2 Gbps data transfer rate. In fact, DDR4 could eventually even surpass this already high rate, according to standards organization JEDEC, in the same way that DDR3 surpassed its initial ceiling of 1.6 Gbps. DDR4 memory bus speeds start at 2133MHz, which already offers a huge jump in potential performance from the average bus speed of 1333MHz and 1666MHz offered by DDR3.

Innodisk Innovates on NAND Flash to create iSLC Flash Technology

Innodisk, a designer and manufacturer of SSDs for industrial applications, is pleased to announce its development of a new patent pending technology, iSLCTM. By using superior quality, preselected multi-level cell (MLC) NAND Flash and Innodisk's patented Flash management algorithms, iSLC nearly approaches single-level cell (SLC) performance and reliability in a more cost effective solution.

In a recently released white paper, Innodisk explores MLC NAND Flash; while more economical, it lacks the reliability and performance needed for mission critical industrial applications. MLC's popularity has been mainly driven by price. Innodisk's in-house R&D firmware team recognizes the gap in the marketplace for a Flash Storage solution that maintains high performance, reliability and endurance comparable to SLC Technology, but without the price tag. To provide a solution for this gap in the market, Innodisk developed iSLC.

InnoDisk prolongs SSD Lifespans with New Technologies

InnoDisk, a global leader in Industrial Flash and DRAM Storage Solutions, announces two whitepapers that present our solutions for Wear Leveling & Read Disturbance, Garbage Collection & TRIM for solid state drives (SSD's). InnoDisk is a service-driven organization, and is proud to provide useful, technical documentation to our customers and colleagues.

InnoDisk's wear leveling architecture and technology delivers an innovative method of spreading write/erase operations on an SSD evenly across blocks. By using system buffer blocks along with sophisticated block swapping and a configurable wear leveling performance frequency setting, SSDs using this technology can prolong their lifespan and prevent read disturbance.

InnoDisk SATADOM Qualified by Intel for the New Romley Server Boards

InnoDisk Corporation, a leader in industrial DRAM and Flash storage solutions, announces that its SATADOM storage device has been qualified by Intel for the new Romley Server Boards. InnoDisk SATADOM has been selected as the preferred boot device on the SATA port.

SATADOM has five times the performance of normal USB drive (135 MB/sec and 116 MB/sec Read/Write versus 25 MB/sec and 20 MB/sec for USB). SATADOM's low profile form-factor makes it ideal for 1U and blade server applications. InnoDisk SATADOM, designed with SLC NAND Flash, delivers the highest endurance for performance demanding and mission critical applications.

InnoDisk Intros Matador II Series PCI-Express SSDs

Taiwan-based company InnoDisk announced the Matador II series of PCI-Express solid-state drives. Suited for enterprise applications, the Matador II delivers read speeds of 800 MB/s with write speeds of 600 MB/s. A PCI-Express x8 interface is used to connect to the system, providing the necessary interface bandwidth. Storage capacities on offer range from 128 GB to 2 TB. The company hopes to sell as many as a million units next year, though pricing for these hasn't surfaced as yet.


InnoDisk Intros 2.5-inch Hi-Speed SATA 10000 128GB SSD

InnoDisk today released an ultra fast high capacity solid state disk for high end applications - the FiD 2.5-inch SATA 10000. It delivers high-performance sustained read and write rates up to 110 Mbytes/sec and 90 Mbytes/sec, burst read rates up to 300 Mbytes/sec and supports Serial ATA 2.0-3Gbps a standard. With InnoDisk advanced flash management technology, FiD 2.5-inch SATA 10000 offers a random read and write rate of over 9500 and 550 inputs/outs per second (IOPS) for a 512-byte transfer. The FiD 2.5-inch SATA 10000 will be available from Q2 2008 in capacities ranging from 32GB to 128GB. The 128GB costs $3580 while the 32GB model can be yours for as much as $780.

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