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Koolance Ready with GeForce GTX 295 Single PCB Water Block

Renowned water-cooling components specialist Koolance is one of the first to be ready with a water block for the new single-PCB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 video card. The Koolance VID-NX295S provides full-coverage cooling for the accelerator. The package bundles a full-coverage cooling plate for even the rear-side of the card, where 14 out of 28 of the card's memory chips are located. The water block uses nickel-plated copper as its primary material, topped with an acrylic jacket. Its dimensions are 24.2 cm x 12.3 cm x 1.8 cm, and it weighs in at around 1 kg. It uses a standard G 1/4" nozzle threading. The VID-NX295S priced at US $159.99, and is available from the Koolance store.

German Reseller Stakes Claim to Several Brand Names, Targets Competitors

In EU, a land that worships fair market practices, that recently booked two of the biggest names in the IT industry (Intel, Microsoft) for anti-competitive market malpractices, and penalized them for billions of Dollars, one would expect high standards of business practices. Apparently one has to peel the onion to find it's not all that fresh inside. Aquatuning, a German reseller has found an interesting way of locking its competitors out, of pretty much everything it does. The store deals in high-performance PC component cooling products, such as water-cooling components. In order to make sure nobody else in the country sells what it does, the company is registering the brands its sells, under its own name.

Koolance Releases its First LN2 Evaporator

Water-cooling specialist Koolance released its first liquid-nitrogen evaporator. An LN2 evaporator, sometimes called "LN2 pot" is a metal flask that makes direct contact with a heat source, and conveys its heat to liquid nitrogen that the user pours into the flask. The heat instantly evaporates nitrogen, and some extremely low temperatures are brought about. Koolance CPU-LN2 measures 6cm x 20 cm x 6 cm (WxHxD) without the support bracket, and weighs in at 1.58 kg (around 3.5 lbs). It is built using nickel-plated copper, with acetal to shroud its upper portion. It supports the entire range of current CPU sockets, that include Intel sockets LGA-1366, LGA-775, LGA-771, s603/4, s478, and AMD sockets AM3/AM2+/AM2, s939/940, and s754. It is available at the company website for US $144.99.

Koolance Out With GeForce GTX 295, 285 Water Blocks

Expanding your water block options is Koolance, out with water blocks for NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 295 and GeForce GTX 285 graphics accelerators. The blocks by Koolance use nickel-plated copper, acrylic, the block for GTX 295 comes with built-in lighting for better aesthetics. Both blocks are monolithic, full-coverage by design.

The GTX 295 block (model: VID-NX295) measures 20cm x 12cm x 3cm and weighs around 1 kg (2.25 lbs). As with other blocks in its class, the block remains sandwiched between the business-ends of the two PCBs holding a GPU system each. The block for the GTX 285 (model: VID-NX285) measures 15.9cm x 14.6cm x 1.6cm and weighs 680g (around 1.5 lbs). Both blocks come with standard fittings, with fittings for SLI systems being optional and compatible. The Koolance VID-NX295 has started selling for US $159.99 a piece, with the VID-NX285 being priced at $99.99 at the Koolance store.

Source: Koolance

Koolance Release Sneak Peak of their New Thermal Management System the TMS-200

A new thermal management software and hardware board is currently being developed by Koolance, called the TMS-200. No official information or specifications have been released yet, but Koolance have released an early screenshot of the main page of the thermal management software, to hint at what some of the new features are. It appears that not only will you have many temperature check points, but also be able to independantly control your pump and fan speeds dynamically from within your OS. We will have to wait and see what the final feature set and specifications are, along with availability and pricing. Koolance have setup a mail listing to be notified of the product's release here.

Source: Koolance

Koolance 1200W Liquid-Cooled Power Supply

Koolance is now offering the world's first liquid-cooled ATX power supply rated at 1200W continuous and 1400W peak power. The PSU-1200ATX-12S features 96A over four 12V rails, modular cables, and 4 PCI-Express connectors for SLI and CrossFire support. It is able to unleash 1200W of continuous (1400W peak) power at greater than 80% efficiency by operating in a completely submerged state. All internal electronics are immersed in a non-conductive fluid and dissipated through an external heat exchanger, cooled by a temperature-controlled 120mm LED fan. The unit comes pre-filled and no ongoing coolant maintenance is required. The PSU-1200ATX-12S can be used in most ATX, E-ATX, and BTX chassis that provide for 9" (23cm) power supply depths, including cable space. The external heat exchanger can be rotated 180 degrees and moved vertically 2" (5cm) to avoid physical conflicts. The Koolance 1200W Liquid-Cooled PSU should be available after Feb 28, 2007 for $499.99 USD.Source: Koolance
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