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LaCie Announces Network Space 2 NAS and Media Server

LaCie today announced the LaCie Network Space 2, design by Neil Poulton – a leading-edge Network Attached Storage (NAS) and media server. The LaCie Network Space 2 combines the performance of a full-featured NAS solution, with a unique and customised way to manage the total experience.

LaCie Network Space 2 was designed to be as convenient and user-friendly as a classic USB external hard drive. With the advanced LaCie Network Assistant, you can be up and running in a few short steps. To help you manage your desired product preferences, the LaCie Network Assistant now offers new dashboard functionality. You can customise the dashboard with useful widgets to access network and drive information, administer user accounts and monitor drive capacity.

LaCie Announces Starck Desktop and Portable External Hard Drives

LaCie, in collaboration with world-famous designer Philippe Starck, announced the LaCie Starck Desktop Hard Drive and the LaCie Starck Mobile Hard Drive. The new products showcase more than just Starck’s iconic signature; there is an intellect revealed throughout each component of the design.

From Philippe Starck: "Technological genius explodes exponentially, each time with incredible power whose limits are yet to be known. The power remains, never abating, symbolically characterized by the sculptural magma that one attempts to cleave, to master within this geometrically perfect strongbox. A symbol of strength mastered, of freedom guided, of incandescent magma heeding to the form of its cast. The interpretation is free. But the mystery remains."

LaCie Teams up with Cabasse to Bring Hi-Fi Sound Quality to Your Mac, PC or iPod

Today LaCie announced high-end speakers, modeled after Cabasse’s renowned loudspeaker technology – the LaCie Sound2 Speakers, design by Neil Poulton. LaCie has partnered with famous acoustic engineering company Cabasse to bring high-quality sound to any computer system or A/V device.

Coupled with Cabasse’s loudspeaker driver support, the LaCie Sound2 Speakers provide premium sound quality to computers. Additionally, users can use the line-in connection to experience the same high-quality sound from audio/video devices like iPods and portable multimedia players.

LaCie Enhances Portable DVD±RW Drive with New Features and a New Look

Today LaCie announced the latest versions of its Portable DVD±RW Drive, design by Sam Hecht. Now with a sleek black finish, the award-winning LaCie Portable DVD±RW includes new multimedia burning solutions, allowing users to piece together sophisticated movie, music, and photo projects in a matter of minutes – creating customized CDs or DVDs wherever they go.

Featuring two versions for easy setup and seamless compatibility, users can choose from the multimedia burning solution for Mac or PC. The Windows version comes with Creator Suite 10, while the combined Mac and Windows version comes with Toast 9 Basic, as well as Creator Suite 10.

LaCie Introduces the First Mobile HD Multimedia Player: LaCinema Rugged HD

LaCie announced today its LaCinema Rugged multimedia hard drive is now available in High Definition - LaCinema Rugged HD. The LaCinema Rugged product range has the most compact, reliable, and mobile multimedia players on the market. Now, with enhanced HD capability, the LaCinema Rugged HD is the first multimedia player in its class, to allow users to store and play High Definition content - on any HDTV in Full-HD 1080p resolution.
The LaCinema Rugged HD comes with 500 GB of built-in storage capacity, allowing users to store and instantly watch their favorite television shows and movies, listen to music, and display photo slideshows with their family and friends. Compatible with any HDMI supported display, the LaCinema Rugged HD brings multimedia functionality to users while in the home or on-the-go.

LaCie Announces LaCinema Classic Bridge, Create Your Own Media Player

LaCie announced an economic way to add media player functionality to existing storage devices. LaCinema Classic Bridge enables users to leverage the investments already made on internal and external storage solutions, and turn them into dynamic multimedia devices. Simply connect the Classic Bridge to a desired TV, add a storage device, and play libraries of movies, music, and photos in flawless 1080p HD resolution.

The attractive and compact LaCinema Classic Bridge fits seamlessly into entertainment centers, and enables two options for adding storage. Option one allows users to connect an external USB drive to the front of the device for easy access to their multimedia content. Option two allows users to easily insert an internal hard disk directly into the device for a clean, fully integrated set-up, just like the LaCinema Classic. Users may also choose to implement both options for expanded capacity.

LaCie Introduces Two Network Storage Servers for Workgroups

LaCie announced today the availability of two new high capacity Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions – Big Disk Network and d2 Network. These professional file servers are optimized for users to instantly store, share, and back up files, from any PC or Mac on a wired or wireless network. LaCie’s new NAS solutions deliver high-performance and professional-class reliability, in an easy-to-use network solution for the home or small office.

The d2 Network supports up to 1.5TB capacity, while the Big Disk Network combines two drives in a RAID 0 setting, for up to 3TBs of storage. Both NAS solutions are perfect for advanced users or small to medium sized offices that want to develop workgroup environments for up to 50 users (15 at one time). Network administrators can choose from various security levels for user profiles, groups, and public or guest access. Users can connect an external USB drive to increase security through scheduled backups, or even expand capacity. The d2 Network also includes an eSATA connection for storage expansion.

LaCie Introduces Three High-Performance Storage Combinations for Video Professionals

Today LaCie announced a new 8 TB model of the LaCie 4big Quadra and three new product combinations for professionals who expect fast, large and reliable storage solutions to enhance their workflow. Leveraging the quality and reputation of the award-winning LaCie 4big Quadra—which is recognized for its high capacity, speeds, data protection, and design–LaCie premieres the 4big Quadra Bundle, which boasts huge capacities up to 32 TB and fast transfer speeds up to 700 MB/s. LaCie also announced today a new 8 TB model of the 4big Quadra, an integral part of the 32 TB LaCie 4big Quadra Bundle.

LaCie Launches Rugged XL 1 TB External HDD

Today LaCie announced the Rugged XL, a super-sized expansion to LaCie’s award-winning line of Rugged hard drives. Showcasing more than just its extra-large exterior, the Rugged XL doubles capacity to 1 TB, and will surely amplify the style of any creative desktop.
Rugged XL leverages the design and durability of the popular Rugged drive, offering aluminum casing for superior protection on your desktop, as well as the signature orange rubber sleeve. Taking advantage of the Rugged’s reputation for resilience, the Rugged XL also features an internal bumper and heat dissipating features, making the LaCie Rugged XL able to withstand the challenges and blunders that can occur on anyone’s desk.

LaCie and Wuala Merge to Create a Cloud of Storage Devices

Today, LaCie announced a merger with Caleido AG, the creators of the innovative online storage service, Wuala.
Luzius Meisser, Co-Founder of Caleido said, “Wuala is an exciting technology that builds its reliable and secure cloud storage by harnessing idle resources.”
Wuala assembles centralized and distributed storage; the result is a reliable and scalable service. Once files are placed in Wuala, they are securely encrypted before being cut into several redundant fragments disseminated and stored on a cloud of computers.

LaCie Introduces Three ''Keys'' for Handy Portable Storage

Today LaCie announced three new ways to carry digital content – LaCie itsaKey, iamaKey and PassKey USB key drives, design by 5.5 Designers. The inventive, compact key-shaped design conveniently fits in a pocket or on a key ring. The itsaKey and iamaKey store up to 8 gigabytes of flash memory. Alternatively, the PassKey has a built-in microSD card reader, which allows you to use your memory cards as stylish and handy USB keys.

LaCie Doubles the Burn Speed of Its High-Capacity Blu-ray Drive

LaCie announced that it has doubled the speed at which its high-performance, large-capacity LaCie d2 Blu-ray Drive burns discs to eight times (8x) standard data writing rates. The increased speed to burn files applies to both single and dual-layer discs. LaCie also has upgraded the authoring and backup software that ships standard with the product.

The LaCie d2 Blu-ray Drive packs up to 50 GB of data, or four hours of high-definition video, on a single Blu-ray disc – making it an ideal tool for video professionals and anyone who wants to backup and store significant amounts of data on reliable removable media. It sports both FireWire and USB 2.0 interfaces for high-speed throughput between the drive and a PC or Mac.

LaCie LaCinema Classic Hard Disk Connects to Your HDTV for Instant Playback

Today LaCie announced the LaCinema Classic Hard Disk, suited for all fans of digital movies, music, and photography. Designed by award-winning industrial designer Neil Poulton, this attractive multimedia storage device can pack more than 1,000 movies, or 250,000 songs, or 1 million photographs with up to 1 TB (terabyte) of capacity. Weighing a mere 33 ounces, LaCinema Classic is extremely compact – a perfect storage device for entertainment in the home. Customers simply load content from their PC or Mac on the Classic drive and connect it to their TV for instant playback. No configuration required. Users will also enjoy HDMI 1080p upscaling of movies and photos.

LaCie 2big Quadra: Two Bays for Custom Performance and Protection

Today LaCie unveils the 2big Quadra, a new two-bay RAID solution with up to 3TB of capacity for high speed-demanding applications, as well as for backup and storage use. With four RAID modes including RAID 0 and RAID 1, and a convenient hot-swap feature, it offers optimal performance and data protection. Developed for maximum speed, the 2big’s native RAID controller preserves computer resources and provides professional workstations with lightning-fast data transfers, which reach up to 165MB/s through eSATA 3Gbits/s in RAID 0. It also integrates perfectly with most applications that demand high speed, such as photo and pre-press processing or audio/video projects, including HDV post-production.

New LaCie FireWire and USB 2.0 External DVD±RW Drive with LightScribe Launched

Today LaCie announced its new LaCie d2 DVD±RW 22x with LightScribe and Hi-Speed USB 2.0 and/or FireWire disc burners. The new products let customers backup large multimedia files on strikingly original-looking DVDs or CDs. With the LightScribe labeling tools available from LaCie on the 22x rewritable DVD drive, users can customize their content easily and quickly for professional and personal use. And it works with the three major personal computer operating systems.

LaCie Announces Hard Disk MAX, 2TB Storage in a Stylish Enclosure

Today LaCie announced its Hard Disk MAX high capacity storage system for users who want advanced RAID features with consumer-level ease of use and style. Designed exclusively for LaCie by award-winning industrial designer Neil Poulton, the Hard Disk MAX delivers 2 TB (terabytes) of ultra-reliable storage capacity in a stunning package that will satisfy high-performance requirements for the discriminating user.

The Hard Disk Max includes two large-capacity disk drives that can be set in either a RAID 0 or RAID 1 configuration with the simple flick of a switch on the back panel. RAID 0 stripes data across both disks for the fastest data retrieval response time, while RAID 1 mirrors data exactly on both disks for maximum data reliability.

LaCie and Noctua Team up to Create Quiet RAID Solutions

Leading external storage manufacturer LaCie and renowned quiet cooling specialist Noctua today announced their cooperation on the development of acoustically optimized storage solutions. The recently announced LaCie 4big Quadra and LaCie 5big Network, designed by Neil Poulton, are the first LaCie four and five-bay RAID external storage solutions to feature Noctua cooling technology. Thanks to the use of Noctua's NF-P12 fan, their noise emission is reduced, on average, by 40% compared to their predecessors.

LaCie Releases New 730, 724 and 720 LCD Monitors for Professionals

Whether you're a graphics designer, computer professional or just a person like me who wants to know everything, it's good to know about the immediate existence of these new LaCie professional LCD monitors. It's a whole new 700 series of monitors actually, consisting of the 20-inch LaCie 720, 24-inch LaCie 724, and the 30-inch LaCie 730. Time to get to the cool stuff, the whole new line-up is capable of offering ultra-wide gamut of up to 123 percent of Adobe RGB colourspace that furthers for the reachnes of the colors that are being reproduced. Moreover all 700 LaCies have LED backlight that offers just about the perfect screen uniformity and black levels you'd ever want. "The cutting edge technology embedded in LaCie’s new 700 series Monitors supports the colour-critical workflow of prepress operators, photographers and graphic designers by enabling the most-precise on-screen proofing yet,” said Daniel Mayer, LaCie’s Colour Business Unit Manager. All 700 Series Monitors are also bundled with LaCie’s blue eye pro Proof Edition calibration software package. This software allows the ability to calibrate and profile displays, verify profile accuracy and maintain display uniformity. The LaCie 720, 724, and 730 monitors are available now from LaCie’s specialised dealer network starting at £949. For more information on the monitors, you'll have to wait a little bit because LaCie's site is still not aware that these monitors exist. Once they update their page, you'll have all the information you need.

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LaCie Intros 4x Blu-ray External Burner

LaCie announced today that is has doubled Blu-ray burn speeds to 4x and has updated the aluminum alloy case and software suite for its external d2 Blu-ray drive. Coming with a shape designed by Neil Poulton, the drive records, rewrites and reads 25GB or 50GB BD-R (recordable) and BD-RE (rewritable), as well as DVD±RW DL and CD±RW media. The 4x Blu-ray burner ships with a full-featured Roxio software package and dual FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 connection options. The drive also boasts 8MB of buffer memory. “In early 2007, LaCie was the first vendor to ship worldwide an external solution for professional Hi-Def video recording for both Mac and Windows. Since that time, Blu-ray technology has proven to be the dominant source for video recording and playback,” said Patrick Salin, LaCie Business Development Manager. LaCie d2 Blu-ray drives are available now via LaCie’s specialized dealer network with a suggested retail price of $649.99 and 2 year warranty. For more product information, visit this page.

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LaCie Finds a Use for Samsung's 1.3-inch HDDs

LaCie has gotten hold of Samsung's 1.3" HDDs, and by adding a rather convenient USB interface, they have created a truly pocket size HDD capable of storing up to 40GB of data. The LaCie Little Disk is available in both 30 and 40GB versions, costing $130 and $160 respectively, and comes with a 2 year guarantee.

The second Spinpoint A1-boasting product from LaCie is the USB Key Max, which is even smaller and more portable. These advantages do come at a cost though, as it is slower. The 30GB Orange Key Max costs $120 while the 40GB Black version has a price tag of $150.

Source: TechConnect

LaCie Ships Portable DVD±RW Drive with LightScribe

LaCie has announced the shipping of its new portable DVD±RW drive with LightScribe labeling technology. The sleek, slim and stylish portable burner was designed exclusively for LaCie by designer Sam Hecht. The FireWire or USB 2.0 bus-powered LaCie portable DVD writer offers mobility for Mac, Windows or Linux operating systems. The USB 2.0 version of the drive comes bundled with Easy Media Creator Suite 9 for Windows, while the FireWire version comes with Toast 8 Titanium. The LaCie portable DVD±RW drive with LightScribe is available now at the suggested retail price of $99.99 for the USB 2.0 and $149.99 for the FireWire version.

LaCie Introduces 4TB 4-disk RAID Enclosure

LaCie today announced the "Biggest Quadra", a 4-disk RAID enclosure with up to 4TB of storage space. The device is designed for professionals and supports RAID 0, 0+1, 5 or 5+hot spare with automatic background rebuilding. The four SATA II drives are removable, hot-swappable and even lockable. The Biggest Quadra comes with 1 eSATA port, 2 FireWire 800 ports (FireWire 400-compatible), and 1 USB 2.0 port for complete universality with any PC or Mac. The LaCie Biggest Quadra will be available in September for 2TB and October for the 3TB and 4TB versions. Suggested retail price will be $1099 for 2TB, $1599 for 3TB and $2199 for 4TB. Drives ship with 3 year limited warranty.

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LaCie Unveils 2TB Big Disk Extreme+

LaCie has begun taking orders for the 2TB version of its newest external HDD. The Big Disk Extreme+ features FireWire 400 and 800 ports a USB 2.0 connection , aluminum alloy casing, and a smart fan system which adjusts cooling as needed. Like all LaCie drives the front blue button activates the backup software. The 2TB Extreme+ should ship later this month for 849$ the smaller 1.5TB version will cost 599$ and finally the 1TB version will cost 350$.

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