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ISP pulls the plug on isoHunt

Whilst the Pirate Bay is planning to buy its own country in an attempt to avoid the lawsuits, isoHunt is in a spot of trouble at the moment. Being one of the largest Torrenting sites, isoHunt has often come under the spotlight for its controversial activity, and after a fresh lawsuit from the music industry the site’s ISP has decided to shut down the website without warning. isoHunt expects to be back online tomorrow, either by sorting the issues with its current ISP or by finding a new one. Despite Torrenting generally being seen as illegal, sites such as this have frequently argued that they are committing no crime because they do not host the files and Torrenting does have legal uses, but that doesn’t stop the lawsuits.Source: The Inquirer

Apple forgot to gain approval from FCC for their iPhone

Apple finally unveiled their iPhone at Macworld. Too bad they forgot one critical step: getting it licensed through the FCC. And of course, any cell phone that isn't approved by the FCC is not allowed to be sold or distributed in the United States of America. Add this to the recent lawsuit from Cisco over the iPhone name, and chances are it will be a long time before Apple gets to sell it's iPhone to the general public.Source: The Inquirer

Vista causes more license confusion

Microsoft’s license terms for the retail version of Vista, its latest operating system, have caused more confusion over what the user is allowed to do - this time regarding the number of processors. The terms of the agreement state that the OS can only be installed on a “single device,” which is to be expected, however it continues to state that the software may only be used “on up to two processors on that device at one time.” What this means for multi-core systems with more than two cores is unknown, but with gaming moving closer and closer to being dependent on more than one CPU, this may confuse gamers. The description of what a single processor means is a bit of a grey area because it could either be argued as an individual CPU unit or an individual core, so no doubt Microsoft will clear up the matter in the near future.Source: The Inquirer

German ratings board refuses to rate Crackdown, sales to minors illegal

The German ratings board has refused to issue a rating for "Crackdown", the Xbox360 game that will come with a free Halo 3 beta invitation. Crackdown was probably banned in Germany for being too violent. A game without a rating in Germany isn't "illegal", however it cannot be sold to a minor, advertised, or displayed in a public store. All sales of the game have to be person-to-person. Two other Xbos360 games that have been deemed unrated in Germany are Gears of War and Dead Rising.

Source: Joystiq

Apple faked files in Steve Jobs stock option scandal

For those of you who don't know about the Apple stock option scandal: Steve Jobs, in 2001, was granted 7.5 million stock options without the proper authorization of the Apple board of directors. However, it has recently come to light that the scandal is much more serious than initially thought. Someone had falsified the documents that make Steve Jobs look like he had authorization for those stock options. The Securities and Exchange Commission is weighing whether or not to take action against Apple and/or any of the individuals involved, and whether or not Steve Jobs himself could be in trouble is unclear. Steve Jobs returned all the stock options before exercising them.Source: EnGadget

Hynix DDR Shipment Hijacked in Taiwan

A batch of about NT$20 million (US$306,000) worth of DDR chips (from Hynix Semiconductor) was stolen yesterday in Taoyuan, Taiwan. The 20 boxes filled with DDR chips were robbed while in transit, with most of the chips being 400MHz frequency parts. This DDR chips were being delivered to distributors, though ownership of the chips is still unknown. A Chinese-language Economic Daily News (EDN) report cited sources as saying that three robbers staged an accident with the truck transporting the chips, and then subdued the driver using a machete and taser gun. The thieves were seen headed to the airport and the batch of chips are likely headed to China, the report said.Source: DigiTimes

YouTube clip leads to arrest in Canadian murder case

In a search for information relating to the murder case of Ryan Milner, Canadian authorities posted a clip of surveillance footage from the nightclub he was murdered just outside of onto YouTube. After over 34,000 views of the clip, police used the comments posted in response to the clip to help track down George Gallow for questioning. George Gallow then confessed to the murder. This is the first time that police have used YouTube as a tool for criminal investigation.Source: The Register

Music industry will not fine mother for the piracy of her kids.

Various record companies have dumped their case against Patti Santangelo, who was accused of pirating and redistributing over 1000 songs. The music industry did so after Santangelo pleaded that she should not be responsible for her children's piracy. Santangelo's 20 year old daughter and 16 year old son have each confessed to the piracy of the contraband. The lead counsel says that it is still possible for record companies to sue the two children who actually did the pirating.Source: The Inquirer

Nintendo denies the recall of Wii Remote with weak wrist strap

Contrary to reports, there really is no recall of the Wii Remote. A representative for Nintendo stated that Nintendo will be more then happy to replace Wii Remotes that are already broken, or Wii Remotes that users think are about to break, with Wii Remotes that have a wrist strap twice as thick. Nintendo is willing to replace Wii Remotes due to some users complaints of the wrist straps breaking, and Wii Remotes flying into television screens. Nintendo is not recalling the remotes because they have tested the remotes, and as long as they are used sensibly, there really is no issue. The guidelines released by Nintendo for proper Wii Remote usage...
  • Always wear the wrist strap while playing.
  • Keep a firm grip on the Wii Remote at all times.
  • Make sure people and objects are out of the range of movement before play begins.
  • Players should keep at least three feet/ one meter from their televisions and dry their hands if they become sweaty or wet for any other reason.
  • Remember that the Wii Remote is responsive enough to detect minor movements – so excessive and forceful actions are not necessary. Therefore we recommend not to use excessively rapid, violent or wide swinging motions while using the Wii Remote during game play.
Update- All new Nintendo Wiis have controllers come with the new wrist strap. If you would like a controller with an updated wrist strap, please fill out the request form here.Source: The Inquirer
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