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Hackers working on turning Apple TV into full-fledged PC

It's been two weeks since Apple released the Apple TV. Unfortunately, it's been getting a lot of criticism. It runs Mac OS X, yet it is very limited. The Inquirer boldly claims that the Apple TV is "limited and produces poor quality video content". A bunch of hackers seemed to think so, hence, they decided to fix Apple TV the only way they knew how; crack the thing like an egg. They first managed to install a full version of OS X, and then went on to figure out how to install a bigger hard drive, enable SSH/Apache (big for server people), start a remote desktop service, and plug in a full keyboard/mouse. The main reason that these guys are able to do so much is because the Apple TV is a lot more of a PC than Apple would like us to think. The hackers are busy working on more hacks, and their site gets over 500,000 hits a day.Source: The Inquirer

Stalker Savegame Converter in the works

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl is a great game, but the developers missed bugs in the initial version and had to rush out a patch. This patch did some good, and some bad, because one could not use the old saved games to carry on the adventures of "The Marked One". For all those people who feared to start all over again there is a solution, in form of a tool, on the horizon that will convert older saved games to make them playable with patched game versions. Though such a converter sounds very promising it remains to be seen if this converter applies for the initial version's saved games, or to already patched ones as details of this tool are really sparse.Source:

Raktron Turbo PC: A 'turbocharged' PC with an actual turbocharger

For several years, people have used the cliche "Turbocharge your PC" when referring to upgrading it. Raktron Inc., which has both PC and car enthusiasts, had enough of this nonsense and decided to literally turbocharge their PC. They took a turbocharger out of a 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse, and hooked what would be the intake manifold to the front of the case, and set the turbocharger fan to run at 3500rpm. Raktron then proceeded to put headlights on the case, gave it an incredible paint job, and licensed it through Ohio (could just be a novelty plate, though).

For more details of this project, please see the source link below.Source: Raktron

Clever man overclocks his house

It seems that you can overclock way more than just your computer. A man in Kentucky has managed to overclock everything in his house, simply by increasing the frequency in his electric current. Inspired by the "measly" performance of all his electronics, Lance Hatler decided that 60Hz was not enough for his house. After a lot of trial and error, along with several trips to the emergency room, Hatler has managed to overclock his electrical current to 900MHz. Increasing this frequency any further caused minor fires and structural instability (no his house didn't bluescreen :p). A mere example of all this extra power is Hatler's newfound ability to shred 2x4's (large pieces of wood) in his garbage disposal. Unfortunately, due to the extreme heat output of this overclock, Hatler had to put a gigantic CPU cooler on top of his house. His house maintains a balmy 115 degrees Fahrenheit. When asked what Hatler plans to do next, he claims he will break the 1GHz barrier with the help of liquid cooling.

Source: Rajuabju

Nintendo Attempts to Block Wii Modchips

Nintendo has altered the circuit layout of its Wii games console in order to block the increasing use of modification chips (modchips). The new Wiis, which are part of new shipments of the console, have an altered circuit layout that makes modification more difficult than in earlier versions. Users attempting to mod the new consoles using current modchips are very likely to damage the system, the sources pointed out. However, new-generation modchips capable of working with the revised Wii consoles may become available in less than a month, according to DigiTimes.Source: DigiTimes

Turn Your Laptop into a Touch Screen

NAVIsis has demonstrated an interesting new product at this year’s CeBIT, with its LaptopTablet, a device which allows you to turn a normal LCD notebook screen into a touch screen to give it features similar to tablet PCs. You simply attach it to the side of the screen, plug it into a USB port and start writing/ drawing. The recommended price is $130 and more information can be found here – presumably it works with all LCD screens, not just notebooks, but it looks like it could potentially scratch them if there isn’t a screen guard.


NVIDIA BIOS Editor (NiBiTor) v3.3 Software Released

New version 3.3 of the NVIDIA BIOS Editor (NiBiTor) software, has just been released. NiBiTor is the original and definitive BIOS tweaker that supports the latest NVIDIA graphics cards, and which is updated on a regular basis. NiBiTor allows graphics card enthusiasts, or the hardcore overclockers to have full control over some advanced features and functionality found on firmware of supporting cards. This version has added support for the 8800 series as well as some minor bug fixes.

Download: NVIDIA BIOS Editor (NiBiTor) v3.3Source: MVKTech

Running Windows Vista Without Activation for a Year

Windows Vista can be run for at least a year without being activated, a serious end run around one of Microsoft Corp.'s key antipiracy measures, Windows expert Brian Livingston said today. Livingston, who publishes the Windows Secrets newsletter, said that a single change to Vista's registry lets users put off the operating system's product activation requirement an additional eight times beyond the three disclosed last month. With more research, said Livingston, it may even be possible to find a way to postpone activation indefinitely. Microsoft promptly labeled the registry change a "hack," a loaded word that is usually synonymous with "illegal." Click here to read the full story.Source: Computerworld

SpeedFan 4.32 Released

The latest version of SpeedFan, one of the best pieces of software for temperature monitoring and fan control, has been released taking it to version 4.32. It’s only a minor update, adding improved motherboard support and other small fixes. One of the biggest improvements is full 64-bit support, including Vista, and full Core 2 Duo support. Here is the complete list of changes:
  • added a digitally signed 64 bit driver (fully tested under Vista 64 bit)
  • added full support for INTEL CORE DUO internal temperature readings
  • added full support for Andigilog aSC7621
  • added full support for Fintek F71882F
  • added xAP support to publish temperatures and fan speeds
  • improved support for Fintek F71782F
  • improved support for IT8716F
  • renamed temperatures readings for MAX6640
  • improved compatibility with Intel D975XBX2
  • reduced AD7416 and AD7417 false detections
  • reduced MAX6650/6651 false detections
  • improved Intel SMBus routines
You can download it here.

CPU-Z 1.39 Released

The latest version of CPUID’s processor and motherboard information utility has been released. Version 1.39 of CPU-Z generally improves support and offers small enhancements, here are the changes:
  • Windows Vista 64 support
  • VIA CX700/VX700 chipset
  • Added Merom XE (X7900/X7800)
  • Added "PCI" and "MaxPCIBus" in the ini file to configure PCI scanning
  • Added "-core" parameter to display the clock speed of the specified core
You can download it from here.Source: CPUID

DNA-Drivers Returns

I can gladly say DNA-Drivers is back alive. This is supported by the release of DNA's ATi Driver. This can be found here. I have information directly from the creator (KillerSneak) that NVIDIA drivers will be released in a matter of a few weeks. He also stated Vista drivers may take a bit longer due to the fact of Microsofts new "security" measures that requires all drivers to be signed. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out for Vista and modded drivers.

Vista Grace Period can be Extended to 120 Days

Although Microsoft isn’t too keen to mention this, a well documented “Easter-Egg” for Vista is that you can actually extend the activation grace period up to three times. If you buy a one copy of Windows, when you go to install it you have the option not to enter an activation code and try out another version to see what it’s like. By default, this will only last for 30 days without needing a code. However, DailyTech is reporting a supposedly legal Vista command that you can use to reset this 30 day countdown timer and get more use out of your install. All you have to do is simply launch a command prompt with administrator rights, type in slmgr –rearm and then you will be back up to 30 days. This won’t give you unlimited time however – you can only do it three times at the most, so that’s 120 days maximum. To test how long you have left, simply type slmgr –dli in a command prompt.Source: DailyTech

Clean Install Workaround for Vista

You may remember this news story on techPowerUp! a couple of days ago relating to the lack of clean installs when using the Upgrade Editions of Vista, which required an old OS to be installed. However, Paul Thurrott has managed to find a workaround for this issue, which ironically lets users do a clean install Vista without any previous version of Windows, albeit a little tedious. Here are the steps:
  • Boot from the Windows Vista Upgrade DVD as normal
  • When prompted for a product code, leave this blank
  • Select the version of Vista you have purchased and let Vista install
  • When you boot to your desktop for the first time, run the Vista setup from Windows
  • This time enter your product key
  • When asked whether you want to do an Upgrade of Custom install, select custom and choose a clean install
  • Windows will now install for a second time and you should be able to activate it
Remember, these steps are only advised for use in order to achieve a clean install of Vista, it is only legal to use the upgrade editions if you have previously purchased the appropriate version of Windows.Source: DailyTech

NGO NVIDIA Optimized Driver v1.9792

NGOHQ has released the latest version of their NVIDIA optimized driver, based on NVIDIA ForceWare 97.92. This driver includes NVIDIA's old Control Panel and also has support for all GeForce/Quadro cards - including mobile series (Go) as well. This driver has a special compatibility mode option that provides better stability, and workaround for some known bugs.

Download: NGO NVIDIA Optimized Driver v1.9792Source:

Linux and Mac OS coming to the Xbox 360?

There was a big surprise at the 23rd Chaos Computer Conference. A masked hacker demonstrated an Xbox 360 running a Linux and Mac OS logo on the console, followed by the phrase "coming soon". He used a copy of the King Kong game and a PCB plugged into a notebook to place the logos of the two operating systems on the Xbox 360. While giving the demonstration, the hacker did not say a single word. You can watch the YouTube videos here and here.Source: (german)

Final RivaTuner version released

Today my good friend Unwinder announced the final release of his RivaTuner v2.0 utility. Since its existance the tool has had over 5 million downloads, which just shows how much there is a need for good overclocking software.

Unfortunately with this version Unwinder steps down from Rivatuner development, at least for a few months. I am very sad to see this happening and will miss the countless discussions we had about how to interface with hardware to achieve things like monitoring, overclocking and fan control.

Head over to Guru3D to grab the final RivaTuner 2.0.

Quake 4 modified with ray tracing effects

Daniel Pohl, an aspiring programmer in Germany, is doing some things that are simply stunning the gaming community. Daniel has taken the Quake 4 engine and effectively modified it with ray tracing effects.
Ray-tracing is a method of modeling and rendering the path of the light as it interacts with the models in a 3D scene. Overall, results in Daniel's projects show extremly good levels of shadows, enabling life-like immersion into the 3D scene.
Daniel is looking for a sponsor so he can become a game developer. If he helps design games, and ray tracing becomes mass implemented, we could see a new age of realism in games. You can see a sample of his work below, and his project website here.

Source: The Inquirer
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