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LG Rolls Out New HD Monitors

LG announced a new fleet of full-HD capable LCD monitors today. The lineup consists of three models of different screen-sizes under the Wxx53V-PF naming scheme: the 22 inch W2253V-PF, 24 inch W2453V-PF and 27 inch W2753V-PF. LG seems to have emphasized on both form and function with these ones. Sporting a piano-black shell with a dash of clear acrylic, the monitors pack LCD panels with 2 ms response time. All models have native resolutions of 1920 x 1080 pixels (1080p HD), and are HDCP-capable.

Additionally, they feature intelligent Auto Bright, Live Sensor, and Cinema mode proprietary features. The monitor detects the intensity of light in the environment it's working in, and accordingly adjusts brightness and contrast levels. All models support offer DVI-D, D-SUB, and HDMI port as input connectivity options. LG is yet to release or price these monitors outside the Japanese market as of now.

Source: VR-Zone

Dell Launches The 24-inch 16:9 G2410 LCD Monitor

Normal for Dell, the company has launched a new 24-inch LCD monitor, without informing the public. The new monitor just appeared on the company's website and that's all. "Designed with the environment in mind", the Dell G2410 monitor is one of the firm's greenest LCDs. It comes with Dell EPEAT Gold rating, that reduce environmental impact by using halogen-free laminates in circuit boards and chassis plastics that contains 25% post-consumers recycled plastics. Max supported resolution is 1920x1080 pixels, response time is 5 ms, contrast ratio is 1000:1, brightness level is 250 cd/m² and the horizontal/vertical viewing angles are 160° and 170° respectively. Connectivity options of G2410 include single VGA and DVI-D connectors. Dell is now offering the monitor for $349 on its online store.

Source: Dell

I-O Data Introduces New Full-HD Monitors

Storage and peripherals specialist I-O Data announced expansion of its display products lineup with two new full-HD LCD monitors. Dressed in black and white are the two variants of the LCD-MF242X family. The monitors house a 23.6 inch LCD panel with a native-resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, with a response time of 5 ms.

As for its illumination, the panel has a contrast ratio of 1000:1, with dynamic contrast ratio of 10000:1. Its maximum brightness is rated at 300 cd/m². In its limited size, it still includes two 1.5W speakers. Input connectors include DVI, HDMI 1.2a, and D-Sub (analog). I-O Data is expected to ask around US $355 for these monitors.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

BenQ Launches Full Line-up of G-Series 16:9 LCD Monitors

BenQ, a world-leading display provider and pioneer in the 16:9 aspect ratio, launched today their new G Series of Full HD 1080p LCD monitors, with 10 models ranging from 15.6” wide to 24” wide. Blending solid reliability with must-have features, the G Series specifically aims to make 16:9 Full HD/HD viewing more affordable than ever for consumers. This new series joins BenQ’s already extensive offerings under the M and E Series, and reaffirms BenQ as the ultimate 16:9 Full HD/HD solution provider for high-end multimedia to value performance needs.

Albatron Ushers-Forth Optical Touch Monitor Technology

Albatron Technology has announced its new Optical Touch Monitor (OTM), on course with a new era of Multi Touch Panel monitors. At NVISION ’08, multi-touch panels were lauded by Jen-Hsun Huang in his keynote speech as being one of the most exciting emerging technologies. Multi-Touch was demonstrated last year by Bill Gates using beta versions of Windows 7. And who could forget Tom Cruise dragging, wiping, and tapping away in Spielberg’s Sci-Fi classic, Minority Report. Introduced as a development version at the most recent Computex, the Albatron OTM has since been fine-tuned with improved technology to bolster performance and prepare it for the consumer market.

Acer Announces New B Series Ergonomic Monitors

Acer, the third largest vendor in the PC market today announced two new models in its Business Series (B Series) monitor line for professionals. The new Acer B Series monitors – B233HU bmidhz and B273HU bmidhz – feature a stylish ergonomic design and state-of-the-art features, making them perfect for the office.
“With these new monitors, Acer is continuing to provide our business customers with products that offer advanced technology, assure dependability and offer a positive return-on-investment,” said Chris White, Director of Product Marketing – Peripherals, Acer Group. “The flexible adjustment and ergonomic design of the monitors maximize productivity and increase overall user satisfaction.”

EIZO Debuts New 22-inch Widescreen LCD Monitors for Professionals

EIZO last night launched the FlexScan S2242W-H and FlexScan S2232W-E, both 22-inch displays with EIZO's state of the art quality. The FlexScan S2232W-E has 1680x1050 wide resolution while the S2242W-H boasts 1920x1200 WUXGA resolution, typical for 24-inch displays. Both panels cover 95 percent of the Adobe RGB color space and 92 percent of the NTSC space, making them suitable for professional work such as audio and video editing or CAD. EIZO will start shipping both monitors simultaneously on February 5th. The lower-resolution S2232W-E should sell for ¥62,800 yen or the equivalent of $705, while the S2242W-H will cost ¥69,800 yen ($784).

Dell Previews New G-Series of 22-inch and 24-inch LED Monitors

Dell today announced its G-Series of LED widescreen flat panel monitors with the introduction of the G2210 22-inch and G2410 24-inch models. G-Series high-performance EPEAT Gold and ENERGY STAR-compliant monitors are distinguished by a design approach that combines energy efficiency, LED technology, recycled materials and other environmentally preferable components. Availability of the G2210 and G2410 monitors through is planned for late February, with prices starting at $279 and $359 respectively.

ASUS Launches the VH Series of LCD Monitors for Multimedia Users

ASUS today continued its heritage of producing high performance, richly-featured LCD monitors with the addition of new HDMI-equipped models to its lineup. Available in screen sizes ranging from 18.5" to 23.6", and driven by an array of exclusive image enhancing innovations such as Splendid Video Intelligence Technology and ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio (ASCR) technology, the VH192, VH222, VH226 and VH242 are designed to deliver the ultimate multimedia experience. VH Series monitors boast a perfect aspect ratio of 16:9, ensuring the flawless playback of movies and games.

Samsung Releases Five New SyncMaster 16:9 Monitors

Samsung today released five new SyncMaster LCD monitors that use the glossy-black design theme the company has been fascinated with, for some time now. Their screen-sizes range between 15.6 inch and 23 inch. The SyncMaster 633NW is a 15.6 inch display, while the 933SN is an 18.5 inch one, both with a native resolution of 1360 x 768 pixels.

The 2233SW and 2333SW come with a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, and are sized at 21.5 and 23 inch respectively. The 2133SW is a 20 inch panel with resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels. All the above monitors sport a response time of 5 ms, and inputs that include DVI-D, and D-Sub. The monitors are HDCP capable. Prices in Japan, range between US $187 and $312.

Source: AV Watch

ASUS Launches Four New Full HD LCD Monitors

Cognizant that the brilliant reproduction of colors is the key to believability and immersion during movie watching and gaming, ASUS today launched the VK266H and VW266H widescreen (16:10 aspect ratio) LCD monitors which support 1920x1200 high resolution, Full HD 1080p video playback via an HDMI input, a high 20000:1 contrast ratio, 2 ms (gray-to-gray) response time and ASUS' exclusive Splendid Video Intelligence Technology. Splendid utilizes a color engine that analyzes the properties of video content being played back and automatically optimizes image quality for the best visual results in any usage scenario—ultimately making for a vastly improved personal entertainment experience. In keeping with ASUS' recent drive to integrate video conferencing features into its monitors, the ASUS VK266H is also equipped with a rotatable 2.0 megapixel webcam with Smart EV (Exposure Value) Control technology to enable high quality and convenient real-time video communications under different lighting conditions.

NEC Display Solutions Introduces New 24- and 19-inch Premium MultiSync LCD Monitors

Graphics designers, professionals or users with deep pockets out there looking for a high-end LCD monitor are advised to read this post, as NEC Display Solutions of America is launching today its new 24-inch MultiSync EA241WM widescreen and 19-inch MultiSync EA191M standard-format LCD monitors. These are the third and fourth MultiSync EA Series products to be introduced, following the launch of the 26-inch EA261WM in June and the 22-inch EA221WM in September. The wide-format MultiSync EA241WM is a premium enterprise display that features 5ms response time, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 400 cd/m² brightness and full 1080p high-definition 1920x1200 native resolution. The screen offers DVI-D and VGA 15-pin D-Sub interface options. If offers a height, pivot, tilt & swivel adjustment, and also has integrated down-firing speakers with headphone jack. The MultiSync EA191M, a standard-format (5:4 aspect ratio) desktop display boasting a top-of-the-line PVA panel, is ideal for the financial and specialty markets with its 1500:1 contrast ratio, four-way ergonomic capabilities (height, swivel, tilt, pivot) and integrated speakers. The EA191M features a native resolution of 1280x1024, response time of 5ms and brightness of 250 cd/m². The MultiSync EA241WM and EA191M displays come with a three-year parts, labor and backlight warranty, and even an extended warranty if desired. The displays will be available for shipment this month at an estimated street price of $549 and $379, respectively.

Source: NEC

LaCie Releases New 730, 724 and 720 LCD Monitors for Professionals

Whether you're a graphics designer, computer professional or just a person like me who wants to know everything, it's good to know about the immediate existence of these new LaCie professional LCD monitors. It's a whole new 700 series of monitors actually, consisting of the 20-inch LaCie 720, 24-inch LaCie 724, and the 30-inch LaCie 730. Time to get to the cool stuff, the whole new line-up is capable of offering ultra-wide gamut of up to 123 percent of Adobe RGB colourspace that furthers for the reachnes of the colors that are being reproduced. Moreover all 700 LaCies have LED backlight that offers just about the perfect screen uniformity and black levels you'd ever want. "The cutting edge technology embedded in LaCie’s new 700 series Monitors supports the colour-critical workflow of prepress operators, photographers and graphic designers by enabling the most-precise on-screen proofing yet,” said Daniel Mayer, LaCie’s Colour Business Unit Manager. All 700 Series Monitors are also bundled with LaCie’s blue eye pro Proof Edition calibration software package. This software allows the ability to calibrate and profile displays, verify profile accuracy and maintain display uniformity. The LaCie 720, 724, and 730 monitors are available now from LaCie’s specialised dealer network starting at £949. For more information on the monitors, you'll have to wait a little bit because LaCie's site is still not aware that these monitors exist. Once they update their page, you'll have all the information you need.

Source: PhotographyBLOG

NEC Announces 22.5-inch LCD Module Supporting Full-HD Format

NEC LCD Technologies, together with its sales and marketing channels in the Americas and Europe, NEC Electronics America and NEC Electronics (Europe) GmbH, introduced a new 22.5-inch amorphous-silicon TFT LCD module, with WUXGA resolution. The new module boasts excellent picture quality, ideal for preview monitoring and verification use in broadcast stations and post-production studios, thanks to full high-definition (1920x1080) resolution, high luminance of 460 cd/m2, a wide color gamut of 97% (NTSC ratio) and a double frame rate of 120 Hertz to improve motion picture performance.

BenQ Launches World’s Slimmest 24-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor

With the release of its new V2400W premium LCD display, BenQ not only debuts the world's slimmest 24" widescreen LCD monitor, but creates a new lifestyle trend in computer hardware design that targets the sophisticated, stylish consumer. The V2400W, in fact, recently received the internationally-renowned iF Design Award, a prestigious and coveted recognition of outstanding design that is vied for by the world's most elite companies.

NEC Also Working on Curved Monitor

Looks like Alienware isn’t the only company with a curved monitor in the works. NEC has now announced its own 42” curved display, which will feature a resolution of 2880x900 pixels and a response time of under 0.02ms – pretty much identical to the Alienware specs, although an NEC spokeswoman said the two "have nothing to do with each other." NEC’s offering will have a contrast ratio of 10,000:1 and uses LED-backlit DLP rear projection, just like the Alienware one. As you can see, there are clearly visible seams, although these should be gone when the display goes on sale.

Source: DailyTech, Engadget

Alienware Shows Off Curved Monitor at CES

GIZMODO has taken some interesting pictures and a video of Alienware’s curved monitor, which the company plans to release later this year. The monitor has a resolution of 2880x900 pixels, and according to it contains four DLP rear projection screens. The most impressive feature (other than the fact it’s curved of course) is the 0.02ms response time Alienware is claiming. As you can see, seams between each of the four screens are visible, but Alienware is promising that these will be gone by the time it is released to the public.


BenQ Launches X Series Monitors

BenQ today announces the launch of its new X series LCD monitors— the BenQ X900, X900W, X2000W and X2200W, providing consumers with a perfect gaming experience using its advanced gaming features, video performance and exciting design. Equipped with Senseye+Game, PerfectMotion and AMA technologies, BenQ’s new line of 19”, 19”wide, 20”wide and 22”wide monitors provides consumers with a combination of personal style, vivid colors and leading technologies.

HP Prepares New 24-inch Display

HP, one of the leading manufacturers for desktops and notebooks, is preparing their new w2408 24-inch LCD display. The monitor is HDCP compliant with a 92% wide color gamut and 160 degrees vertical and horizontal viewing angles. HP also equips the w2408 with rotational capabilities and includes software that automatically adjusts the screen orientation as the display is rotated. Like most other 24-inch monitors, the HP w2408 features a 16:10 aspect ratio with a 1920x1200 native resolution at 60Hz. The display features a 400 nits brightness rating, a 1000:1 contrast ratio, and a response time of 5ms.

More information can be found here.

Source: DailyTech

EIZO Extends its FlexScan Line of Widescreen LCD Monitors

EIZO today extended its FlexScan line of widescreen LCD monitors with the introduction of the 20.1-inch FlexScan S2031W (1680x1050) and the 24.1-inch FlexScan S2431W (1920x1200). Designed specifically for business environments such as back offices and trading rooms, these monitors offer increased horizontal screen space, brightness and color control, energy saving features, and a sleek design. The FlexScan S2031W has a brightness of 300 cd/m2 and contrast ratio of 900:1 while for the S2431 these figures are 450 cd/m2 and 1000:1 respectively. The viewing angles for both models are 178° horizontally and vertically. Midtone response times of 8 ms for the S2031W and 6 ms for the S2431W ensure real-time stock data, games, news, charts, etc. are displayed without ghosting. The FlexScan S2031W and S2431W come with EIZO’s BrightRegulator function which reads the ambient light of the office environment and adjusts the brightness accordingly. The FlexScan S2431W also keeps brightness at the ideal level with EIZO’s patented backlight sensor. The FlexScan S2031W and FlexScan S2431W are shipping now. Date of availability varies by country.

Source: EIZO
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