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SiS LinkVast Announces Its First-Generation SSD Controllers

SiS Group Company– LinkVast Technologies Inc. today announced the first generation solid-state drive (SSD) memory controllers - LVT820 and LVT815 which manage the latest solid-state memory devices and support external DRAM interfaces to meet the advanced SSD hard drive performance requirements. In addition to standard size of Hard Disk Drive in Desktop PC, LVT820 and LVT815 also can be applied in various forms and sizes for different devices for Notebook/Netbook PC, Embedded system and specific application system markets.

With SATAII interface design, the data transfer rate of LVT820 and LVT815 up to 3Gbps. They support 8 channels (64bit/64CE) and 4 channels (32bit/32CE) memory systems respectively for the flexible and diverse capacity SSD hard drive usage. By designing with the architecture of 16-bit ECC technology, that ensures data transfer accuracy and achieve the reliability and longevity to SSD hard drive with built-in the Advanced Dynamic & Static Wear Leveling technology supporting.

New Acer Aspire One Netbook Spotted

Spy photos of a new Acer Aspire One netbook were distributed through the internet channel. It is unclear whether the pictures show an updated Aspire One 10-inch version or the rumored 11.6-inch netbook that's getting ready for launch sometime later this year. No specs have leaked with the photos, only clues from the pics. This model is slimmer than previous Aspire One netbooks, it has SD Expansion slot, and unusual positions for the VGA and the RJ45 network port. The keyboard layout and the Windows key, hint that it will be powered by Windows distribution, other sites also claim a SSD drive is inside the shell. Expect more information soon.

Source: macles, Eee PC - Blog

Intel Wants Netbook Trademark Canceled too

Now that Dell started the legal war with PSION, it's time for Intel to go in persuit of the "Netbook" trademark. The latter has filled a petition in the U.S. District Court against PSION TEKLOGIX. This action arises from the allegations recently launched by PSION that it has the exclusive right to use the term "Netbook". Intel claims PSION trademarked the term for its laptop computers, but discontinued its line of laptops in 2003. Effective that date, the term is no longer under PSION's supervision. Now Intel demands cancellation of the "Netbook" trademark for little computers. Intel claims the public already uses the term generically, as "extensions of the notebook category, smaller computers purpose-built for mobile Internet access." Accordingly, the court should cancel PSION's trademark registration and enjoin PSION from asserting rights in the netbook term. A copy of the petition is posted here.Source: Courthouse News Service

ASUS Eee PC T91 Netbook Tablet Early Look

The guys over at are kind enough to show us the first live pictures of ASUSTeK's Eee PC T91 tablet PC. The Eee PC T91 is neither a notebook, neither a tablet. It is a netbook tablet if you know what I mean. It has a LED-backlit 8.9-inch display, like the Eee PC 900 and 901, that is touch-sensitive and can rotate at 180 degrees. The screen boasts typical WSVGA 1024x600 resolution. ASUS claims that once its screen is in position as a tablet, the T91 becomes the smallest and slimmest tablet PC to date. System specs also include an Atom Z520 processor, Intel US15W chipset, 1GB DDR2 memory, 10/100 Ethernet, 802.11 b/g wireless (n not confirmed), Bluetooth, 32GB SSD, Optional 3G data connectivity, GPS and DVB-T TV Tuner and an integrated webcam. The T91 will run Windows XP Home with Service Pack 3 installed. The Eee PC T91 is a couple of months away from release, but still ASUS wants us to know that a 10-inch version called T101 is also in the works. Find more information here.

Source: bit-tech

ASUS to Experiment with Android Powered Eee PC Netbooks

According to a Bloomberg report, ASUS is to embed a third operating system in its low-cost netbooks, currently known as the Eee PC. When Eee PC first appeared it was powered by a Linux distribution, after that Eee PCs were upgraded to Microsoft's Windows, and now the company is said to prepare an Eee PC version that will run Google Inc.’s free Android operating system. Samson Hu, head of the Taipei-based ASUSTeK Eee PC division, said in an interview yesterday that the manufacturer has already allocated engineers to develop an Android-based netbook and eventually by the year's end the final product may start selling. No other details were disclosed during the interview. Google introduced Android back in 2007 as a software system for mobile phones. Android is based on a Linux platform, meaning that it is open-source operating system that's completely free and can be upgraded in any way. Although designed for mobiles, the OS can be adapted for netbook-style products too, Google claims.Source: Bloomberg

Ubuntu 9.10 Codenamed ''Karmic Koala'', Eying Cloud-Computing and Netbooks

Ubuntu's contribution to propagating Linux to the client platforms (general desktop/notebook) is invaluable. Its developers are known to codename major builds of the OS after animals. An upcoming version, 9.10 has been codenamed "Karmic Koala", after the cute and cuddly animal from south-east Australia. Going by Ubuntu's six-month development cycle, 9.10 should follow 9.04 "Jaunty Jackalope" slated for this April, and should be coming out by October.

The new client-version is expected to be netbook-friendly, with having significantly lower boot times. The target booting time for 9.04 is 25 seconds, while the developers hope to improve that figure further with 9.10. The developers will be integrating features from Intel's Moblin platform in order to improve performance on Atom-based devices. The Server Edition based on Ubuntu, which is steadily gaining in adoption, yet lagging behind offerings from market heavyweights such as Red Hat and Novell, will also get its share of improvements, one of the most important of them being enhanced support for cloud-computing.

ASUS Eee PC 1000HE Turns out to be The Best Netbook in the Market Today

ASUS, inventor and innovator of the widely acclaimed Eee PC, is proud to announce that the Eee PC 1000HE has been recognized by consumers and prominent media outlets as the best ultra-mobile Internet device in the market today. In the United States alone, the soon-to-be released Eee PC 1000HE is already ranked among the top three most desired gadgets on, and pre-orders have been steadily increasing. This phenomenal reception of the Eee PC 1000HE is due to the incorporation of several technological innovations that provide users with a highly dependable and long-lasting ultra mobile internet device capable of up to 9.5 hours of battery life. This has resulted in an increasing share in the minds of US consumers today.

Freescale Expands its Netbook Appearance

Freescale Semiconductor has collaborated with an impressive lineup of companies to enable 3G connectivity and additional operating system options for netbooks based on its new i.MX515 processor. For OEMs, the expanded ecosystem means faster time to market, greater differentiation and more compelling end devices.
Freescale entered the netbook market in January 2009 with the introduction of the i.MX515 processor and a comprehensive netbook reference design. The solution is designed to enable consumer products that deliver gigahertz performance, eye-popping graphics and eight hours of battery life between charges at extremely aggressive price points.

Lenovo to Launch 12-inch Intel Atom N280 Powered Netbook

Our well known news informer DigiTimes claims that Lenovo plans to materialize an Intel Atom N280 powered IdeaPad S20 netbook featuring a 12-inch panel. If accomplished, Lenovo will be one step ahead of the competition, which currently offers only 10-inch netbook solutions for a reason described below.
Lenovo reportedly plans to launch an Atom N280-based IdeaPad S20 netbook featuring a 12-inch panel. The specification would break Intel's restrictions for netbook products that state devices cannot offer panel sizes larger than the 10-inch category, according to sources at notebook makers. As a consequence for breaking the restrictions, Lenovo will lose out on preferential pricing for the N280 processor, and would end up having to buy at Intel's officially announced price, which is around US$10 higher than typical quotes to vendors of Lenovo's size, the sources noted. The sources commented that Lenovo hopes the decision will help boost its netbook sales by avoiding the fierce competition in the 10-inch segment.
The IdeaPad S20 netbook with an Atom N280 processor and GN40 chipset, and Windows XP will be priced at around NT$20,000 (US$586), the sources detailed.
In the related news, Asustek Computer's 10-inch Atom N280-based Eee PC 1004DN is expected to be priced around US$379, while Acer is already selling its Atom N280-based netbook at NT$17,000.
Source: DigiTimes

Next Generation Acer Aspire One Netbook Now Available for U.S. Customers

Acer America, part of the world’s third largest PC company, today announced U.S. availability of the 10.1-inch Aspire One AOD150, expanding the company’s growing family of popular netbooks. The new Aspire One AOD150 comes on the heels of its highly successful 8.9-inch predecessor. The global market share leader in the netbook category, Acer is offering the 10.1-inch Aspire One AOD150 to U.S. customers today with prices beginning at $349.99.

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