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November Video Game Sales Up Despite Slumping Economy

Despite many sectors of the economy now formally entering a recession after two quarters of economic downturn video games sales have increased by ten percent. Data from NPD Group showed total video games sales in November were US$2.9 billion, taking year-to-date spending on software and hardware to $16 billion, which is up 22 percent on 2007. NPD Group theorizes that Economic factors are at play given that a video game is a relatively inexpensive form of entertainment for the hours of value it provides.

Sony PlayStation Home Open Beta Starts Tomorrow

PlayStation.BLOG reminds today that PlayStation Home will enter into open beta, and will be available to everyone tomorrow. PlayStation Home is a 3D social gaming community available on PS3 that allows users to interact, communicate and share gaming experiences. Within PlayStation Home, users can create and customize their own unique avatars and explore virtual community in real time where they can communicate freely through text or voice chat. PlayStation Home users will not only be able to enjoy variety of entertainment content such as mini-games, videos and special events along with their friends, but will also be able to create their own community by starting clubs with other PlayStation Home users who share the same interests. Even purchasing customizable furniture and designer clothes will be possible with PlayStation Home. That's only a fraction of the features that will be available initially, not to mention that this is not a final version and there're still many updates to come. PlayStation Home, available as a free download starting December 11th, will launch directly from the PlayStation Home icon on the PlayStation Network column of XMB (XrossMediaBar) on PS3. After that date, SCE will vigorously promote the service and work with its partners to introduce new services. If you want to know more, hit the source link.

Source: PlayStation.BLOG

The Next Title in Bethesda's Elder Scrolls Series, Should Arrive in 2010

According to, Paul Oughton, Bethesda's publishing executive has been briefly discussing the companies plans in general, as well as indicating that the next Elder Scrolls title should be with us sometime in 2010. It was also interesting to note that despite Nintendo's success with it's home and handheld consoles, Bethesda had no interest in releasing their games on other platforms.
At the moment we've got Fallout 3 for this year and potentially there's a new Elder Scrolls title in 2010... [and] at the moment we're not that interested in the Wii. We're going to stick to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. We'll continue to pursue three or four titles a year and go for big titles.

Sony Firmware Updates for PLAYSTATION3 v2.50 and PSP v5.00 Revealed

As part of its frequent updates, Sony announced today that new firmware versions for its PLAYSTATION3 and PSP (PlayStation Portable) consoles will very soon be available to their owners. Let’s start with the v5.00 update for PSP. In this version, you’ll notice the addition of the PlayStation Network icon on the XMB. You can now sign up for PlayStation Network, manage your account and access PlayStation Store directly from your PSP - meaning you can download games, demos and trailers directly to your PSP while you are on-the-go. Update v5.00 also adds a sleep timer option that can be used while you are playing music on your PSP. In addition, v5.00 adds a full screen keyboard option for text entry and redesigned background of the XMB. You’ll be able to find all of the information on Firmware v5.00 here once it goes live. The PLAYSTATION3 firmware version 2.50 includes a ton of new enhancements. To see each one of them, you'll need to go past the "Read full story" marker.

Life With PlayStation for PLAYSTATION 3 Global Start Now Official

Sony Computer Entertainment just announced the simultaneous global launch of its free Life with PlayStation PS3 service for PLAYSTATION 3. Life with PlayStation is a new lifestyle service that offers users a new visual and interactive way to use their PS3 to access news and information from around the world, only possible on the PS3's feature-rich platform. Initially, Live Channel will worldwide news and and information such as time, weather and live camera images provided by The Earth Television Network of nearly 60 cities around the globe. All this is free of charge and requires your PS3 to be connected to Internet only. PS3 users can easily join Life with PlayStation by simply clicking the Folding@home icon on the network column of XMB (XrossMediaBar) that will update to Life with PlayStation. For more information, please see the official website here.Source: MarketWatch

Fallout 3 Available October 28

Bethesda Softworks, a ZeniMax Media company, announced today that its highly anticipated title, Fallout 3, will be available on store shelves and online in North America on October 28, 2008 and in Europe on October 31, 2008. Developed at Bethesda Game Studios – creators of the 2006 Game of the Year, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – Fallout 3 is slated for release on the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PLAYSTATION 3 computer entertainment system, and Games for Windows.

“We are very excited to let gamers get their hands on Fallout 3, the latest chapter in this beloved and highly acclaimed franchise,” said Vlatko Andonov, president of Bethesda Softworks. “To meet the huge demand for this title by our fans worldwide, we are planning one of the biggest launches of any game released this year.”

Sony Announces $399, 80GB PLAYSTATION 3 Bundle

During the E3 Media & Business Summit today, Sony announced that it is returning back the 80GB PS3 to the market in September, but this time with a new price of US $399.99. This move is probably dictated by the Xbox 360 price cut which became official two days ago. The 80GB “Core Pack” PLAYSTATION 3 as it will be called will offer all of the features and functionality of the currently selling 40GB model, but with double the storage.

Source: Daily Tech

Playstation 3 Firmware Update 2.41 Posted

After last week's fiasco involving the 2.40 firmware update, Sony has launched the 2.41 update. No added features, just that issues brought up with the previous update are said to be fixed.

Sony is positive that all bugs with the previous update have been fixed. In a statement, they say: "As many of you know, we released PS3 firmware update v2.40 last week, but had to take it offline temporarily because, for a limited number of users, the XMB wouldn’t display after the update was installed," said Eric Lempel, Sony's PlayStation Network Operations Director. "We’ve been able to fix the problem, and I’m happy to report that firmware update v2.41 will be released shortly. We want to extend our apologies to the PlayStation community for any inconvenience."

For details on how to update, please visit this page.

Good Luck.Source: Sony

PLAYSTATION 3 Firmware 2.41 Out ''midweek'', says Sony

After Sony recently pulled off its long awaited XMB PS3 2.40 firmware, many customers were left with empty hands. Moreover, little of them knew what exactly happened and why the update was removed. Now Sony is reported to be working on firmware version 2.41, which should be clear of all errors and will make all PLAYSTATION 3 owners happy again very soon. Although Sony is yet to make an official announcement to confirm this information, various sources already claim that the update will be out by the end of this week.Source: PS3 Fanboy

Sony Scraps 2.40 Playstation 3 Firmware Update

In what can dubbed as a fiasco, the much anticipated 2.40 firmware update for the Playstation 3 (PS3) gaming console which was released the other day, has been scrapped owing to several units facing acute problems with the new firmware. The new firmware had brought in new features such as an in-game XMB access and a trophy support along with enhanced gamer profile system.

Shortly after the update went online, several users began reporting problems with the update. A thread at the official Playstation 3 forums is currently over 60-pages and is filled with a number of ranting PS3 owners. reports that the new firmware causes controller malfunctions, and sometimes corrupts the system completely. One of the solutions included that the user could remove and format the hard-drive and reinsert it, the system will prompt the user to format it following which the system will return to normalcy. Of course, you lose all previous firmware update along with all your saved games and user profiles. If you are a victim of this, please visit this site for possible solutions.

Sony has come up with a statement saying "In order to further assess the issue, we have temporarily taken the firmware offline for further testing. We are working diligently to isolate the problem for those few consumers and to identify a solution before we put the firmware back up".With inputs from Kokatu,

Toshiba's Newest Notebooks to Feature Modified CELL Processor

The first thing that comes to your mind when you talk about CELL Broadband Engine is probably the Sony Playstation 3. Toshiba, a prominent player in ultra-portable computing have announced that a new pair of laptops, the Qosmio G55 and Qosmio F40, which will feature processors derived from the CELL design methodology. Processing will be composed of a two-stage processor, the modified CELL processor SPE cores will handle the heavy calculations required to handle processor-intensive duties like processing HD video. The main processor in the pair of notebooks will be an Intel Core 2 Duo. The World's most powerful supercomputer, the IBM Roadrunner, incorporates CELL technology. The CELL variation used consists of four SSP's apart from the arbiter, Toshiba brands this chip as Toshiba Quad-Core HD processor.

The G55 which has an 18.4-inch high-definition screen, 500GB of hard-disk space, NVidia GeForce 9600M graphics processor, dual digital TV tuners and wireless LAN including 802.11n will be priced from USD 2,700 and the F40, which has a 15-inch screen and 250GB hard-disk drive, from USD 2,320. Toshiba plans to put the machines on sale overseas but has yet to announce launch details.

Source: PC World

PLAYSTATION3 (PS3) Firmware v2.35 Available

PLAYSTATION3 (PS3) firmware update 2.35 is now available. According to the PlayStation Blog, v2.35 is "a relatively minor update" that should "improve stability of some PS3 titles." Unfortunately Rockstar's GTA IV is not among these PS3 games. Al De Leon, SCEA's PR Manager said: "I just want to clarify that this upcoming firmware update isn't related to GTA IV. For those of you who may still have an issue playing the game on your PS3, we have identified a solution that should resolve the issue. You can contact SCEA Consumer Services for support."Source: PlayStatoin.Blog, Joystiq

Sony Confirms Official Grand Theft Auto IV PS3 Bundle

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) today confirmed the release of an official Grand Theft Auto IV bundle exclusively for PLAYSTATION3 (PS3).The bundle, available on April 29, 2008, will consist of a PLAYSTATION3 40GB model, a SIXAXIS wireless controller and a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV, the latest title in the genre-defining Grand Theft Auto franchise, all for just €439 (RRP). “We are delighted to offer the millions of PS3 and GTA fans the ultimate gaming package,” said David Reeves, President, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV) is the eleventh, upcoming installment of the best-selling Grand Theft Auto video game franchise.

Source: SCEE

Metal Gear Online Beta Available for Download

Metal Gear Solid fans may be pleased to hear that they can now download the beta version of Konami’s Metal Gear Online via the PlayStation Store on the PS3. The download is free and weighs in at 741MB, although you’ll have to wait until 21st April to play it, with the beta running until 6th May. The final version of Metal Gear Online will be bundled with Metal Gear Solid 4, which is scheduled for release on 12th June this year.
The beta phase features two maps, four gameplay modes, the SOP System that encourages up to 16 players to team up and share information, and deep skill-customization. Also equipped with auto-matching and training modes, the game offers players a sneak peak of this totally new approach to console-based competitive gaming.
Source: Konami

Revamped PlayStation Store and PS3 Firmware 2.30 Available

Work on the revamped interface of the PlayStation Store for the PS3 has been completed and firmware 2.30 for PS3 is now available. The PlayStation Store is no longer HTML based and will allow faster access to the revamped system. To access the new PlayStation Store you'll need to first update to firmware 2.30 over the net or manually later when download links are active. Additionally firmware 2.30 adds DTS-HD Master Audio support for Blu-ray videos.Source: PlayStation.Blog

PS3 Firmware v.2.30 Details and New Store Walkthrough

Those of you, waiting for the next PS3 firmware update, ver. 2.30, which includes the revamped PLAYSTATION Store, may now see how the new user interface will look in a video demo featuring Grace Chen. The system software update will also add DTS-HD Master Audio output for Blu-ray videos, which means the high-definition visuals of Blu-ray will now be matched with the highest quality audio for the ultimate movie-watching experience on PS3. The technology delivers audio at the incredibly high rate of 24.5 mega-bits per second (Mbps) on Blu-ray disc, which is significantly higher than standard DVDs. DTS-HD Master Audio also offers 7.1 audio channels at 96k sampling frequency/24 bit depths. The firmware update will add DTS-HD High Resolution Audio as well, which is a similar output technology that requires less disc space.Source: PlayStation.Blog

PS3 DUALSHOCK 3 Wireless Controller Now Available

The PLAYSTATION 3's redesigned DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controllers are currently shipping to North American retailers and are expected to appear on shelves by next week, according to a post on the official PlayStation.Blog. The DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller includes pressure sensors that rumble with each action. SIXAXIS technology is also included, so you can still use motion control, and the controller features Bluetooth technology for wireless gameplay. The titles that support the rumble feature will require a patch (DUALSHOCK 3 Compatibility Chart). The patch will automatically download to your PS3 if your console is connected online. You can pick up the DUALSHOCK 3 controller for $54.99 MSRP.

Source: PlayStation.Blog

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Soundtrack Finalized

Sony has finished the list of tracks that will take place in the North American soundtrack for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, the fifth installment of the billion-dollar selling racing franchise developed exclusively for PS3 by Polyphony Digital Inc. The official Gran Turismo 5 Prologue soundtrack will include an edgy soundtrack that mixes an aesthetic audio blending of indie dance rock, electronica, classic rock and brand new remixes by some of today's hottest recording artists such as Weezer, Mars Volta and DJ Shadow, among others. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue will be available in April for $39.99 SRP on Blu-ray Disc and as a download via PLAYSTATION Store.

PLAYSTATION3 Firmware 2.20 Available

Sony released the latest firmware 2.20 for their PLAYSTATION 3 (PS3) console this morning. In case you haven't read what's new in this update, please check our previous story here. Some of the new features include, support for Blu-ray Disc Profile 2.0 (BD-live), the ability to copy PS3 Music and Photo playlists to a PSP system, as well as playing DivX and WMV format files that are over 2 GB. All owners, may now proceed to their PS3 System Update menu.

Source: PS3 Fanboy

Firmware v2.20 Bringing BD-Live to PS3

Sony previewed yesterday on its official PS3 blog the next PLAYSTATION 3 system software update which is due to be out in the next few days. Firmware v2.20, will introduce a number of features to further enhance your PLAYSTATION 3, but most notably the update will enable the PS3 to support Blu-ray Disc Profile 2.0, also known as BD-Live. BD-Live allows you to obtain additional content and special features through Internet on BD discs that support this feature. On April 8th Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will release The 6th Day and Walk Hard on Blu-ray; these titles will be among the first to take advantage of BD-Live.

Sony Releases PS3 2.17 Firmware Update

Sony has updated the PS3’s firmware taking it to version 2.17. Unfortunately there are very few improvements with this update – under the main features in this version Sony lists only “The operating stability of some PLAYSTATION 3 format software has been improved.” The simplest way to update the firmware is via the PS3's system menu.Source: Sony

Sony Confirms PS3 In-Game Messaging On the Way

Sony Computer Entertainment’s UK boss, Ray Maguire, has confirmed rumours that Sony plans to include in-game messaging in one of its upcoming PS3 firmware updates. Sony initially sparked rumours when it uploaded a “Friends & Messaging” icon onto its website, which commented about using a USB headset or Eye Camera to engage in voice and video messaging. Maguire told MCV:
Our momentum will continue with the introduction of in-game communication in the summer [and] firmware update 2.4.
Maguire also revealed that Sony has managed to sell over one million of the consoles in the UK.Source: Reg Hardware

Two New PS3 Bundles On The Way to Europe

In addition to the Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 released in the US and Canada, Sony has two new PS3 bundles being readied for the European market. These include a special Gran Turismo 5 Prologue version which will launch alongside the game in the Spring. The pack includes the game, 40GB console and one Sixaxis controller. The second bundle is a Movie Pack, with a 40GB console, single controller and three Blu-ray movies replacing the usual game: Spiderman 3, 300 and Casino Royale. Both bundles are expected to come in at the current price points.

Source: Gizmodo UK

SCEA Adds New PS3 Bundle, Reveals DUALSHOCK 3 Release Date

To coincide with the much-anticipated North American launch of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots in late Q2 2008, SCEA will introduce a special PS3 bundle. The Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 will include an 80GB PS3, the upcoming blockbuster Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, and a DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller for $499.99 (MSRP). Followed by the introduction of this limited version Sony revealed another much-requested release date: SCEA will introduce the DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller for the first time in North America in April 2008 for $54.99 (MSRP). Compatible with more than 100 PS3 games, DUALSHOCK 3 has both rumble and motion-sending SIXAXIS technologies. Of course Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots will be 100% compatible with the DUALSHOCK 3.Source: PlayStation.Blog

Sony No Longer Selling Backwards Compatible PS3s

Well, really, the title says it all. Sony is no longer offering any version of the PlayStation3 console that can actually play games that were released for the previous two Playstation consoles. At this time, the only PlayStation3 model available in stores is the 40GB model, which is not backwards compatible with anything. However, the future is not bleak in Playstation-land. Sony has long been planning a successor, which more than likely will have a larger hard drive and one or two other surprises/goodies. Unfortunately, backwards compatibility will not be among those goodies. If you're into playing PlayStation classics on next-generation hardware, you'd best get yourself an 80GB PS3 before stock completely runs out.Source: Xbit Labs
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