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PSP TV Addon Unveiled

Sony in an effort to upgrade the usability of psp to more than just a handheld console announced today in Tokyo the availability of a new Tuner addon ( 1Seg compliant only for now ) for which can turn the system into a portable TV that's capable of receiving digital television broadcasts.The TV Tuner will go on sale on 9/20 at a cost of 6,980 yen. It will only be compatible with the new PSP-2000 redesign, so current PSP owners are out of luck.

Source: IGN

New PSP specs revealed

The specifications for the new PSP have found their way onto the internet, and it’s generally good news if you’re planning to buy one. Not only will the new version feature a video-out port, but it will have twice as much RAM as the original (64MB compared to 32MB), it can be charged via USB, it uses a 1200mAh battery (compared to 1600mAh on the original but apparently it lasts just as long), it has a WLAN switch on the top and is based on a TA-085 PCB (which apparently is good for homebrew applications). The downsides are that you can’t use the original PSP remote with the new model and the AV cable is sold separately. So to sum up, the new PSP will be smaller and quicker.

Source: Ookm via Engadget

Lighter, Slimmer PSP Coming in September

During a press conference at E3, Kazuo Hirai, chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment, unveiled an updated version of the Playstation Portable. While the form factor is virtually unchanged it will be 33% lighter and 19% slimmer. The new version will also come with a video-out port. There has been no release date or price announced yet. Sony has sold more than 25 million PSPs worldwide lagging behind Nintendo which has shipped over 40 million DSs.Source: BBC News

PSP Update Boosts CPU Speed

The latest firmware update for Sony's Playstation Portable, made available last month, officially increases the CPU clock speed from 266 MHz to 333 MHz. While current games will not see any real improvement from the update, games in development will most likely utilize the boost at the cost of decreased battery life. Many enthusiasts were already running the PSP at the increased clock speed.Source: TechNewsWorld

THQ Announces Warhammer for DS and PSP

Critically Acclaimed Warhammer 40,000 Franchise to Make Handheld Debut

AGOURA HILLS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 19, 2007--THQ Inc. (NASDAQ:THQI) today announced Warhammer(R) 40,000: Squad Command(TM) will bring the carnage of the 41st millennium to the popular handheld Nintendo DS(TM) and PSP(R) (PlayStation(R)Portable) systems, scheduled to be released in fall 2007. Taking full advantage of the unique capabilities of the Nintendo DS and PSP, Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command features a new and immersive single-player campaign, along with a robust global multiplayer component.

Nintendo Dominates the console market

Nintendo has continued its recent console success throughout May, with the DS taking top spot and the Wii in a comfortable second in terms of sales. The Nintendo DS sold an impressive 423,000 units and the Wii 338,000 units, with the PSP next in line with 221,000 units, ahead of the PlayStation 2’s 188,000 units. The PS3 and Xbox 360 are continuing to lag behind, with Sony’s latest console on just 82,000 and the Xbox 360 on 155,000 units – the PS3 only beat Game Boy Advance figures by a mere one thousand units. Sales in May totalled $815.5 million, up 49% compared to figures from last year - a strong month for the games industry.Source: DailyTech

PSP update enables PS3 Remote Play

Sony has updated the firmware for the PlayStation Portable, enabling it to use Remote Play – a new feature which lets PSP owners remotely access media stored on their PlayStation 3 consoles. Users can stream videos, music and pictures from their PS3s directly to the PSP, but they can’t play games remotely as some may believe from reading the name. Because the data is transferred via the internet it means users can access media on their PS3 from almost anywhere where they can get online, provided that the bandwidth is adequate. To use remote play, you will need to download the 3.50 firmware update for the PSP using the auto update feature, and you will also need the 1.8 PS3 firmware released just over a week ago. The 3.50 firmware update also provides a new RSS Channel Guide, offering improved support for RSS feeds.Source: DailyTech

Sony Announces 30 New PS3 Game Titles

Sony previewed an extensive software line up for its PlayStation platforms for the second half of 2007 and early 2008 at a media event in San Diego yesterday. More than 30 games for PS3 game console, including a strong first-party lineup of over ten announced titles, were shown during the event, along with a full library of games and services for PlayStation Portable handheld entertainment system, PS2 computer entertainment system and PLAYSTATION Network. Some of the key new titles for PS3 include: Warhawk, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, Spider-Man 3, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End, NBA'08 and MLB 07 The Show. Additionally sixteen exclusive titles for PSP from first and third parties were also unveiled at the event, ranging from Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow to God of War: Chains of Olympus and SOCOM:U.S. Navy SEALs Tactical Strike. The full list of games and services can be found at Sony

PSP price cut will not make it to Australia

You'd think that after America and Europe get a price cut for the Sony PlayStation Portable, the rest of the world would be entitled to the same treatment. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The Sony market in Australia has no imminent plans of changing the PSP price. Sony claims that they are not changing the price now because they are currently investigating the Australian markets, to figure out exactly what the new price should be set to. Time will tell what's actually going to happen with Sony in Australia.Source: 1Up

PSP gets a price drop in Europe

Following a $30 price cut for the PSP in the USA earlier this month, Sony has now officially reduced the price of the handheld across Europe. The price in the UK will be coming down from £149.99 to £129.99, with the rest of Europe having the price slashed from €199.99 to €169.99. This comes after months of Sony ruling out any price cuts, with the changes being effective from May 4th (a week on Friday). There have also been five new platinum titles launched for the console at £14.99 each - Ridge Racer 2, Tekken: Dark Resurrection, Killzone: Liberation, LocoRoco, and MotoGP. With the DS being sold for £99 in most retailers across the UK, this reduced price gap gives Sony a better chance of competing in the portable consoles’ market.Source: m&c

PS3 and PSP firmware updated

Sony has updated the firmware for its two most recent consoles, with a few improvements for each. The PS3 firmware has been updated to version 1.70, which will enable gamers to play PS1 software purchased from the PlayStation Store (previously only playable on the PSP) and will allow the use of the vibration function of accessories when playing PlayStation and PlayStation 2 titles (not PS3 games unfortunately, but a step forwards). The PlayStation Store still lists all classic titles as being for the PSP, but this may be changed when it’s updated later this week. As for the PSP, the firmware has been updated to version 3.40, with the most noticeable changes being improved support for PlayStation Network titles and a changed method for managing certificates under [Game]. Apparently with the new firmware, gamers can share save data between both consoles allowing PS1 titles to be continued on the move and at home.Source: DailyTech

PSP price cut confirmed

A Sony spokesperson confirmed to that the price for Sony's PlayStation Portable Core package (includes a PSP, the battery and an AC adaptor) was cut to 169.99 US$. Last week the official retail price for the same bundle was 199.99 US$.
Asked for a similar European action the Sony Official said there is nothing like this planned yet.Source:

No next iteration of the PSP

Two weeks after Ray Maguire, the man in charge at Sony UK, told the world about a smaller and lighter PlayStation Portable he recently admitted Sony decided not to update its mobile gaming solution for now. In the interview with where Maquire spoke about Sony's recent change of mind he added they are instead focussing on the relationship between the PSP and the PS3. In general this interview, which is the second part already, is more related to the PlayStation 3. Maguire seems to be very talkative throughout the whole questioning - don't miss the first part if you are interested in the console market.Source:

Final Fantasy Tactics for the PSP will have multiplayer battles

Any fan of the Final Fantasy series has probably heard of Final Fantasy Tactics by now. For anyone who didn't know, Square Enix has been planning a PSP version of the game for some time now. This game will have a feature that every Final Fantasy fan will enjoy: wireless multi-player combat. This will allow two Tactics players to link their PSP's sans cables, and duke it out with their teams of Final Fantasy characters. This PSP version of Tactics, called "Final Fantasy Tactic: The Lion War" will make it's way to Asian market next month, and possibly American market by the end of this year.Source: 1Up

PSP to get smaller

Ray Maguire, the managing director of Sony Computer Entertainment UK, confirmed that the current PlayStation Portable will appear in a smaller and lighter version. The overall design will stay the same was told and the price could be lower very likely.
The release date is unknown, a smaller PSP will surely fit nicely in everyone's bags but I hope the display won't get smaller as well.

Update: has more details of the story, they say Sony will not change the size of the screen.Source:

PSP upgraded to version 3.10

People who bought the PS3 got a very nice surprise yesterday, the PSP firmware has been updated. There are no really major changes from version 3.0, but some things to take note of if you do upgrade.
  • Streamlined PlayStation Store downloads.
  • New Location Free player, which supports MPEG4-AVC.
  • The Network part of the Cross Media Bar now features a PlayStation Spot option.
  • New "low memory usage" option for the internet browser.
  • Dynamic Equalizer to balance audio.
Sony should also be patching a few security issues in this version of PSP firmware, and Spring PSP games should require it.Source: 1Up

Sony to Launch Video Download Service for PSP

Sony will offer a video download service in the first quarter of 2007 for its PlayStation Portable (PSP) game device, the Financial Times reported in its online edition. The scheme involves downloading video content to a PC for one-time transfer to a PSP. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment developed the service to work with Sony's memory stick storage platform, the report said. A 4Gb Sony memory stick has the capacity to store 10 feature films. Sony is also negotiating with vendors like, Movielink and CinemaNow to provide the new service.Source:

Sony launches Playstation download service for PS3 and PSP

Sony has started offering old Playstation games for download to Playstation 3 owners. These games are meant for the PSP, so you need to own both to take advantage of this offer. Games cost $5.99 and can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store accessed through the Playstation 3. The current games offered are: Cool Boarders, Crash Bandicoot, Hot Shots Golf 2, Syphon Filter and Tekken 2. Sony will release another wave of games later this month.Source: DailyTech
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