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ASUS Launches its First HT3 System Bus Ready Motherboard

ASUS today released the brand new M3A32-MVP Deluxe/WiFi-AP motherboard, which supports the new AMD Phenom quad-core CPU with the latest AMD 790FX chipset. This motherboard features the latest HyperTransport 3.0(HT3)system bus with up to 5200 MT/s speed, quad PCIe 2.0 x16 VGA slots, and is also equipped with the ASUS patent pending memory heat pipe design – ASUS Cool Mempipe, which is able to effectively lower memory temperatures by up to 10°C – providing outstandingly stable computing environments. All of these advantages add up to provide users with an enhanced computing experience and system performance.

AMD Overdrive Software Utility

Some good news for all future AMD Phenom owners. AMD is developing a software called "AMD Overdrive". Just like nTune, it can adjust different CPU system parameters. The software utility can also change the multiplayer of each core on the fly.

Source: Expreview

Quad-Core Phenom Models and Clocks Revealed

AMD has confirmed the model names and clock speeds of the upcoming quad-core Phenom processors and plans to launch them as scheduled in November/December while Phenom FX will be launched in Q1 next year. AMD will also add higher clocked Phenom FX and Phenom quad-core processors in Q2 next year.

Source: VR-Zone

Working AMD RV670, Phenom System Pictured

Sapphire has not only showcased its Radeon HD 2600 X2 DUAL at this year's World Cyber Games (WCG) Grand Final in Seattle but it has also shown off some soon to be released products including a AMD Phenom X4 Engineering Sample CPU, Sapphire RD790 (790 FX) motherboard and Crossfire setup consisting of two RV670 cards. AMD is calling its CPU+GPU+Chipset package "Spider".

Source: theINQ

Phenoms To Break The 3GHz Barrier

According to our friends over at Fudzilla (a site known for it's rumors), the new Barcelona / Phenom X4 Quad core can hit 3.24 GHz or more in it's B2 revision. If this is true, the Phenom processors could easily surpass the newest Intel Penryn core, which is clocked at 3.33 GHz.Source: Fudzilla

AMD Reveals Phenom Model Numbers

AMD’s latest roadmap reveals the company’s model numbers for two Phenom X4 and three X2 models planned to be released in Q4’2007 and Q1’2008. The Agena-based Phenom X4 processors carry the GP-7xxx model number. There will be two Phenom X4 GP-7xxx processors at launch – the GP-7100 and the GP-7000. AMD plans to clock the Phenom X4 GP-7100 from 2.2-to-2.4 GHz. The Phenom X4 GP-7100 has a 3600MHz HyperTransport 3.0, or HT3, bus speed. The lesser Phenom X4 GP-7000 has a targeted clock speed between 2.0-to-2.2GHz and a lesser HT3 bus speed in excess of 3200MHz. The two quad-core processors will have 89-watt TDP. AMD plans to launch one Phenom X2 GP-6xxx model by the end of the year. The Phenom X2 GP-6550 joins the Phenom line up next quarter clocked somewhere between 2.0-to-2.4GHz. The first Phenom X2 to launch has a 3600MHz HT3 bus speed. This model has a TDP of 65 watts. Two more Phenom X2 GP-6xxx models will join the lineup in Q1’2008. The Phenom X2 GP-6650 will launch first between 2.2-to-2.6GHz with a 3600MHz HT3 bus speed. This model has a 65-watt TDP, similar to the GP-6550. The next Phenom X2 GP-6xxx model to launch is the GP-6800. This model has a higher 89-watt TDP, but still a dual-core processor. AMD aims for a 2.4-to-2.8GHz clock speed with a 4000MHz HT3 bus speed.Source: DailyTech

AMD Previews New Desktop Platforms

AMD today previewed its next two generation of desktop platforms for performance and mainstream platforms. The new platforms outline details of new AMD chipsets, processors and graphics cores. AMD’s next new performance platform will be Spider. Spider is the first platform for AMD Phenom X4 and X2 processors, slated for later this year. AMD pairs the Phenom X4 and X2 processors with the upcoming RD7xx series chipsets for Spider. Spider also features PCIe 2.0, and HyperTransport 3.0, or HT3. Following Spider is Leo. Leo is AMD’s 2008 platform refresh, again designed to accommodate Phenom X4 and X2 processors with up to 6MB of L3 cache. Leo will still use the RD7xx series chipsets, but with support for up to four GPUs in CrossFire. Following Leo's debut in 2009, are Python, Cartwheel and Copperhead DDR3 platforms. Read more about them here.

Source: DailyTech

AMD’s FASN8 May Be Delayed to Next Year

Advanced Micro Devices, the world’s second largest manufacturer of x86 central processing units (CPUs) will delay the roll-out of its new enthusiast-class platform to next year, according to sources familiar with the plans of AMD.

The chipmaker only plans to unveil its AMD Phenom FX-80 processor, which is designed for single-processor configurations, in November or December this year, whereas AMD Phenom FX-90 and FX-91 products are set to be released sometime in the first quarter of 2008, sources close to AMD indicated. The move basically delays the introduction of AMD’s FASN8 platform, which employs two CPUs and puts AMD’s success in the field of computer enthusiasts under question.

AMD Names the Next PC Computing Thrill Ride: The AMD Phenom Processor

Delivering a four-core foreshadowing of innovations to come for PC enthusiasts worldwide, AMD today unveiled the upcoming AMD Phenom processor family name and publicly demonstrated the first all-AMD enthusiast platform, codenamed “FASN8.” The industry’s only true quad-core client processors are expected to deliver the ultimate visual experience, especially when paired with AMD’s new DirectX 10 ATI Radeon HD 2000 series, which began shipping today. AMD expects true quad-core and dual-core AMD Phenom-based desktop systems will ship in the second half of 2007.

AMD to Introduce the Phenom Brand

Over the next two weeks AMD will slowly begin to introduce its new brand name for the next generation high end desktop K10 architecture. The brand, Phenom, will succeed Athlon on all K10 offerings. Dual-core Agena processors will be labeled as Phenom X2 while quad-core Agena CPUs will receive the name Phenom X4 or Phenom FX. Phenom is pronounced as an abbreviated version of the word "phenomenal." The company will still retain its Athlon and Sempron brand names - Athlon on its mid-range products and Sempron on up the low-end.Source: DailyTech
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