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Via introduces 1W Eden processor for embedded applications

Via is well known for low power CPUs, so it comes as no big surprise that the company will be offering a new Eden processor with a power consumtion of a mere Watt. The new CPU adopts the typical VIA V4 bus and 21mm × 21mm nanoBGA2 packaging as other Eden models, but sets itself apart offering a 500MHz core frequency at a power consumption of only 1W. It is meant for network applicances or embedded boards.Source: Digitimes

Intel Penryn Micro-architecture to Debut on November 11

Intel's next big thing is 45 nanometer architecture, which it has applied to their new Penryn micro-architecture. On November 11, Intel will release seven Xeon processors containing the new micro architecture. Among the seven processors are the 2.00GHz E5405, the 2.33GHz E5410, the 2.50GHz E5420, the 2.66GHz E5430, the 2.83GHz E5440, the 3.00GHz E5450 and the 3.16GHz X5460. All seven chips operate on a 1333MHz frontside bus. No official prices are available at this time, and we will see more Penryn processors in Q1 2008.Source: Reg Hardware

Intel to Cut Prices and Launch New Core 2 Duos on September 2

AMD isn't the only one making new CPUs: Intel plans to announce a new Core 2 Duo CPU and make some hefty price cuts on September 2nd. The Core 2 Duo T7800 is a laptop chip, will be clocked at 2.6GHz, run on a 800MHz bus, and have 4MB of L2 cache. Intel will also launch the Core 2 Duo T7250, which is clocked at 2GHz, with a bus speed of 800MHz and 2MB of L2 cache. For budget customers, Intel has the new 2.0GHz Celeron M 550. There is no word on how much these new processors will cost, but the current Core 2 Duo prices will definitely get cut on September 2nd.Source: Reg Hardware

AMD Unveils Athlon 64 X2 6400+ Black Edition

While every hardcore AMD fan awaits the Barcelona and Phenom series of CPUs, AMD is busy making the best out of what it has already. In a Japanese presentation, AMD showed off the Athlon 64 6400+ "Black Edition". This CPU should hit retail markets on August 20th, and should cost anywhere between $220 and $240 USD. The CPU runs on a 90nm process, and is clocked at 3.2GHz.

At the same presentation, AMD demoed a Phenom X4 system at 3GHz in an AMD RD790 motherboard. AMD somehow managed to present this without anyone getting good performance numbers.

Source: Nordic Hardware

Barcelona issues

With the passable launch date of September 10 there seems two be a couple of problems with the chip and compatibility. It seems that the Dual Dynamic Power Management will not work without a BIOS update, and with a supported motherboard. This is something to be expected from knowing that some features will not be supported on former socket types.

“It seems the CPU itself is capable of engaging in CoolCore operations, but not Dual Dynamic Power Management (formerly “Split Plane,” which allowed each core to operate independently with different voltages and clock speeds). It won’t be able to handle these power saving and performance enhancing aspects of operations from the core alone. The motherboard must be brought into the mix in an active way to help reduce power consumption and save energy when the many cores are not in high use.”

The other issue while not truly being an issue is the 128-bit floating point. There simply isn't any software on the market to take advantage of it. Hearing something like this isn't new to the PC market at all. The 64Bit CPUs are just now starting to see the light after a few years of their release, and Dual core CPUs are also just now starting to be implemented into applications. It's safe to say that the 128-bit floating point technology may take some time before developers start using it.Source: HotHardware

AMD's Phenom FX Lineup revealed

According to AMD's most recent roadmap, 2 Phenom FX series will see the light of day: Phenom FX-80 and Phenom FX-90. The FX-80 will be designed as single-core CPU's while the FX-90 will be designed as 4x4 dual CPU's.

The plan is to launch the Phenom FX-90 CPU's by Q1 2008 and the FX-80's a little earlier during the November-December interval.

Source: Dailytech

AMD denies all rumors of Phenom being delayed

AMD has recently denied the rumor that Phenom would be delayed. AMD says that they will have Phenom released during Q4 2007, despite motherboard manufacturers saying otherwise.

However, any Phenom launch before Q1 2008, according to AMD, will be a mere paper launch, not unlike the HD 2x00 series. Motherboard manufacturers claim that this delay is give AMD enough time to make enough Phenom processors for a heavy AMD fanbase. This is also a move designed to make Phenom more competitive with Penryn.Source: Reg Hardware

Intel Shipped one million quad-core Xeon chips

Intel (or "Chipzilla", as The Inquirer lovingly refers to them), according to Intel spokesperson Danny Cheung, has sold one million quad-core Xeon 5300 processors. "Clovertown" was unleashed just last November, and thanks to great performance and competitive pricing, is solely responsible for re-claiming the Server market for Intel. The entire Clovertown line is priced between $455 and $1,172 USD, according to Intel's price list.Source: PC World

AMD Native x86 Quad-Cores Shipping In August

AMD announced today that Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ processors, code-named “Barcelona,” are planned for shipment in both standard and low power versions at launch later this summer. This would be the first time AMD has made both standard and low power parts immediately available as part of a new processor launch.

During this first launch, processor speeds are expected to be available up to 2.0 GHz.Source:

Griffin to Replace AMD's Turion Mobile Processor

Based on the K8 core, AMD's next generation mobile processor will be released mid-2008. The 65nm core socket S will receive Barcelona's Hyper transport 3 and will boast better power efficiency and management than its predecessor with its ability to limit the power consumption of the memory interface. The RS780/780G chipsets will combine with Griffin to include Hyperflash and Puma, which competes directly with Intel's Turbo Memory.Source: TG Daily
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