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Prolimatech MegaShadow Detailed

Prolimatech's popular Megahalems CPU cooler has a dark twin, the MegaShadow. The cooler follows a series of four other designs by the company that unveiled back in March. The MegaShadow really is a replica of Megahalems, albeit having black coloured fins and heat-pipes, to suite some users' aesthetic tastes. Measuring 130 x 74 x 158.7 mm (LxWxD), and equipped with six heatpipes that run through the entire length of the cooler, the MegaShadow is positioned as a high-end air-cooler for sockets LGA-1366, LGA-1156, and LGA-775. The kit bundles the necessary retention kit, and thermal compound although no fan 120 mm fan is bundled. It is expected to reach stores next month for $78~$80.

Source: Expreview

Prolimatech Intros PK-1 Thermal Compound

Prolimatech, the Taiwanese manufacturer whose claim to fame has been the Megahalems CPU cooler, introduced its first thermal compound. The PK-1 boasts of some very bold numbers as far as its specifications go. The compound edges past the recently announced Arctic Cooling MX-3 in terms of thermal conductivity, at 10.2 W/m °C. It has a specific gravity of 3.2 g/m³. Each 5 g syringe is bundled with a plastic card that serves as a spatula to spread the compound over the heat source. European e-tailer has it listed for 9.90 Euro.

Prolimatech Prepares a Fleet of Monster CPU Coolers

Prolimatech packs the large CPU cooler design ideology with DFI's LANParty branding from DFI. The company started off with the Megahalems cooler that received good reviews. PC Games Hardware sourced pictures and drawings of some really fascinating, yet large CPU coolers in the works by the company, from German retailer, before officially listing the products. To succeed the Megahalems, the company has three new coolers named Genesis, Jericho, and The Mammoth.

Some of the most audacious designs ever imagined, have taken shape, and may be ready to hit the market. The drawings show Jericho to be a medium-to-large cooler with stacked aluminum-fin blocks, and a fan that circulates air. The Mammoth and Genesis have a peculiar staged heat-column design. For The Mammoth, the CPU contact-block gives out numerous heatpipes that convey heat to two staged aluminum fin arrays with dedicated air-flows, both of which are along the plane of the motherboard. The Genesis, on the other hand uses a slightly different design, with an array perpendicular to the plane of the motherboard. There is no word on exactly when these coolers get listed.

Source: PCGH

Further Details of DFI CPU Cooler Turn Up - Prolimatech Megahalems

Some of you may have read the news post about the DFI CPU cooler, spotted on one of their boards. Not a lot of information has been made available, but we got the specifications right here for you. The cooler is made by Prolimatech, a firm established in 2008. This means that the cooler is not from Thermalright, as previously believed. It could also be possible, that the image of the DFI board with the cooler used means nothing and that DFI will not be entering the CPU cooler business after all. The "Megahalems" cooler comes with the following features:
  • Minimal air resistance between fins allowing best balance between noise and performance in range of 800-1200RPM
  • Heatpipes are lined up in a straight line to prevent air back draft allowing air to easily pass through the heatsink body
  • Wide fins with mathematically calculated thickness to maximize best air-to-surface cooling rate
  • Uniquely designed, easy-to-install socket 775 and 1366 retention mechanism to increase cooling ability.
  • Easy to apply, high grade thermal compound, a perfect sidekick to all Prolimatech heatsinks

The unit is already listed at various shops for just under 60€ and should be available at the beginnging of March. Read on for the coolers full specifications.
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