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Roccat Debuts 2013 Lineup of PC Gaming Peripherals

ROCCAT will be showing its new product developments in gaming peripherals and software at CES in Las Vegas on January 8 - 11, 2013. Some of the ROCCAT highlights at this year's show will include the brand's first-ever mechanical keyboard and the first software project for the company from Hamburg, Germany – the Power-Grid app, which has now passed Beta testing. In addition, several ROCCAT products at CES are newly available to US gamers, including the gaming mice Kone XTD and Kone Pure along with the multicolor gaming keyboard Isku FX.

ROCCAT founder and CEO, René Korte, on the significance of CES for the company: "We announced ROCCAT's entrance to the American market here exactly 12 months ago. The feedback from gamers and media worldwide has been overwhelmingly positive and we're here again to prove that ROCCAT sets the rules when it comes to gaming peripherals."

Roccat Isku FX with Talk FX Starts Selling

Roccat announced market availability of the Isku FX, a variant of the March, 2011-launched Isku gaming keyboard. It comes with two additions to its feature-set, multi-color key illumination, and Talk FX. The keyboard lets you choose from no less than 16.8 million colors, virtually the entire 32-bit RGB color palette, to illuminate keys. In addition, the keyboard gets Talk FX, a software that follows your game, and uses the keyboard's lighting to create effects, adding to your immersion. Talk FX is already available with Kone XTD, a video detailing can be watched after the break. Isku FX is a durable membrane-type keyboard featuring 36 macro/hotkeys in addition to its standard 104-key QWERTY layout. It is priced at 100€.

ROCCAT Lua Tri-Button Gaming Mouse Available Now

German gaming peripherals manufacturer, ROCCAT Studios, today announces the release of the ROCCAT Lua Tri-Button Gaming Mouse. The Lua packs advanced gaming engineering into a sleek and clean ambidextrous form that offers a comfortable fit for every gamer's hand. Its advanced Pro Optic R2 sensor features a choice of seven DPI settings – 250, 500, 1000, 1250, 1500, 1750, and 2000 – so gamers can play with accuracy at the speed that matches their style. It also has a dedicated DPI button that lets players easily change speeds in the heat of battle. Gamers can even program the button to switch only between the DPI settings they use most.

"We took the beloved three-button mouse design and injected it with our innovative gaming engineering – and created a killer tool that gives props to the past while heading boldly into the future," says René Korte, ROCCAT Founder and CEO. "The Lua delivers everything gamers need for control, comfort and style – all in a sleek and slim design that offers perfect comfort for every hand."

Roccat Kone Domination Dynasty Expands with Launch of XTD and Pure Models

ROCCAT Studios, the German manufacturer of professional gaming peripherals, has announced the release of the ROCCAT Kone XTD – Max Customization Gaming Mouse and the ROCCAT Kone Pure – Core Performance Gaming Mouse – with the new mice to hit shelves in Europe on October 26 and in North America and Asia end of November.

Both new models feature the acclaimed Kone design, with the Pure offering a slimmer option that's 91% the size of the original Kone – a measurement decided upon after ROCCAT conducted extensive research with gamers to determine an optimally-reduced Kone version. And, as with earlier Kone mice, each comes standard with a world-beating performance package, this time featuring a fully-adjustable 8200 DPI Pro-Aim R3 laser sensor – with 41 DPI settings, ranging from 200 to 8200 – a 32-bit Turbo Core V2 72MHz ARM MCU processor, 576kB on-board memory, and the planet's most advanced Tracking & Distance Control Unit – all working in clockwork unison to deliver the world's most impressive speed, control and accuracy.

ROCCAT Unveils Groundbreaking "Hiro" - 3D Supremacy Surface Gaming Pad

ROCCAT, the German manufacturer of professional gaming accessories, today launched its new high-performance cloth gaming pad - the ROCCAT Hiro - 3D Supremacy Surface Gaming Mousepad - the world's first mousepad to use an advanced new manufacturing process that creates smooth, rounded edges that won't ever fray, even after extended use. The patented build process creates an inseparable "power bond" between upper and lower surfaces, creating a mousepad of unrivaled durability.

The Hiro also features an entirely new kind of gaming surface: an exclusive vulcanized silicone playing field, with a complex 3D structure, that delivers significantly increased gliding speed and control on both the x and y axis – offering the ultimate command capability during even the most demanding gaming.

ROCCAT to Unleash Gaming Titans with Launch of New Mega Mice

ROCCAT Studios, the Hamburg-based manufacturer of competition gaming peripherals, is set to expand their high-performance mouse portfolio with the upcoming debut of three new game-changing devices: the ROCCAT Kone XTD - Max Customization Gaming Mouse, the ROCCAT Kone Pure - Core Performance Gaming Mouse and the ROCCAT Lua - Tri-Button Gaming Mouse.

ROCCAT has tapped the Kone XTD to be the successor to the legendary Kone[+] gaming mouse, packing the XTD with a hefty increase in the already formidable capabilities of the Kone[+] - while keeping the beloved Kone design completely intact. The German manufacturer also kept the legendary Kone form when designing the Kone Pure - but slimmed it down to 91% the size of the Kone[+], while also adding more competition-crushing power to the original Kone[+] performance specs.

Roccat Announces Sense Chrome Blue Edition Gaming Mousepad

ROCCAT, the Hamburg-based manufacturer of professional gaming accessories, presents an addition to the legendary ROCCAT Sense High Precision Gaming Mousepad – one of the world’s most popular mousepads. The new ROCCAT Sense Chrome Blue features a revised surface, more intense colours and is just 2mm high. The special microcrystalline coating incorporated into the fabric surface is ultra-effective at minimizing frictional resistance between the mouse and the pad thereby noticeably improving the gliding capability of mice. At the same time there is hardly any noise: the mouse glides almost silently over the ROCCAT mousepad. The new ROCCAT Sense Chrome Blue High Precision Gaming Mousepad is available now.

Roccat Teases with the Lua Gaming Mouse

German gaming peripherals manufacturer, ROCCAT Studios, is set to unveil the ROCCAT Lua Tri-Button Gaming Mouse at the Computex expo in Taipei and E3 in Los Angeles, June 5. Described as “The Classic 3-Button Mouse: Re-Mastered”, the Lua packs advanced gaming engineering into a sleek and clean ambidextrous form that offers a comfortable fit for every gamer’s hand.

“We took the beloved three-button mouse design and injected it with our innovative gaming engineering – and created a killer tool that gives props to the past while heading boldly into the future,” says René Korte, ROCCAT Founder and CEO. “The Lua delivers everything gamers need for control, comfort and style – all in a sleek and slim design that offers perfect comfort for every hand.”

Roccat Unveils KONE XTD Gaming Mouse

German gaming peripherals manufacturer, ROCCAT Studios, will unveil one of the most powerful gaming devices ever – and successor to the world famous Kone[+] – with the sneak preview of the ROCCAT Kone XTD Max Customization Gaming Mouse at the E3 expo in Los Angeles and the Computex expo in Taipei on June 5.

Extending the already formidable capabilities of the legendary Kone[+], the XTD is powered by an impressive performance package loaded with the latest 8200 DPI Pro Aim R3 laser sensor, a 32-bit Turbo Core V2 72MHz ARM MCU processor, and the world’s most advanced Tracking & Distance Control Unit – all working in clockwork unison to deliver world-beating battle ability. It also features a new mega-tough, ultra-precise scroll wheel designed to let gamers give every command with absolute accuracy.

Roccat Savu Gaming Mouse Generally Available

ROCCAT Studios today announces the release of the Savu – Mid-Size Hybrid Gaming Mouse – a competition device that “fusion welds” an ideal blend of performance and customizable features into a robust, perfectly-balanced, medium-size design.

The Savu offers a combination of unprecedented true 4000 DPI optical sensor horsepower, world famous Easy-Shift[+] technology allowing for advanced button configuration, and a customizable lighting system delivering 16.8 million colors. What’s more, it’s the world’s first mouse to feature a stats and trophy system – called the ROCCAT Achievements Display, or R.A.D. – something previously known in similar form only in online gaming. Designed specifically for fans of mid-size gaming mice, the Savu also pampers the hands with an ergonomic right-hand thumb rest and soft-touch surface.

Roccat to Unveil Groundbreaking Gear at Computex

ROCCAT Studios, the German manufacturer of professional gaming equipment, is ready to roll out an impressive line-up of new products at E3 in Los Angeles on June 7 and at Computex in Taipei on June 5.

High on the list is the ROCCAT Kone XTD Max Customization Gaming Mouse – the new incarnation of the legendary ROCCAT Kone[+]. Equipped with the latest technological gaming innovations and an 8200 DPI Pro Aim R3 laser sensor – as well as being loaded with the full power of ROCCAT software – the Kone XTD is expected to surpass its famous predecessor and claim supremacy in the field of laser gaming mice. The “Next Gen” Kone is expected to hit shelves internationally early October 2012.

A First for PC Gaming: Command Using a Smartphone with ROCCAT Power-Grid

German gaming peripherals manufacturer, ROCCAT Studios, has introduced a groundbreaking technology called the ROCCAT Power-Grid that - for the first time in the history of PC gaming - lets players control their games and computer with their smartphone. And, in what is surely music to the ears of many players, the Power-Grid is completely free to get started.

Gaming evolved

"Some gaming companies claim PC gaming is sick and needs help," says René Korte, ROCCAT Founder and CEO. "We at ROCCAT have never thought that. We know PC gaming is alive and well. It just needs to keep evolving. Power-Grid represents that natural evolution. Why? Because it makes possible the dream of millions of gamers: to stay fully absorbed in the game no matter what happens in the real world. It works with every PC, makes expensive touch-display gaming devices obsolete, and is completely free to get started. Is PC gaming sick? Hardly. Is it dead? Of course not. It's evolving and getting a hell of a lot better."

ROCCAT Savu Gaming Mouse Set for May Arrival

Hamburg-based peripheral maker ROCCAT has today officially announced the Savu 'Mid-Size Hybrid Gaming Mouse'. This new, game-ready rodent comes equipped with a 'true' 4000 dpi optical sensor and features a right-handed design, a Soft-Touch coating, no sweat side grips, the Easy-Shift[+] technology enabling advanced configuration, and a braided cable.

Savu also comes with a stats and trophy system named the ROCCAT Achievements Display (R.A.D.) and makes use of a lighting system boasting 16.8 million colors. ROCCAT will show off this mouse at CeBIT and plans to have it in stores in early May. No word on pricing yet.

"Isn't PC Gaming Dead?" Asks Roccat

It looks like Roccat Studios' marketing department has sought to bring up the topic of the future of PC gaming, something Razer did, before going on to launch a $2,800 gaming laptop. Alienware asked the same question, but in contrast to Razer, went on to launch a much more sensible product that actually seeks to do something about the ailing PC gaming industry (a nice, cheap gaming PC that woos the console crowd). Roccat is known neither for fancy overpriced laptops, or desktops, but is a sizable player in the gaming peripherals industry.

Roccat's latest marketing campaign revolves around the question "Isn't PC gaming dead?", a cleverly worded question that asks why PC gaming isn't dead already, instead of a more inquisitive "Is PC gaming dead?", or an exclamatory "PC gaming isn't dead!". Roccat is seeking answers to this burning question on a specially set-up microsite. Roccat's campaign isn't just market research, but also leading up to something, a product launch, perhaps. The question site goes on to state "soon we'll tell you what we think is the smartest way forward." By 'soon', they mean about 13 days from now. The shoutbox in the microsite is nested in a frame shaped like an iPhone. Could this mean something? A gamepad-dock for iPhone that enhances gaming? Time will tell if Roccat does a Razer or an Alienware.

Roccat Kulo Headset Includes New Donut-Shaped Earpads

Roccat Studios released a new package of its Kulo USB surround gaming headset that packs donut-shaped earpads. Made of soft velvet and cushioning, these replacement earpads make extended gaming sessions with the Kulo more comfortable. Being an on-ear headset instead of around ear, Kulo applies pressure on the pinna, which could be unfomfortable after a few straight hours of gaming. These earpads help spread the pressure more evenly, even if they don't necessarily turn the headset into around ear.

Roccat Teases with the Savu Gaming Mouse

Gaming peripherals major Roccat Studios released a teaser picture of its latest gaming mouse, the Roccat Savu. This mouse is designed to strike a functional balance between that makes it fit for various gaming styles (FPS thru RPG), and a size-balance that makes it perfect for various gripping styles. Entry-level gaming mice already accomplish some of that, but Roccat probably sensed that as you move up the price ladder, gaming mice tend to get more specialized in size and style. The Savu probably converges high-end features (such as a high-resolution sensor, high-quality switches, weight/balance adjustments?) with an balanced design. Roccat will unveil its newest rodent at CeBIT (early March).

ROCCAT Releases Taito Mouse Pad in New Sizes and Heights

Offering a fresh take on one of the best-selling gaming mouse pads in history, ROCCAT Studios – the Hamburg, Germany-based manufacturer of professional PC gaming devices and equipment – today announced that the legendary ROCCAT Taito Shiny Black Gaming Mousepad now comes in two thicknesses of 3mm and 5mm, as well as in the three sizes of Mini-, Mid- and King.

The introduction of a new thickness allows gamers to select a Taito that best offsets the amount of hand pressure used during play – which means hours of playing comfort no matter what a gamer’s style is. The two heights also let players pick a Taito best suited to their desktop, as each pad provides a form fit on most playing surfaces, compensating for unevenness on a gamer’s desk and delivering uninterrupted gliding.

ROCCAT Unveils Isku Illuminated Gaming Keyboard with ROCCAT Talk Technology

ROCCAT Studios proudly presents the ROCCAT Isku - Illuminated Gaming Keyboard featuring brand new ROCCAT Talk technology which will get its first global showing at CeBIT today. The ROCCAT Isku – Illuminated Gaming Keyboard is the result of intensive research and extensive design studies centered around meeting gamers’ needs in particular. The result is a keyboard equipped with extensive macro functions plus, as a special set bonus, it’s also the first keyboard in the world to feature the latest technologies: ROCCAT Talk and EasyShift[+]. The ROCCAT Talk protocol allows mouse and keyboard to talk to each other for the first time ever, opening up a host of unprecedented options for gamers. The 123 medium-height, standard-layout keys offer an optimum keystroke response and perfect pressure point. With 6 brightness levels, gamers can hit the right key even in the dark.

Roccat Intros Kulo Lightweight Gaming Headset

Roccat Studios unveiled its latest in audio gear for gamers, the Kulo stereo gaming headset. Roccat Kulo is a lightweight (under 180 g) on-ear headset that uses a sturdy (metal band) but comfortable (cushioned) headband. It can churn out high-quality stereo sound using 40 mm drivers with neodymium magnets. A noise-filtering microphone backed by auto-mute function takes care of voice input. The volume control module is in-line with the 2.5 meter long cable. Slated for April, the Roccat Kulo will be priced at €59.99.

Roccat Readies Alumic Double Sided Mousepad for Both Speed and Control

Pro gamers are often faced with the awkward choice between a mousepad the offers speed, and that which offers control, which makes them carry both kinds of them to tournaments, and swap based on the usage. Roccat attempted to solve this with the Alumic. This double-sided mousepad offers a surface that's optimized for speed, and the other side that's all about control. So, switching between a sniper and a grunt in a match would just need you to flip the mousepad to suit the role.

The two surfaces sandwich an anodized aluminum core that maintains its shape and flatness. On both sides, the corners are decked up by rubber feet that prevent slipping. A gel-based attachable wrist-rest is also bundled. The Alumic mousepad measures around 331 x 272 mm, with 3 mm thickness. Slated for market release by the end of this month, the Roccat Alumic double-sided mousepad will be priced at €39.99.

Roccat Intros Kova[+] Gaming Mouse

Roccat Studios introduced its latest offering for gamers, the Kova[+] mouse. This ambidextrous rodent uses a symmetric "v-shaped" design that gives the same amount of grip as a right/left-hand crafted mouse. It features 7 physical buttons, but using the EasyShift[+] technology, can perform 14 actions. Tracking is care of a 3,200 dpi ProOptic R2 optical sensor with 1,000 Hz polling rate. The entire top portion and scroll wheel are rubberized for extra grip. The mouse can provide LED-based multicolor illumination, and a beeper to alert you of [accidental] button profile changes, sensor resolution changes, etc. Roccat's mouse is priced at 50 EUR.

Roccat Intros Kone[+] Gaming Mouse with 6000 dpi Sensor

Roccat rolled out its latest mouse that's a design and specifications update to its popular Kone mouse, the Roccat Kone[+]. The Kone[+] boasts of a high-precision 6,000 dpi Pro-Aim laser sensor compared to the 3,200 dpi sensor on the Kone; and a Tracking & Distance Control Unit that ensures maximum precision. With a right-handed orientation, the Kone[+] has 8 buttons with a four-way scroll-wheel, its weight is adjustable by changing weight of a weight box. The EasyShift button mapping system enables up to 22 functions using the 8 physical buttons, button-maps can be changed on the mouse, and each map can be indicated with the multi-color LED lighting bars that flow along the contours of the mouse. Under the hood is a 75 MHz TurboCore processor that reduces system overhead, and 576 KB of memory to store button maps. Poised for release later this month, the Kone[+] from Roccat will be priced at around 80 EUR.

Roccat Greets Gamescom with Taito Kingsize MTW Edition Mousepad

To welcome this year's Gamescom event held in Cologne, Germany; Hamburg-based gaming peripherals vendor Roccat announced the Taito Kingsize mTw Edition mousepad. As the name goes, this mousepad measures 455 x 370 mm, with a thickness of 3.45 mm. The reverse side is rubberized for a proper grip with the surface, while the surface uses a heat-treated nano-textile pattern that the company claims to increase mouse gliding performance along both axes. A large mTw logo decks up the surface. The new mousepad will reach stores by the end of this month, priced at 24.99 EUR.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Roccat Prepares Kova Pure Performance Gaming Mouse

Roccat is preparing its second gaming-grade mouse, the Kova. The company made its debut in the field with the Roccat Kone. Slated for market availability next month, Roccat Kova features a chiseled ambidextrous design. It has a maximum unit length of 12 cm, and maximum unit width of 6.5 cm, and weighs 90 g (excl. cable). The USB cable measures 2 m long. Apart from the main three buttons and the scroll-wheel, the mouse has two programmable buttons on either sides. The sides have GRIPTECH non-slip stabilization surfaces for better grip, and the scroll-wheel has a rubberized surface. It has a multi-color (configurable) illumination system which also provides feedback if mouse settings are changed. Under the hood is a 3200 dpi optical sensor. The Roccat Kova is expected to be priced around the 50 EUR mark.

Games Convention 2008: Roccat

Roccat's new "Krone" mouse will retail for around € 69 and offers a lot of interesting features. One of them is the ability for the mouse software to detect which weight you inserted in the bottom of the mouse. Also planned are extensions like a vibration module.
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