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Club3D Intros its Radeon HD 6900 Series Graphics Cards

Club3D announced its latest high-end graphics cards based on AMD's new Radeon HD 6970 and HD 6950 graphics processors (GPUs). Both cards stick to AMD reference board design and clock speeds. The HD 6970 from Club3D carries the model number CGAX-69748, features 1536 advanced stream processors, 2 GB of 5.5 GT/s GDDR5 memory across a 256-bit wide memory interface, with clock speeds of 880 MHz core and 5500 MHz (GDDR5 effective) memory. The HD 6950 (CGAX-69548) features 1408 advanced stream processors, 2 GB of GDDR5 memory, and clock speeds of 800 MHz core and 5000 MHz (GDDR5 effective) memory. Both cards are expected to feature standard pricing.

MSI Announces its Radeon HD 6970 and Radeon HD 6950 Graphics Cards

The pursuit of extreme performance is always the most important consideration for top power users when selecting computer components, and competing manufactures always strive to be the best in the flagship product market. Because of this, world-renowned video card and mother board manufacturer Micro-Star Intl Co. Ltd., in collaboration with graphics processing unit manufacturer AMD, is proud to announce two brand-new R6900-series video card today. The new MSI R6970-2PM2D2GD5 and R6950-2PM2D2GD5 graphics cards, based on AMD’s flagship HD6900 GPU , includes an industry-leading 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 large capacity video memory buffer, satisfying the enthusiast’s thirst for high-resolution graphics performance. Additionally, with specially marked packages users can receive a free Advanced Version of 3DMark11, allowing the full DirectX 11 experience to be enjoyed. You can also upload your results onto their official website and compare your results against users from around the world.

Sapphire HD 6900 Delivers Top Performance and Features

SAPPHIRE Technology, the largest manufacturer and supplier worldwide of graphics solutions based on AMD technology has just added two new models bringing higher performance and new features to the recently launched HD 6000 series. The new SAPPHIRE HD 6970 uses a new GPU architecture from AMD which features dual graphics engines in one chip with 24 SIMD engines and a total of 1536 stream processors with 96 texture units, providing massively parallel computing power for graphics and other accelerated applications. Its core clock speed of 880MHz, together with a dedicated high speed interface to 2GB of GDDR5 memory running at 1375MHz (5.5Gb/s effective) delivers the highest performance in this series. New Tesselation engines bring up to three times the performance of the previous generation, and new Enhanced Quality AA and filtering modes bring the highest image quality ever achieved.

HIS Announces its Radeon HD 6900 Series Graphics Accelerators

Today, Hightech Information System (HIS) Limited have the pleasure to announce the HIS 6970 & 6950 graphics card. Loaded with our all-in-one technology – HD3D, Eyefinity 4, EyeDefinition and EyeSpeed, the new HIS Radeon HD 6970 & 6950 deliver flawless image quality and unbelievable performance, making it the ultimate solution for enthusiast gamers. HIS 6950 2GB GDDR5 accelerate advanced PC gaming by running at 800MHz core clock speed and 5,000MHz memory clock speed. HIS 6970 supplies with the same 2GB GDDR 5 but higher core clock speed at 880MHz and higher memory clock speed at 5,500MHz.

Powered by the top-of-the-line 6900 GPU, HIS 6970 & 6950 not only offer incredible HD gaming performance on all the latest games and DirectX 11 support, but also makes multi-tasking easier with features like EyeDefinition and EyeSpeed technology. What's more? The immersive HD gaming experience is brought the next level by AMD Eyefinity 4 Technology. This revolutionary multi-display technology allows you to expand your visual real estate across up to 4 displays with innovative "wrap around" capabilities to maximum your field of view with incredible sharpness and clarity.

Ground Store Decks Up XFX Radeon HD 6900 Series Graphics Cards

Ground stores almost all over have begun decking up their shelves with Radeon HD 6900 series graphics cards, disregarding launch dates set by AMD. Earlier today, an enthusiast from Germany showed off pictures of Radeon HD 6970 graphics card made by PowerColor that he bought off a store. A more recent set of pictures show a ground store in Asia decked up with XFX Radeon HD 6900 series graphics cards, ready to sell. Perhaps stores feel that the launch date is a couple of days too late to have much impact on X'mas sales, and that it's better to sell stock as it comes. XFX has Radeon HD 6970 and Radeon HD 6950 2 GB graphics cards up for sale, both cards stick to the AMD reference design, except a small aesthetic change, the rear panel sports an XFX-designed air exhaust vent.

Radeon HD 6900 Series Products Listed on European Store

A French online store listed AMD Radeon HD 6900 series graphics cards. Both branded by MSI, the Radeon HD 6950 part carries the model number R6950-2PM2D2G5, and packs 1 GB of GDDR5 memory, while the Radeon HD 6970 carries the model number R6970-2PM2D2GD5, and packs twice the amount - 2 GB GDDR5 memory. Besides the memory amount, the other only significant specification is the list price, €398.22 for the HD 6950, and €496.02 for the HD 6970. So far, both SKUs are known to be high-end single GPU cards. AMD's elusive HD 6900 series graphics cards will be launched next week.

Source: TechConnect Magazine

Radeon HD 6900 Series Officially Postponed to Mid-December

Originally poised for a November 22 launch, and plagued by reported delays, the Radeon HD 6900 series from AMD is indeed staring down at a three-week delay. According to a new release by AMD circulated to press sites, AMD is pinning the new launch date to be "in the week of" December 13, 2010. AMD tried to explain that the Radeon HD 5800 series is still in strong demand, and the Radeon HD 5970 is still maintaining performance leadership, perhaps blaming congestion in inventories for the delay, and not anything to do with manufacturing.

The first part of the explanation is unconvincing. If AMD did not want to disturb Radeon HD 5800 series sales, there wouldn't be Radeon HD 6800 series, which was launched with the idea of giving HD 5800-like performance at more affordable prices. The second part, however, is hard to dispute. AMD signed off its release saying that enthusiasts will find the products worth the wait. December 13, however, could disturb some gifting (or self-gifting) plans for Xmas. Given the swamped courier and logistics services at that time, it will be tough to get a Radeon HD 6900 series product in time for the celebrations.
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