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Dell sued for selling defective laptops

A lawsuit filed in Ontario Superior Court, which aspires to gaining class-action status, accuses Dell of selling notebooks with defects...that they knew about. The prosecution is claiming that the Dell Inspiron 1100, 1150, 5100, 5150 or 5160 were designed in a way that caused premature motherboard failure due to overheating. A Dell spokeswoman has no comment on this lawsuit.Source: The Register

Wii straps recalled

Nintendo set to recall "dangerous" Wii straps

Nintendo claims that this isn’t a recall because their straps are safe, but it certainly seems the best word to describe this. In an announcement earlier today, the company offered to replace 3.2 million Wii remote straps after a number of incidents leading to injuries and damage to property. It looks like you need to go here to fill in a form and then Nintendo will send you a replacement. Nintendo also announced this morning that it will be recalling 200,000 AC adaptors for the Japanese DS and DS Lite.Source: Engadget
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