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Engineers at IBM Set a New Solid-State Drive Speed Record

Engineers and researchers at the IBM Hursley development lab in England and the Almaden Research Center in California have demonstrated groundbreaking performance results that outperform the world's fastest disk storage solution by over 250 percent. IBM has demonstrated, for the first time, the game-changing impact solid-state technologies can have on how businesses and individuals manage and access information.

Shark OC Team Italy Breaks the Present SuperPI 1M World Record

A new world record has been set today (technically yesterday). Shark OC Team Italy has published the undeniable evidence that their DFI DK P45-T2RS PLUS motherboard and Intel Core 2 Duo E8600 processor are the fastest computer combo to calculate Super PI 1M in just 6.875 seconds. This world record was achieved using the E8600 CPU clocked at the incredible 6562MHz (FSB 656MHz x 10 multi) with 1.968 volts! not the best imaginable core voltage for a 45nm processor. If you are interested at what today's technology is capable of doing, please head over the original thread at

Congrats team Italy!

Source: XtremeSystems

LAN Party at NVISION '08 Sets World Record

One of the highlights at the NVISION '08 event was a world-record attempt LAN Party organised by NVIDIA and sponsors for the longest continuous LAN party. The BYOC (bring your own computer) event saw 203 gamers battle it out for 36 hours, and winners awarded gold medals. Several multiplayer LAN Party favourites such as the Quake series, Unreal Tournament series and Team Fortress 2 were played. Some were seen continuing their (never-ending) World of Warcraft campaign too.

During the events, gamers were allowed 10 minute breaks every 60 minutes of play or six of such breaks could be saved up for a 1 hour break every six hours. During the course, they were provided free food and drinks. An adjudicator from the Guinness Book of World Records was flown in from London to monitor the attendees and keep records of the event. An attendee, Raymond Yuen captured the event to compile a public album of the GeForce LAN 4, worth taking a look here.

Source: TG Daily, images courtesy Raymond Yuen

E8600 Overclock Record Broken, 6.70 GHz a Reality

Andre Yang, a civil engineer doing his PhD. in the US obtained a high-performing Core 2 Duo E8600 processor, he succeeded in overclocking this chip to a stellar 6.70 GHz clock-speed (FSB 672.16 x 10.0). The processor uses liquid-nitrogen (LN2) cooling and surprisingly this processor was overclocked on a motherboard with the Intel X48 chipset, the ASUS Rampage Extreme when previous record-holders across several recent processors made use of either the Intel P35 or P45-based motherboards. The validation page for this overclock can be reached here

Source: Chile Hardware

Corsair Dominator DDR3 Memory Sets New World Record

Corsair informed today that its Dominator DDR3 memory modules have again shattered the world record for frequency. The record was set using the Asus ROG Rampage Extreme motherboard (Intel X48 chipset) and Corsair Dominator memory, utilizing Corsair’s award-winning DHX technology. The world record of 2580 MHz was reached at latency settings of 9-9-9-24 using a Corsair Dominator DDR3 memory module. These results were achieved with an Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 processor overclocked to a breathtaking 645MHz Front-Side Bus frequency. The results are verified by CPU-Z, an industry standard for verifying overclocking results, and are viewable here.

Coolaler Sets New Super Pi 1M Record, 7.281 seconds

Chinese PC enthusiast website Coolaler set a new world-record score for the lowest time taken to crunch Super Pi 1M benchmark, their setup did it in 7.281 seconds. Here's what they used to achieve this feat:
  • Intel Core 2 Duo E8600 at 6.253 GHz (625 x 10) with VCore of 1.936V
  • DFI LAN-Party UT P35 motherboard
  • G.Skill 4GBPI DDR2 at 1285MHz memory
  • Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) cooling
Looking at their previous run of 6.143 GHz, this is also the highest overclock for the E8600 so far.

Source: Coolaler

Nintendo DS Lite Sets U.K. Sales Record

The Nintendo DS Lite has officially earned a place among the United Kingdom's greatest consoles: in one week, it sold more units than any other console in the past. An incredible 191,000 units were sold last week, beating the previous champion, the Sony PlayStation Portable, by 3,000 units (188,000). Mario Party DS may have contributed to the record-breaking sales.Source: Reg Hardware
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