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Ultra To Unveil 2000W PSU At CES

Ultra Products, a global leader in technology solutions, today announces that it will unveil the world’s first 2000W ATX Power Supply Unit for the PC at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The Ultra X3 Modular 2000W PSU has a footprint similar to some competitors’ 1000W units (just 10.25 inches) and is 80% efficient under typical loads. This year's CES show promises to be very interesting. The 2000W X3 will be available to consumers sometime in early 2007.Source: [H]ard|OCP,3dGameMan

1302MHz memory modules being revealed next week

Patriot Memory has said that it intends to demonstrate the world’s fastest memory modules at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show. The DDR2 modules run at 1302MHz and are referred to as Extreme Performance PC2-10100, with the Silicon Valley manufacturer hoping to have working displays at the show. In reality these are simply are overclocked DDR2 modules which is likely to lead to much more heat being produced - Corsair’s 1111MHz equivalent requires heatsinks and three 40mm fans.Source: vnunet

Sparkle produces first video card with 80nm NVIDIA GPU

Sparkle has officially beaten all the other NVIDIA manufacturers to making a card based on an 80nm GPU. The first 80nm GPU from NVIDIA is a blue 7600GT, based off of the G73 (there is no information on what NVIDIA calls the 80nm version of the G73). The card comes clocked at 650MHz, a full 90MHz faster then 7600GT stock specifications. The memory and memory controller is still the same. The memory is clocked at 1600MHz DDR, and is only 128 bit. The card comes with 12 ROP's, 256MB of memory, and a PCI Express x16 interface. The card should be available in 2007, and offers significant performance benefits when compared to the 90nm version of the same card (roughly 500 points in 3Dmark06).

Source: The Inquirer

MircoWorks introduces $7000 notebook

MicroWorks introduces $7000 notebook

Although their claim that it is the “first dual core, SLI capable notebook” is untrue, this notebook still packs a good punch. The top spec version will feature a Dual Core AMD Turion X2, 20.1” screen, 4GB DDR2 RAM, 600GB of storage, a Blue-ray burner, dual 7950GTXs and extra options like a TV tuner. Being the most powerful notebook commercially available at this time, the Vega could find its use for gamers and designers who are often on the move. But it will take a large chunk out of your wallet –costing you $7,175 if you want the all-singing-all-dancing version. So far, no information about its weight has emerged but you can expect it to be reasonably heavy.Source: Engadget

World Chess Champion loses to computer

Reigning world chess champion Vladimir Kramnik was beaten today by computer Deep Fritz in a 6 game chess match. Kramnik lost 4-2 against the machine which he had previously beaten in 2002. Apparently programmers might now move onto creating computers to play poker at a high level – after all, there can’t be that much more for the chess computers to conquer.Source: Engadget

Hynix Develops the World’s Fastest 200MHz 512Mb Mobile DRAM

Hynix today announced it has developed the world’s fastest and smallest 512Megabit mobile DRAM. This product meets JEDEC standards and operates at 200MHz – the fastest in the industry. By using 32-bit wide I/Os, Hynix’s 512Mb mobile DDR SDRAM processes 1.6Gbytes (400 bps x32) of data per second, which is approximately 1.5 times faster than speed of the company’s existing mobile DRAM products. The new product is expected to enhance the company’s competitiveness in mobile applications, which is driving the trend towards miniaturization(8mm x 10mm). Moreover, Hynix is expected to combine 512Mb mobile DRAM and NAND Flash in a multi-chip package (MCP), which will enable the design of slimmer mobile phones.Source: Hynix
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